Hard Carry Support Chapter 238-239-240

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What Happened Suddenly (1), What Happened Suddenly (2) and What Happened Suddenly (3)

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It was only after the conversation continued for a while that Hyeon clearly understood Ain’s meaning.

“You mean let’s meet outside right now?!”

It was a little disconcerting.

I didn’t think that Ain’s request would lead to something outside of the game.

“You said anything.”

“No, it’s because it’s sudden! I’m not ready to go out, and I need time to decide where to meet.”

“are you okay. If you meet at your current house, such a problem… .”

“hmm. It will be soon to prepare… ! Alright then, let’s meet outside!”

Before any more strange words came out of Ain’s mouth, Hyeon quickly canceled the assimilation and logged out.

[Exit Asrian!]

“Whoa… .”

After getting out of the capsule, Seohyun looked around her room.

A place where you can’t tell whether it’s a studio, a warehouse, or a basement… .

I had no idea how many hours it would take to tidy up the messy room.

‘No matter how much, it’s not here.’

I calmed down a bit and thought about the last moment again.

Just before releasing the fairy tale, Ain’s emotions were fluctuating endlessly.

He tried to pretend to be calm, but he couldn’t fake his feelings.

Ain wants to meet you today because he is hiding something.

‘I really didn’t invite you to just eat… What kind of plan is Ain hiding?’

It would be nice if he had the ability to read thoughts like that guy in Apostle Quest.

Seohyun became afraid of the meeting after a while.


There is no tree that cannot be felled by taking 10 shots.

But when it doesn’t go over even after taking 10 shots, humans start to doubt themselves.

Could this be impossible in the first place?

Most give up like that, but some people believe in themselves and keep trying the same thing over and over again.

But what if that attempt goes beyond a hundred?

Humans are animals that get used to setbacks.

Two hundred, three hundred… No matter how many times you increase, you have no choice but to stop working without results.

Or, only those who are wet with inertia repeat filling in meaningless numbers.

However, the Apostle’s Test is a quest that cannot be cleared by just increasing the number of times.

It was a test that only those who pondered the meaning of a single death and explored a new path could barely overcome it.

So, a person with the qualifications of an apostle must be a user with the potential to shine brighter than anyone else.

[The test has ended.]

[Number of encounters with despair: 3516]


The moment he lowered his sword, such a message appeared in front of Latis.

However, Latis was still not convinced.

Was there any sense in the last hand? Are you welcome? did you avoid What are the chances of a counterattack here?

If it’s not over yet, you should keep the optimal distance right away… .

Damn! Damn it!

It was while he was restlessly rolling his head that the frozen shadow shattered.

“… … .”

Latis glanced down at the debris strewn across the floor.

The remains of the shadow that had frustrated him for over a week did not move.

It had been 10 days since Latisse’s mouth had drawn an arc.

“hot… .”

Laughter that comes out of nowhere.

Laughter kept leaking out.

Hahaha, Latis let everything that had accumulated so far flow out.

Suddenly, the laughter gradually turned into a gentle smile.

I looked back on the road I had passed so far.

perfect… Are you proud of yourself as perfect?


The past self looked down from a step above was even funny.

“… There was only pride.”

There was an existence that Latis could never win.

‘Ain’. To be precise, Ain with higher specs than himself.

Later, he was shocked to learn that Ain’s level was lower than he thought.

From then on, defeat became more vivid as time went on, rather than diluted.

A duel of fire and ice.

The excuse that compatibility is bad is no consolation.

So, even though Latis could change jobs beyond level 200, she insisted on the attribute of ice.

In order to prove again that one day he wasn’t defeated by his skills!

‘It’ll be a little different now.’

I admit it to some extent now.



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At that time, his skills were definitely below hers.

‘Ain… .’

Latisse’s eyes flashed.

Maybe she didn’t show all her skills.

If so, he couldn’t be conceited enough to defeat the shadow with superior specs and compatibility.

‘Thank you.’

But I won’t be able to take care of myself anymore.

If you don’t do your best this time, or if you rely only on the superiority of the match… I will definitely make you regret it.


A message popped up at that moment.

