Hard Carry Support Chapter 242-243

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Preparation for Emergency (1) and Preparation for Emergency (2)

Looking at the map, the place where they are now is a cave full of frost.

There is a forgotten sanctuary within this.

Hyun walked through an ice cave filled with silence.

sleep. sleep.

The surroundings were so quiet that footsteps echoed through the walls.

Perhaps because it had not been touched by humans for hundreds of years, the ice on the floor sometimes cracked even with small vibrations.

Although the sunlight did not come in, the inside of the cave was not dark at all because mysterious lights lingered everywhere.


Hyun stopped in front of a pillar with a soft blue light.

It was at that moment that Ain’s system window started to appear on its own.

[Look at the light and pray to the angel you will serve.]

[May the angel answer your will… .”

The end of the apostle test.

“He said to pray here.”

Ain, who saw the message, asked.

“Who can I do it for?”

“that… .”

According to Asura’s knowledge, it is not necessarily the angel who prayed for the descent.

Just as a king has his servants, and a minister has his own attendant, in most cases the apostle served the archangel’s servants.

That’s why ordinary users offer their prayers to the truth or the light.


In an instant, the name flashed through Hyun’s mind.

But that’s impossible.

In order to pray, one has to conceive of the form of an object, for no one has ever seen the form of order.

There are only two archangels whose appearance is known: truth and light.

Here, Ain’s choice will be decided between the two, but… .

“Let’s pray to Lutia.”

Hyun muttered in a voice as if he had made up his mind on something.

The woman who introduced herself as Louise’s self-proclaimed guardian.

Maybe we can find out her true identity here.

「Lutia? Wasn’t he a demon?!」

Ain was startled and asked.

Because the impression was so strong, Ain remembered her name.

“Try it once.”

“Um… I don’t know, but it’s because Hyun ordered it.”

Ain immediately closed his eyes and began to pray.

To help with prayer, the image of Hyundo Lutia came to mind intensely.

An eccentric priest who wears bewitching clothes.

I thought that was the case until we first met at the Temple of Twilight.

However, when they reunited in Iluna, the ability she showed was different from that of an ordinary priest.

In addition to being able to see fairy tales, he freely crossed the paths of the symmetrical world.

And last time we met in the land of darkness.

After seeing him break through the dark fog, Hyun had a strong suspicion.

It was still just a highly probable suspicion… The moment she descends, her doubts will turn into certainties.

“… … .”

Minutes passed.

Even then, there was no response from the altar.

‘Was it an illusion?’

Shall we pray until it is done?

No, I don’t have time to waste to finish the plan.

It was at that moment when doubts were about to resurface in Hyeon’s heart that he heard a voice from the side.

“this… I didn’t know you’d be caught already.”

Lutia appeared from behind Ain.

“It didn’t matter if I just prayed to the Order.”

Hwareuk! Hwareuk!

As wings made of flame sprouted from Lutia’s shoulder, Hyeon felt his breath quicken.

I once felt this way.

That’s right, when I ran into Cadrial on the shuttle to Iluna!

“Well, it didn’t matter who I prayed to.”

“Hyun, I… that! Did I do something wrong?」

Ain was perplexed.

Because he thought the Apostle Quest was wrong because of him.

“No, you did it right.”

Chii profit!

The ice floor melted in an instant.

Even though the ice that made up the ground melted and disappeared, Lutia stood in the air as it appeared.

A pair of wide open wings.



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Its unique color and shape belonged to a being already known to Hyun.

“This must be Lutia’s true identity.”

The great demon of deception, Cadrial.

From the beginning of Asrian, he had a bad relationship with her.

Why did she, who wore the shell of an angel called ‘Kayre-L’ in the previous work, remain silent in Asrian?

If deception has created a new shell, everything becomes explainable.

The same is true for the self-proclaimed guardian of darkness.

It is only natural that the Great Demon would have to awaken an entity like itself in order to destroy the heavens.

“Well, it’s because I came down for the contract.”

Caidrial looked at Ain and smiled.


With one flap of her wings, her shoulders shone.

In an instant, the dark red wings were transformed into the wings of a divine being with a soft light flowing through them.

“I will accept you as an apostle here.”

Then, he reached out his hand to Ain’s forehead and began to pour divine energy.

Magic and divine power.

All beings in the world cannot possess both types of divine power at the same time, but only one person was an exception.

The Great Demon of Deception had divine power comparable to that of the Royal Angels, and it was written in the Treasury of Knowledge.

