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3rd Job Change (1) and 3rd Job Change (2)

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Afterwards, Hyeon exchanged small talk with Louise and learned that the position of chief priest had a similar status to that of an imperial count.

In fact, every time I met people while walking inside the Great Temple, they treated me with utmost respect.

Hyun was able to realize the weight of the name High Priestess little by little.

Seeing that he was receiving treatment that he thought was excessive, Hyun felt that Louise, who had accomplished all of this, was proud and a little strange.

It’s like being a parent who is loved by a successful daughter.

It’s only been two years since I met Louise, but somehow I feel like I’ve grown old…

Hyeon, who fell into reminiscence for a while, soon gave up useless thoughts.

It’s still a bit awkward to call him the head priest, but you’ll get used to this over time.

Hyeon, who had shaken off his thoughts like that, asked Louise about a question that suddenly popped up.

“By the way, what was the 5th basement floor for?”

“Ah, that’s a space for my men.”

“Load? You mean those demons?”

“Yes, everyone follows my orders, but there are some who are inherently disobedient. Isn’t it a bit like showing normal people how demons are rampaging?”

“hmm… I guess.”

To put it simply, the 5th basement floor is a space for monsters to relieve stress.

Some monsters seemed to have to emit their aggression periodically.

Dissolving aggression by releasing it… What if your subordinates get hurt?

Louise’s subsequent words completely dispelled such prefecture concerns.

“There is nothing to worry about. My men never hurt each other. It’s just a little bit of a joke.”

Louise said there were no casualties, but Hyun was still worried.

This time, it wasn’t the monsters, but the priests active in the temple above it.

Ordinary humans might faint if they saw the monsters howling in the basement.

If the story of a banquet of monsters taking place in the basement of the Great Temple spreads, there would be no such ghost story.

Not knowing is medicine, so Hyun decided to pray for the condolences of the people of the temple who live without knowing anything.

Louise added an explanation as if she had come up with a method in her own way, as if she was unaware of such worries.

“The turmoil could have grown, so I made it quite sturdy. I made it with more care than most gymnasiums! I’ll leave it empty for a while, so you can use it now.”

Anyway, thanks to Louise’s consideration, I was able to use the large space on the 5th basement floor to my heart’s content.

The skill experiment started from then.

The skills of the newly acquired job were never seen before, so it took Hyun to understand and get used to the principles.

It was only after half a day had passed that I had come out of the 5th basement floor.

‘Whoa, I know roughly what the principle is.’

On the bed in the VIP room prepared by Louise.

Exhausted, Hyeon lay down as if collapsing and sighed in satisfaction.

I recalled the status window I had seen before.

<There is only one person in this world who serves you. Please be the monarch for one person… .>

[I changed my job to Solitary Lord!]

This is the message that popped up when I finished the 3rd job change quest.

When I first saw it, I didn’t understand the meaning of the job, but after searching the Internet for the word Solitary, I learned that it meant solitude.

Literally, the solitary monarch.

Yes, a monarch with only one attendant would of course be lonely.

Next, Hyeon also reflected on Ain’s job name.

Perhaps thanks to the accumulated experience, Ain was level 302 as soon as he finished the job change quest.

<There is only one master in the world you must serve. You swear eternal allegiance.>

[I changed my job to a Reversal Maid!]

After checking Ain’s job name, Hyun immediately realized one thing.

The fact is that the two professions are intertwined!

Lord is a word that nicely expresses a monarch or master, and a maid… There is no need to interpret the meaning.

In other words, both occupations consisted of words symbolizing master and attendant.

It wasn’t just the name of the job that was unusual.

The way the skills of the two jobs worked was also something Hyun had never experienced before.

First of all, the biggest feature of Solitary Road.

Just as he was able to use magic while changing his job as a shadow linker, this time he was able to handle a new power called ‘transcendence’.

Hyun (Lv.300)

Occupation: Solitary Lord.

<There is only one person in this world who serves you… .>

Health: 34500/34500

Mana: 1827/2080

Magi: 490750/490750

Transcendence: 0

[Strength 85] [Agility 209] [HP 115] [Magic Power 208] [Empathy 755]

(※ New skill!)