– An unknown transcendental being is watching you.

-Go to the sanctuary.

-Maybe there will be an opportunity to change jobs.

‘Job change?’

Latisse’s eyes narrowed.

Even when he reached level 200, he chose the same ice type job.

To prove that Ain will not be pushed back no matter what kind of job he brings.

‘Are you giving me this chance now?’

I thought fate was ironic.

If it was a job that could be obtained with the apostle’s qualifications, it was almost certain that it would outperform the current job.

For the sake of efficiency, you’d better accept this offer.

However, Latis did not want to give up her current attribute of ‘ice’.

‘Hot, that’s a useless suggestion.’

I have no intention of changing my job for the time being.

That’s right, until one day I get to hang out with Ain again.


‘Am I in too much of a hurry?’

Seohyun arrived and looked at her watch.

15 minutes until appointment time.

According to the information I learned, Ain’s house is on the outskirts of Seoul, and it takes about 40 minutes to get there.

When I thought I should wait for Ain to come.

Surprisingly, Ain arrived at the meeting place first and was waiting.

After the sudden meeting, Seohyun and Ain naturally walked the streets of the downtown area together.

We meet every day in Assrian, but today is the second meeting with Ain in real life.

‘Something’s wrong… .’

Seohyun immediately knew the reason.

“I don’t feel a lot of people staring at me… ?”

“okay? I don’t know.”

Ain muttered like that, unlike the previous times, he didn’t wear any disguise tools such as a mask or hat.

No, isn’t it rather the same as in Asrian?

Costumes as if they were deliberately imitating the character.

Even the black hoodie worn by Ain seemed to be on the borderline between casual wear and character cosplay.

“Ain… Oh no.”

In addition, when Ain’s name was called, the eyes of nearby passers-by swung around.

“you… Did you cut your hair too?”

“Right, did you notice? I said before that the string suits you!”

“Yeah, but here it’s not the ID… Why don’t you call me by a different name?”

Seoul’s 5th downtown area.

Seohyun, an ordinary college student, had never received this kind of attention.

I didn’t even have the courage to protest the person who occasionally took pictures of me with a smartphone.

“What is it, Hyun… Do you want to be called brother because you are two years older?”

“… ?”

Besides, it was hard to stay sober because even Ain was spouting nonsense next to him.

‘Wait, no way.’

Suddenly Ain’s meaningless words came to mind.

Saying that he will help you if you need fame.

‘Is that the way… ?’

If the videos that passers-by are filming are uploaded to YouTube, they will surely become famous, but… . I never thought that I would receive attention from others as a reality other than Assrian.

‘If I go around with Ain, Korean users will of course notice that I am Hyun!’

I was able to feel the reputation of Ain once again.

The number of users of Assrian, which began to be used in non-game forms, is still growing exponentially.

The proof was that the middle-aged man often looked this way as if he was surprised.

At some point, about ten minutes passed in such an awkward mood.


Suddenly, a vibrating alarm sounded on Seohyun’s phone.


“what? message? who?”

“You have to see… .”

“I want to see you!”

Due to Ain’s face being close, we somehow ended up checking messages together.

The caller was Ginny.

「(video sent – 1:03)」

「Hyung, is it true that you are in OOO building right now? Certainly, with Ain, it would be very easy to announce Hyun’s existence! Really amazing, I never thought of it this way!”

“hmm… .”

Seohyun sent a message in a daze.

“Is it good?”

A reply came in seconds.

“Sure! There could hardly be a more effective method than this. With this, indirectly, the fact that Hyun has been with Ain’s activities so far… … 」

After reading the message and stopping, Seohyun looked around.

Perhaps because they stopped in one place, it seemed that more people had gathered than before.

Even though I didn’t do anything wrong, I feel hot for nothing.

When I turned my head to the side, I saw Ain avoiding his gaze.

The moment she confirmed her awkward smile, Seohyun was able to fully understand Ahin’s intentions.

For some reason, a sigh escaped suddenly.

First of all, we have to get out of this place.

I grabbed Ain’s hand and hurried my steps.

“Ain… I’m going to get a little scolded this time.”

