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Hyun’s visit to Metri was an excellent choice.

He was not one to break promises, even if he betrayed others.

The 100,000 guns quickly spread throughout the Nation of Darkness through a distribution network tangled like a spider’s web.

A big advantage was that it was light in weight and small in volume, so it could actively use teleport.

It didn’t take long for rumors about the gun to spread among NPCs in the Nation of Darkness.

“A gun? How do you write it?”

“No, it’s not like that. If you pull the trigger here, a piece of metal will be fired.”

“paillette? Power… What, it won’t be ticklish.”

The evaluation of the soldiers of the Nation of Darkness who used the gun for the first time was not very good.

It was because the old model gun, which had no damage proportional to horsepower, was no different from expensive junk.

The value of guns has been proven in places other than the military.

“Hey, did you hear that rumor?”

“I heard that even a child can hunt a wolf or a bear if he has a gun.”

For those who make a living from farming or mining, guns were like a gift from God.

With a gun, you don’t have to be afraid of wild animals.

Even the untrained can hunt monsters in groups!

As these rumors spread, NPCs without combat skills visited large cities to get guns, even if they had to pay a premium.

“Hey guys, have you used the handgun that was supplied this time? It wasn’t bad when I used it in Dalian.”

“I heard that guns are so useful in dispelling wizards?”

“If only the mana conduction rate is supplemented, it could be used as a secondary weapon.”

Even among high-level knights, mercenaries, or wizards, the gun’s performance was highly evaluated.

Just like a string puts shock amplification in a bullet.

Just like when Salon is in a hurry, he shoots and continues the combo.

Just like Mayday utilizes bullets as projectiles for its means of attack.

It was because they had ‘skills’ that could be applied with guns.

“It’s a gun. Isn’t that actually a good weapon?”

“Yeah, high-ranking officials seem to have one at a time these days.”

When the evaluation from the top was not bad, those who had prejudice against guns began to gradually change their thoughts.

Those with a lot of money sometimes wore a pistol on their waist like a talisman.

In the meantime, it was inevitable that the name of harmony would be known to the world.

“Heh, heh… ! Whoops… ?!”

The adventurer, who was being chased by a group of monsters, was stopped by the sudden surge of emotions.

Whoops. holding a gun. The pattern above it emitted a holy light.

-Activated when the user’s HP drops below 10%.

– Temporarily increases all stats by 10, and removes ‘fear’ abnormal status.

“Angel Wings… .”

The adventurer looked at the shining pattern on the barrel as if possessed.

For some reason, the body that was dying just now overflows with energy.

The fear that engulfed her whole body had disappeared before she knew it.

“Save me… !”

The same buff was activated for a hunter who encountered a pack of wolves at a completely different time and place.

After kissing the symbol of harmony engraved on the barrel, he pointed the gun at the wolves.

bang! bang! bang!

I pulled the trigger with all my might with my trembling fingers.

This phenomenon was happening all over the world at the same time.

Among the NPCs who received the buff, there were both dead and survivors, but from that day on, the survivors served harmony as one.

NPCs who do not possess the ‘item appraisal’ skill do not know exactly what options are attached to their weapons.

The feature that the cooldown is 30 days contributed to their misunderstanding.

Even if the same situation occurred within a month, the same buff did not activate, so the power of that day is regarded as a miracle given by someone.

“Today is a day of prayer, are you going to the city?!”

“Be quiet. I am not going out to play.”

The father quietly rebuked his daughter, who was excited in the carriage on the way to the city after a long absence.

“I’m going to visit a slightly larger temple to pray to Harmony.”

“yes? There is a temple in our village too.”

“But the Statue of Harmony hasn’t been erected in our temple yet.”

Slowly but surely, harmony was going down its roots.

Unbeknownst to the users, the sparks of revolution were thrown into the world of Assrian.

-What is it?

-Is he an angel too?

As time passed, users also became aware of the changes in NPCs.

A screenshot of an angel statue holding a large long gun obliquely had enough ripple power to occupy a popular post on the bulletin board.

-Which pseudo-religious temple is that? lol

-B A city in the Nation of Darkness. Pennington.

– Called the Angel of Harmony. When I looked it up, there was nothing like that in Asura.

– Harmony? That’s the kid from the history quest!

