Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

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A corner of the book of Danteroa.

Mimir was immersed in his research alone.

‘Persona doesn’t have the unique impact of mythic magic.’

Ignis burns everything in the world.

A dissolutio that destroys everything except itself.

As a shadow, an Umbra capable of interfering with the world.

Factio, which can contract with all kinds of things, including Shinsoo.

Among the mythical magics that are incomparably splendid.

Only the Persona possesses fairly modest powers.

‘There are two ways to use persona known so far. Change your appearance. Concentration of souls.’

The power to change the target’s appearance.

And the power to focus the target’s soul and return it somewhere.

This is Persona’s representative performance.

‘Of the two, changing the appearance can actually be done with metamorphosis, so it can’t be called Persona’s special power.’

In fact, there are many ways to reproduce the first usage, ‘change appearance’, even if it is not a persona.

This can be understood just by looking at the metamorphosis of black magic.

It has the feature of being able to change the structure of mana as well as height, but that’s about it.

Compared to the originality of other mythical magics, it is very insignificant.

‘Though the second strength is originality… … .’

The second use of Persona.

concentration of souls.

This power, like any other mythic magic, has a lot of originality.

As with other mythological magic, there is no magic that can be replaced.

‘But the second use is too versatile.’

However, this second usage falls far behind in terms of versatility.

Other mythic magic holds both ‘originality’ and ‘universality’.

Persona is barely holding on to one rabbit.

‘Of course, the first power, appearance change, and the second power, concentration of soul, hold each rabbit… … .’

Appearance change is excellent in terms of versatility, but lacks originality.

The concentration of the soul is sure of its originality, but it lacks versatility.

Persona is holding a rabbit with two different powers.

‘No matter how you look at it, only Persona has a deformed structure.’

So thought Mimir.

Perhaps the mythical magic called persona is still unfinished.

Since Obama hasn’t finished 100% analysis yet, maybe he hasn’t been able to find the perfect way to use it.

… … I said.

‘There must be a hint in this deformed structure.’

So I set up a hypothesis and started research.

To find out the full use of Persona.

To achieve his own goal by turning a half persona into a full persona.

I devoted my whole heart to analysis and research.

‘There are definitely hints in this book.’

Raising my concentration to the limit, I read and read the book I currently have.

‘Abama really wanted my happiness. If you know my heart… … . You must have left the correct answer here.’

A list of mythical magic.

An information book that contains even advanced levels of some mythic magic.

There will be hints in this book.

I was so sure, I immersed myself in the work to understand 100% of the contents of the book.

[Mythical magic, Ignis is also called Innis, and there is also a legend that it handles thunderbolts.]

[Under certain conditions, Ignis takes on the form of a God of Thunder who punishes the world as a god of lightning.]

[The conditions under which these changes occur have not yet been discovered. Finding this condition is what takes Ignis to a higher horizon… … .]

In order to better understand mythic magic, I studied everything from the first page in turn.

To understand persona in a bit more detail.

The peculiarities of different mythological magics were analyzed, mastered, differences learned, and commonalities collected.

[The legend of the Mythical Magic Persona. The masked god is a very free-spirited god.]

How many bookshelves did you turn over like that?

I entered the section where the persona was written.

[Because he is free-spirited, unlike other gods, he did not show any special will when forging with mythic magic.]

[The masked god handed over his tradition to me without any conditions, with the words to do as he pleased.]

That learning was giving Mimir a new realization.

[Is that why? Persona felt that something was missing.]


These words were firmly planted in Mimir’s mind.

[This question has settled deep in my head. There was no way to answer this question.]

[At the time, the war with the veil stall was in full swing. I couldn’t afford to spend my energy on magic that wouldn’t be helpful in battle.]

Mimir turned the pages as if possessed.

[But now it’s different. The war is over. It’s not the end of the war, it’s a long, long truce, but it’s good to see that the war of my era is over. I have enough time now.]


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On the back of the page, Persona’s research records were filled with records.

Mimir continued reading.

[Discovered another use of Persona.]

Following the trial and error experienced by Ray Bell Bytenor through indirect experience.

He enjoyed the achievements he had achieved together.

[Using the results of this research, I will be able to leave my retainers in the future.]

I felt the joy of Ray Bell Bytenor when he first succeeded in making the Book of Idred.

[Concentration of souls. If you use this method, you may be able to present a different future to my daughter.]