[Power of Transcendence Lv.Max]

<In order for humans to stand on equal footing with transcendentalists, they first need to get used to their power.>

-Now, you can save part of your empathy as ‘transcendence’.

– [1000/Empathy]% of your transcendental power is automatically reduced every second.

-Transcendence is the power to perform miracles… ! As a mere human, all you have to do is mimic that power.

After changing jobs, Hyun developed a skill.



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It is a passive skill that helps you deal with transcendental power.

The explanation was not difficult, so Hyun could easily understand the relationship between empathy and transcendence.

‘Empathy or transcendental power, only the name is different, but the root is the same.’

Hyun remembered what happened on Radix Island.

Being able to use Empathy, but not having the means to store it, all powers were forced to be used to automatically boost stats.

But now it seems that it can store that power in the form of transcendental power.

Although it disappears by itself at a certain rate every second, the difference between heaven and earth is whether or not it can still gather strength.

All the skills of the 3rd job that will be used in the future could be activated only by consuming this ‘transcendence’.

To introduce some of the new skills, the following existed.

[Blessed Protection Lv.1]

-Consumes all possessed transcendental power to enhance one normal skill of (self/servant). (※Caution! Skills that exist in the skill tree of 3rd job advancement or higher cannot be targeted!)

– The buff effect and duration increase in proportion to the amount of Transcendence consumed.

– The effect may be reduced if there is not enough magic power to activate.

(Magical energy consumption: 10000 times the transcendental power)

[Demi-Myth Lv.1]

-Consumes all possessed transcendental power to amplify (self/servant’s) stats for 60 seconds.

-The stat amplification rate is (transcendence/10)% consumed, and cannot exceed 500%.

– The effect may be reduced if there is not enough magic power to activate.

(Magical energy consumption: 10000 times the transcendental power)

There are two new skills learned.

protection and semi-myth.

In order to learn only two skills, Hyun had to consume all the hundreds of skill points he had accumulated.

Originally, it was only effective on ‘person’, but when the skill level was raised from 0 to 1, even ‘servant’ could be selected as a buff target.

The effects of the two skills are the same as those experienced in the Temple of Light.

Now you will be able to exert the same kind of power without resorting to the special environment of Radix Island.

‘Quickly building transcendence, and using the skill right away before that level decreases is the key to management.’

Of course, activating the archangel’s swordsmanship or amplifying his stats by hundreds of percent was almost impossible.

The achievements at that time were only achieved through numerous coincidences, and realistic play was much harsher.

Even with the help of Ain, Louise, and some monsters for half a day, Hyun had never exceeded 1000 in transcendence.

The cause is twofold.

The first reason is that transcendental power equal to (1000/empathy) is automatically deducted per second, and the second reason is that the principle of accumulating transcendental power is quite complicated.

Hyun never imagined that this type of skill would exist.

The shock was similar to when I first encountered ‘Fairy Tale’.

Because there was no way to build transcendence by yourself.

It was the servants, not the monarch, who supplied the transcendental power.

The root of transcendence is ’empathy’.

It meant that if Ain, the only attendant, did not send empathy, the level of transcendence would be fixed at 0 forever.

Of course, none of the 3rd job advancement skills can be used.

To make matters worse, the efficiency of converting empathy into transcendence was also poor.

Is it because this is not Radix Island?

Hyun knew that no matter how much he received Ain’s prayers, his Transcendence level would not rise above 10.

So, at first, I just thought my previous job was ruined.

That is until I looked at Ain’s status window.

Ain (Lv.302)

Occupation: Reversal Maid

<There is only one person in the world that you must serve, so become a sword and shield and serve the master.>

– Reversal Maid will automatically take one of two stances depending on the aspect of the battle.

– The more you attack, the more you become a slayer, and the more you receive attacks, the more you become a guardian.

[Slaughter Stance Lv.0]

-When you are a slayer, all damage is increased by 10%.

– Empathy can be sent to the owner in proportion to the damage done to the enemy.

[Guardian Stance Lv.0]

-When you are a guardian, the damage you receive is reduced by 10%.

– Empathy can be transmitted to the owner in proportion to the amount of physical strength lost to the enemy and the amount of damage defended.