The name of the prefecture was also mentioned again.

-Then, the share of the Shade Guild has also been confirmed for this history quest. Because that’s the only place where you can make a gun.



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-What, is Hyun playing a console game alone while others are playing online games?

And there were also those who speculated on Hyun’s next move.

– It looks like Hyun is going to start selling guns to NPCs as well.

– Even now, it is the same as the provisional first place in the business world, how much are you going to do?

-Should I buy SHA stocks now?

-B (information): SHA Company is not a joint stock company

Just like that, two weeks passed by in a flash.

When Hyun visited the Nation of Darkness again for the third delivery, the attitude of JoongAng Trading was completely different.

“Are you the current user?”

“Uh… ? That’s right.”

“Metri is waiting for you upstairs.”

From the first female employee bowing her head politely as soon as she passed through the entrance of the shop.

“Ohhh, you’re here!”

“This… .”

“Ah, these are popular snacks these days. Will you listen too?”

It was truly unusual for Metri, who disliked unnecessary procedures, to serve refreshments to even the weakest.

“Oh, this is delicious!”

“Is it a mint-flavored cookie? It’s so delicious!」

“Wait, why are you not letting me eat strings?”

“Don’t keep putting some toothpaste in my mouth-!”

Thanks to that, a situation arose where Ain had to stop touching the sweets.

“I have something to apologize for to you.”

Metri started talking with a slightly calm expression.

“You know what guns are on the market right now.”

“yes. yeah of course… .”

“It’s my fault for not properly appreciating the value of the gun. It wasn’t my intention, but it turned out to be like I was cheating on you.”

“… ?”

Hyun shook his head.

Why bother bringing up things that might have been overlooked if I stayed still?

‘Oh, I see.’

After thinking about it for a moment, I realized.

It is clear that he must have been excited when he caught himself.

It was because he made a profit of more than 1,000 gold with the item he bought at a low price of 30 gold.

The problem is that demand has exceeded his expectations many times over.

Yes, the problem was that guns sold too well.

If you had done it to a certain extent, you might have wiped your mouth and didn’t know, but as the work grew so big, maintaining continuous trade became more important than short-term profit.

In the end, Metri must have had no choice but to make a confession of conscience.

“Starting today’s deal, I will set the price again. And the last two deals… I promise to pay you a fair amount if you want.”

shocking remarks!

Would you compensate me for the profits from the last transaction?

Anyone who knew anything about Metri would never have believed that these words came out of his mouth.

“Surely, in the name of this government award, Metri… .”

“No, I don’t need compensation.”

“… !”

At Hyun’s answer, Metri’s face visibly hardened.

At the same time, in my heart, I blamed myself for my mistakes.

You should have eaten it in moderation!

Unless you’re an idiot, your opponent can’t know that you’ve been tricked!

I don’t need any compensation. You’re trying to tell me that I won’t do business with you in the future, right?

However, the words that came out of Hyun’s mouth were completely different from Metri’s expectations.

“And there is no need to change the terms of the deal.”

“What… ?”

“Harmony takes care of everyone equally. If more people can benefit from harmony at a slightly lower price, I am satisfied with that alone.”

“Is that true?! I’m not saying it’s a joke… ?”


“Oh, harmony! hurray! hurray!”

Suddenly, Metri calls out three cheers.

By doing so, Hyun could see that the likability of Metri had reached a fairly high level.

“Hehe, would you like to have a meal together when it’s over? I just know a good place.”

“hmm… .”

“Ah, I must have caught a busy person. A user in your position would not be able to spend leisurely time.”

When Hyun made an ambiguous expression, Metri immediately passed it over with a laugh.

The third transaction was completed safely in an atmosphere where it seemed like it would be amicable even with a sneaky pad lip.

“Oh, and speaking of it.”

It was at that moment that Metri brought up a new topic.

“Aren’t there other types of guns?”

“A different kind?”

“So, it’s a gun with a high mana conductivity.”


Hyun recognized at once what he was talking about.

A gun with a horsepower coefficient on damage.

As the research power of the Shade Guild increased, it became possible to produce.

Having said that, you must be aware of the existence of magic guns, right?

“there is.”

“Oh, too!”

“However, it is not for sale. The magic gun is an item bestowed only on those who truly serve harmony.”

“Can’t you give me how much?”

