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Mayday circumstances (1) and Mayday circumstances (2)

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Watching the fight, Hyeon fell into thought.

How did Darkness and the Regressor Guild get into a fight?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter.

‘The worse the relationship between the two guilds, the better for me!’

I maintain a delicate balance with May Day, but I don’t think the current composition will continue forever.

Darkness’s guild members, which only had a few hundred members, recently increased to thousands.

If you add the numerous guild members under its guild, it is said that it has grown in size to exceed 10,000 people.

The same goes for the Regressor Guild.

Although the number of people is less than 100, they monopolize the information and know-how of Asura’s days and peek at the throne, so it was an opponent they had to face someday.

Did you say this?

No matter how the war of nerves between the two guilds ends, it will produce good results for the Shade Guild.

“Now then, let’s see which one wins.”

「Hyeon, you are more like a devil than me… .”

“This order is nothing. More than that, you haven’t seen many fights between other users, have you?”

“hmm… ?”

“Take a close look at this opportunity.”

Neither May Day nor information about the members of the regressor guild were well known to the public.

A chance to analyze the skills of both sides.

Hyun never wanted to miss such an opportunity.


I watched the battle carefully in an expanded field of view.

The fight was dizzyingly messy.

No one is easily fatally injured while the surrounding walls and floors are being shattered and ripped away.

This was a phenomenon that occurred when the level of combat was very high.

‘It’s 3 to 1, but it’s not too far behind.’

Mayday is a telekinesis. The second job she chose was also the same type of job.

Even considering the fact that wizards are at a disadvantage in melee combat, she was showing her skills without regret.

‘How am I going to respond?’

A general mage’s battle is based on ‘blocking the opponent’s approach’.

Mayday’s methods were no different.

Rather, because he has telekinesis, he has an advantage over other mages in kiting (maintaining a certain distance from the opponent).

Projectiles such as magic or arrows, as well as the body of an opponent rushing in, could be pushed away.

‘If you fight like that, there will definitely be a dangerous timing… .’

The problem is when there is a gap in the skill, or when the opponent approaches using a mobile device.

At that time, he had no choice but to engage in close combat with the body of a weak magician.

How to overcome this dangerous moment is the skill of the wizard user.

How can Mayday overcome close combat?

At that moment, Hyun’s worried situation happened to Mayday.


And seeing her response, Hyeon’s eyes widened.

Mayday did it in a way she didn’t expect at all.

Just avoiding the attacks coming from all directions.

In a way, it is the most common form of destruction.

However, the story would be different if the magician had used the law of destruction.

‘Is that skill a repulsive force field?’

Hyun soon understood the principle.

Mayday is using a passive skill that grants the caster’s body ‘power to push’.

It is natural that magnets of the same polarity do not touch each other.

Mayday was the right balance between moving and skill.

‘I see, that’s why the attack is easily missed.’

Looking at the speed at which he moved, it was clear that he had invested quite a lot of stats in agility.

Like this, it takes a lot of time and effort to create your own combat method.

Hyeon nodded in admiration for a method that ordinary wizards would never try.

Indeed, it seems that it was no coincidence that she did not lose the second place in the rankings.

‘Wait, that’s… !’

Hyun was surprised.

It was because Mayday, whose skill cooldown had returned, opened a distance for an instant and then took out a weapon.

‘A gun… ?!’


A series of bullets were fired from the pistols held in Mayday’s hands.

‘It may be effective for normal users, but it won’t have a great effect on opponents who are all over level 200.’

As Hyun expected, the three regressor guild members were just blindfolded as if they didn’t know why.

The bullet’s damage barely penetrates the defense of the 2nd former user. Even if you get hit by hundreds of bullets, the damage is only minor.

However, it was in the next moment that the true value of Mayday’s magic was revealed.


Bullets that had already been fired floated into the air again.

Dozens of pieces of metal are slowly starting to move.



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It began to spin around Mayday at breakneck speed.

It was a scene reminiscent of the named Leopard’s skill, the blizzard shield, that Hyun first encountered in Asrian.