-You can gain greater empathy in battles with higher-ranking opponents.

– Player ‘Hyun’ cannot be set as an enemy.

– If you act in a conflicting posture or do nothing, you will gradually return to neutrality.

That’s right, Ain no longer needed to pray.

Attack when in slaughter mode, defend when in defense mode.

This is because just continuing the battle can create much greater sympathy than praying.

Perhaps because of that, if you look at the skills of Ain’s 3rd job advancement, they are all effects derived from those two stances.

For example, things like this.

[Marking Lv.0]

– Gains additional empathy when dealing damage to the same target.

– Triggered from Slaughter Stance.

[Grazing Lv.0]

-A narrowly evaded attack is judged as ‘defense’.

– Activated in a guard posture.

[Dedication Lv.0]

– The lower your HP, the more Empathy you generate.

-Activates in all stances.

Looking at Ain’s skill tree, Hyeon knew one thing.

All of the Reversal Maid’s skills were related to ‘stance’, and even those were passive skills that you wouldn’t have to worry about once you mastered them.

Only one active skill.

[Stance Change Lv.Max]

-Regardless of the combat aspect, you can switch to the opposite stance.

(Cooldown time: 10 minutes)

It was also closely linked to the concept of Reversal Maid.

Most of the skills were passive, so Hyun felt like combining ‘characteristics’ rather than taking ‘skills’.

‘I’m still not sure if it’s good or bad.’

There were good points and bad points.

First of all, the advantage is that there is no need to change the existing style.

You don’t need to hit a special weapon like a scythe, and since you can use the previous skills as they are, you won’t need a ‘skill period’ that you have to go through every time you change jobs.

However, there was also a downside, that Reversal Maid was at a disadvantage in a melee where attacks and defenses came and went randomly.

As a result of the experiment with Louise’s help, it was because only one of the two, the slaughter posture and the guardian posture, could be supplied with enough ‘transcendence’ to be satisfactory.

To sum up the concept of Reversal Maid in one word, it was like this.

If you’re going to attack, just attack; if you’re going to defend, just defend!

If you don’t clearly set your posture, there is a high probability that it will be neither one nor the other.

You will have to learn what the most effective combat method is through practice.

‘And the last is the ultimate skill.’

Unlike before, the awakening skill points given as a reward for this job change quest were two.

Hyun and Ain used one point to level up their ultimate, and left the other point alone.

[You need to reach level 400 to further level up your awakening skills!]

The remaining awakening point is for users who changed their ultimate skill because they did not like it.

Only after reaching level 300 can you be compensated for mistakes made at level 50.

Since he knew that this awakening skill point would accumulate quite a bit after the 3rd job change, Hyun did not worry too much.

There won’t be any changes to the ultimate skill in the future, so you can just leave the spare points as they accumulate.

[Fairy Tale Lv.3]

(※ New effect!)

<If you allowed your body, it means that you have already inclined your mind, so what is it other than your servant?>

– You can temporarily reap the target you are assimilating into an attendant.

-However, transcendentalists are excluded from that target.

There were no major changes this time around.

What’s worth noting is that there’s a way to increase the number of attendants from 1 to 2?

Making Ceseri a temporary attendant would be a method worth considering in its own way.

[Determination of extinction LV.3]

(※ New effect!)

<The will of those who are ready for death is stronger than anyone else!>

– While the skill is active, the amount of empathy generated towards the owner is multiplied by 1.5.

It was the same that Ain’s ultimate skill did not change much.

The whole effect is that you can supply and receive transcendental power 50% faster than usual.

There are no special conditions, so Ain’s ultimate will be more versatile.

You’ll be able to benefit from 1.5x transcendence anytime, anywhere.

‘Okay, I guess I’ll have to finish here today.’

Hyun lay down next to Ain.

After ‘that day’ when they made great progress, Hyun and Ain began to sleep in the game more often.

The 80 million won functional capsule was more comfortable than most beds… Also, it was because in Asrian, even if they slept together, they didn’t feel very embarrassed.

Maybe that’s why Ain didn’t close the connection on purpose.

If we go back to reality, we will have no choice but to use our own beds.