[The title, ‘Lutiel’s Apostle’ has been obtained!]

[A public value shop is now available in the sky!]

[I changed my job to Angelic Reaper!]

[Holy power has risen by +30000!]

Several lines of messages flashed.

“According to the procedure, we will have to sign an additional contract, but… . you don’t need it You can hear my voice even without a contract, right?”

Caidrial removed his hand from Ain’s forehead and smiled meaningfully.

Hyun immediately understood that it was referring to the effect attached to the title of ‘Deceiver’.

It was the moment when it became clear that the voice heard out of nowhere during Letty’s test was an act of deception.

“Thanks to the contract procedure being reduced, I have some strength left… .”

Caidrial brought his face close to Ain’s eyes.

At that moment, Hyun felt the gaze looking at his soul.

“Is there anything you were trying to ask of me?”

Even though Gi-ki doesn’t have the ability to look into his thoughts, Hyun’s mind seemed to be read.

Actually, he had intended to ask about the ‘road’ that Louise had been talking about.

“Hey, don’t ask me here. Because you won’t answer.”

Cadrial smiled and put a finger to her lips.

“Issuing an oracle consumes less energy. So don’t worry and wait.”

‘ah… .’


Right before Hyeon opened his mouth, Cadrial became lightning and disappeared in an instant.

Until then, Ain, who had not heard any explanation, just tilted his head, not knowing why.


<Remaining time: 6 hours 52 minutes>

When I returned to the city, Lantern, there were dark clouds in the sky.


It was not yet time for the sun to set, so the gloomy sky was a little noticeable.


Looking at the darkened clouds, Hyun recalled what Louise had said earlier.

The place where he stays gets dark quickly, so he can’t stay in one place for long.

‘Is this why you said you can’t come to the private room?’

Darkness and light oppose each other.

Fortunately, the night comes to the lantern, so the dark clouds in the sky don’t bother me too much.

But if it continues like this all the time, people will feel strange.

‘Certainly, this must be a bit of a problem.’

In the private room, as expected, Louise was sending a worried look.

“Ah, here you are! Did anything happen outside?”

“It was nothing.”

“Then I’m glad. As soon as the sun goes down, it will be fine until tomorrow.”

Right after returning to the private room, Hyun asked Ain.

“How about it, do you know a little about the characteristics of your job?”

On the way back from the sanctuary, Ain was analyzing the characteristics of his new job.

“A little bit.”

Ain looked at the updated status window and nodded.

Angelic Reaper.

Reaper has several meanings, but the most widely known meaning is death.

It is contradictory that such a word has an angelic modifier attached to it.

Because he became an apostle of deception, there was a high probability that this kind of job would pop up.

Ain explained what he understood about the Angelic Reaper.

“My main weapon is a scythe.”

“Most of the skills are ice-type, but sometimes there are divine-type ones.”

“The ultimate is… I don’t think there’s any major change.”

(※ New effect!)

-Inflicts continuous fire damage to nearby enemies!

Even after that, Ain explained the skills he liked.

While listening to the explanation, Hyun looked at his skill tree as well.

Shadow Shooter. And Angelic Reaper.

I envisioned combinations that could be made with the two jobs.

In Hyun’s head, dozens of puzzles were put together and scattered again.

Finding a single path in an infinite crossroads has been Hyun’s specialty since the previous work.

‘Okay, I’ve decided.’

After a while, Hyun stood up from his seat as if he had made up his mind.

I sent a whisper to Ginny, who was showing online in the Friends window.

“Ginny, are you busy right now?”

A reply came after 5 seconds.

“I’m always busy, but if there’s an order from the prefecture, that’s priority.”

“Then I’ll ask for just one.”

After meeting Genie, Hyun had time to talk with Genie once a day.

I checked the progress in my spare time and watched the progress of the scheduled plan.

As a result, the knowledge of the prefecture was gradually accumulated, and the research power of the Shade Guild in the field of ‘firearms’ was also understood.

“The latest work I showed you yesterday. Are you still there?”


“How long will it take to transform into a slightly different form?”

<Remaining time: 5 hours 30 minutes>

Time passes like water if you are not conscious of it.

Hyun brought Genie to the smithy.

The most trustworthy blacksmith. It was the place where the craftsman who floated Ain’s armor with Unique worked.

“What have you come to entrust? I do not accept trivial requests.”

As he approached, he murmured curtly.