“It’s not possible.”

“Kuhm… Too bad.”

Metri was well aware of how stubborn the priests were.

You can’t go against the opponent’s planting for nothing. It’s a pity, but I guess I’ll have to give up the magic gun.

It seemed that the deal was about to end.

It was at that moment that Hyun turned the topic.

“I’m presumptuous, but I also have one request.”


Metri corrected her posture and sat down.

Instinct as a merchant!

It was because I felt an unusual feeling from the other person’s eyes.

As predicted by Metri, Hyun was preparing the next plan.

‘Now is the right time!’

The prefecture’s plan consisted of three stages.

The first is to let the world know the name of harmony.

The second is to create a link between harmony and shade.

And the last thing is to borrow the name of harmony and swallow the world of Asrian by the Shade Guild.

The request to Metri was to proceed with the second plan.

“I didn’t tell you, but I am the Apostle of Harmony.”

Hyun shook his hair.

Then, the pattern of harmony was revealed on the forehead.

Ain, who had the title of apostle, was able to consciously place the pattern on his forehead.

“Sa, Sado… ?”

“Ah, even if you are an apostle, please speak as comfortably as before.”

While Metri nodded wordlessly, Hyun added a few explanations.

“Not long ago, the island of Carinta in the sky became a sacred place for harmony. Besides that, there are so many people who serve harmony in heaven… The reality is that there are still people on earth who don’t even know the existence of harmony.”

“… … .”

“Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for me as an apostle to not have even a temple dedicated to harmony on earth, let alone the Holy Land?”

Hyun took a break and said that request.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the plan so far was a preliminary work to bring out this word.

“I want to build a temple of harmony in Lufra.”

“It’s a temple… ? Hmm, it’s not impossible, but the process of building a building with a religious connection is a bit complicated… .”

Then Hyun took out one more item from his inventory.

A unique magic gun made with even god stones.

“… !”

In that short moment, Metri’s eyes, which appraised the item, flashed like a flash and then returned.

“As an apostle of harmony, I promise that the grace of harmony will surely return to anyone who truly serves harmony.”

“I’ll find out right away… !”

It was the moment when Metri’s affinity reached its maximum.

The news that the Temple of Harmony had been created in Loopra, the capital and largest city of the Nation of Darkness, spread like wildfire.

The number of people who experienced the ‘miracle of harmony’ was far greater than Hyun expected.

In addition, those who were impressed with the idea that all things are equal under the transcendent also visited the temple.

Then, it was an instant that people who claimed to be followers of harmony gathered in the temple of Loufra.

“Harmony saved my life!”

“Please accept me as priest!”

“Even if it is feeble, I will add this old man’s strength… .”

Among them, there were real priests who served other angels, and even NPCs with careers as high priests.

Since there was still a lack of hands, Hyun was able to refine the system of a plausible temple with their help.

‘It’s so smooth.’

As more people flocked to the temple, Hyun felt a little fear.

Because the speed at which the name of harmony spread was incomprehensibly fast.

Maybe someone other than yourself is spreading the name of harmony in the world again?

Hyun had to increase and expand the number of chapels every day.

In the meantime, an incident happened.

One weekend when the temple was crowded with people praying.


The gates of heaven opened and a pillar of light connecting heaven and earth appeared.

At the same time, in front of the statue of harmony, a woman who looked exactly like her was spreading her beautiful crystal wings.

The sudden descent of an angel.

“Uh… ! what!”

“angel… ?”

“Mom, is that person really wings?”

“Ike, you can’t use your fingers!”

It was only natural that those who were praying in the chapel were upset.

“Harmony has descended!”

Those who hit their heads on the floor alone, those who shed tears endlessly.

‘What did he come to say?’

Everyone held their breath and waited for the words of harmony.

It was because he knew that an oracle usually followed Advent.

Contrary to people’s expectations, however, Harmony did not say anything.

I happened to meet someone’s eyes in the temple,

After letting out a meaningful laugh, he immediately disappeared.

“The angel saw me and smiled!”

“What! You were looking at me!”

Meanwhile, Hyun, who met Caidrial’s eyes, was also laughing.

Did they say that in the state of Advent, even uttering a single word takes an enormous amount of energy?

But even if I didn’t say it, it didn’t matter.

