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Louise’s Wish (1) and Louise’s Wish (2)

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Hyun forgot what to say for a moment.

Louise’s question was literally in the realm of imagination.

The reason she came up with this idea was probably because she was different from other NPCs.

“How a soul skips worlds… ?”

“I heard that users enter this world with capsules. Wouldn’t the reverse be possible in a similar way?

“Um… .”

Hyun used his imagination.

It has been 30 years since the spread of household management robots.

Perhaps Louise’s imagination could not be simply dismissed as a delusion.

Although it would not be possible to create an entity identical to a human with the current level of human technology, it was possible to create a ‘humanoid robot’ in which mechanical elements were combined with a biological device.

If the combination of complicated data can be called ‘soul’, then it would not be impossible to move Asrian’s NPC into reality.

“What, you’re talking about something that looks interesting.”

Then, suddenly, a voice came from behind.

The two of them looked back and were able to face Ain’s smile with a slightly raised lip corner.


“Ain… ?”

Hyun and Louise’s shoulders shook.

Why do you flinch even though you haven’t committed a crime?

As if he had been listening since when, Ain asked a question while staring at Louise, who was watching from the side of Hyeon.

“Huh, what is the reason you want to come to reality?”

“that… .”

“Besides, where are you going to live when you come to reality?”

Louise breaks into a cold sweat at Ain’s questioning.

After a while, her lips parted slightly.

“This body… The second doesn’t matter… .”

“… ?”

With Hyun not yet grasping the situation, Louise’s words continued once more.

“Hyun, if you allow me, as a concubine… .”

“Look at this, did you think so?!”

“Ah, no, that was a mistake… okay! For now, can I accept you as a maid in your mansion?”

“concubine… maid… It’s not even a role play, there’s no such thing in real life! furthermore… .”

At that moment, Ain’s gaze reached Hyun as he said that. Her face was flushed red, unlike usual.

Eventually, Ain closed his eyes and shouted.

“Even I haven’t done that yet!”

‘hmm… .’

Hyun broke into a cold sweat as he watched Ain and Louise argue.

The direction of the conversation is getting more and more off.

Hyun, who had experienced the fact that there was nothing good about being swept away by these two stories, saw the opportunity and decided to move away.

It would be better to wait for the fuss to end somewhere a little further away.

‘It’s real… .”

Hyun recalled Louise’s request once again.

To transfer the souls of NPCs to reality.

Theoretically, it might be feasible, but in reality, it was too far-fetched.

If you think about an event that is unlikely to actually happen, no answer will come out.


Hyun had never had a similar imagination.

Louise’s favorite place is the City of Vigilance.

The shops and streets of the city were full of reinterpretations of Assrian’s magic tools from a modern point of view.

Every time he saw Louise whose eyes were shining while looking at such strange things, this thought came to Hyun’s mind.

What if you could give Louise a glimpse of the real reality?

I think you’d enjoy going to the cinema, shopping, and buying snacks that aren’t in the border city.

“Is there a way to move NPCs to reality?”

As he remembered, Hyun sent a message to Robert.

It was an absurd story, but it was because I thought that the only people who could make this statement come true were the Assrian developers.

“What do you mean?”

A reply came about 5 minutes later.

Robert, too, did not seem to fully grasp its meaning.

As expected, it couldn’t be explained in one sentence, so Hyun added a little more detailed explanation.

“It’s an interesting idea to bring out the souls of NPCs.”

Robert, who grasped the situation, responded that it was quite interesting.

However, he seemed skeptical about its feasibility.

“It will be difficult to turn that idea into reality. There are no robots yet that can synchronize with second-generation AI. Aside from technical issues, I don’t think the chairman, who is the only one with access to Assrian, will take on the troublesome task.”

“okay… .」

“Is this really necessary?”

“No, just curious.”

My conversation with Robert was cut short like that.

‘As expected, it seems difficult.’



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Hyun decided to stop thinking useless thoughts.

Since Louise hadn’t brought up the same topic since then, the topic had faded from her mind as time passed.

After that, the daily life of hunting as usual, playing the role of the chief of harmony, and sometimes managing the guild.

There was no need to run as fast as before.

There was no user who could follow him even if he walked slowly, so Hyun played the game leisurely.

It’s been such a long time, and in the meantime, countless events have passed in Asrian.