“Uh, huh, get mad? Hyun… ?!”

“This one was a bit harsh.”

The two quickly run through the crowd.

However, even Seohyun, who was in an absurd mood at first, burst out laughing on her own as time passed.

And Ain, who was being led by his hand, had a somewhat leaning expression on his face.

‘I have to change this outfit first.’

On the way, I stopped at a clothing store and changed Ain.

That alone had a great effect in dispersing the attention of the surroundings.

After a while, by the time I arrived at the restaurant Jae-hoon told me about, I was able to completely escape the crowds.

“Um… Dae, how can I get scolded… ?”

As for what to say, Seohyun’s head was complicated.

The popularity of Ain among Korean users is beyond imagination.

From the moment she goes out wearing clothes similar to the character, this uproar must have been planned.

The Internet, which Hyun glanced at earlier, was already buzzing.

Under the video posted on social media, numerous comments were running in real time.

-It’s Ain. If you see someone who came here cosplaying, where is the event held?

-Who is the guy with me?

– There was a story called Hyun. Is it really that prefecture?

-This is the first time Hyun has revealed his face. If it’s real

The situation seemed to be getting out of hand.

But if Ain was alone, it wouldn’t have been so noisy.

While looking at the comments, Seohyun clearly knew the reason for the uproar.

‘My ID is being mentioned more than Ain.’

-Hyeon is about level 300 right now?

– No matter how hard you try, won’t it exceed 250? If it’s as good as it was in Asura.

Most Korean users have been aware of the name Hyun since before, and recently, Hyun has been revealing its existence little by little in various places.

So, the moment Ain and Hyeon of reality appear together, it is inevitable that there will be a commotion.

-No, by the way, how old is Hyun, and is he dating Ain?

– It’s been like that since the previous work. They are like childhood friends.

-No, he was the current deceiver… .

‘Deceiver… ? It’s not me, it’s Ain… .’

It’s a fuss, but it’s not a bad thing.

As Ginny said it was a great method, people’s reactions were absolutely explosive.

In a way, Ain pushed his hesitant back.

I can understand it logically, but why is it that I feel so uncomfortable?

“Ah, tell me honestly. What were you thinking?”

“Yes, yes, of course, for the prefecture’s popularity… .”

“Don’t lie. Shall we assimilate and check again later?”

“Ahhh, a fairy tale?!”

Ain stuttered at the sudden bluff.

As Seohyun expected, it was a lie. It was an excuse that came to mind after seeing Genie’s message.

The real reason Ain did this was that Hyun’s becoming famous was a problem in itself.

When Hyeon becomes king, useless things will surely happen around him.

Before that, he needed to do something special.

‘Now I have to speak with my mouth… ?!’

Fortunately, when Ain stuttered his lips and was about to say something, Seohyun’s mouth opened first.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t like it.”


“Coming to think of it, it seems like I’m blaming you for nothing.”

Seohyun looked at Ain and smiled.

When I came to a quiet place, my mind calmed down.

Wasn’t the reason I met Ain today to express my gratitude to her?

I promised to do whatever Ain did.

“I had an accident… Are you okay?”

“Still, there is awareness that it was an accident. are you okay. Well, it was something I had to go through someday.”

Reality and Assrian have developed into an inseparable relationship even if they want to separate.

Becoming the king of Assrian inevitably follows real interest.

Maybe this incident could have taken a step forward.

“And again… I think I was thinking too much from my point of view.”

Besides, Seohyun herself had made Ain a celebrity unintentionally.

Could it be that he was blinded by money at the time?

Uploading a video of Ain assimilating to Ain on YouTube also affected her private life.

If you think about it again, it won’t end with just saying sorry. He wasn’t in a position to criticize Ain either.

“I was scolded earlier… ?”

“I will not. You said you would listen to anything today.”

“That please… It was, oh, no.”


“No, just nothing… .”

The king-to-be is not swayed by the gaze of others looking at him.

Since what has already happened cannot be undone, Seohyun decided not to take this incident to heart.

For some reason, Ain’s expression was a bit regretful.

Seohyun naturally passed the topic to the other side.