I felt the origin contained in Mimir’s book.

[Who should I choose as the last vassal? Elena. The last trail following Aslan.]

[Tay. okay. Let’s do it. If it is Tei, he will surely lead the successor well.]

I read the birth story in the book of Danteroa.

27 pages in total.

Everything about Persona was recorded there.

“… … ah.”

Mimir let out a low exclamation.

“okay… … .”

I guess.

What is Persona?

Why did Persona have a deformed structure?

“It was something like this.”

Just by looking at Ray Bell Bytenor’s research journal, I came to the truth.

I took my feet casually at the end of the answer, which was not reached until the death of Ray Bell Bytenor.

“Persona wasn’t a complex ability-type mythic magic with multiple abilities.”

Although, as a wizard, Ray Bell Bytenor is much better.

As a researcher, Mimir Bel Bytenor is far more gifted.

Mimir’s outstanding talent captured everything that Leigh Bell Bytenor had missed, and condensed it into a single hypothesis.

“The powers we have identified so far are all remnants of the original Persona… … . The persona’s true strength was separate.”

The appearance change, the concentration of the soul, and the special power used to create the Book of Idred.

everyone on the sidelines.

It was just a degraded copy derived from Persona’s original power.

“Abama… … .”

Mimir stroked the book with trembling hands.

With infinite gratitude to this book, which gave me the answer I was looking for so much.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Obama for leaving such a book.

He closed his eyes and bowed his head.

‘thank you.’

Tears welled up in Mimir’s eyes.

Even Mimir himself did not know why the tears were flowing.

Could it be the tears coming from the joy of finally finding what I was looking for?

Or was it because he was moved by Obama’s consideration?

I don’t know.

I don’t know, but for some reason, tears flowed.

“really… … thank you.”

I grumbled for ten thousand years.

Before disappearing, he resented his fate of having to leave everything behind.

“me… … Thank you for leaving it in Mimir’s book.”

But not anymore.

10,000 years of solitude was just waiting for this moment.

The pain of parting was only a rather harsh ordeal for the joy of now.

Right now, Mimir’s heart was filled with only feelings of joy and gratitude.

“I am… … Now I can live with my heir.”

Mimir smiled brightly as he embraced the book.

“Only me. With an heir… … .”

Just like that, Mimir was about to spit out the last wish he had been hiding inside.

“What about me?”

“… … !”

At the sudden voice, Mimir jumped up like a freshly caught live fish.

It’s like a fresh live fish bouncing like a spring.

It couldn’t have been a more violent reaction.

“Region, order, order, succession, successor!”

Mimir stammered with a puzzled look on his face.

“… … What are you so upset about?”

Shin Ha-yul replied with a dumbfounded expression.

“Everyone, upset? who? I? upset? Couldn’t it be?”

Mimir spoke gibberish with a blushing expression.

“Did you cry?”

Shin Ha-yul said with sharp eyes. He looked at Mimir’s bloodshot eyes and put on a serious expression.

“… … You didn’t cry?”

Mimir looked away.

He even pulls his head forward as if to hide his bloodshot eyes.

“… … Aren’t your studies good?”

“No~? How are things going?”

Hair that was forcibly pulled forward.

It was like a virgin ghost.

“But why… … .”

why did you cry

Shin Ha-yul tried to say that.

Mimir doesn’t want to talk, so there’s no need to force him to.

“… … okay. I’m glad the research is going well.”

When it’s time to tell you later, I’ll tell you in detail.

With that thought in mind, I ended the conversation.

“Good thing. Leave the research to me. Looking at it all the way, there is also the next step for Ignis… … . There are also advanced uses of Factio… … . There are so many things that can help.”

Mimir seemed a little relieved, and answered with a calm expression.

Realizing that Shin Ha-yul had no intention of hanging on to it any longer.

It was relieved.

‘I thought my liver was falling. How can the heir be at the right timing… … .’

I almost made a dark history that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

‘Uh. I don’t even want to imagine To think that he would have said that in front of me… … . Ugh.’

Thinking of what Shin Ha-yul would have said in front of his listeners, ‘I can now live with my successor’… … .

My face heats up just thinking about it.

Mimir trembled and shook his head.

It was a hammer to get rid of useless thoughts and return the hair that was forcibly gathered together to its original position.


While my mind was calming down.

