Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

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I relayed all the information I had heard from Bale to the two gods.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Even things that had not been previously explained due to time reasons were conveyed in full.

The two gods each thought with different expressions.

“I roughly understood.”

Among them, Umbra, who was deep in thought with a stern expression on her face, spoke first.

“… … Oh, how dirty it is.”


Umbra clicked her tongue.

A look of annoyance because things didn’t go as planned.

To be precise, he seemed annoyed that everything he expected had gone to nothing.

“First of all, I think I understood it correctly. In case I’m misunderstanding something, I’ll try again with my own words. If there is anything wrong, tell me.”


Umbra paused for a moment and began to speak.

“The originator of your power. Ray Bell Bytenor and his antagonist, the warlock Bale Stoll. Those two were originally gods named ‘Human God’.”

“you’re right.”

“And the human body is the heroic god who killed the god of the end.”


“Finally now. The power of the god of the end dwells in the veil stall, the alter ego of the human body.”

“… … yes.”

It was a perfect make-up.

“The reason you’re saying that to us right now is because you wonder if we know the reason for this.”


“… … okay.”

I wonder if the two of them who have lived through the age of myth know something.

Even if we don’t know it, wouldn’t it be possible to build a new hypothesis based on the information of something we don’t know.

I thought so.

“Thank you for trusting me. Unfortunately, we are no different from you.”

Umbra turned her gaze to Persona.

With his eyes, he asks, ‘You don’t know?’

“… … .”

Persona showed no reaction. With the same facial expression, she is only immersed in her thoughts in her own world.

Umbra let out a small sigh.

“He is really… … .”

Even in such an important situation, he sighed when he saw Persona’s self-indulgent appearance, immersed in a world of his own.

“Leave him like this… … . Anyway we… no I don’t know anything. body. It’s the first time I’ve heard of such an existence.”

body. The existence that is different from the core in this situation.

I don’t know anything about him, so there’s no way to guess.

It was like this.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s an absurd hypothesis. It’s okay to write a novel at all. If anything comes to your mind, let me know.”

It was expected to some extent that there was a high possibility that these two would not know about the existence of a human body.

These two disappeared with the birth of the end god.

There is no choice but to be ignorant about the death of the end god.

It is only natural that they do not know about the human body involved in the death of the end god.

“… … You want me to write a novel?”


But the only thing these two don’t know is about the human body.

These two are ‘gods’ who have lived through the age of mythology.

What was the Age of Myth? What was the new world like? What was the human world like?

Besides that, I have a lot of information that I don’t know about.

‘Those who know the background of the times and those who don’t have to think differently.’

I don’t know anything about the Age of Mythology, so I can’t make any hypotheses.

these two will be different

I wonder if there is something that comes to mind.

“… … To be honest, I don’t have anything on my mind.”

Umbra frowned slightly.

“What kind of power does the End God have? I even saw it with my own eyes… … .”

Beyond the narrowed eyes, a different color gushed out.

“Human body. god of humans. I can’t remember anything about that name.”


“The structure of the divine world and the human world. And when you think about the secret story of the birth of the gods, you can come up with a great novel.”

Umbra looked me straight in the eye.

“however. Are you okay? This is just a hypothesis based on what you said. Not really.”

He looked like he was worried about something.

“If you’re worried I’ll get caught up in that hypothesis. I just want to tell you there is no need to worry.”

After hearing one piece of information, people inevitably focus their thoughts on that direction.


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It is not easy to shake off the trap of common sense and correct answers.

Umbra must be worried about me becoming like that.

“It’s not a matter that can be so asserted.”

Umbra’s eyes sharpened.

“It’s human, it’s God, and it’s not easy to ignore obsessions. Actually, your thoughts were tied that way this time too, right?”

“… … .”

That’s right.

Since Master and Veil’s past were the gods of the end, I behaved in a stern manner.

Clearly, even though there was evidence to say it wasn’t in between, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal and dismissed it.

“I think it is right not to listen to information that is not certain.”

“You are right.”

Evil god Umbra.

I just thought of it as being like the reincarnation of evil.

It doesn’t look like it at all.

It seems that he was just an ordinary person belonging to the group called ‘evil’, no, he was a god.

Everything you say is just theories from one to ten, so there is nothing to say.

“If you understood, you wouldn’t listen to me separately… … .”


Umbra frowned again.

“… … You say you agree with me?”

But why?

It looked like he was asking.

“Certainly, once you hear something from Umbra, you won’t be able to view the information you get 100% objectively. If that happens, the chances of unfavorable situations occurring in the future will not be small.”

“I know.”

Would someone who knows all of that bother to listen?

It looked like he was saying that.

“If I had been alone, I wouldn’t have bothered to listen.”

Especially since I’ve already made a mistake once. He would not have listened to uncertain information.

“… … What if I was alone?”


But I’m not alone.

“I have a reliable partner. A much smarter, smarter partner than I am.”

Mimir is attached to me.

With Mimir, there is no chance of getting caught up in the yoke of thought and making things go wrong.

“A genius better than you or something. pitfalls of common sense. The pitfall of being obvious is so easily avoided… … .”

“I’m not going to tell my partner what I heard from Umbra.”

“… … .”

Umbra stopped talking.

“That way, all problems will be solved.”

“… … Your partner will be able to objectively analyze information from a blank slate, and you will be able to catch clues that you might have missed based on the information you hear from me?”