[Particle Storm]

-Recycles projectiles that have recently hit an enemy. (up to 100)

-The projectiles rapidly rotating around the caster inflict damage in proportion to [Magic Power] to the colliding target.

-Lasts 60 seconds.

(Cooldown time: 4 hours)

Hyun immediately realized that that skill was Mayday’s ultimate skill.

Each of the rotating bullets is small, but the power of dozens of them is not small.


The whirlwind of bullets was devastating a radius of about 30 meters with Mayday as its axis of rotation.

‘One is dead!’

In the midst of the blurred vision, Hyun could see the sight of the light of the death effect rising.

While this skill lasts, Mayday transforms into a wizard specialized in close combat.

It was natural to lose one’s life in vain if one approached hastily without knowing the effect of the ultimate skill.

The ultimate duration is 1 minute.

Knowing that they only had to hold out for one minute, the remaining two users quickly spread their distance.

“Where are you going to run away!”

Naturally, Mayday pursued them.

When the duration of the ultimate skill expired, it would be disadvantageous, so it was to complete the finish before that.

As the distance between the three began to grow, Hyun quickly shouted.

“Let’s go too!”

“Yes… ? Do you have any leftovers?”

“It’s not over yet, I’ll have to watch it!”

He said that watching the fire and fighting was the most fun.

Was it too preoccupied with such expectations?

Hyun made a mistake he wouldn’t normally make.

Fain! Unknowingly, the wind burst at his feet.

It was at that moment that the color of the lanterns hanging on the wall changed.

‘Uh… ?’

The chaotic surroundings became quiet for an instant.

In the silence, Hyun realized that the roar of Louise’s black wind was too loud.

“found! Is it this way?!”

From around the corner came Mayday’s cry.

Subsequently, Hyun saw the sight of bullets flying all over his body.

late… ! can not avoid!

Immediately after making that decision, Hyun applied time amplification and biorhythm acceleration to Louise.

He couldn’t avoid it, but Louise didn’t know if it would be possible.

And that judgment was close to the correct answer.

It is a momentary time shorter than 0.1 second. Hyun’s field of view has changed several times.


All he could perceive was that Louise’s spear had been pulled out, and that a metal sound had been heard several times.

‘… !’

I realized the situation a beat late.

The health bar is fine.

It seemed that he had hit dozens of bullets in some way.

I had already practiced deflecting arrows and bullets many times.

Ruiz did the same thing as practice in real combat.

“What are you doing, Hyun, you almost died!”

「No, since it has an invincibility effect, she probably wouldn’t have died… Well done anyway.”

Meanwhile, Hyun and Mayday’s eyes met each other.

This time there was a much longer silence.

It was Mayday who spoke first.

Realizing the identity of the person she attacked, her face was white as a sheet of paper.

“I am… Stop just thinking that it’s not Hyun, but a new enemy… .”

Mayday stuttered.

Louise’s anger assimilated into Hyun’s eyes was projected as it was, so she thought Hyun was angry.

Wow! Also, the spear in Hyun’s hand is still spinning with a terrifying sound.

‘When did Hyun start using spears? No, because I’m sure I’ll be with Ain… Then Ain will use the spear… !’

It was also confusing.

‘I just deflected a bullet with that… ? Does that make sense?!’

The opponent, who could never win in a fight, glared at him without hiding his hostility.

In this atmosphere, Mayday could only think of one thing.

“sorry! I’ll do anything, please don’t kill me now!”

Your own death now is a fatal loss.

If you die here, you don’t lose two days, but more than double that time and the quest in progress.

The damage might reach not only himself, but also the Darkness Guild.

Since it was May Day that had completed such calculations in an instant, I threw away all my pride and bowed my head first.


May Day apologized for his mistake, mentioning the inevitability of the relationship and the situation.

Because he knows the incident that happened because of Pias’ mistake.

And because I often heard the story of Hyun from Asura days from Keiji.

‘Somehow I feel uncomfortable.’