However, such a blunt tone rather gave Hyun faith.

“See you again.”

“hmm? do you know me?”

“This is the customer who requested the monster armor five years ago.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

The blacksmith heard the string and clapped his hands.

“All the users’ faces look alike, so I don’t know.”

Glancing at the genie who came with him, he narrowed his eyes.

“This one… Did that girl grow up like this already?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hmm, what. It’s none of my business.”

The blacksmith shook his head at Ginny’s brief reply.

“You came to entrust a request? As I’ve said before, I don’t accept trivial requests.”

“I know.”

Hyun poured out all the ingredients he had prepared so far.

From mana stones and metals to rare magic materials, they were listed on the table.

“There would be no reason to come here for simple productions.”

“Hmm… ?”

As soon as he saw the ‘Sherat’s Tail’ from the inventory, the blacksmith’s eyes widened.

“Can I touch it?”

“As much as you like.”

Perhaps it is because he is an excellent craftsman, he did not spare admiration while stroking the material.

“Oh, I never thought a user would bring something like this. It must be difficult to find magic materials these days.”

His admiration turned to question the moment Hyun took out the last item.

thud! With a loud sound, a massive weapon was placed on the table.

“This can’t be… Is it a scythe?”

The blacksmith’s eyes shook.

A huge scythe is a weapon that symbolizes the god of death. Perception in the sky was not very good.

In particular, in the Holy Kingdom, the use of a scythe as a weapon itself was considered taboo.

“It’s not a scythe, it’s a gun.”

“jean… ?”

“A gun. Ginny, please explain.”

“All right.”

Genie explained even the basics so that the blacksmith could understand.

A gun with a sickle shape.

Hyun decided to combine the two types of weapons into one after a video he happened to see on YouTube one day.

From there, adding some original features, the detailed classification of the gun was made into a sniper rifle.

Instead of raising the damage, the range was increased, and the number of magazines was increased as much as possible.

In addition, since the main body of the gun and the handle were designed to be separated, it was possible to continuously modify them.

How it works, how to pull the trigger, and how to squeeze the handle hard. two.

It was Hyun’s idea that came to mind after seeing how Louise’s expanding spear worked.

“It can be a bit noisy.”

After giving a rough explanation, Genie warned me and stuck a scythe on the floor.

The moment you put strength in your hand in that state.


With a roar, the training plank shattered.

NPCs are ignorant of the knowledge of reality.

The blacksmith couldn’t help but be astonished at the first weapon that came out of the world.

“What! I can’t see anything, what happened?”

“Because bullets are fast.”

“Is it an attack so fast you can’t even see it?”

“A normal person won’t see it, but… There are so many superhumans in Asrian, so I don’t know.”

The destructive power doesn’t seem that high.

However, an invisible rapid attack.

It was hard to believe that a man-made tool could achieve such speed.

“Then let me tell you the contents of the request.”

After Genie’s explanation, Hyun came out again.

“Please turn this gun into a perfect ‘scythe’ now. However, the function of the gun remains the same.”

A request I’ve never received before.

If it was another blacksmith, he might give up because he’s not confident, or he might bluff that he can’t make a ‘scythe’.

“Ugh. That’s a rather interesting request.”

However, since it was a request he had never had before, he smiled even more meaningfully.


The blacksmith then took a close look at the design of the gun using his crafting skill.

“You mean don’t touch these metal organs?”

“yes. The woman here will continue to tell you about things to be careful about or things that can be changed.”

“Okay, let me do it. Tell me what features you want.”

Option that must be displayed.

Hyun recited as he had prepared.

When all the stories were over, the blacksmith’s eyes were burning hotly, unable to find the dullness he had at the beginning.

“It’s been years since I’ve received a request like this… Hehehe, it will be fun after a long time.”

“How much is the request fee?”

“200,000 gold. Instead, I will use mine for any additional materials needed.”

40 million won in real money.

However, Hyun accepted it without complaint since he couldn’t find someone with such skill anywhere else.

After all the talk, Hyun asked the last question.

“How long will production take?”

“hmm… .”

The blacksmith answered after much thought.

“It will take two days.”

“Two days?!”

In an instant, Hyun jumped up.

In Assrian, most of the equipment was produced immediately.

Last time, Ain’s unique armor also took a long time to choose a design I liked, and it only took about 5 minutes to actually make it.

“Couldn’t it be shorter… ?”

“how much.”

“Within four hours.”