I noticed one strange thing.

“But why are you back already? Isn’t this the time to focus on training?”

“Quickly ask. How crazy was she?”

“… … .”

Mimir averted his gaze.

I don’t want to answer that.

It was such an act of determination.

“okay. Well, that’s not what’s important.”

Shin Ha-yul smiled at Mimir.

“Training is over.”

“huh? through? already?”

“huh. It went through easily.”

Mimir’s expression darkened.

“Tei is really… … . Just don’t do it lightly.”

It was because Tay had skipped the training and thought the training was over.

“Where is Tay now? I went and said a stinging word… … .”

“Why are you calling me?”

At that time, Tei appeared next to Mimir.

Mimir trembled in surprise.

“you you… … Show off your popularity!”

Mimir desperately hid his surprise and glared at Tay.

“No, that’s not the point. tainer. How many times have I told you not to skimp on training… … .”

“I didn’t do it roughly.”

Tay cut off Mimir and answered.

“What if you didn’t do it? Why is training already over?”

“Because the heir was strong.”

“… … Are you strong?”

“huh. I fought with all my might and lost.”

Tay replied calmly.

“You lost?”




“You didn’t do it roughly, did you lose?”

“huh. I even wrote the Gift of Dreams and Nightmares. I’m no match.”

“… … .”

Mimir frowned.

‘If you use the Gift of Nightmare on Dreams… … . It’s not that I’ve really lost my strength… … .’

Mimir turned his gaze to his servant Ha Yul.

“Heir. Did you really win?”

“I won.”

“… … how?”

In the virtual world made of dream stones, Tei must have regained the power of his heyday.

There is no way for Shin Ha-yul to beat Tei in his heyday.

First of all, it was impossible according to Mimir’s calculations.

“I wrote Disolutio.”

Mimir’s eyes widened.

“D, Di Solutio?! You decided not to write it. But why… … .”

Mimir’s eyes, which had widened in astonishment, grew even wider with silence.

“D, did you use Disolutio normally?”


“… … how?”

“I found my own way.”

Shin Ha-yul replied with a smile on his face.

Looking back, it was a thrilling realization.

“Yeah. It was really great magic. I never thought that my body would collapse in one blow.”

Tei conveyed a vivid feeling next to him.

“… … Your body in your prime?”

“huh. smithereens.”

Mimir remained silent, mouth half-open.

“I was killed in the first minute of training.”

“In one minute… … .”

Tay took her gaze away from Mimir and looked at her servant Yul.

It’s a look of genuine surprise.


At that time, Mimir let out a small exclamation as if he had realized something.

“The match was over within a minute, so why are you back now? Shouldn’t you have been back half an hour ago?”

1 minute and 30 minutes.

He noticed the empty time in between.

“I came to watch Adela and Soonchan’s training.”

“30 minutes?”

“huh. I have something to refer to.”

Shin Ha-yul is right after the Dalian ends.

I observed Adela and Ji Soon-chan’s training in the waiting room.

I was just going to watch it lightly, but both movements were better than I thought, so I watched it for 30 minutes.

“I said I was late. You came to see it too.”

Tei licked his lips in regret. The expression that she wanted to see him too.

“Oops. Eventually, it got into my eyes. If Elena finds out, she’ll be terrified… … . huh?”

It was when Mimir shook his head, thinking of Tay’s obsession.

“… … for a moment. wait for a sec.”

Bad thoughts ran through my head.

“Didn’t you say the sparring was over 30 minutes ago?”

“huh? uh. that’s right.”

“So, half an hour ago… … You mean that Tay’s body disintegrated and Tay’s mind returned to Danteroa’s ward 30 minutes ago?”

“… … yes?”

“then… … .”

Horrible thoughts filled Mimir’s head.

‘no way… … .’

Mimir looked at Tay with trembling eyes.

The corners of Tay’s mouth slowly turned upward.

“Tay… … I hope you… … .”

“Princess. I support you.”

A bad hunch came true.

“ah… … .”

Mimir slumped to his knees.

‘all… … Were you watching?’

Tay had been watching him ever since he returned to Danteroa’s office half an hour ago.

that means that.

‘Everything from the appearance of trembling alone to the words of being able to live with the heir… … .’

A weakness was captured by the world’s worst-tempered geek.

‘I am… … It’s ruined.’

Mimir despaired.

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