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Power of Chaos (1), Power of Chaos (2)

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Nevia’s explanation continued a little further.

Every word that came out of her mouth was a story she had never heard before.

“All transcendental beings have their own eternal life. In this world, there are the same number of immortals as there are transcendental ones.”

“Um… .”

“However, even a transcendental person cannot enter the world of eternal life while possessing a physical body. Like the nether world, the eternal world is also a world where only souls are allowed to enter.”

“Wait, a world where only souls can come?”

Momentarily, Hyun noticed something strange and asked.

“When the soul leaves the body… Aren’t you going to die?”

“that’s right.”

“Then what happened to me… ?”

“… ?”

Nevia tilted her head as if to say something.

“Master, you already don’t have a body, so why do you ask about that?”

“I… Are you already dead?”

Hyun opened the status window in a hurry.

Hyun (Lv. 253)

Occupation: Shadow Shooter (Hidden)

Stamina: 25806/25806

Mana: 1610/1610

… … .

“I’m not dead… ?”

However, seeing that there was no particular change, he asked again.

In the dead state, the physical strength is marked as negative, but it was a very fine situation now.

To Hyun, Nebia frowned and answered.

“It is true that the master is dead. It must be because the memory right before his death has not disappeared yet, so he is confused.”

right! Nevia’s tiny fingers flicked through the air.

That moment.

“oh… ?!”

“Ugh, what?!”

Hyun and Ain let out an absurd scream at the same time.

It was because the fairy tale was suddenly unraveled.

What happened?!

Hyun, who checked his status window again, could understand why the assimilation was canceled.

Hyun (Lv. 1)

Stamina: 50/50

Mana: 100/100

Occupation: Supporter (Hidden)

[Strength 2] [Agility 2] [Life 5] [Magic Power 10] [Empathy 27]

Skill List – <+Expand>

‘The status window has been initialized!’

Levels and stats went back to when the game started.

Even a job supporter. Numerous skills learned after changing jobs also disappeared.

It seems that the reason why assimilation with Ain was canceled was because even the skill called ‘Assimilation’ disappeared.

To Hyeon, who couldn’t hide his embarrassment, Nebia started to explain in a low voice.

“I shook the world for a while. Didn’t you just remember the first thing?”

“memory… ? Although the status window has been initialized.”

“This is a world made up of the master’s memories. All you see are fragments of memories. In a way, it’s similar to an illusion, but a little different. Memory is a list of events that actually happened.”

“… … .”

Hyun looked to the side.

Seeing that Ain was also making a blank expression similar to his own, he did not know if this was English or not.

Anyway, since it didn’t seem like he really went back to level 1, he was relieved on the other hand.

A situation where assimilation is suddenly lifted.

Hyeon muttered embarrassedly, as if he had deceived Nevia.

“Sorry, I had no intention of hiding it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The sudden increase from one to two.”

“… ?”

Nebia only raised a question mark as if she couldn’t understand the meaning.

“Originally there were only two people?”

“what… ?”

“As for the bobbed-haired girl, she had been following her master from the start. I don’t know what you’re talking about now.”

“… !”

It took me a little while to understand the words.

Can Nevia see fairy tales… ?

No, that’s not it.

Hyun thought of a family.

What if the fact that you are using fairy tales is an illusion caused by your own ‘memory’?



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What if fairy tales didn’t actually exist here?

If so, it was natural for Nebia to think of these questions.

‘I see.’

Hyun seemed to know a little about what the immortal realm is now.

A world made layer by layer of fragments of memories.

I came to understand what Nevia said, similar to fantasy but different.

Faced with something he had never seen in his life, Hyeon had no choice but to fall into deep thought.


‘Wait, what happened to Louise?’

It was at the end of Nevia’s explanation that such a question popped into Hyun’s head.

‘I told you that Louise is looking for memories of the past one by one every time she awakens.’

According to Nevia, Louise with a human body cannot enter the eternal realm.

So, isn’t it impossible to retrieve memories?

In response to Hyun’s question, Nebia kindly explained.

“That soul must have already passed through the eternal world.”

“But you don’t remember?”

“Memories must be sealed in the unconscious.”