“Now that this happened, tell me all the other things you’ve put up with! And it’s better to settle it here than to make a fuss.”

As Ain’s thoughts sometimes go beyond the normal scale, it was necessary to remove all risk factors when there was an opportunity.

After thinking for a moment, Ain immediately shouted as if something had come to mind.

“Okay, that’s something I really want to ask. There was one!”


“Hyun, you said you were going to buy a house before.”

“house… ?”

Come to think of it, I think I might have said something like that.

However, I remember that I gave up on moving because I was not particularly uncomfortable with living in a studio right now, and there was also the hassle of real estate transactions.

“I told you to let me know before you bought it, didn’t you buy it already?”

“That’s not it… . I completely forgot.”

“Hmm, is it?”

Ain muttered more cautiously.

“By the way, I happened to find a nice house… What did you find! How does this look?”

Ain took out his smartphone and showed the screen.

Photos neatly arranged like a model house.

“It does look good.”


“Where is this?”

“Let’s see. address is… OOO OOO XXXXXX… That’s it.”

At those words, Seohyun was also tempted.

It was because it was very close to the studio where he lives now.

Tracing the streetscape from memory, I was able to recall what this building was.

A recently completed residential complex.

Certainly, there was no problem with commuting here, and there were no amenities, transportation, or anything missing.

“Ah, here you go. Thank you for your heart, but it’s okay.”

However, one problem is that the house price is outrageously expensive.

Besides, looking at the picture Ain showed me, it seemed to be the most expensive top floor among them.

It’s not that you can’t survive if you overdo it, but you don’t have to overdo it.

Who is to blame if, at the crucial moment of buying a house, the funds to invest in Assrian run out?

It was the moment when the next Ain’s words continued that Seohyun felt a sense of incongruity.

“If price is an issue, no worries!”


“Because I only pay half of the prefecture… ?”

Why is it a question mark?

Seohyun’s heart, which had barely regained her composure, started beating again.

Ain’s voice used to tremble like this when he was always planning something he couldn’t even imagine.

“This plan… Let’s think about it later.”

I was able to laugh and get over the previous uproar, but this may be a bigger uproar in a different sense.

“When later?!”

“hmm… At least one year later.”

Seohyun had to change the topic in a hurry because she could be arrested if she didn’t do it.


Was it wrong to say that I would listen to anything?

Seohyun was regretting what she had promised earlier.

It was because Ain wanted to move to the point of being a little persistent.

“Oh, look! Don’t you think this would be fun?”

Luck in a crisis.

Right after the meal, I found a place nearby that could divert Ain’s attention.

It was thanks to an article with this title by chance while browsing the Internet.

<The first Assrian Museum held!>

“museum? What are you doing?”

“I don’t know either. However, considering that it is hosted by NFM, I think there will be something great. Just like the old festivals!”

“Huh… .”

“It’s also close to here. It’s a 10-minute walk.”

Since there was nothing else to do besides going to the capsule room, Ain didn’t give another opinion.

That’s how Seohyun and Ain came to visit the unknown museum.

There were quite a lot of people in the museum because it was the first week of opening.

The moment they paid a small entrance fee and passed through the entrance, Seohyun and Ain were surprised by the unexpected scenery.


“Oh oh… !”

A light burning softly in the dark palace.

Seohyun felt that the atmosphere inside the museum was somehow familiar.

“Here, it looks like the place where we did the history quest!”

I realized it belatedly from Ain’s voice.

“Oh, yes!”

A space decorated similar to Assrian’s historical quest lobby, down to the smallest details.

I felt like I was in the game even though it was real.

It seems that the place I came to without thinking was a good choice.

“This makes me wonder what would be in the museum?”

Seohyun and Ain slowly moved forward along the curved maze-like path.

Just like Ain whose eyes shine from the side, Seohyun’s anticipation suddenly grew.

When it comes to museums, it is common for old objects and history to be recorded.

Is there a story from the beginning of Assrian?

Or are there special items on display?

Seohyun expected that, but the objects on display were of a completely different kind.

“This… .”