‘Where else would you like to go tomorrow?’

In fact, Hyeon’s inner thoughts were not much different from Ain’s.

So even now, after spending the whole day with Ain, my heart must be pounding in anticipation of the next day.

While closing his eyes and organizing plans for tomorrow, Hyun felt a small breath blowing on his cheek, and he fell asleep without realizing it.


These days, Hyun and Ain’s life patterns have become almost the same.

This is because Hyun started to wake up earlier than before, while Hyun reduced his game time a bit.

next day.

Hyun and Ain, who woke up, automatically cleaned the capsules as always, ate together, took a shower, and connected to Assrian again in a clean state.

“You’re leaving in one day?!”

At the mention of leaving Lookingham, Louise jumped up and shouted.

“There are enough hunting grounds near the city… Why not stay for a month or so?”

“As you know, these are busy times.”

Despite Louise’s dissuade, Hyun shook his head.

The war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom continues tenaciously even now, five years later.

And for users, the battlefield was a land of opportunity to gain experience points, quests, and achievements at the same time.

“I should go to the border soon.”

And Hyun had one more reason.

In order to expand the power of harmony, the Holy Kingdom is an unnecessary state.

There is no need to leave areas with 0% approval ratings alone.

It was better for the Holy Kingdom to perish as it was, or to become a vassal or colony of the empire.

In the process, if you play an active role as the chief of harmony, wouldn’t the status of harmony within the empire go up even more?

From any point of view, there was no reason Hyun would not go to the battlefield.

“Oh… Then I will follow you!”

Louise bit her lip hard, then suddenly shouted.

It was at that moment that voices poured out from all around.

“No, priestess!”

“Where are you going at this busy time!”

“Hasn’t there been Your Majesty’s order to make Lookingham a sanctuary of harmony?”

The priests next to them were startled and grabbed Louise.

Louise was no longer an immature girl looking for something to play with in the border city.

He has become an adult with a lot of responsibility on his back.

Moreover, raising the power of harmony is ultimately for the prefecture.

Since he had promised to make Hyeon the king, he could not throw away the responsibility in front of the person concerned.

In the end, Louise had no choice but to give up her decision to follow Hyun even though she cried a little.

It was at that moment that Hyeon, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

“Huh, that’s what happened because I couldn’t teleport.”

“Yes… ?”

“If I had the right to use the teleport gate, none of this would have happened.”

Hyun secretly pointed the back of his hand at Louise and said.

“therefore… . Could you do something for me?”

For the past few days, Hyeon and Ain have experienced great inconvenience while traveling by train.

In the meantime, I learned that Louise’s authority within the empire was considerable.

If it was Louise, wouldn’t it be possible to obtain the teleport authority?

Hyun tried to talk to Louise with some expectations.

“Teleport… .”

Louise’s eyes sank in thought.

“That’s a good idea! I need to talk to the emperor once.”

“Oh, is that possible?!”

Hyun’s eyes widened.

I would never have thought that the rice cakes thrown in the way that it would be good if it was good or not would be bitten!

“You can’t completely ignore my request. Now the empire has come to a point where it can’t be without me.”

“Um… .”

Seeing that she said that, did Louise even have a relationship with the emperor?

Anyway, if it’s Louise, maybe she’ll give you the right to use teleport to the position of superintendent.

There would be nothing more enjoyable than teleporting alone while others were walking around, so Hyun decided to hold on to some expectations.

“Where are you going to go when you leave Lookingham?”

“Yes, I should go to the battlefield.”

“If you haven’t decided on a destination, go to ‘Hofern’ first. It must also be a border town.”


Hyun brought up the map interface.

Hofern was a city that could be reached by taking a train for about two days from Lookingham.

“Why are you there?”

“There’s a guy I know well over there.”

“Oh oh… .”

“I will write a letter of introduction. If you even bring my introduction to the position of the superintendent, there won’t be any trouble.”

“Then it’s me!”

Hyeon turned into a bright color and received Louise’s written document.

The saying that networking is the shortcut to success is a truth that applies regardless of reality and games.

“Oh, I almost forgot this too!”

Louise then handed over a cloth decorated in black and white.