‘Aren’t you doing pretty well?’

‘Nice assist.’

Because the meaning that each other wanted to convey was being conveyed just by laughing.

In any case, this Advent strengthened the faith of the believers who serve the Angel of Harmony.

Also, through this incident, Hyun was able to grasp the situation clearly.

Caidrial is also doing the same thing behind the scenes.

The reason why the followers of harmony increased abnormally quickly was probably because she had done something.

<Quest: The Devil’s Deal>

– My apostle.

– You know what to do, right?

(Reward: I’ll do anything as long as my strength allows)

Hyun looked at the quest Ain had received once again.

A quest message cannot contain lies.

If the reward is ‘anything’, then this job is very important to Caidrial as well, right?

His will and hers were in perfect agreement.

‘Okay, I’ll hang out with you in earnest.’

Hyun asked Scotanatos to borrow the little ghosts.

Undead, but with a cute appearance, they planned to use them as messengers for the temple.

The very day the little ghosts flew around the temple.

A priest asked Hyun in a cold sweat.

“Priestess, isn’t that a ghost?”

“That’s right. Got a problem?”

“… ?”

“Johwa said that all things are equal under the transcendent. All things include monsters and even ghosts. Haven’t you even read the Bible of Harmony?”

“Yeah, that’s right… ! My thoughts were short!”

Hyun decided to follow the method that Hwa showed on Carinta Island.

In order to break down the boundary between the sky and the abyss, humans must first get rid of their aversion to monsters.

In that respect, the little ghosts were perfect as messengers of the temple.

Did you say that humans are animals of adaptation?

Priests and followers who at first looked at the ghosts with curious eyes soon got along well with the little ghosts.

The sight of someone tickling the stomachs of the palm-sized ghosts and laughing at them soon blended into the daily life of the temple.

‘This much is still not enough.’

Hyun went one step further from there.

“Louis, I need some help from you, can I use your men?”

“Am I my subordinates?”

“okay. Let’s borrow it for a moment.”

Hyun even summoned Louise in the border city.

It was to make contact with other undead at a point when people had become accustomed to the little ghost.

The minions of darkness are absolutely loyal to Louise’s orders.

People who saw skeletons working silently or playing with ghosts for the first time were startled.

How can a monster be so calm!

He was even astonished to see a vampire kneeling in front of a statue and praying.

A monster praying to an angel alone at dawn when no one is there.

The contradictory sight gave off a very holy atmosphere.

“This. A miracle of harmony!”

Ghosts run errands, and skeletons manage the temple’s facilities.

It did not take long for visitors to the temple to assimilate into such an exotic atmosphere.

“They say there’s an interesting place in Lufra.”

“I heard that if you go to the Temple of Harmony, you can see a strange sight?”

“what? what?”

“The person I’m going to play with tomorrow!”

And even ordinary people who do not worship harmony often visit the temple.

It was to see the monsters that lived with humans.

Unlike empires and castle kingdoms that value principles, NPCs in the Nation of Darkness accept change easily.

Even when a new angel named Harmony appeared, even if that angel accompanied the monster, people did not arouse a greater antipathy than expected.

In this way, the seeds of harmony were slowly taking root in the world.

“Hehe, Hyun, you guys have been doing interesting things lately.”

Again after about 2 weeks.

When Hyun visited the Central Chamber of the Nation of Darkness, Metri was smiling sinisterly.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to interfere with your work. On the contrary, I want to support it even more.”

“… ?”

“I heard that the taxes paid at the temple are exorbitant.”

The temples of the Empire and the Holy Kingdom do not pay taxes, but the Nation of Darkness is different.

The joke that even beggars pay alms tax was not a joke in the Nation of Darkness.

Metri paid more attention to how the temple was able to make so much money than to the rumors floating around about the temple of harmony.

“It’s not just because we collect a lot of donations… ”

Metri was also a merchant to the core.

He saw through the temple’s profit structure at a glance.

In order to manage the countless believers flocking to the temple, a proportionate number of priests were needed.

Hiring attendants to manage the facility costs a lot of labor.

But how could the Temple of Harmony be making unusually high profits compared to other temples?

“Haha, thanks to the grace of harmony.”

The secret to profit is twofold.

The first was because Hyun poured his personal funds into the temple, and the second was because he used the labor of the undead.