<I, Carlos, here declare an end to the war!>

It has been 6 years since the war broke out.

From the user’s point of view, the declaration of the emperor of the empire spread to the world in one year.

As the Empire wanted, it accepted the surrender of the Holy Kingdom.

At the end of the long war, not only NPCs but also players cheered.

War quests are said to have good growth efficiency, but it was because there were many people who missed the peaceful times of the past.

Above all, I had high expectations that I would be able to use the teleport gate again.

Because exploring various fantastic places was the real pleasure of Assrian play.

-Latisse has been resurrected lately?

– I guess the harmony quest is great. As soon as he became a high-ranking believer, he leveled up like crazy.

-Latisse is really crazy… The level up speed is much faster than the old Asura days. Is it possible with common sense to keep widening the gap with May Day?

As always, the community’s interests were focused on the top rankers.

Latisse’s dazzling performance has been the biggest topic of discussion for users over the past few months.

Of course, that activity was thanks to the quest Hyun gave to Latis as the chief of harmony, but no user knew that fact.

It is not well known that even the existence of the position of the chief priest in the temple of harmony exists, so it is natural that users do not understand the situation.

Every time he watched the reaction of such a community, Hyun would burst into laughter.

<Virtual simulator changes the world>

During that time, there were as many changes as Assrian in reality.

One of them is that SHA Company quickly became one of the world’s top 10 companies.

It was just a stock listing of a company, but the anecdote that the world market fluctuated was talked about for a long time.

Hyun’s sense of penetrating and analyzing the essence of Assrian contributed greatly to the growth of SHA Company, as if it were not limited to games.

With both the ability to find the best answer and the power to make the impossible possible, the guild’s future was guaranteed.

<Shade Guild, VIP condition relaxation decision! Employment of at least 2000 people has been expanded!>

<The clogged job market. Any improvement?>

Hyun actively utilized the VIP system.

In addition to the existing Shade Quest, we have prepared a way to obtain ‘points’ in various fields.

It was a natural result that users with various talents flocked to him when he offered key positions in the guild to loyalists who had reached the VIP level 4 or 5.

It was a structure that even those who were not familiar with Assrian’s game system, which had nothing to do with combat, could acquire a higher-level VIP if they had the ability.

The salary they receive is 2-3 times that of the same job!

Some criticized Hyun for promoting opportunism, saying that he was still young and shallow in his thinking, but that was not the main opinion.

It was also a position where you would be kicked out without mercy if you did not have the ability.

In addition, SHA Company, which has begun to reach out to various fields, has already begun to influence some media outlets, so it has a means to silence useless voices.

One day when each day passed by with such a variety of events.


Shade Guild’s Legendary Shop, which is said to be available only for VIP level 5.

“Where have you been?”

Looking at the list on the display stand, Ain tilted his head.

It was because the stock of the item I was purchasing ran out every time it was renewed.

“… doesn’t exist.”


“Meal tickets… Who bought it?”

As the upper limit of the VIP system became more relaxed, Ain quickly scored the highest points.

Ain, who had nowhere to spend his points anyway, used to buy meal tickets at the store on the renewal date.

Hyun still didn’t know why he needed an alternative meal ticket when he ate together every day.

“So, why did you make such a thing… .”

Ain’s intention was just to spend a little special day with Hyeon, but ironically, the meal ticket was the only window through which a third party could approach Hyeon.

The only way to meet Hyun, who doesn’t do any external activities, was to buy a meal ticket.

According to some rumors, the meal ticket is being sold at an exorbitant price somewhere.

“Isn’t it Chairman Kim Gap-cheol again? You were one step late last time too.”

“is it… ? Sorry for bothering Hyun… .”

“No, it’s okay. She had to meet her at least once anyway.”


It was at that moment that the alarm sounded in Hyun’s ears.

“Hyun, do you remember my voice?”

‘huh… ?’

a sudden voice.

Hyeon’s eyes widened as he stared blankly into space for a moment.

“Could it be, is it Mr. Robert?”

“you’re right! It’s been a very long time, right?」

How did he, the development team, contact you?

As I continued to speculate, I heard his words again.

“What you asked me last time has finally been resolved.”

“Please… ? what kind of request… 」

“Of course, it’s a way to move NPCs into reality.”

“ah… !”