A piece of cloth with a harmony pattern drawn in the middle.

“What’s this? Cloak… ?”

“It’s a cape. It’s a uniform that proves the lord of harmony. I’m letting you know before you ask, but by the way, there are no options.”

“doesn’t care. Since I’m wearing a ring and a necklace, additional accessories won’t work anyway.”

Hyun glanced over the cape.

Length slightly lower than the elbow.

It was the same black and white color as the priestly robes of those who pray, so they matched well as if they were a pair.

“Hyun, it suits you so well!”

“I know. It’s surprisingly fine.”

“Huh, I made it with the assumption that you would wear it.”

After all the conversations were over, the time for parting came again.

Louise met me at the train stop.

Hyeon and Ain faced Louise with the railing of the train between them.

“then… It will be a while before I see you again.”

“It’s not like I won’t contact you, so what?”

Hyun murmured as he gently touched the necklace.

“And don’t forget the teleport.”

“yes… !”

I’ll be away for a while, but it doesn’t matter.

Even if Louise and herself are apart, they will be heading towards the same destination.

As the train started moving, Ain waved to Louise.


“Whoa… Ain, I don’t think I’ve ever been as envious of you as today.”

boo woo woo-.

With the loud resonating sound of Mana resounding, the distance moved away in an instant, so Hyun and Ain couldn’t hear Louise’s last murmur.


Time flew by.

Hyun and Ain arrived in Hofern a day and a half after leaving Lookingham.

City, Hofern.

Looking at the countless red flags planted along the huge rocky mountain, the word “empire” comes to mind.

It will be a landscape closer to a ‘fortress’ than a typical city.

It was five years ago that Hofern changed like this.

After the war, residents were evacuated from the city, and now only those wearing armor or uniforms roam the streets.

As the prefecture learned later, it is said that even access by users to Hofern is prohibited.

Had it not been for the cape with the pattern of harmony, Hyeon and Ain would have been unable to get off at the bus stop and would have been forced to travel further by train.

“The boundaries are very strict.”

Hyeon stuck out his tongue as he passed the imperial soldiers lined up on both sides.

From the time he got off the train until he met the person Louise had introduced him to, Hyun couldn’t even walk around the city alone.

It was because at least two NPCs followed in the name of ‘followers’.

Because Hyun is a user, he is not treated specially.

In Hofern, no matter how high a position was, it was impossible to walk around alone.

No, the higher the position, the more entourage followed.

A battlefield where the entire city can’t let go of tension.

Since it was not known when and where an incident would occur, even the expressions of the soldiers showed a sense of discipline.

Thanks to this, Hyun and Ain had to face the corps commander right away, without even having time to look around the city.

Within the empire, the status of a corps commander is slightly higher than that of an imperial knight, but it cannot be compared to the knight commander or the 12 high-ranking knights.

Because of this, even if he found out that an acquaintance of Louise was a corps commander, Hyun could face him without being particularly nervous.

“I have heard of Hyun-nim’s reputation.”

People in the military department called the prefecture by name instead of the title of governor.

Unlike Lookingham, it must be because there are many people in Hofern who do not worship harmony.

“I just checked all of Louise’s writings. You came to help us?”


“I really appreciate your intention to dedicate yourself to the Empire. but… .”

The corps commander spoke as politely as possible so as not to offend the opponent.

“Now, our 23rd Corps is planning a large-scale operation in one year.”

It is an iron rule on the battlefield that everyone except the emperor must obey the orders of the commander in question.

The commander of the corps did not want the strategy he had prepared so far to be disrupted by the appearance of Hyun.

“Please understand that I cannot give you any command right now.”

talk there The corps commander looked at Hyun’s appearance.

Young nobles often asserted their position.

“It makes sense.”

However, contrary to the concerns of the corps commander, Hyun did not ask for anything unreasonable.

His request was simpler.

“I don’t want command. If you can participate in the war as a single soldier, that is enough.”

“As a soldier… You mean?”

“Yeah, I don’t even want to take anyone’s credit. I only step in when my teammates are struggling and absolutely need support. To put it simply, it means that I will take on the role of a supporter.”

“understand. You mean Supporter.”

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