Hard Carry Support Chapter 398-399-400

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To the end of time (1), To the end of time (2) and To the end of time (3)

Hyeon cautiously asked a question to the being who suddenly transformed from a ghost statue into a girl.

“you… Who is it?”

My brain got confused.

In the netherworld, Shiina was in charge, and in the eternal realm, Nevia was in charge of the first and second attendants, respectively.

And as far as he knows, the third attendant is Ain.

Then, who is this girl who bows down on one knee, calling herself lord?

“also… . The lord of this time doesn’t remember anything.”

After the bow, the girl straightened her knees and stood up.

He introduced himself by folding a huge scythe behind his back.

“My name is Chrono, the priest of chaos.”

‘Chrono… .’

Hyun looked at the girl once again.

At first glance, Chrono, dressed in a black and white priest’s uniform, looked like a god of death.

“Good luck. Today I met the lord in good condition, so I can talk about a lot of things.”

‘today… ?’

Sensing something strange about Chrono’s words, Hyun asked again while canceling the fairy tale.

“Wait, does that mean we’ve met before?”

“Of course.”

With the answer, Chrono continued to explain, and thanks to Hyuneun, I was able to learn more about her identity.

What were the identities of the strange phenomena experienced in the caves of Ufia Island and the ruins of Carinta Island?

“Once again, my master and I do not exist at the same time. To meet the lord, you have to interfere with that world.”

The statue’s eyes move, bloody tears flow, the shadow runs away alone, the door closes when no one is there, and so on.

It is said that such phenomena do not appear as ghosts, but are accompanied by the displacement of the time axis of the place.

In the meantime, Chrono has been revealing his existence through statues, mirrors, and shadows.

“It is not always possible. Interference of time is possible only in the place where the lord’s power resides.”

“That is very fortunate… .”

Ain followed Hyun’s muttering and nodded.

If such strange phenomena would happen on a regular basis, I would have been afraid to play Assrian itself.

Anyway, as explained, Chrono possessed the ability to transcend time and space, albeit under limited conditions.

“But who is Xanthier?”

Ain’s question suddenly came to me at that time.

Chrono turned his gaze to Ain and sent a sorrowful look.

“Oh no, no… . You shouldn’t ask that.”

“Yes… ?”

“Xantie, have you forgotten your name?”


Ain pointed at himself with a finger and gave a puzzled look.

“I have a different name… ?”

“It’s just a fleeting name. It is not the name of the soul. It’s amazing that you brought your master to this place even in such a foolish state. Xantie.”

Chrono answered by shaking his head from side to side.

She seemed to be acquainted not only with Hyeon, but also with Ain.

“We know nothing.”

“Hmm? Do you mean the lord?”

“Tell me in detail without missing anything.”

With Chrono’s explanation that followed, Hyun and Ain were able to grasp unknown information.

Chrono and Xantie.

It is said that the two were originally priests of chaos.

That they managed the cracks of time that exist in the world together.

However, one day, only Xanthi was selected as an attendant of chaos, and after that, it seemed that Chrono remained as the only priest of chaos.

“Right… You lost all your memories.”

Chrono is Xantie… No, looking at Ain, he smiled regretfully.

It would be natural for her to feel sorry for her ex-friends not recognizing her.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Because instead of losing your memory, you got what you wanted so much.”

“What I want… ?”

“okay. You’ve been looking great lately.”

Chrono’s smile narrowed at Ain’s question.

“Ever since you were a priest, you have longed for your lord. That wish has come true, so there will be no regrets.”

“uh… ?”

“What, did you think I wouldn’t watch over my friend? I know all your embarrassing memories.”

“Oh, no, what do you mean… ?”

Ain is suddenly taken aback by Chrono’s words.

I thought I was alone with Hyun, so this and that… I did, but the truth is that someone was watching… ?!

Their voices began to grow louder as they questioned how far they knew.

“… … .”

Hyeonu’s eyes narrowed.

It was because right after hearing Chrono’s words that Ain was a priest of chaos, he fell into his own thoughts.

‘It’s Xantie… .’



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There is no way that Ain actually met Chrono.

Even the character Xantie would be just a virtual existence from the point of view of an ordinary user.

Then, since when did Ain become Xantie?

The first possibility is the awakening quest.

Because he carried out the awakening quest with Ain, it can be said that Xantie’s soul dwells in Ain, but… .

‘Is it because of the job?’