The moment he turned the first corner, the object contained on the other side of the glass of the exhibition hall was revealed, and Hyun stopped in a startle.

I never thought I’d see this here.


“It’s a pistol… .”

Hyun muttered quietly in front of the display stand.

Right next to it was a capsule that could fit one person.

“This? It must be an experience corner!”

Curiosity kicked in, Ain quickly put his body into the capsule.

“Is this how it works?”

[Temporary access to NFM public account!]


Seeing that you can have a conversation with the outside. It must be a capsule made in a slightly special way.

Seohyun was also able to watch Ain through the screen outside.

bang! bang!

Ain happily shoots at the straw doll.

The message of the interface that I only saw in Assrian came to mind together.

[It did 1 damage!]

[It did 2 damage!]

Seohyun watched the screen blankly, then turned her attention to the sign next to her.

There, the effort and process for making this object were briefly explained.

‘Same… .’

Seohyun moved forward as if possessed.

Guns were just the beginning.

Gas stoves, pianos, plastic sculptures, etc.

The sight of items that would be normal in real life lined up in the exhibition hall was even creepy.

“hyeon? Go with me!”

Ain was startled and came out of the capsule.

It seemed that he was able to observe the situation outside while connected.

“My God, what is all this?!”


While Ain’s mouth was wide open, Seohyun found an unusual-looking object.

“Mana heavy weapon.”

None of the users know what this is, but Seohyun knows a few things thanks to Genie.

In the case of making electronic products or requiring nano-scale processing, the interference of the power of horse power becomes a major stumbling block.

Mana heavy weapons are used to create mana in a vacuum state.

It is said to be an indispensable item for transferring the advanced technology of reality to Assrian.

“museum… I can see why this was a museum.”

As I looked around the museum, I was able to understand some of the explanations that I did not understand when I heard them from Ginny.

“Hyun, let’s stop moving.”

“Wait a minute, look at me.”

Rather, Seohyun fell deeply into the museum she had brought Ain to soothe.

As you follow the palace in the subtle darkness, it feels like the boundary between reality and Asrian is blurring.

“Is this another district?”

However, as we went further back, difficult contents came out along with Kwon Dae-ho’s portrait.

It is said that the interpretation of time, space, and the universe has changed, but Seohyun’s ability could not understand those explanations.

Ain didn’t seem interested at all.

“Look, Ain, do you know what I mean?”

“… ?”

“To put it roughly, it means that Assrian is also influencing the interpretation of the physical laws of reality.”

“Umm, you look like a college student today!”

“First of all, it’s science and engineering.”

Assrian’s history is only a few months.

However, the impact of those few months on reality cannot be said to be at all, so this museum was created.

“Once you’ve seen it, let’s go.”

After walking for a while, the atmosphere changed again.

The dark palace suddenly turned into a bright clearing.

Like the city square of Assrian.

And just as people flocked to the plaza, there were quite a lot of people here too.

“Looks like this is the last section of the museum.”

Maybe a souvenir shop.

The exit of the museum was crowded with many customers.


Seohyun soon noticed a general oddity.

Customers who buy this or that usually have something in their hands, but those who leave the exit have nothing in their hands.

-All items will be sent to your account mailbox!


From the phrases written all over the district, I could see why.

“Hyun, this must be a store that sells items!”

Ain looked around curiously.

The products placed on the shelves are everyday objects such as ballpoint pens and lighters.

However, if you look closely, it was just an illusion made of holograms.

It was a method of using it as an experience capsule and taking the number tag of the corresponding item, processing it at the cashier and putting it into the Assrian account.

“Looks like a lot of interesting things.”

“however… It’s more expensive than you think.”

Crossing the shelves, Seohyun stuck out her tongue.

“There is no gourd like this. A ballpoint pen with no special function costs 30,000 won?”

Is there anything to write a pen in Assrian? There is a notepad function in the interface.

Even the same pen, with fancy decorations, cost more than 100,000 won.

What is surprising is the fact that there are a huge number of hukou who are pulling out that number ticket!

“What, are you going to buy that too?”

It seemed that Ain was included among those hukou.

For reference, Seohyun has never seen Ain taking notes.