In this situation, Hyeon had no choice but to prick his conscience.

Until just a little while ago, he secretly hoped that May Day and the members of the regressor’s guild would be destroyed together.

Then the relationship between the two would become even more strained.

Receiving a desperate apology from the person who harbored evil feelings made me feel like I was the only bad guy.

“Why is that woman looking at you like that?”

“I’m afraid I’ll kill you… I guess so.”

“Are you going to kill me! The user will come back to life, but no matter how… .”

「Don’t kill me! I’ve never heard of someone killing someone with just a mistake like this before!”

Write, Hyun swallowed again.

It was because he witnessed the sight of Mayday’s eyes shaking at the same time he shouted at Louise in spirit dialogue.

For some reason, I feel like I can see Mina’s side from the confident Mayday.

“If I tell you everything I know, you’ll save me… ?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

After Hyun’s answer fell off, Mayday started reciting the information she knew with a look of embarrassment.

At the cost of a life he had no intention of taking away anyway, Hyun was able to obtain various information.

First of all, the reason why she was fighting the regressor guild members.

“There was friction because we were competing for the same quest.”

“Darkness and Regressor?”

“No, I am the only one who received the quest! I don’t know how it is with the Regressors Guild.”

Hearing Mayday’s explanation, Hyun felt very regretful.

Rather than personal circumstances, it was better to fight guild against guild.

“The reason why they stopped me was to monopolize that quest.”

“What the hell is that quest?”

“The quest to bring the artifacts from the ruins… .”

“… ?”

For an instant, Hyun looked directly into Mayday’s eyes.

‘This person?’

While assimilating with countless others, Hyeon was somewhat used to discerning human lies.

When Mayday blurs out her words, is it an illusion that she feels strange?

It may not be a lie, but… Hyun knew that there were countless ways to cleverly hide intentions, even if they weren’t false.

“It’s not the same quest as this one… ?”

Hyun showed the quest he received from the guard at the entrance of the ruins.

A quest to purchase artifacts for more than double the price of delivering them to the museum.

“I don’t think you and the Regressor Guild will fight for just a few gold coins.”

“that… … .”

“No way, I don’t think so.”

Hyun looked suspiciously at Mayday, who was sweating coldly.

“I discovered a very special quest, but you’re not hiding it because you’re afraid that another competitor will interfere, right?”

“Absolutely not! What I was trying to hide… !”

“Aha, then there is a special quest!”

At Hyun’s question, Mayday pursed her lips for a while and then nodded slowly.

Hyeon’s expression brightened up at her affirmation.

All members of the May Day and Regressor Guild were more than ordinary rankers.

A quest to the extent that such users would fight for their lives!

Even in the ‘information exchange’, Mayday only informed the existence of monsters, and did not mention anything about the quest.

Doesn’t it mean that you know of an enormous quest that would be a shame to share even a bite with others!

“First of all, what is the reward for that quest?”

Mayday gave in to Hyun, who put such unspoken pressure on her, and eventually began to tell everything she knew.

“Gold, Legendary Items, Hidden Jobs, Deputy titles, etc… You can get anything you want.”


“The most valuable of them all… .”

Mayday blinked once and continued explaining as if she had given up on everything.

“It’s an item called the Soul Replica Elixir. According to the information I obtained, you will get two skill slots, but it is said that it is difficult to even look at until level 400.”

‘Soul clone elixir!’

In an instant, Hyeon’s eyes were stained with greed.

The item that appeared as an ‘unavailable product’ in the Duke’s Competition reappeared for the first time.

Of course, it is impossible for one person to see the effect of the elixir more than once. But what if you feed it to Ain?

Then, no one would be able to defeat the self assimilated into Ain!

Judging that it was an opportunity that could never be missed, Hyun quickly declared to May Day.

“That quest, you’d better do it with me.”

It was also at that moment that Louise’s voice intervened.

“Hyun, this is too bullshit.”

“what? Who did you learn those words from… ?”

“These words you used casually, don’t you remember?”