There was a much more likely speculation than that.

‘The job Ain got is related to an NPC named Xantie.’

Hyun was surrounded by doubts.

What was the idea of ​​deception?

At the time of starting Asrian, he and Ain were nothing more than ordinary level 1 users.

Except for the fact that he knew the true name of ‘Kaydrial’, there was no difference between him and tens of millions of users.

However, Gi-Gi gave the first user who said his true name a job related to ‘Chaos’, and gave the second user a job related to ‘Servant of Chaos’.

Giving all the cards he is holding to two players he doesn’t even know?

Giving away two jobs related to chaos without even testing the user’s ‘potential’ is like going all-in without looking at a hand in a gamble on one’s fate.

It is a choice that can never come out if you consider the path of deception that has been walked by choosing only the most certain and stable path.

‘Is there still something I don’t know?’

If the users chosen by Gi-gi weren’t herself and Ain, her plan would never have come true.

I could never imagine that an ordinary user would be able to properly pull out the performance of a supporter or melee mage.

Let alone successful numerous main quests, he probably couldn’t even get close to the main quests.

No, more than that, what if the user you chose quits the game… ? What was Deception thinking when he gave a level 1 user such an important job?

after… . Hyungwon sighed and lifted his head.

I think I need to think more closely about this later.

‘I’ll have to focus on the quest for now.’

Hyun asked Chrono for various information.

Where this place was, what role the priest of chaos had, and what the abilities of chaos were.

“This is Chaos World. It is a timeless space.”

“Chaos world… .”

“I’m here to help my lord test.”

Chrono informed them that they had to pass a test in order to obtain the last Chaos Fragment.

“It won’t be easy, but I believe the owner can do it.”

“Is that test really necessary?”

Hyun asked while recalling memories from the past.

In the second world, Nevia, who was her servant, handed herself the second Chaos Fragment without any test.

After all, isn’t it natural that servants and subordinates provide what the master wants?

In that respect, it can be said that Nebia was a servant who showed true loyalty.

“The last fragment, can’t you just give it to me?”

Hyun thought of eating the quest raw this time too, but…

Rather, Chrono looked at Hyun with a puzzled look and shook his head.

“Impossible. Because this is not me testing my lord.”


“It is a test given by the lord of the future to the lord of the past.”

“The future me… ?”

“Even if you don’t understand it now, you will know what I mean when the test begins.”


As soon as Chrono finished speaking, the alarm sounded.

Hyun quickly checked the quest window.

<Final Awakening Quest: Transcendence>

-Prove your qualifications in the labyrinth of time.

-Are you worthy of inheriting the name of Chaos… .

-Chrono and Xantie will help you on your journey.

(Reward: Third Chaos Fragment)

“I would like to have a more leisurely conversation with my lord, but… .”

Chrono then looked at Hyun.

“Since time is an unstable property, I cannot keep it in this state forever. Now is the time to start testing.”

He opened his mouth again in a meaningful voice.

“Master, are you ready?”


“Then let’s begin.”

Chrono stared blankly at the nodding Hyun, and slowly raised the hand holding the huge scythe.

Before long, the tip of the scythe struck the space with a cheerful sound.


Uung-uuuuuong- A crack like a spider web occurred in the air and a magic circle was formed.

“This… .”

Hyun’s eyes widened when he saw the magic circle.

It was because the shape of the magic circle was quite familiar.

Yes, it was the very magic circle drawn on the save points that existed throughout the Nether.

“Oh, my lord said he couldn’t remember anything, so he must have recognized this.”

Noticing Hyun’s reaction, Chrono murmured in surprise.

“It is a magic that records time. No matter what happens after… Even if the world perishes, we can return to this moment. However, there is one thing to be aware of… .”

“I know.”

Before Chrono finished speaking, Hyun answered first.

“You mean once you record, you can’t go back?”


“I know that much.”

Hyun hadn’t forgotten that fact either.

Since memories of the time of Shiina exist, it was only natural that they would not be able to forget them.

Hyun slowly moved his feet into the magic circle.

[Current time recorded!]

The moment Hyun and Ain both entered the magic circle.

Caang! Chrono’s scythe struck the air again.

This time, not with the tip of the blade, but with the handle.

Whoa-whoop-whoop-. Then, with a loud sound, the surrounding scenery began to change rapidly.

“What did you just do?”

“We are looking for the right coordinates on the time axis.”