“On my own.”

If you pour the memories of eons of time into a pure soul that has just passed through the Nether, the vessel will break.

However, Nebia explained that if you bring out the memories hidden in your unconscious little by little, the vessel of your soul becomes harder and eventually can contain all the memories.

“Seeing you say that, do you think the master’s acquaintance is one of the Archangel or the Archangel?”

“I will not comment on that.”

“You don’t need to hide it even from me, the attendant.”

“Um… You don’t have to tell me, don’t you already know?”

“Right, though.”

Hyun nodded after a while.

It seems that Louise has had dark memories since she was a child who seemed to know nothing.

And the reason why I get older every time I wake up, it seems to be to buy time for the vessel of the soul to harden.

Until now, it took five years for each awakening… Louise at level 400 was roughly 25 years old. Is Louise at level 500 about 30 years old?

It’s okay until you’re 25, but when you’re 30, it’s a bit ambiguous to let go of words like now… .

Even while Hyeon was thinking such useless thoughts, Nevia blinked the purple light in her wide right eye.

“Now, are the questions over?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“thank god. Because I can make up for the mistake of the first attendant.”

After finishing the explanation of the eternal realm like that.

“Then may I begin my work as the second valet now?”

Nebia started to bring up another topic.

“My role is to test the Master.”

“What test?”

“Are you worthy of the power of chaos?”

“… !”

Hyun corrected his posture.

It was the moment when the word chaos came out of Nevia’s mouth for the first time.

Yes, I had somewhat expected that there would be clues to chaos in the 13th district of the ruins.

“Oh, I have something to ask you.”

Hyun asked Nebia a question he had always wondered about.

I didn’t know anything else, but I had to know this.

“Am I chaotic?”

“… .”

At Hyun’s question, Nevia was silent for a moment.

After flashing purple eyes for about 5 seconds, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Right now, Master is the closest to chaos.”

“It’s close now… ?”

“Because chaos is a being that cannot be determined by one thing.”

I couldn’t understand the words easily, so I asked again.

Before I knew it, Hyun’s chest was beating more and more violently.

“I am a user… ?”


“Can I become the Great Devil even though I am a user?”

“The archangel and the archdemon are souls that have existed since the beginning of time. It would be impossible to traverse the nether thousands of times for the master to become equal to them.”

Hyeon was denied a possibility he secretly expected.

I thought that would be the case, and my throbbing heart slowly subsided.

“However… .”

However, Nevia’s words were not yet over.

Amidst the tense silence, the small lips opened slowly.

“If you can handle the power of chaos… It wouldn’t be impossible to wield the same level of power as them for a moment.”


At the end of her words, the current quest window was updated.

[Final Awakening Quest: Transcendence]

-Pass Nevia’s test to gain recognition.

-The second Chaos Fragment is in her possession.


The higher the reward of the quest, the higher the difficulty.

So users who choose quests should be careful not to be too greedy.

Hyun was very nervous because he knew all too well the fact that had been handed down like truth since Asura’s time.

The power of chaos, the same level of power as the Great Devil!

Of course, that would be the story when all the fragments of chaos were collected.

However, just as the first fragment opened the skill tree of the ‘time’ attribute, the second fragment was certain to bring about a tremendous change.

So how difficult is Nevia’s test?

If the main quest is incomparably difficult, can I beat it?

Hyun was complicated by such thoughts, so it was hard to believe Nevia’s words now.

“I said it was a test, but nothing special.”

“what… ?”

“As long as you listen carefully to my story starting from now on, you will pass.”


At Hyun’s shocking question, Nevia quietly nodded.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if I give you the second shard right now… .”

“… !”

“The reason for not doing so is that the forces of chaos are very dangerous. If you handle it carelessly, the master might end up in ruin.”

charrrureuk, charrrureuk!

Nevia’s words continued even as the cogs in the corridor started to make a rough sound.

“The word chaos has the meaning of making something jumbled up. And master, do you know that ‘time’ is a realm of chaos?”

“I know.”

“thank god. Then we can talk quickly.”

take a break

“To jumble up time. That is the nature of the power contained in chaos.”

“… ?”