“What are you going to use it for?”

“It just looks fun.”

The reason why souvenir shops in tourist destinations do not go out of business.

Isn’t it because there are many people in the world who throw away money on useless things?

While Ain was choosing a pen design, Seohyun decided to take a look around.

‘Do you not sell weapons?’

Seohyun discovered the commonalities of the items on the shelves.

Most of the items sold are casual items.

Not to mention the pistols I had seen before, the daggers that are very common in the game didn’t exist.

There is one toy that looks like a pocket knife, but it would be difficult to expect its performance as a weapon.

‘That’s almost no damage.’

Seohyun remembers Genie’s explanation.

To be recognized as a ‘weapon’ by Assrian’s system, it must contain magical power.

It is said that if you do not have magical powers, you will be able to inflict only negligible damage with any tool.

It’s the same reason why it’s hard to make a handgun.

It was because the barrel had to minimize the effect of mana, but there was a contradiction in injecting mana into bullets.

‘It won’t be easy to make a weapon.’

According to Jini, only a few companies with very special technology could make weapons without using crafting skills.

‘The world is changing too fast.’

It is said that the goal of most research companies is to move useful objects in reality to Assrian.

Individuals cannot stand against the power of huge capital.

That’s why Ginny decided to focus on just one area.

Users will be most interested in the weapon called ‘gun’!

‘A job called a musketeer will soon appear.’

The value of preoccupying the things the world wants is so great that it cannot be expressed in words.

In addition, there was no need to worry about restrictions on distribution distance in Assrian, where the ‘auction house’ existed.

A world where you can sell your own stuff as long as you can make it.

Seohyun was able to recall the reason Genie came to see her that day.

“Are you ‘hyun’ by any chance?”

It was then that a strange voice was heard.

Hyun turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a suit talking to him.

The thin smile somehow made me feel a little bad.

‘Is this man an Assrian user too?’

How did he find out that he was wise?

‘Ah, you must have seen me with Ain.’

Most people who visit the Assrian Museum know Ain’s face.

Even after changing clothes, if you have good eyesight, you might be able to recognize Ain.

Since Ain like that kept calling himself ‘Hyeon’ by his side, there were people whispering from a distance earlier.

“I’m right, what’s going on?”

Are you asking for an autograph?

But it soon became clear that it was not such a simple matter.

The man introduced himself as follows.

“My name is Seongbae Han, the virtual engineering planning team leader at Illennium.”

Even Seohyun, who was not interested in current events, knew about Illennium.

Isn’t it a super-giant group that is not always left out when counting five of the world’s top 5 companies?

“Illenium group?”

Seeing Seohyun’s startled reaction, his smile narrowed even more.

“you’re right. It’s not different, but I’d like to make a suggestion to the current user. Can I change my seat for now?”

“Are you changing seats?”

“Yes, it will be a story you will never regret.”

‘Looks like it will take a long time… .’

I don’t know the intention, but Seohyun decided to refuse.

The day I decided to spend with Ain. I didn’t want to waste my time on anyone else.

“Sorry, I’m a bit busy.”

“it’s okay. It’s not that long.”

“If it’s a short story, can’t we tell it here?”

The middle-aged man’s eyebrows twitched at the answer.

“… Then let’s do it.”

However, he also realized that persuasion was impossible and put in the words to move.

As expected by Seohyun, the man’s story was full of useless content.

The contents of the contract between Illennium and NFM, and the fact that 1/3 of the museum’s exhibits were provided by Illenium were completely uninteresting information.

‘Ain is still watching.’

Seohyun decided to listen to the man until Ain called.

After the long talk, it was a while before the business came out.

“That’s why Illenium wants to sign a partnership agreement with you.”


“Yes, I promise to treat you as best I can.”

‘As expected, this is it.’

Seohyun sighed inwardly.

From the middle of listening to the story, I had expected to some extent that such an offer would come.

Partner contracts were easily analogous to non-harm mercenary contracts.

Having to follow the company’s instructions during working hours will take up half of your day.

He seems to have deliberately glossed over the details, but Seohyun didn’t want to hear detailed explanations.