Despite Hyun’s request, the blacksmith shook his head.

I could feel the energy of a strong craftsman in his refusal eyes.

“Looks like this gun is quite sensitive to the movement of mana. Absolutely impossible in four or five hours.”

Just looking at it for a moment and grasping the characteristics of the gun right away.

Belief in the blacksmith’s skills grew stronger, but apart from that, Hyeon’s heart only grew restless.

About 5 hours left until midnight.

When the weapon was completed, it was long after the main quest started. You never know how many crises will come in between.

“Then I will give you 300,000 gold.”

“Huh… .”

“Then 500,000 gold… .”

“You don’t know, but it takes room to make the perfect weapon.”

“Can I give you 1 million gold?”


No matter how much he raised the amount, the blacksmith did not budge.

After all, is it impossible to convince your father-in-law with money?

“for a moment… Is it true that I will give you 1 million gold?”

The blacksmith carefully asked the question at the moment Hyun was about to give up.

“Well, if you cut it down as much as possible… Maybe I can cut it down to five hours. More than that, even if I give you 100 million gold, I can’t reduce it.”

“yes? It must have been two days ago… .”

“Ah, there are ways. So, do you want to request it or not?”

“Five hours… It’s a bit tight, but I’ll leave it to you for now.”


Hyun handed over a pocket full of 10,000 gold coins.

‘How do you reduce a two-day workload to five hours?’

Because he was so curious, Hyun decided to observe the blacksmith’s work for a little while.

After making a phone call with someone using the telecommunication magic circle, he answered Hyun, who was watching him.

“I called someone. I’m the only one who acknowledges my skills. Working with this guy will go a lot faster.”

“Oh, I see!”

Hyun sighed.

A person who is recognized by a craftsman with such skill.

If there is a chance, would you like to introduce yourself? I think it would be okay to entrust the production of items later.

It was a few minutes later that someone arrived at the smithy.

“Hey Rekarte. Is it true that I received a request worth 200,000 gold?”

A man with a hairy voice and a gruff voice.

At first glance, he looked like another craftsman with strong self-will, but the moment he saw his face, Hyun’s complexion turned white.

It was because it reminded me of the nightmare I had in Asura Online.

‘Wait, this man… ! no way?’

A moan escaped from Hyun’s mouth.

‘That bastard’, who ate the great sword of the absolute and laughed heartily, was laughing the same way in front of his eyes.


<Remaining time: 1 hour 23 minutes>

I’m worried, but there’s no other way.

Before leaving the smithy, Hyun made a trust to Genie.

Please keep an eye on that bastard to make sure he doesn’t do anything strange to his weapon.

‘Are you okay? There are artisans, and if Genie is there to help… I’ll be able to take it down enough with 2 to 1.’

From now on, I’ll just leave it to luck.

Huihui shook his head, and Hyun forgot what had happened at the forge.

‘Anyway, now the preparations are complete.’

During the free time, Hyeon took enough rest and told Ain to lower his fatigue level.

After waking up from a deep sleep, Hyun and Ain talked in the private room.

It was because both of them had changed jobs, so they needed to re-optimize their skill trees.

The concept is the same as before, a way to maximize the synergy of two people.

‘Practice is enough for this.’

I also did training to get used to the new job.

In order to activate the skill of the 2nd job, Hyun and Ain needed their own exclusive weapons, so Hyun and Ain practiced a mock battle with a pistol and a scythe with a level limit of 50.

In order to fight with a familiar sense even in actual combat, it is necessary to warm up in advance.

While I was waiting quietly after all the preparations.

“Hyun, I just heard a voice!”

Ain suddenly shouted.

Hyeon finally sensed that the oracle had come down.

“It’s Caidrial’s oracle! What did you say?”

“that is… . Head to the other side of Betty… ?”

As if suspicious, Ain looked back at the recording several times and muttered that.

Hyun couldn’t understand anything from that sentence alone, so Hyun asked Ain.

“Is that all?”


“What do you mean… ?”

“I don’t know!”

“… ?”

Countless question marks popped up in Hyun’s head.

The more ambiguous the oracle is, the less the power of the transcendental person who grants the oracle is used.

But no matter how much it was, I would never have thought that a person called the Great Devil would give such a garbage oracle. If this is the case, he said he would issue a riddle rather than an oracle.

The clue came from a completely unexpected place.

“If it’s Betty… You mean that bat?”


The moment Louise muttered, Hyun quickly turned his head.