“In other words, it is the power to twist cause and effect.”

“… Can you tell me more?”

“I told you twice, but you still don’t understand. I thought it would.”

Just at the same time, the sound of Nevia snapping her fingers echoed.

A scene began to pass before Hyun’s eyes.

“This… .”

A somewhat familiar landscape.

It was immediately apparent that this place, like a palace lit by soft candles, was a ‘profession selection room’.

After a while an angel appeared, and with a laugh she turned into a demon.

Its true identity is the great demon of deception, Caidrial.

‘It’s a memory from the past… !’

My body was moving regardless of my will.

Hyun crossed countless objects and held a dazzling greatsword in his hand.

That moment.

“Ahahaha, that job might be surprisingly good, so try hard!”

The image of Caidrial, who was laughing as if he was shaking, was blurred.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of gears turning.

‘It’s my memory!’

In an instant, the view reversed.

The next place is a dark space.


On the platform where the hands of a clock made of flames rotate like crazy, he and Ain were engaged in a life-or-death battle with black shadows.

“Hyun, I remember this too!”

Finally, Ain shouted in a whisper.

“It’s time for our Awakening Quest!”

Kwajik, Kwajikjik!

Later, even the scaffolding was completely destroyed, and black energy rose from the broken parts.

Using that energy, he cleared the 5th stage and saw himself and Ain receiving their own ultimate skills.

“Master, have you heard the word causality?”

In the rapidly passing memory, Nevia’s voice began to be heard.

“The law of causation is the law that when a certain event occurs, the consequences that follow it are also determined.”

A small, silver-haired girl gnashes her teeth and gallops up a tall tree.

Masked men chase after the girl with creepy blades in their hands.

Just like that, the blurry memories were vividly unfolding in front of Hyun’s eyes one by one.

“And on the other side of causality is Chaos Theory. You probably know the word “butterfly effect.”

It is a law that the slightest stimulus can produce completely unexpected results.

“Does the series of events Master remember follow the law of causality or chaos theory?”


Hyun’s vision flashed dizzy.

memory of eternal life.

From the time I started Asrian until now, the accumulated memories were passing in front of my eyes one after another.

“First, let me show you two events linked by the law of causation.”

right! The moment Nebia snaps her fingers. Hyun’s vision reversed once again.

Memories of when Caidrial appeared out of nowhere on the Iluna Shuttle were reproduced in front of Hyun’s eyes.

Yes, at the same time as the Great Demon’s hand flashed, the shuttle was split in half and crashed in the atmosphere.

As Hyun watched the events of the past, he heard a young voice again.

“If the shuttle hadn’t crashed, Master probably wouldn’t have gone to the eastern city first?”

By reading Hyun’s memories accumulated in the immortal realm, Nevia grasped the situation at that time and was analyzing it again.

“But the eastern city has gone too far, because it was swept away by a typhoon in the atmosphere. I had no choice but to go west, and I was able to meet ‘she’ who was staying in a nearby city.”

Soon after, a slightly grown Louise appeared in front of Hyun’s eyes.

He was also assimilating with Ain.

At the head of the wagon, two priests were running through the snow-covered plains of Iluna, leading the dragon horses.

“Now, let’s look at the causal rate here.”

“… … ”

“The moment the shuttle was destroyed, the reunion with ‘her’ was almost confirmed. The master who survived somehow must have made the choice to go to the western city. In this way, when a specific event confirms the subsequent event, it is said that the two events are linked by the law of cause and effect.”

Charleureuk, Charleureuk-.

The sound of the gears turning continued to echo through the cosmic corridors.

Then, the endless snowscape of Iluna completely disappeared.

‘Ah, this scene… .’

Hyun realized at once that the scene in front of him was the situation when he went to the bathroom for a while.

It seems that the character’s ‘memories’ continue to accumulate even when they are in a state of rest.

What appeared this time was the figure of Ain.

In the gap where his consciousness went out, Ain was trying to do something suspicious.

“Wait, wait, why is this coming out?!”

“What is it… ?」

“Because it’s nothing… ! Hey, you don’t have to keep watching… ! No, don’t look!”

Seeing his private parts exposed, Ain let out a scream close to a scream.