“No, more than that… I don’t have any other intentions. Aren’t we the only ones with maps of the ruins? If it’s a quest that takes place in this place, from that person’s point of view, it’s better to go with me.”


[The quest has been shared!]

“Look, he knows that too, so he accepts without saying anything.”

“It doesn’t look like that, but… .”

While Hyun and Louise had a fruitless conversation, Mayday bit her trembling lips and added.

“It’s long-winded, so I’ll explain instead. It’s a quest that brings you a little special artifact.”

“A special artifact… ?”


Mayday pulled out a small item from her inventory.

A level 10 magic stone.

In the past, it was an object worth tens of millions of won, but now it is only worth 300,000 won in reality.

As the level of users increased, the supply of high-grade magic stones also increased.

“Among the artifacts, they say that there are things that resonate with magic stones. A special artifact must mean just that.”

“Resonating Artifact… .”

Hyun frowned.

I just couldn’t figure out what it meant.

It was the same even when I looked at the quest window.

As she said, it was because the quest description was quite unkind and wordy.

“It’s a resonance… .”

It was at that time that Louise muttered.

Hyun asked in surprise.

“Louis, do you know anything?”

“I’m not sure, but I have a guess.”


Louise muttered in a low voice.

“The magic stone is a crystal of densely concentrated mana, and the soul is a vessel that receives mana, so when the two meet, they will resonate.”

“uh… ?”

It took Hyun a little time to understand Louise’s words.

After a while, Louise’s low voice continued.

“I think what you just remembered is correct.”

“that… .”

“A special relic must be… It must be a relic with a soul in it.”

Artifacts refer to traces of the past found in historical sites.

In other words, the corpses of monsters are also included in the category of relics.

“Maybe it’s the same as what I’m looking for.”


Mayday thought today’s luck was the worst.

Hyeon was the target he attacked with sincerity!

When he deflected all the bullets moving with his ultimate and looked at himself with sad eyes, it seemed like something really big was about to happen.

In addition, in order to escape the situation, she was forced to reveal important information.

‘I was stupid and didn’t think of that!’

On the one hand, I blamed myself.

Quests that bring artifacts are common, so I knew that Hyun would not be very interested.

But that was a fatal mistake.

Hyun questioned that he and the Regressor Guild had fought over that common quest.

Having been caught, I had to tell him everything I really knew.

‘Now what about small talk?’

Hyeon was dragging himself around saying that he had something to check.

To be honest, I feel like I’m going to get sick.

I wanted to declare that I would go on a quest alone right away, but seeing Hyun’s serious expression, I didn’t dare to bring it up.

No, if I’m assimilating even now, it might not be Hyun, but Ain’s expression.

While I was walking for a while thinking about it, I was on the move.

‘It seems like a place I’ve never seen… .’

Mayday looked around with complicated eyes.

I knew from experience that the ruins that looked like a single road at first glance were much more complex than the labyrinth.

It’s easy to get lost if you take just one wrong step.

To be honest, even now, I am just wandering around the ruins without knowing where I am.

In such a place, Hyeon was leading himself casually.

“here is… .”

“It’s the 7th district.”

Hyun replied to Mayday’s self-talk.

“What do you mean by number seven?”

“Ah, it’s a number I gave for convenience, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

‘Does Hyun know where it is?’

Mayday also tried to make a map, but it wasn’t long before she faced reality and gave up.

This historic site keeps changing its route. It was a place where making a map itself was impossible.

Strangely, however, Hyun did not stop even for a moment as if he had a map.

‘If you connect here and here… Is this the aisle?’

The feeling of May Day was not an illusion.

Hyun actually made a map up to the 4th district, and through that regularity, he knew all the routes to the rest of the districts.

“huh? wait for a sec.”

It was at some point while moving all the way that the group stopped walking.

In front of the passage from the 7th to the 8th area.

Hyun stopped Mayday from moving forward.

“You can’t pass through here normally.”


“Because right in front of you is the ‘passage’, if you cross the line even a little, the color of the lantern changes.”