“yes. This way, you can catch both rabbits.”

Me and Mimir.

The two will be able to look at information from different domains.

“okay. There was a way.”

Umbra’s eyes lit up as if she was having fun.

“Because in my lifetime, I had no comrades I could trust and entrust my back to so much. I hadn’t even thought of that way.”

“… … Is that so?”

I slowly turned my gaze to Persona-sama.

Looking at her appearance from before, it seems that she has as much trust in Persona-sama.

“There is a difference between trusting and entrusting your back. Not to mention, especially in this respect. Entrusting my thoughts to someone else. uh huh I can’t do it right away.”

Umbra trembled slightly as if in horror.

“… … is that so?”

What was so terrible, I honestly couldn’t understand.

“You are blessed. At the same level as you, there is a genius who thinks the same as you. That genius is someone you can trust 100%.”

Umbra looked at me with a slightly envious expression.

“I envy you. If I had had at least one partner like that in my lifetime, my new life would have been a little different.”

Between the envy, the feeling of regret is slightly glimpsed.

“… … okay. anyway. If that’s the case, feel free to tell me.”

Umbra gave a small smile.

“First, before I speak. I will begin by explaining the structure of the divine world and gods.”


It was something I said a little while ago.

The difference between the divine world and the human world.

And the secret story of the birth of the gods.

“First, the power of the gods. Divinity is always maintained at a certain level.”

Is your strength maintained?

“It doesn’t mean that the power of each god is maintained… … . The total amount of power combined with the power of all the gods always converges to a certain number. Are you saying this?”

“that’s right. You are smart.”

“There is such a rule.”

In short, the power of all existing gods is always maintained at 100.

“So usually when new gods are born, there is a high probability that some gods will die.”

The fact that the divine power converges to 100 means that if 100 is full, a new god will not be born.

“It seems that the end god was born like that. What kind of god could have died that such a monster could have been born?”

According to this law, the ignorant power of the God of the End can be explained to some extent.

“There was a war. Gods and our forces. The conflict between karmas.”

Umbra’s expression darkened.

“Many gods died in that battle. 20 of all gods… … No, you can say that 30% are dead.”

“… … 30%.”

In short, out of 100 Divine Power, 30 vacancies were created.

“Then, the one born with 30% of that power must be the end god.”


A monster with a power equal to 30% of the combined power of all the gods.

If it was such a monster, it would be understandable that the divine realm was annihilated in an instant.

“maybe. Since he destroyed the divine world, he must have had a great desire to absorb more divine power.”

“… … Absorb power?”

What does it mean to absorb power?

“Didn’t you say that the maximum level of divine power is always maintained at a certain level?”


100 divine power is always maintained.

Could it be roughly called the law of conservation of divine power?

“In order to maintain that certain amount of divine power, there is a way to create a new god, but there is also a way for the remaining god to absorb the divine power.”


I see

‘To grow one’s divine power means to absorb someone’s divine power.’

Umbra, a god born from the shadows of the human world.

Her grown divine power is proof that divine power is power that can be absorbed.

“The end god absorbs all the power of the divine world, and is a true god. He must have wanted to be the only god.”

“I create my own world… … . It fits exactly with that statement.”


Rather than adding something to someone else’s world, I want to create my own world from scratch.

Absorption of divine power can be said to be the best way to put those words into practice.

“If you absorbed all the divine powers that flowed out at that time… … . Just like that, the world would have ended. Rather than ending, it must have been born anew. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to talk to you like this.”

It is like saying that if everything in the world is erased, the things of the past will also disappear.

In other words, Umbra can’t remember the Apocalypse.

In the first place, the existence of Umbra should have completely disappeared.

“In other words. The fact that I exist like this is proof that the End God did not absorb all the divine power at that time.”

But now Umbra exists.

The end god could not recreate this world.

In other words, the god of the end failed to absorb all the divine power of the divine world.

“He was sent away to some extent without being able to absorb the large amount of divine power that was leaked at that time. That’s why we can have conversations like this now.”

“… … That makes sense.”

The front and back of the words fit exactly.

“Then the question here. What happened to the divine power he missed?”

“… … uh?”

Come to think of it… … .

“Did it return to the divine world according to the laws of the divine world, and new gods were born?”

“Isn’t it?”


Umbra shook her head.

“It would have been like that. It’s because the highest-ranking divine law that absorbs divine power is engraved in the highest-ranking temple in the divine world. If it had been as before, a new god would have been born somewhere in the divine world centered on that divine law. however… … .”

“… … ah. They said that the Gods of the End erased the divine realm.”

“That’s right.”

The divine law to return divine power to the divine world has disappeared.

“Because of the end of the world’s stupidity, the divine world can no longer absorb divine power. and… … .”

Umbra raised her index finger and pointed downward.

“The divine power that was not returned to the divine realm must have naturally moved downward.”


“It’s the human world.”

The human realm located under the divine realm.

A large amount of divine energy flowed into it.

“And that divine power must have conceived a new god.”

It wasn’t too difficult to predict what he would say next.

“Since divine power has the property of wanting to be symmetrical to each other. As a symmetry to the great power on the other side, it would have formed another great force.”

A god born in the human world due to an outflow of enormous divine power.

The heroic god of the human world who fought against the god of the end and defeated the god of the end.

“That’s the secret story of the birth of a human body, I think.”

It was the birth of a human being.

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