Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 401

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Chapter 401

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A gumiho suddenly appeared.

Everyone was surprised by the unexpected appearance of reinforcements.

‘Sain Binoche. Take care of your expression. Now, this is a scene you shouldn’t be surprised at.’

The Dark Mage King advised Sein.

Sein’s shoulders trembled.

The Black Mage King is right.

Now, this is a situation where Sein should not be surprised.

‘Now the gumiho is your partner. It doesn’t make sense to be surprised by the support you called.’

Currently, Sein is playing the successor to the bi-tenor style.

It makes no sense to be surprised by the appearance of a gumiho.

Sae-in, who finished grasping the situation in an instant, quickly erased his expression.

‘… … I need to calm down.’

Following Sein, Elena also started managing facial expressions.

Under the circumstances, it can be said that the nine-tailed fox’s support was planned in advance.

I called the reinforcements prepared in advance, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

If you’re surprised more than this, Veil will be suspicious.

Emotion disappeared from Elena’s expression in an instant.

It was the same with Aslan.

At the same timing as Sein and Elena, she grasped the current situation and entered a poker face.

It was then.

‘Everyone, please don’t show it on your face and just listen.’

A voice rang through the three heads.

The voice of Shin Ha-yul.

The three eyes flinched again.

‘I know how things are going. Mimir used the pipe connected to Elena-sama to see everything.’

The three of them kept a poker face as much as possible and listened to Shin Ha-yul’s words.

‘Vale Stoll is now convinced that Sein is the heir to the bi-tenor style. I’d like to keep that misunderstanding as far as possible.’

I want to keep the illusion of the veil as long as possible.

This will increase your win rate on this side.

‘For that reason, I’m not going to show up.’

If Shin Ha-yul shows up now, Bale Stall will notice at once that Shin Ha-yul is the true successor of the Bytenor style.

To keep this favorable situation going, it must be avoided.

‘Of course, I’m not saying that I’m not going to be on the sidelines at all. No matter how much Miho helps, it will be difficult to deal with Bale Stall with all my strength without me.’

Through Mimir, the understanding of the war situation has already been completed.

Even if Miho joins them, victory cannot be guaranteed.

In order to overcome this situation, the intervention of Shin Ha-yul is indispensable.

‘I’m sure everyone is wondering if there’s a way to intervene while avoiding the prying eyes of the bail stall.’

The three eyes trembled slightly.

I read the inside, and a reaction came out without me knowing.

‘You don’t have to worry about that. I have something in mind.’

Shin Ha-yul said in a confident voice, as if to say not to worry.

‘Then, I’m sure you understand the general outline, and I’ll move on to detailed operational instructions.’

Shin Ha-yul sighed slightly and said.

‘All three. Please move as I instructed.’

Shin Ha-yul began to give instructions to the three of them.

* * *

While Shin Ha-yul was contacting everyone, Veil was observing the nine-tailed fox.

‘Fortunately, I haven’t regained the strength of my heyday.’

I know about the power of gumiho better than anyone in this room.

If the gumiho had regained the strength it had in its heyday, there would have been no victory.

You can never win in your current imperfect state.

‘There’s no need to revise the plan.’

That’s why I was working hard on the boundary.

I stopped my actions, focused all my attention on the search, and did my best to analyze the nine-tailed fox’s power.

To achieve a more certain victory. Once I was curled up.

‘At that level, it’s worth dealing with.’

The total search time was 37 seconds.

After careful analysis, I was able to gain certainty that the nine-tailed fox had lost some of its power.

Victory is still on this side.

All you have to do is tie up the nine-tailed fox and deal with it.

“A snowball fight should be enough.”

Veil, who had finished grasping the situation, began to act.

“Then die soon.”

Move mana and prepare death magic.

“First of all, a gumiho. from you.”

The first target is a gumiho.

Eliminate the most difficult opponents one by one here.


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“Next is Elena. Aslan is next. Lastly, Sein Binoche.”