“what… ?”

“The time here is very close to the beginning. Would you understand if I said the time right after the universe was created and before the stars were even formed?”

At that question, Hyun shook his head quietly.

Chrono nodded once and continued.

“Well, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. The lord will explain everything you need to know.”

“… … .”

Hearing Chrono’s voice, Hyun looked around.

In the darkness, the fog made of light grains began to move slowly.

They converged into one point, exploded again, and fluctuated.

Hwaaak! Soon, a brilliant light was emitted.

The time around us was rapidly accelerating at a speed that humans could not imagine.

As stars were born, nebulae were formed, and galaxies were created again, the universe in the beginning began to change into something similar to the universe Hyun knew.

“That… .”

Suddenly Ain muttered.

A familiar orb of blue and green glowing in the distance.

“Asline… ?”

With two satellites, it was the appearance of ‘Planet Asura’ that appeared in the teaser video.

and at some point

Whoa! Hyun, Ain, and Chrono began to fall at high speed, emitting intense light.

The scene was as if three satellites were falling towards Asura.

The three beings passed through the air and even crossed the white belt.


[The flow of history accelerates 100 times!]

[Item drop rate and EXP gain increase 100 times!]

[At the end of the journey, please find the last piece… .]

(※Caution: All levels and skills are reset while the test is in progress!)

When they came to their senses, Hyeon and Ain reached the palace where the soft candles were shining.

A very familiar landscape.

It was in the class selection room you enter right after creating a level 1 character.

‘Isn’t this the job selection room?’

Hyun looked at the objects neatly placed in front of his eyes.

Swords, daggers, wands, and crosses are objects that can be changed into warriors, thieves, wizards, and priests, respectively.

You can get a job by touching a piece of equipment.

‘It’s really the same… .”

He felt as if he had returned to the past.

The difference from before was that he was alone before, but now there are three of them, including Ain and Chrono.


Suddenly, Hyun looked around and shook his shoulders.

It was because Ain, who was with him, had disappeared before he knew it.

“Don’t worry, lord.”

As Hyun looked around, Chrono explained the situation.

“Because Xanthi is in the same place as the lord. It’s just that the time axis is slightly different.”

“Oh yeah?”

“If you wait a moment, we will see you again soon.”

“Well, I guess.”

Hyun recalled his memory.

He started Asrian first, followed by Ain.

If I were to recall a scene from the past, I wouldn’t be staying here at the same time.

“however… What’s wrong with your body?”

Hyun, who suddenly looked up and down the Chrono, noticed something strange.

For some reason, her body was translucent like a ghost.

“Ah, is this what you mean?”

Chrono looked down at his body and explained.

“That means I can’t interfere with this world.”

“Interference… ?”

“It literally means. Umm… Can you understand something like a ‘soul’? No one in this world can see me or hear me.”

“hmm. I know roughly what it is.”

Hyun shook his head.

Is it the same as a hologram?

What Chrono can do in this world is to create time magic circles and give advice. It seemed to be both.

When Hyun finished grasping the situation, Chrono’s mouth opened again.

“Actually, there’s one thing I haven’t told you, my lord.”


“In the original world, there is no way for the master to obtain the last fragment of chaos. The lord completely missed the time. Opportunities that have passed will never come back.”

“… !”

Hyun was quite surprised by Chrono’s words.

Did you miss your chance

Doesn’t that mean there is no way to beat the last quest?

“Most things cannot be undone over time. If you don’t seize the opportunity in time, it will disappear in vain… Fortunately, the fragments of chaos that the master is looking for have a little special property.”

“property… ?”

“There are no time constraints on Chaos Shards.”

Chrono muttered as he stirred the air with his scythe.

“I can’t help it. It does not exist in the present, so we have no choice but to bring things from the past.”

“Things of the past… ?”

“that’s right. This is the reason why I have to start this world from the beginning, which the master created by connecting pieces of time.”

Tring! As soon as Chrono’s words were over, the quest was renewed once more.

<Final Awakening Quest: Transcendence>

– In the original world, fragments of chaos do not exist. Because it disappeared a long time ago.

-However, that doesn’t mean the chance to get the last fragment is gone forever.

-Follow Chrono’s advice and retrace your past. Taking a closer look at the things that were overlooked before… .

– You can travel with the attendant (Ain).

“… … .”

Hyun read the message slowly.

Bringing things from the past that don’t exist in the present.