On the other hand, Nevia’s voice, which continued to commentary, was surprisingly calm.

“It’s a bit of a bad mannered servant. Doing something like that while the master is away.”

“hmm… .”

“But if the time or place changes even slightly, she will have to decide whether to do it or not. In this way, when a very subtle change has a great effect on the result value, it is said that the event belongs to a chaotic dynamic system.”

Subsequently, the scenes of Kaidan Castle, Dark Land, Duel with the Apostle, Sky Bridge, and Carinta Island passed one after another.

Among the memories that flowed endlessly, there were clear ones and vague ones that I didn’t know when.

“The obvious fact that ‘it’s hot when you touch a flame’, but when the law of causality is distorted, a situation in which you can’t laugh will happen. Depending on how you touch the flame, it can be hot, cold, or even stinging or stinging.”

“In this way, it is the power of chaos that transforms simple or continuous events that follow the causal law into chaotic systems. Now, master, you know how dangerous this power is, right?”

Hyungwon nodded quietly.

I didn’t fully understand Nevia’s words, but I did understand the fact that the power of chaos doesn’t work on a simple principle like other skills.

“You mean I could get angry if I do something wrong?”

“Yes, having a periodic orbit is also a characteristic of chaotic systems.”

And finally, the stream of memories ended.

The sights changing before my eyes completely disappeared.

The strings were back in the corridor where the gears wriggled from time to time.

In the middle of a universe made up of metal clutter, Nevia had a faint smile on her lips for the first time.

“Then, my role ends here.”

“… ?”

“I passed the test, I will deliver what I promised.”

In an instant, Nebia and Hyun’s palms overlapped and fell, leaving only a small purple piece on Hyun’s palm.

It was the very next moment when the fragments permeated Hyun’s body that the system messages were pouring in.

[You have obtained the Fragment of Chaos! (2/3)]

[A new skill has been created!]

[The mission goal of the final awakening quest: Transcendence has been updated!]

-Go to the last world.

A purple mist swirled around the world and everything began to melt.

The metal corridor above the universe, and herself and the little girl named Nevia who were in it.

Hyun reflexively stretched out his hand toward Nevia, but it didn’t mean much.

Because his arms were also scattered like burnt ashes.

“Oh, I almost forgot one thing.”

While revealing the minute mechanical parts, Nebia barely opened her mouth.

Even in the midst of everything being covered in fog, the metallic voice could be heard clearly in Hyun’s ears.

“The last fragment is very close to the master.”

After saying that, all traces of Nevia completely disappeared.

And the same message came to Hyun and Ain at the same time.


[The effect of the Prayer’s Priest’s Robe has halved the death penalty!]

[Unable to access for 24 hours!]

(Until the penalty is lifted: 21 hours 12 minutes)


It has been a long time since the war in Carinta Island ended.

While Hyun and Ain repeated their deaths twice, Louise finished all her work.

[You have cleared the main quest!]

[All stats have risen by 15!]

[Acquired 22 skill points!]

As soon as the clear message came to mind, Hyun activated the necklace-shaped magic tool and asked for Louise’s news.

“Did you just finish?”

“okay. But I don’t think I can take all of my men with me right now.”


“It’s because the ego of this body is weak.”

If you add up all the monsters that were asleep in the ruins, there are about 10,000 of them!

It is said that Louise could have only 10 of them.

“What are the rest of you doing?”

“Currently, we are helping to rebuild Carinta Island, but we can’t let them stay here forever.”


“Hyun, can’t you accept my men into your city… ?”

“Kuhm… Well, it won’t work.”

The corners of Hyun’s mouth twitched at Louise’s words that followed.

Due to the constant growth of the border city, there is a situation where there is a shortage of workers.

They were already excited about the idea of ​​using nearly 10,000 labor for free.

As soon as he made his decision, Hyun sent someone a whisper.

“Tartar, are you busy right now?”

“I’m a bit busy managing the guild website… What’s going on?」

“As expected, I knew you would be free!”

“… ?」

“Something happened that couldn’t be outsourced. Let me do one favor.”

It was decided that the remaining 90% of the subordinates would be brought to the border city little by little using transport ships.