The black energy that began to gather together. A grotesque appearance that symbolized death floated above Veil’s palm.


Tentacle-like things stretched out from the magic bullet.

The tentacles that extended the magic bullet to the core fly toward the nine-tailed fox, each drawing a unique trajectory.

Bounce on walls, bounce in the air, changing trajectories.

In less than a second, the nine-tailed fox was surrounded by tentacles.


At the same time as the nine-tailed fox was surrounded, Veil gripped the sphere tightly.

A sphere that is crushed with a loud, loud sound.

At that moment, the tentacles contracted.

As if the body was contracting to its fullest before the spring bounced off.

I curled up.


And the next moment


Tentacles popped out like springs.

thump thump thump!

A swarm of tentacles bounced off the ground, refracted in the air, and flew.

It bounces irregularly and is difficult to deal with just by freely changing its trajectory.

It even splits every time it bounces.

“Proliferating thorns.”

A magic favored by Veil Stoll.

The proliferating thorns crossed the age of 10,000 years and reappeared in the modern age.

woo woo woo-!

Seeing the rapidly approaching tentacles, the nine-tailed fox roared.

Fire, fire, fire!

To Miho’s cry, the fire of the soul rises, the soul fire.

In order to counter the approaching tentacles, it compresses the spirit fire.

and radiate as it is.


Horn fire radiated in the form of a dome.


The tentacles that rushed in first touched the sphere created by the spirit fire and disappeared.

The next tentacle, the next tentacle.

Countless tentacles touched the soul fire and burned, extinguished.

That’s how the battle between Bale and Gumiho began.

‘Proliferating thorns’, an attack-only black magic with the property of infinitely multiplying.

And the ‘Honbul’, the flame of a divine beast with the property of burning evil and burning souls.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that each other was a counter to each other, and the magic clashed nonstop.

Sangsung is a whistle.

This match is purely determined by each other’s ‘strength’.

“Looks like I got it wrong.”

At that time, Veil murmured softly.

For a moment, it sounded like he was regretting his actions.

The confidence in his voice was proving that it was a mumble that was far from ‘regret’.

Bale didn’t mean ‘I was underestimating him too much’.

“Much weaker than I expected.”

You were overestimating your opponent’s strength. It was such a meaningful word.

Veil snorted and infused more mana.

The tentacles moved even faster.

The speed of bouncing, the speed of division, and even the speed of flying.

All magical elements have evolved one step.

“Go back to sleep. God damn it.”

Absolutely overwhelming violence.

Miho’s soul fire began to weaken rapidly.

At this rate, within 5 seconds, the barrier of the soul fire would be pierced, and Miho would have to receive the tentacles with her bare body.

“Dimension Gate!”

Aslan, who immediately grasped that the situation was becoming unfavorable, used space magic.

What I’m aiming for is a gumiho.

I tried to move the nine tailed fox out of the attack range of the growing thorns.

“I would have said. Asran Polo Hamruin. I want you to be quiet.”

At that time, Veil raised the other hand.

A hand stretched out toward Aslan.

Pale black mana spurted out of that hand.

As fast as light

The veil’s mana instantly reached Aslan’s body.

“To you now, mana is a luxury.”

At that moment, the mana filling Aslan’s surroundings began to disappear.

The veil’s mana erased other mana.

Mana disappeared, Aslan’s magic was canceled.

“Stay in despair and helplessness there. Substandard Asran Polo Hamruin.”

Aslan frowned.

The expression that the level is not enough is a momentary anger soared.

“… … That’s true, but it doesn’t feel very good.”

Ji Sun-chan was being cursed at, but for some reason it felt like she was being cursed at, so I wasn’t in a good mood.

“I wonder if I heard it from you when I was in my prime. It makes me feel very bad to hear that from you, a mediocre person who can’t see through such a simple diversion.”

“… … .”

This time, Veil’s brow furrowed.

It wasn’t that I was offended by Aslan’s sarcasm.