It was absurd from a common sense point of view, but when it came to fragments of chaos ignoring the constraints of time, it seemed that it was possible to deviate from such common sense.

But still doubts remain.

Where are the fragments of chaos?

how can i get to it?

“Well, I don’t understand what you mean right now. That’s natural.”

Chrono said that it was not the time to worry about that yet.

“You have to catch your breath to run long distances. For the time being, the master only needs to focus on growth and acquire strength.”

“until when?”

“Ugh. Until you learn the awakening skill. Before that, you won’t really need my advice.”

‘Awakening… If you’re learning an ultimate skill, is it level 50?”

Hyun calculated roughly.

I don’t know how the flow of time is different, but if it goes by about 100 times faster… Taking level 50 took about 2-3 hours.

“Master, get ready. Soon time will start to pass.”

At Chrono’s words, Hyun noticed that time had stopped.

Come to think of it, Cadrial didn’t appear for a long time after I came to the job selection room.

It means that he was staying in a ‘stopped’ time.

And at that moment, Chrono suddenly asked Hyun.

“Before we start our journey, may I give one piece of advice to my lord?”

“… ? okay.”

Hyun nodded, and Chrono took a deep breath before starting a meaningless story.

“This is a place made up of fragments of time. It’s an unstable world that won’t last long anyway and will soon disappear.”

“… .”

“Whatever the lord does in this world, it has no effect on reality. He had better not have useless attachments.”

“Resentment… ?”

“It means not to think deeply about ethics, morality, or emotions. In order to achieve your goal, you probably shouldn’t hesitate to act against your master’s values.”

“… I will refer to it.”

Hyun swallowed dry saliva.

From Chrono’s meaningful words, it was possible to guess that the path to obtaining the last fragment of chaos would not be smooth.

“That’s all my advice to you.”

Having finished talking like that, Chrono muttered while inserting the scythe.

“I’ll be in for a while because I need a break, but call me anytime you think I need it.”

“When do you need it?”

“When the lord wants to recall the time or record a new time.”


“Then, I will watch over the lord in the nick of time.”

After those words, Chrono’s body slowly began to fade. After a while he completely disappeared.

Now only Hyeon remained in the dark palace.

As soon as Chrono left, a new time began to flow in the new world.


with a brilliant light. An angel wrapped in brilliance appeared before Hyun’s eyes.

“welcome. Existence beyond the dimension!”

The voice of the angel Kayrel.

No, Hyun already knew the angel’s identity.

I never thought I would go through this situation again.

Hyun smiled and spoke the true name of the woman he had a deep relationship with.

“Cadrial… .”

“From now on you… .”

Her voice, like that of a mother, was gradually drowned out by the sound of the wind at the altar and then disappeared like an echo.

The brilliance that was the symbol of the angel went out like a candle.


A pair of beautiful wings shattered like polygon fragments.

The huge statue of an angel that stood in the way also collapsed and scattered into light.

The ensuing angel’s voice was distorted like a modulated voice.

“You know my name? How did you know~?”

And just like that time, Caidrial spread his wings made of black energy again.


After leaving the career choice room.

[congratulations! You have chosen the hidden job, ‘supporter’!]

Hyun let out a self-deprecating laugh while looking at the message log.

Time seems to make people’s hearts very dull.

In the past, that ‘Congratulations!’

No, rather, I was able to realize that I was relying on the job of ‘supporter’ to the extent that I could do without this.

‘It was fun to see Caidrial’s reaction.’

Hyun recalled what had just happened.

Right after getting the right to choose various hidden jobs by revealing the true name of deception.

He didn’t choose a supporter right away and muttered this while examining the surrounding equipment.

“Oh, the job looks good. no, is this okay? Shall we do this?”

Hyun, who said that and looked at the reaction of deception, had to suffer rather than struggle to hold back laughter.

Every time Hyun looked elsewhere, she sneaked away from the podium so that she could see the equipment that was subtly choosing a supporter, and started clearing her throat.

The career selection room is not a place that belongs to the ‘Asrian world view’.

A third space created for the convenience of users, like a duel.

Of course, many of the transcendental powers are sealed, and it is impossible to inflict physical force on the user.

Even if it was the greatest devil in the world, it would have been all about inducing a choice like that.

Only one question remains.

“I have to do this too.”

Dark Red Greatsword.

Caidrial did not show the same reaction as last time when he touched a supporter’s object.