The site is a structure in which two worlds are intertwined like chains.

Also, upon reaching a certain location, you will be forcibly taken to another world.

The place that Hyun named ‘passage’ is such a spot.

“Do you have any teleportation skills?”

“Yes, for now.”

“What is the range?”

“It’s 20 meters, but the line motion is too long, so it’s not a very good skill.”

“Well, that’s enough.”

However, it was not that there was no way to bypass the aisle.


After using Shadow Run, Hyun appeared 30 meters away with a black afterimage.

After walking a little from there, I told Mayday.

“Use your skills to come all the way here.”

“all right.”

Mayday followed Hyun’s orders.

I couldn’t figure out why he was moving a distance that would take 5 seconds by walking.

So I moved and crossed the narrow hallway.

Even then, the color of the lantern did not change from orange.

“ah… ! This.”

After passing through the narrow passage, a huge square appeared.

Like Qin Shi Huang’s terracotta warriors, the square covered in darkness was filled with immobile skeletons.

“It’s a relic!”

Mayday’s eyes widened.

“This one seems to be in pretty good condition?”

On the way here, the party found countless artifacts of unknown origin.

They seemed to have no value, but the corpses of the skeletons filled with this place did not.

Even at a cursory glance, the thousands of skeletons seemed to have maintained their original form.

“I’ll try to find out if there’s anything that reacts to the magic stone! It will take some time because there are so many, but… That can’t be helped.”

Leaving Mayday muttering to himself, Hyun turned his attention to Louise.

thump, thump, her heart was racing.

It is said that servants and masters recognize each other just by looking at each other.

Sensing a certain fact from him, Hyun asked Louise a question.

“Are your men right?”

Louise didn’t answer.

He started walking somewhere as if he was possessed, and stopped in front of an ugly and shabby skeleton.

Louise stroked the skull and slowly opened her mouth.

“There is only one… .”


“The trembling I feel… There is only one here.”

“Did you find something, hyeon? uh… ?”

Mayday, who just happened to be nearby, burst into exclamations.

“Is the magic stone vibrating? This resonates, right?!”

“Don’t touch me!”

As Mayday tried to approach the skeleton he was stroking, Louise borrowed Hyun’s voice and shouted.

Hyeondo and Mayday were also surprised by that appearance and shook their shoulders.

“Ah, okay… I’ll go find another one.”

‘I don’t have to shout like that!’

After Mayday left, Louise took out a magic stone from her chest.

Ssssss. The magic stone was dyed black.

in that state. The moment Louise tried to bring her black magic stone to the body of her skeleton.


The energy of the magic stone that was disintegrated by itself was sucked into the body of the skeleton.

The scene was not as loud or flashy as when Hyun woke Shatin and Shatina from their slumber.

It was much more shabby than that.

“darkness… Come on.”

The skeleton’s voice was so small that it was difficult to understand easily.

Even, that was the guy’s last word.

The skeleton rattled its jaws for a moment, then it scattered as ashes in the air.


“Louise… ?!”

“I am listening.”

“Are you okay?”

Hyun asked in a worried voice.

It was because it reminded him of Louise suffering in the dark land.

In the midst of the deaths of countless monsters, the darkness that had not awakened groaned endlessly.

“No problem. I am no longer a child. Besides, even empathy is sealed now… I just fell in love for a moment.”

As I blinked my eyelids, cold tears trickled down Hyun’s cheeks.

“This is not because of empathy. It is my natural emotion.”

Louise excused herself.

He muttered, wiping his tears with his sleeve.

“Aren’t tears coming out without thinking about something sad?”

“that’s right. Everyone would be like that.”

“So you don’t have to worry too much.”


Empathy is the act of feeling the same emotion.

It is said that Louise sealed empathy, but there was no way to suppress the empathy that was transmitted through ‘fairy tales’.

Hyun sat down on the nearby stairs.

I was able to confirm once again what Louise meant to the NPCs and monsters who regarded themselves as nothing.

Hyeon was unable to move from his seat for a while to calm his throbbing heart.

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