The reason why Bale’s expression became serious was because of the word ‘yangdong’.

‘No way with that body… … ?’

Veil looked at Elena, her eyes wide open.

“thorn… tree… … .”

At that moment, Elena’s magic was completed.


Thorns sprouting from the canceled Dimension Gate.

It pierced the nine-tailed fox’s soul and collided with the tentacles.

The thorny lantern, which has the property of absorbing mana, began absorbing mana from its tentacles.

‘Proliferating thorns’ began to lose momentum quickly.

At this rate, it will be completely incapacitated within 30 seconds.

It could be said that the first battle was a decision victory for the party.

“… … stupid guy.”

But that’s an empty victory.

The nine-tailed fox holds out, Aslan draws attention and removes the variable, and Elena supports.

Normally, it would have been a great connection.

“To use up all your strength to protect yourself.”

Things are a little different now.

Elena shouldn’t have applied now.

Here, rather than focusing on support, we should have kept our strength and prepared for an unexpected surprise attack.

At the very least, he should have left enough power to counter the magic that the Veil spreads without chanting and motionless.

Suuuuu… .

Veil shot Mana.

Basic magic of the death attribute that requires no prior action or preparation.

It flew towards Elena’s body.

“One with this.”

A light magic that has no prior preparation, so its only advantage is that it is fast.

If it was the usual Elena, she would have bounced off magic like that casually, but she couldn’t do that now.

Right now, Elena is in such a state of exhaustion that she can’t even respond to basic magic like that.

“… … stupid guy Do you think such a trivial attack would work?”

Aslan shouted in ridicule.

That kind of attack, Sein Binoche will be able to block it.

Thinking so, I tried to be sarcastic.

“You are stupid.”

Bale laughed as if it were funny.

He smiled and raised his right hand.

‘The index finger… … ?’

There was no index finger on the right hand of the veil lifted up like that.

“The magic contained my body.”

The magic bullet he had just launched was created using Veil’s own index finger.

“It was not cut, but replaced with mana, so it is still working as my body right now.”

Aslan’s eyes widened.

He must have noticed what Bale was aiming for.


Bale grinned.

“That magic is part of my body. Saint Binoche. Because of the ban, you cannot touch that magic at all.”

One of the wild cards Bale has prepared.

A mixed use of body transformation magic and death attribute magic prepared to target Sein Binoche’s weakness.

It flew towards Elena.


Aslan shouted.

If that statement is true, then Sein, who is protecting Elena from the front, is no better than a scarecrow.

Sein won’t be able to stop that attack, and Elena will lose her life like this.

The corners of Veil’s mouth rose even higher.

Seeing the fast-moving magic bullet, I embraced joy.

‘My victory is assured.’

It was when he was so sure of victory.

“… … Dumb guy.”

Sein raised his sword high.

“Did you think you were the only one who prepared a trump card?”


Behind Sein, mana was concentrated.

“… … !”

Oh so so so-!

The moment he faced that mana, goose bumps ran down Veil’s spine.

A mercilessly violent mana.

‘That mana… … what?’

Mana wondered if it would become that kind of energy if it symbolized destruction.

It wrapped around Sein’s whole body.

“To me, Saint Binoche… … .”

The energy of destruction that penetrated Sein’s body.

In an instant, it even dug into the locks at the heart of the world.

“There is nothing that cannot be cut.”

Pop, pop, pop!

A lock that slowly began to break.

The ‘prohibition’ in the name of ‘black language’ is being broken.

“Remember it.”


Sein’s sword moved from top to bottom.

It’s not a big deal.

A basic swordsmanship incomparable to that of a swordsman.


That insignificant sword cut the magic bullet of the veil.

Along with magic bullets, Veil’s body was severed as it was.

Bagak, pududeuk!

The lock was completely cracked and started to fall apart.

The mana surrounding the lock had even more destructive momentum.


Mythic magic of destruction.


A myth that destroys everything.

It slowly began to break Sein’s shackles.

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