I just added one more word.

“You bastard, where are you from?”

That’s how Caidrial kept their eyes fixed until they couldn’t see each other.

It was a completely different reaction from before, when he laughed like he was shaking.

Besides, I couldn’t ask Caidrial for any information.

“My lord, refrain from useless conversation.”

It was because Chrono’s voice was suddenly heard just as the conversation was about to get longer.

When I later asked why, he replied:

“In this world, it would be better not to be deeply involved with her.”

“If something goes wrong, can’t we turn back the time?”

He answered Hyun’s question with a wry smile.

“Recording and recalling time is not something that can be done infinitely. If time continues to warp, eventually the entire unstable world will shatter.”

“hmm… .”

“The bigger the causality that needs to be changed, the bigger the time axis needs to move, so it’s better not to get involved with the Great Devil.”

From Chrono’s slightly ambiguous explanation, Hyun realized one thing.

That the opportunities are not limitless.

Also, it seemed that the more time they tried to turn back and get rid of the big incident, the faster the chance diminished.

“It is the same with death. When the master dies in this world, time automatically returns to the point of the last recording.”

“It’s not going to be resurrected in two days… .”

It was also a bit disappointing for Hyun.

It was because he had intended to have a long conversation with Gi-gi if there were no restrictions.

No matter how much Gigi spared his words, if he went back in time dozens of times and conducted guided interrogations, he might be able to dig up useful information.

‘Well, I can’t help it.’

Hyun, who came out after choosing a supporter, was able to encounter Ain soon.

As in the past, she also chose ‘Melee Mage’ as her profession.

After completing all the preparations, the hunt began.

From level 1 to level 50!

‘The hunting grounds are spacious everywhere.’

As a result of looking around for a bit, Hyun was able to know that there were only two users in this world, himself and Ain.

And again.

‘The acceleration of time… .’

I was also able to realize the meaning of time passing 100 times faster.

On the surface, everything is normal.

The conversations and movements of the NPCs are no different from usual, so at first glance it seems that the flow of time does not change.

However, the ‘history’ of the invisible place flowed 100 times faster.

Hyun, who returned to the village after hunting the ghost archer for a while, discovered that the date had passed 10 days.

‘I know roughly what the principle is.’

And while independent spaces such as shops and trains stay, they follow the existing time flow.

The same goes for awakening quests.

While Hyeon and Ain obtained ‘Assimilation’ and ‘Determination of Extinction’, respectively, not a single day had passed in this world.

‘Okay, level 50.’

As soon as Hyun learned his ultimate skill, he called Chrono.

To ask what to do next.

“Oh, lord, is it finally over? It took a long time.”

“Does it take long? How many hours has it been?”

“It’s already been three weeks in this world’s time. It must be that you are not used to the flow of time yet. If it had been a little longer, I would have had to turn back time.”

As promised, Chrono told Hyun what to do next.

“It’s just the right time. It is time to go to the Temple of Twilight to meet the darkness.”

“Oh, Louise?”

“Now that’s the name.”

‘Okay, I’ve gotten it once, so it won’t be difficult twice!’

Chrono’s words continued while Hyun was confident about his next mission.

“Now it is time to bring down the darkness.”

“Yes Louise… what… ?”

For a moment, I doubted my ears.

The words that came out of Chrono’s mouth were completely unexpected.

“As your lord knows, the seed of darkness resides in the Temple of Twilight.”

“… … .”

Ignoring Hyun’s reaction, who was shocked and speechless, Chrono shouted firmly.

“We must kill her, by the master’s hand!”


“… .”


“… … .”

“hyeon… ?”


Hyeon, who had been staring blankly at Ain’s question, finally came to his senses and answered.

It was because he needed time to understand what he had just heard.

‘With my own hands, kill Louise… ?’

It might have been possible if it had been in the days of Asura.

At that time, he was no different from a hero of the Celestial Force, so he might have gotten rid of the seeds of darkness without much thought.

But now it’s different. When thinking of Asrian, the person who can never be left out is Louise. Unlike then, I had never even thought of such a thing now.

It’s been a while since Hyun’s mouth opened again.

“why… do you have to kill me?”

“Because that’s the quickest way to establish a position in the sky.”

Chrono answered Hyun’s question.

“The last fragment of chaos exists very close to the sky. It is advantageous for the lord of this world to keep the sky near him.”

“that… go.”