“This is the result of embracing the undead according to the Word of Harmony.”


“Yes, they don’t sleep, and they don’t get tired, so they can work all day.”

However, Hyun gave all the credit to the undead.

It was because if the utility of the undead was proved, there would be nothing bad for them in itself.

“indeed… .”

Matry shook his head.

tireless workforce.

He immediately grasped the value of the undead and at the same time came up with a possibility.

Can’t you use the undead for other things too?

For example, if you can use undead labor for your magic tool workshop, how many times will your profits increase?

‘I’ll have to use the undead once.’

After meeting Hyun, such thoughts began to sprout in Metri’s mind.

However, it wasn’t just Metri who came up with the idea.

Among the NPCs in the Nation of Darkness, there were a lot of people who were sensitive to the flow of money.

‘The world is changing.’

‘Was it possible to use the undead in that way?’

‘I heard that monsters have a high level of aggression towards humans, making it difficult for them to coexist.’

‘Right! A Necromancer with excellent skills seems to be able to control monsters meekly!’

Previously, the Nation of Darkness had taken a neutral stance towards the beings of the Abyss.

It was the mentality that power doesn’t matter as long as it’s money.

In such a situation, the effectiveness of the undead was proven, so it was only a matter of time before many people fell into the idea of ​​harmony.

Thanks to this, those who had the Necromancer job welcomed an unexpected boom in quests.

But there were also opposite cases.

“It’s a sign that the world will be ruined!”

“It is said that monsters roam the streets of the Nation of Darkness!”

“How can those belonging to the three great nations protect the forces of the abyss?”

News about the current situation of the Nation of Darkness reached beyond the Empire and reached the Holy Kingdom.

After the two oracles collided on Carinta Island, the Holy Kingdom was full of the atmosphere that the angel of harmony should be rejected.

The Archbishop delivered a warning to the Nation of Darkness Council every day.

<The Nation of Darkness is committing a crime against the will of the heavens. If you can’t end your relationship with the Abyss, you won’t be able to escape the judgment of the sky.>

<The Angel of Harmony is heresy! It’s like a demon wearing an angel’s mask and trying to disrupt the order of the heavens!>

However, the Nation of Darkness council only snorted at that meaning.

“The effectiveness of the undead has already been proven several times. You can’t change your plans now.”

“Aren’t they the voices of fanatics anyway? If you leave it alone, it will calm down on its own.”

In the first place, the NPCs of the Nation of Darkness looked at the priests of the Holy Kingdom with disapproval.

It was impossible to hear the warnings of those who run the country by means of religion.

<The Nation of Darkness is corrupting! They will have to realize their mistakes!>

When the warnings had no effect, the archbishop took a stronger tactic.

The army of the Holy Kingdom was stationed at the place bordering the Nation of Darkness.

Then, tension began to rise between the borders of the two countries.

“Those crazy bastards… !”

“This is interference in internal affairs!”

The Council of the Nation of Darkness criticized the decision of the Holy Kingdom, saying it was ridiculous.

In the midst of the chaos, the chairman summarized the situation once again.

“They demand that all traces of the Angel of Harmony be erased. It means to destroy not only the statues of each temple, but also all the ‘guns’.”

“Why is there a gun?”

“It’s the devil’s weapon. I don’t know why.”

At the words of the chairman, everyone in the assembly could not hide the absurd reaction.

“A gun is what is called a revolution among the common people. Considering its value, it makes no sense to discard it.”

“I know. In the first place, trying to interfere in someone else’s country is an unreasonable demand. If you comply with their demands, the people’s dissatisfaction will explode.”

“There is a possibility that the unreasonable demands will not end with this one.”

“That is also true.”

The decision of Congress was fixed from the beginning.

“Place two magic troops near the border of the Holy Kingdom. War should be avoided if at all possible, but there is no choice but to prepare for the eventuality.”

“The Empire must also be informed of this injustice. And if possible, we must enlist the help of the Empire!”

“Of course I should… !”

This conflict cannot be resolved unless one side gives up its stubbornness first.

However, neither side had any intention of breaking their stubbornness.

The Holy Kingdom of Trusteeship and the Nation of Darkness following extreme capitalism.

From the beginning, the tendency of the two countries was that they could not mix like water and oil.

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