In the transport going home with everyone, Louise continued to show a cheerful mood.

The way he proudly straightened his back and took out the subordinates he had stored in his soul one after another was like a child with a big body.

“hmm… Yes, you are the commander of the 3rd Corps from now on.”

“It is an honor to be given such an undeserved position… .”

The level 370 elite Dyurahan knelt towards Louise.

Hyun, who happened to observe the scene, burst into an absurd laugh.

“Are you making a chain of command already?”

“Is it still too early? Yes, there may be outstanding talent hiding among my men… ! It would be better if we all get together and hold a contest later to make a decision!”

In the meantime, Louise has lived a life of being chased by someone or losing something.

For Louise, the achievement she achieved on Carinta Island was like the greatest achievement of her life, so it was natural for her to feel so excited.

‘Okay, it looks like Carinta Island’s work has been roughly finished.’

After returning to the private room, Hyun quietly looked at the status window.

Meeting a girl named Nevia in a place called the eternal world still felt like a dream.

If this change had not occurred in the status window, the memory might have been thought to be a dream.

[Chaos Contract Lv.Max]

<The power to twist cause and effect will break down even the laws of the world.>

-Swap 1 skill possessed by two targets.

(※ The most recently used skills are exchanged!)

– If one party does not want to, the contract is automatically terminated.

-Only one contract can be maintained at the same time, and it lasts for up to [Sympathy] x 10 seconds.

(Cooldown: 0 sec)

(Magic/Holy Power Consumption: 10000/10000)

Immediately after obtaining the second Chaos Fragment, a new skill appeared in Hyun’s skill window.

It was a technique with truly outrageous effects.

Exchanging one skill between two people?

Doesn’t it mean that you can see a shield warrior pouring out wide-area magic or a high priest using a corpse explosion skill!

Of course, the magic of the archmage and the explosion of the corpse of the necromancer would be much more powerful, but the fact that the impossible became possible was of great significance.

It will also be possible to use it to eliminate the chronic weakness of a specific job or to create synergies that are impossible with the original skill set.

‘No matter how you look at it, it’s not a normal skill.’

The shocking thing was not only the effect of the skill.

The chaos contract ate up the magic and divine power all at once.

How many beings in Assrian can handle magic and divine power at the same time?

As far as Hyun knows, he is the one who used Caidrial and fairy tales. It was all these two people.

It meant that the only user who could use Chaos Contract was himself, even if he searched the whole world.

A skill only I can use… . A cheating skill that only I can use!

Suddenly, Hyun was holding the corner of his mouth that was twitching.

‘How can I use this?’

From now on, you can put the supporter aside and play the role of the dealer yourself.

Alternatively, Ain could be given Louise’s ‘black wind’ to increase his mobility.

‘No, there was something I had to do before that.’

Hyun immediately invested 1 point and learned ‘breathing’, one of the common skills for all jobs.

A skill that allows you to breathe automatically without being conscious of it.

It was created for the sensory adaptation of beginners in virtual reality games, but it was the ultimate garbage skill that no one actually learned.

‘Okay, I’ve learned contract skills.’

Next, Hyun thought of the person he would sign a contract with, one by one.

Coincidentally, there were people nearby who would readily agree to the contract.

Except for Salon, which is a combo job… Did Tartar’s ‘Black Hole’ be taken out? Or should I take Genie’s ‘retrograde’?

“Hyung, is it okay for a little while?”

It was in the middle of such a bad imagination that I heard Ginny’s voice.

「Kuhmm, ah, Ginny. What’s going on?」

Hyeon calmed down his startled heart and slowly answered the whisper.

“I sent you a secret email from Darkness.”


Then he tilted his head.

‘Did they ever contact me?’

The exchange between himself and Darkness was limited to the occasional exchange of information with Mayday.

I’ve never been in contact with anyone else for anything else.

By the way, ‘secret’ contact?

“What is it about?”

“I don’t think it’s a story to be told in a whisper, so I’ll explain briefly first.”

Next, the words that came out of Ginny’s mouth made Hyun’s pupils round.

“He asked me about forming a temporary alliance.”

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