Memories from almost a year later rose again in Hyeon’s head.

“The president told me to tell him if the meal was okay. When are you available?」

“yes? Wait a minute, if it’s the president… !”

“Is there another president in Assrian? Of course, Chairman Kwon Dae-ho.”

For a moment, Hyun held his breath.

Dr. Daeho Kwon. No, Chairman Kwon Dae-ho is a great man who left a mark in history.

I didn’t know it well before, but as time passed and I got to know more about the world, I realized his greatness.

No matter how much he says he is doing well in Assrian these days, he will still be a puppy in front of Chairman Kwon Dae-ho.

As the creator of Assrian, if he put his mind to it, he could make Hyun’s character disappear with a single gesture.

But why did he send a call to meet him in person?

“Hey, wait! Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Fufu, you can’t refuse just because you’re busy. Because the president used a meal ticket.”

‘… !’

Too many unexpected things are happening one after another.

“It’s a refusal. I’m fine anytime.”

“So, are you available tomorrow at 6pm?”


Hyungwon nodded his head in the middle of his mind.

Even after the conversation was over, there was no sign that the pounding in her heart would subside.


“Are you leaving now?”

long outing.

As always, Ain followed Seohyun.

“It’s five o’clock already. You should prepare a little early.”

Seohyeon, who had asked for permission from Robert in advance, was able to receive an answer that she could bring Ain along.

It was a situation that was a little burdensome for me alone.

The fact that Ain was by her side made Seohyun more comfortable.

Of course, I won’t make a mistake in front of Chairman Kwon Dae-ho… Just in case, he promised Ain not to open his mouth first.

“let’s go.”


When I went down to the parking lot, my car was waiting for me.

Seohyeon and Ain usually don’t leave the house, but when they have to go outside, they always have bodyguards with them.

It was to prevent from getting angry because of the incidents that happened in the past.

You may want to grudge something in the game, but Assrian is now a world with an influence that cannot be limited to games.

The odds are slim, but… It’s because they might come back with a knife out of resentment.

‘Is this here?’

A building on the outskirts of Seoul arrived after about 40 minutes of driving.

Seohyun and Ain met a man who seemed to be a manager, and then greeted Robert, who arrived.

And after a while, I was able to face Kwon Dae-ho in an ordinary room that was nothing special.

Kwon Dae-ho greeted me first with a friendly smile.

“Oh, come on. I was waiting for you.”

“nice to see you.”

“I heard a lot of rumors. The world has been buzzing with news about you lately.”

“haha… Nothing special.”

Kwon Dae-ho’s expression was softer than expected.

It was hard to find the hard atmosphere when I saw it on the news.

“Sit down, would you like a cup of tea?”

“Oh, thank you.”

“I juice. laugh… !”

Ain’s sudden murmur.

Seohyun squeezed Ain’s hand and made him shut his mouth.

In exchange for permission to accompany him, he seemed to have already forgotten his promise not to say anything unnecessary.

Whoa, I took a small deep breath and remembered my true purpose for coming here.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho said he knew how to bring Louise to life.

When Seohyun guessed what kind of method it would be.

“Two cups of tea and orange juice.”

“Thank you, Richie.”

A woman named Riche, who appeared to be an assistant, placed three teacups on the table.

It was at that moment that Seohyun felt uncomfortable.

‘hmm… ?’

The woman’s hand movements as she placed the teacup were so neat.

There seemed to be no superfluity in the movements of the fingertips.

And he was holding the bottom of the teacup, which looked very hot, with his bare hands.

The moment our eyes met, Seohyun suddenly thought that her eyes were twinkling.

Like a jewel made of metal.

‘Wait, no way… .’

A premonition crossed Seohyun’s mind.

Is what I’m thinking right now? really… ?

Kwon Dae-ho, noticing the change in his expression, sipped his tea with a light smile.

“Looks like you found it.”

“… !”

“Well, it’s not a secret. Tell me what you feel.”

Seohyun looked at Kwon Dae-ho and Leeche alternately before carefully opening her mouth.

“Are you Android?”

“Um, that’s not it… Androids must be made of exactly the same material as humans. Since the lychee is a mixture of metal and organic matter, you should say ‘cyborg’.”


“Huhuhu, how about it, if it is revealed to the world, there will probably be an uproar?”