I didn’t expect to hear something like this from a guy who didn’t know anything before and was just blind.

“Louis, do you know something?”

“Betty is a witch who was called the right hand of deception… .”

“How do you know that?”

“I heard… That’s strange. Most of the memories that came back after that day are faint, but these memories are somehow clear.”

Did Caidrial know this would happen? Fragments of Louise’s memories helped interpret the oracle.

‘Right arm.’

Opposite right arm.

Suddenly, lightning struck Hyun’s head.

“Then what about the left arm?”

“Until that… I do not know.”

“No, I think I know that.”

Hyun jumped up from his seat.

Because I fully understood the meaning of the trust.

‘Ice thorn dungeon.’

Hyun recalled a time in the past.

The memories of doing hidden quests with Practices and Genies are still vivid.

At that time, the slope that was steep like a ski resort was the Ice Thorn Dungeon.

In the past, you fell into a side road in the middle, but if you go down the slope as it is, you will encounter a named boss other than Betty.

And according to the information from the previous work, that guy was also a demon related to deception.

‘That guy is the left arm of deception!’

Opposite Betty must have referred to the place where the name was located.


Hyun thought about deception.

A great demon that uses both divine power and magic.

Among all souls, she was the only one who could handle both divine powers at the same time.

Deception, deeply rooted in the sky, was said to be able to enter and exit not only the sky but also the celestial realm at will.

So the probability that Caidrial knew the way to the sky through the symmetrical world was very high.

‘It’s absolutely no trick this time.’

Hyun always couldn’t let go of his guard whenever he encountered Ki Gi.

She took pleasure in deceiving others and always lied.

‘Because deception won’t deceive the darkness.’

But this time it’s about ‘darkness’.

As Louise’s awakening is delayed, the power of Abyss is weakened, which is a big blow to Caidrial.

Conversely, as long as Louise is not fully awakened, deception does not harm herself.

That’s why he made Ain the apostle of deception.

Deception is an unspoken pressure to help Ain grow if he wants the awakening of darkness.

‘I’m still not sure about the video at that time.’

The only question is the event video I saw at the end of the Seed of Evil dungeon.

What gave Louise the wings of an angel must have been her camouflage ability of deception.

But what does it mean… Louise and Caidrial still couldn’t figure out what they were doing in heaven.

Maybe he didn’t answer even if I asked him?

Hyun decided to watch the video of the event once again after he had some free time.

<Remaining time: 6 minutes 33 seconds>

Midnight is now just around the corner.

Hyun sent Ain and Louise to their destination first.

This is because he can join at any time with the ability of coupling.

‘All preparations are complete. Now all I have to do is bring my weapon… .’

Hyun could not hide his nervousness in front of the smithy.

Caang! Kiyiing!

Only the sound of metal refining echoed.

Hyun, unable to wait, broke into a cold sweat and asked.

“When will it end… ? It’s five hours now.”

“Ah, it’s all over now.”

“How many minutes will it be over?”

“That’s right, it’s really over now.”

All of a sudden, the answer was that hairy bastard.

Naturally, Hyun could not believe his words.

I asked Ginny, who was working as an assistant next to the two blacksmiths.

“Ginny, how long do you think it will be over?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“There is still some stabilization work to be done.”

Hyun’s question was answered by a blacksmith on the other side.

“It seems that this gun is more sensitive not only to mana, but also to divine power. I need to fix it so that the energy of the Shinseok doesn’t spread… It will take exactly 32 minutes more.”

“32 minutes?!”

<Remaining time: 3 minutes 15 seconds>

It seemed impossible to receive the goods and join them.

After all, was it wrong to decide to entrust the request?

If I had canceled the request the moment I saw that bastard, this ambiguous situation would not have happened.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t meet the deadline… If you want, I will return half of the commission fee.”

“No, money doesn’t matter… .”

That’s right, such a great craftsman can’t make a mistake!

It was obvious who the culprit was.

‘Money is not an issue now! What do we do?’

Hyun’s head turned quickly.

It is said that in an urgent situation, humans draw strength from their limitations.

Heaven might have helped, it only took a few seconds for Hyun to think of an alternative.

“Ginny, one more thing, please!”


“When you get the weapon, send me a whisper in the private room!”

How to use immediate return scrolling.

It’s a waste to scroll, but there was no other way now.

After receiving the goods from the genie in the private room, it was possible to deliver the weapon by using the ability of the coupling again.

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