I re-questioned only the key points that were not mentioned.

“How long is the contract period?”

“The first two years and the second half three years.”

“Five years… ?”

“No, two years later, three years. There is a slight difference… Details will be provided after the contract.”

‘2 plus 3 is 5, so that’s it… ?’

Even after hearing the answer, questions only increased.

“Then what about the profit?”

“Oh, I was in a hurry so I couldn’t tell you that in advance.”

When I asked about it, the middle-aged man opened his mouth as if he had forgotten.

“I will give you 100 million in the first year. Of course, depending on performance, we may increase the amount each year.”

“1 million… Dollars?”

“yes? Haha, you have a sense of humor. If the contract is extended that long… Well, I probably left the company before that, so it’s hard to answer.”

He said with a pleasant smile, as if he never thought he’d be rejected.

For an ordinary college student, a job with a starting salary of 100 million may be a dreamy future.

However, Seohyun felt so absurd that she couldn’t remember what to say.

‘I said won, not dollars… ?’

A fact Seohyun didn’t know yet.

Some of the older people still considered Asrian to be just a ‘special game’.

Very few people, including Genie, fully understand the influence of Asrian permeating into reality.

This man, who was in charge of Illenium’s planning team, also considered his proposal to be a very unconventional one.

‘It’s a bit harsh.’

Seohyun is no longer a game junkie who doesn’t know the world.

He also knows that he can earn money comparable to the executives of Illenium with his own abilities.

Above all, this is the most important time in the rapidly changing Asrian. I had no intention of accepting a contract that was wasting my time.

“Hyun, let’s go!”

“ah. it’s over?”

“I’ll do the math when I leave!”

Just then, Ain’s voice was heard.

It seemed that he had chosen everything he wanted to buy.

Ain looked at the man in front of Seohyun and tilted his head.

“Who else is he?”

“It’s nothing. Hey, I’m sorry, but I’ll pretend there was no contract.”

“yes? what… ! Are you saying that 100 million is not enough?”

“1 million?”

The moment Seohyun was about to answer, Ain interrupted.

I understood the situation and murmured.

“What, were you trading prefectural items?”

“hmm. If this is a deal, is it a deal… ?”

“I’m bored, so let’s just go. If you need about 100 million, I will give it to you.”

“… ?”

At that moment, the man who was about to say something flinched and shut his mouth.

Because I was mistaken that I heard it wrong.

“Are you giving it to me? Aren’t you lending it?”

“How are you? Hyun has earned hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“Is that enough?”

“There’s also a history quest, and I recently heard about filming a movie.”

However, Seohyun and Ain did not notice the man’s appearance and continued their conversation.

“Ah, I’m sorry, but I think it will be difficult to sign a contract with them!”

That was Seohyun’s last greeting.

While the two left the exit, the man was unable to move from his seat for a while because his head was confused.

did i hear it wrong?

That a high school student or college freshman who has not even set foot in society touches an amount that he could not even imagine.

It was a story that he could not easily admit, as he had no interest in games before the appearance of Asrian.

‘Yes, I was talking about game money!’

After a while, I understood that.

Those who are too addicted to games are often mistaken because they use their own terms.

Before I knew it, Hyun and Ain had completely disappeared. In the middle of a conversation, without even listening to his own answer.

‘Tsk, the world is really getting weird.’

The man clicked his tongue.

If there hadn’t been a restructuring of the company since the advent of Asrian, there would have been no need to do such a troublesome job.

Some users of Asrian.

To some, he is an idol, but in his eyes, he was seen as an opportunist who took the pie of society without effort.

‘I can’t help it. I need to find another guy… .’

“Team Leader Han!”

A new voice came after Hyun left. He was in the middle of looking for a user to replace him for a while.

Han Seong-bae shook his head in surprise.

“Me, manager? What’s going on here… !”

Executive Director Seo Min-ho.

Although he was only in his late 40s, he was an elite that no one in the company could deny about his ability.

Because he was in charge of such an important project, it was usually difficult to even face him.

Why did such a person run so hastily?

“I came running after hearing that Huu, Hu, and Hyun had visited here. Have you seen it?”