“yes… clearly.”

Seohyun doesn’t know what the difference is between an android and a cyborg.

Anyway, what is certain is that the woman in front of me is not a real human being.

At this point, Seohyun could roughly guess how to transfer Louise’s soul.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho’s method is probably similar to what he thought of before!

However, to think that it is possible to create a humanoid robot of this quality already.

While Seohyun was surprised, she naturally admired Kwon Dae-ho’s ability.

At that moment, Kwon Dae-ho’s words continued.

“Unfortunately, it’s not the second generation you think. Liche is a 1.5th generation artificial intelligence.”

“Generation 1.5?”

“Yes. It is impossible even with modern technology to create a cyborg capable of carrying second-generation artificial intelligence.”

“ah… .”

Seohyun let out a shallow sigh.

Kwon Dae-ho’s words meant he couldn’t bring Louise out of the world after all.

“It’s impossible with current technology, but… .”

“… ?”

“It’s not impossible in a few years’ time. Related research is almost finished.”

“Ah, then… !”


take a break

Kwon Dae-ho’s mouth opened slowly as he glanced at Seohyun’s gaze.

“There is no guarantee that I will help you. It takes about three state-of-the-art quantum computers to construct one second-generation artificial intelligence, but making the main body is more difficult than that. It will probably cost an astronomical amount.”

“… ?”

Seohyun slightly narrowed her eyes.

It was because it was difficult to grasp the intentions of the other person who kept changing his words.

‘What the hell are you trying to say?’

An awkward silence ensued.

Hehehe, Kwon Dae-ho let out a small laugh.

“How was it, was it fun?”

“yes… ?”

“I was joking, I didn’t even need to call you if I was just going to talk nonsense like this.”

“Ah yes… .”

Seohyun tried hard to calm the confusion.

Did they say that there is a paper difference between a genius and an idiot?

From the first meeting, Kwon Dae-ho left a strong impression of being a geek.


Kwon Dae-ho treated Seohyun and Ah-in to a meal.

The restaurant he reserved was one that Seohyun also knew.

Throughout the meal, Kwon Dae-ho muttered useless stories and burst out laughing to himself.

Ain was only focused on food, so it was only up to Seohyeon to agree with him.

“So when I tried using artificial intelligence myself, it worked better than most of my subordinates. If the unit price had been cheaper, I would have fired Robert and Marie right away.”

“Um, I will.”

Seohyun expected a different story, but the topic she wanted didn’t come out.

Kwon Dae-ho continued to bring up miscellaneous stories that Seohyun was not interested in.

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you this. You were a user of Asura Online.”

“you’re right.”

“Do you know why I chose Asura Online as the base for the simulator?”

A sudden question.

Seohyun was able to answer calmly.

It was because I read information related to Kwon Dae-ho several times in communities and columns.

According to the contents, the reason Daeho Kwon chose Asura Online is probably… .

“It’s because it’s easier to increase people’s ‘accessibility’ by making it into a game.”

“hmm? is it?”

“I remember the president saying that himself.”

“iced coffee… that’s right.”

Kwon Dae-ho looked up into the air and nodded slowly.

Seohyun gained a bit of confidence and continued with the rest.

“And you added that the reason why ‘Asura Online’ was chosen among countless games is that it has the most attractive world view that will attract people’s interest.”

“Whoops, that’s right… . It was.”

For a moment, Seohyun felt strange.

The words just said were directly uttered by Kwon Dae-ho at a major presentation, but for some reason he seemed unable to remember the words at all.

This is obviously one of two cases.

dementia due to old age

Or you didn’t consider the words you said important to yourself.

“There is a point in that statement. It will be much easier that way to convince the public.”

“… !”

Seohyun swallowed her saliva.

Kwon Dae-ho’s serious expression as he nodded his head didn’t look like he had dementia at all.

Kwon Dae-ho then asked an absurd question.

“Hey, are you good at physics?”

“yes? for now… It is science and engineering.”

“Then you understand to some extent.”

Suddenly, he started muttering incomprehensible words.

“Let’s start with the basics first. There are four types of power in the world: The weak force, the strong force, the gravitational force, and the electromagnetic force.”

“… … .”

“But in Asrian, there are five of them with the addition of a type of ‘magical power’. For the purpose of the simulator, it is advantageous to reflect reality as it is, so can you guess why I added seemingly useless power?”