Hyungwon slowly opened his mouth.

It was more like a reflexive murmur than an ‘answer’.

As he spoke, his mind was filled with many thoughts.

okay… To get close to the perforation.

In order to obtain the Chaos Fragments near the Sky… .

Hyun, who repeated the reason why he had to kill Louise several times, suddenly came up with another thought.

Can I kill Louise?

Louise now is probably a child of about ten years old.

Will he be able to wield his sword while facing her face?

“I don’t know if it will comfort my lord… .”

Hyun, who was in confusion, heard Chrono’s voice in his ears.

“The seed of darkness will not die.”

“huh… ?”

“Because the current master doesn’t have the ability to kill her.”

“… … .”

“If I’m wrong, you can turn back time.”

Even after Chrono’s words were finished, Hyun didn’t say anything.

Then the surroundings were enveloped in stillness.

Really? Maybe it’s a lie to reassure me.

am i stupid You said that this place is an unstable world created by connecting fragments of time.

If the world collapses, all beings within it will perish. Isn’t there no need to worry about this?

No, this place is just unstable, not a virtual world.

The laughter and crying of the NPCs should be no different from those of the real Asrian NPCs… .

Numerous thoughts bubbled up and subsided in Hyun’s head.

I couldn’t tell which option was right.

It was Ain’s voice that stopped Hyun’s confused thoughts.

“hyeon… .」

Ain, who was in a fairy tale, could feel Hyeon’s feelings intact.

That’s why he knew better than anyone else that Hyun’s decision was difficult.

“Do whatever Hyun wants.”

“… .」

“Any choice, I will follow the strings.”

“… okay. I will.”

After a long thought, Hyeon’s trembling lips opened.

“Looks like I’ve thrown the lord into confusion.”

Chrono couldn’t hide his sad expression as he looked at Hyun.

He wiggled his fingers for no reason as if he had committed a sin.

“Are you sure you mean it?”

“I can swear.”


I have no choice but to trust my subordinate Chrono here.

The next moment, Hyeon’s gaze turned to the front again in the air.


After making up his mind, Hyun headed to the Temple of Twilight.

In the temple, like that day, an eccentric priest was waiting for someone to arrive.

“ah… Are you a guest?”

Lutia, who was leaning against the railing at the entrance, smiled whitely as she looked at Hyun.

“Aha, you are a user! welcome!”

An encounter pretending to be a coincidence.

Hyun now knew that this was no coincidence.

He knew everything, but pretended not to know, and went along with her will.

Lutia taught me the effects of empathy, and also taught me how to pray.

I already knew everything about it, so it wasn’t very useful.

Time went on and on like that… .

Finally the night of the incident came.

This is the era before Iluna’s solar eclipse orbit was distorted.

Only the bright yellow light of ‘Gluna’, which resembles the earth’s moon, was shining through the window frame.

“… … .”

A chapel with no one in it.

Hyun assimilated into Ain and closed his eyes.

Every time I prayed to Louise, I felt the stuffy feeling of being tightly bound by something.

There, mixed with fear, as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

Prayer is sympathizing with the feelings of the transcendent. I know very well now that this feeling belongs to Louise.

“Are you still not moving?”

“… I have to move.”

Hyeon barely nodded at Ain’s question.

Slowly, I walked towards the direction where my emotions were amplified.

Two men came out of Louise’s room.

“… … .”

Hyun was still standing outside the door.

The facial expression of Caidrial I met earlier was not at all different from that of a human.

Louise is also a second-generation artificial intelligence, so it’s probably the same.

Can I draw my sword if I face her face?

Because of the useless thoughts that keep coming to my mind, I can’t afford to open a visit to Louise.

I’m getting more and more short of breath.

It must have been a sign that the curse was eating away at Louise’s body.

That’s right, after a while, Louise will fall into a moribund state, right?

If I can move, I think it’ll be better after she’s completely unconscious.

That moment when Hyun thought so and decided to wait a little longer.

“… !”

rattle! Hyun suddenly raised his head at the sound of a loud noise coming from inside the door.

Hyun, who eventually opened the door without hesitation,

‘Louise… where is… ?’

I could confirm that the only window in the room was open.

And Louise had already been freed by someone’s hand and was jumping out of the window.

‘Who is that… !’

Hyun’s heart began to beat.

It was an old man he had never seen before who was leading Louise’s hand.

The old man was taking over the role of his former self.