“Oh, I met him a few minutes ago.”

“Good luck! Could you have contact information?”

I don’t know why Executive Director Seo Min-ho asked, but I answered as I knew.

“No, the contract didn’t work out, so the contact details… .”

The moment he said that, Executive Director Seo Min-ho’s voice grew louder.

“What, a contract? Did you try to make a contract by yourself… ?”

“yes? yes! This, according to the instructions that came down… .”

In an instant, Han Seong-bae felt the atmosphere getting serious.

The guideline received from the upper level is to sign a partnership agreement with users as much as possible before starting a project in the future.

So far, I have successfully signed contracts with 5 users, and accidentally discovered a fairly famous user called Hyun, so I tried to sign an additional contract.

He just followed the instructions, so what went wrong?

“Huh, okay. Let’s listen to the terms of the contract you proposed.”

Han Seong-bae sweated and recited the situation at that time in as much detail as possible.

However, as the story continued, the atmosphere became more and more formidable.

“what? It’s not a ranker-based contract, but a high-level user contract? What were you thinking!”

“That, that… Hyun’s name is not on the ranker list… .”

“What nonsense!”

At that moment, goosebumps appeared on Han Sung-bae’s body.

It was because I had never seen Executive Director Seo Min-ho yell at someone so loudly.

“A contract with you that makes no sense even to try to negotiate… Does that also offer a general user contract?”

“I’m sorry!”

“after… When was the last time you met Hyun?”

“About 10 minutes have passed.”

“Then you must have already left… .”

Seo Min-ho’s stomach boiled.

Because Ain refused all contact, the affiliated companies on this side were anxiously waiting for Hyun to appear.

And Hyun, who revealed his identity for the first time today.

His visit to the Illenium-sponsored museum was a stroke of luck that would not come again.

How could such a golden opportunity be blown away in vain!

Seo Min-ho barely calmed down before asking again.

“So, what was Hyun’s reaction?”

“that is… .”

“You’ll have to tell Team Leader Han what you heard.”

Seo Min-ho’s sharp gaze made Han Sung-bae’s lips not easily fall off.


after leaving the museum.

Seohyun and Ain wandered around the darkened city.

Dinner was eaten at a food stall on the street, and after that, I just walked without doing anything special.

When I was with Ain, the conversation never dried up.

‘Sometimes this isn’t too bad.’

When you start the main quest in a few days, you won’t be able to afford it for a while.

It is also necessary to rest when you can definitely rest.

“Isn’t this us?”

Ain, who was fiddling with something, showed his smartphone and smiled.

An internet article mentioning the name ‘hyun’.

Before stopping by the museum, there was a picture taken with Ain.

“More than 10,000 comments!”

“Hey, it’s because of you!”

Seohyun could now laugh at such an article.

I decided to accept the slight discomfort.

The deceased of the deceased, the legendary player, etc… On the Internet, it seems that they have already begun to give themselves various nicknames, but there is no need to worry about them.

“Look at this!”

Suddenly Ain shouted.

“The title of this article is Dangerous Lovers! I haven’t clicked yet, who are you talking about?”

However, I thought it would be better if there were no embarrassing modifiers.

As we talked about this and that, time flew by.

The night had already become dark, and it was time for Ain to leave.

Just before parting ways, Ain brought up the topic of lunch again.

“Hyun, there’s something I didn’t say properly before… .”


“I already bought a house. maybe me I think we will move there in about two months.”

Another silly joke.

Seohyun responded with a light smile.

“No more pranks like that.”

“It’s true… .”

“Ha, just because there are no fairy tales, to think that such a lie will work… .”

At that moment, Ain’s trembling eyes met him.

From that, Seohyun could feel an unusual sign.

“You really bought a house?”

Ain nodded his head slightly, averting his gaze.

The moment she showed the electronic documents copied on her smartphone, Seohyun hiccupped greatly.

“The contract has already been completed… ?”


“Then the original school, are you going to transfer?”


As if he had decided and prepared today, Ain’s explosive remarks still remained.

“Because I was allowed to take the GED… .”

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