“Umm… .”

Seohyun put her head down and pondered deeply.

I already didn’t quite understand what he meant, but when he said that this was ‘basic’, I had no choice but to show a sign of understanding.

“Because reality will soon change to something similar.”

“… ?”

While Seohyun acted out a meaningful gaze, Kwon Dae-ho’s words continued.

It made no more sense than the previous one.

“You probably know that the universe is constantly expanding.”

“that… That’s right.”

“That’s where the problem arises.”

Kwon Dae-ho’s voice lowered.

As if to tell you a very important secret.

“I found that the constant value inside elementary particles changes when the spatial density falls below a certain value. It’s something that will happen to Earth in 432 years. A fifth force will emerge and all the existing laws of physics will be abolished.”

“… !”

“In a word, the Earth changes into a completely different environment. I guess that would be humanity’s greatest crisis.”

“that… !”

New words continued to come out of Kwon Dae-ho’s mouth as if he had stopped breathing.

“Asrian is a simulator to prepare for that disaster. Do you know what magic engineers are doing now?”

“Yes, of course I know!”

When the information she knew after a long time came out, Seohyun replied confidently.

“They are the ones who move things from reality to Assrian.”

“Right, in other words, researchers working on moving things from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension.”

“… .”

“I want to give mankind an exercise in preparing for disaster. Even if the laws of physics suddenly change one day, wouldn’t it be easier to deal with it because it’s something you’ve experienced once?”


“That’s the reason why I don’t want to interfere with Assrian. If it was a world dominated by developers, would these many companies want to invest? It wouldn’t be natural.”

Huu, Kwon Dae-ho’s explanation continued for a while.

It had been a while since he had a clear expression on his face as he continued to speak.

“Well, preparing for disasters is the job of later generations, so you don’t have to worry about these things.”

“hmm… .”

“Rather, stabilization is important, so it’s better to enjoy the game normally. For that, I am grateful to you.”

“yes… ?”

“I expected that it would take at least 10 years for Asrian to stabilize, but you have already reached the end of that process.”

And it was at that moment that Kwon Dae-ho brought up the main topic.

“You wrote an interesting expression. You want to transfer the soul of a second-generation artificial intelligence into reality?”

“yes… ?”

“If it’s your request, there’s nothing I won’t do.”

“… !”

“but. On condition that you completely stabilize the world.”

Seohyun stopped breathing for a moment, and Kwon Dae-ho smiled.

“Stabilization is… How much are you talking about?”

“Hmm, I think you know more about the in-game stuff than I do… Shouldn’t we at least surpass the emperor?”

Seohyun and Kwon Daeho exchanged glances for a while.

Even without conversation, we could guess what each other was thinking.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho says that he, the user, should rule the world.

Intervening in the world is because it can buy the antipathy of many researchers and companies.

It’s kind of a quest.

The goal is to reach the top of Asrian, and the reward is… Perhaps the realization of second-generation artificial intelligence.

Yes, it would be difficult to talk about this through messages or phone calls.

Seohyun could understand why he had called her directly.

“Oh, can I give you a hint?”

“yes… ?”

“Isn’t there a quest blocked right now?”

It was toward the end of the meal when Chairman Kwon Dae-ho’s mouth opened again, which he thought was over.

“How to find the last piece of chaos.”

Hyeon widened his eyes when he heard the words he never expected to come out of Kwon Dae-ho’s mouth.

“… !”

“When you think about it, it’s a very simple problem. Have you still not noticed where the nether, the eternal world, and the other are… ?”

It was something that Seohyun couldn’t figure out no matter how much she thought about it.

A smile crept across Kwon Dae-ho’s lips.

“Asrian users log in with their genetic information. And maybe, the last piece is very close to you?”

He looked at Hyun and Ain alternately.

“What do you think will happen if the child you two created connects to Assrian?”

“yes… ?”


A moment of silence ensued.

Even Ain, who was just engrossed in eating and listening to the story, raised his head.

The silence did not last long.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho, who had a mischievous smile on his face, said with a smile.

“It was a joke.”

“… ?”

With Seohyun and Ain facing each other, Chairman Kwon Dae-ho stood up from the table.

They weren’t sure until the end whether he was serious or joking.

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