Hyun quickly jumped out of the window.

Indeed, Louise’s speed, which uses the wind to run, was so fast that it could not be seen as a 10-year-old child.

“Let’s go after us too!”


Hyun and Ain secretly caught up with Louise.

From then on, it was a series of events that I remembered.

Louise began to be chased by the unknown masked people, and the old man who ran away with Louise was in a hurry to prevent the masked people’s attack.

‘How’s it going?’

Hyeon ran after them, lost in thought.

Where did I go wrong? no, isn’t that wrong?

Does that mean that the old man would have appeared if he hadn’t stepped up at that time?

The more I thought about it, the more questionable everything was.

If it’s going to be like this, why didn’t anyone help before… !

‘Damn it… !’

Hyun watched the situation from a distance.

The old man was protecting Louise dangerously but safely, and according to history, Louise escapes safely from the masked people.

However, the direction Chrono pointed out was to kill Louise here.

At this rate, I have no choice but to go back in time and go against the plan, right?

However, it is said that going back to a major event that would change the fate of the Great Demon would put a great strain on the stability of this world.

In other words, our goal is to attack Louise until that old man escapes safely!

It doesn’t take a powerful weapon to pierce Louise’s chest.

Hyun took out a suitable long sword from his inventory.

“Hyun, should I… ?”

Ain, who had read Hyun’s inner thoughts as he licked his lips, asked carefully.

“no… I’ll do it.”

Hyeon let out a hot breath and replied.

As I run forward, I feel the eyes of the masked people.

Did he instinctively realize that he was not an ‘enemy’? They didn’t stop them even when they saw this side approaching Louise.

‘I hope you’re right.’

Darkness will not die even if it dies.

At this moment, the only thing floating in Hyun’s head was Chrono’s words.

Hyun continues to pursue Louise and the old man.

‘now… !’

The moment one of the masked men threw a dagger moved.

Flash! A flash of light split the sky.

Hyun cut with his eyes tightly closed, but he knew better than anyone else that the attack would not miss.

Because it was a surprise attack with perfect timing from a perfect blind spot.

There was no way the old man, who was at a loss, could cope with the attacks of only the masked men.


At the same time, a metal sound resonated in the air.

‘… !’

Hyeon realized that his sword could not be swung all the way.

Attack blocked!

Has there ever been a time when the fact that you failed felt so welcome!

But that joy didn’t last long.

In the next moment, Hyeon could witness the being looking at him with expressionless eyes.

The one standing in front of Louise was Lutia.

“you… .”

Lutia looked at Hyeon with expressionless eyes and muttered in a low voice.

“Why did you do that?”

“… … .”

Hyun couldn’t answer that.

Hyeon’s gaze was focused only on Louise, who was stomping her ass with her eyes wide open.

Noticing that gaze, Lutia seemed to have judged that Hyun was still aiming for Louise.

“Why… .”

“My lord, hurry and run away.”

As the murderous voice mingled with Lutia’s voice, Chrono’s voice rang in Hyun’s ears.

“Now, she can’t overdo it. She won’t be able to follow the runaway.”

‘… !’

If you die, you have to start all over again.

I must stab Louise’s chest with these hands again and again.

Recalling that fact, Hyeon quickly came to his senses and began to move his feet.

Quaaaaaa! A huge roar came from behind.

Did Lutia use magic?

If she stepped out, Louise would be safe now.

Lutia’s magic was devastating everything nearby like a typhoon, but Hyun didn’t think of taking care of himself.

Thinking of the look in Louise’s eyes as she looked at her just before the threshold of death, all sorts of complicated thoughts flooded her head.


Shoot Aaaaa!

Heavy rain poured down from the sky.

It was very rare to see such a heavy rain fall in Asura, where the white belt absorbs much of the atmospheric moisture.

What was the weather like today… ?

Hyun, who looked back on memories from a long time ago, soon realized.

My past self had never come out of the dungeon to spend time with Louise.

And since she died in place of Louise in the dungeon, I couldn’t log in for two days.


It was when I was sitting at the entrance of the dungeon and looking up at the sky that a girl with a huge scythe appeared next to me.

I thought it was Ajin, but it was Chrono.

Chrono sat next to Hyun and quietly put his legs together.

Attendants and subordinates sympathize with their masters through the bonds of their souls.

Keeping an eye on it, it seemed like it was unexpected that Hyun would show this kind of reaction.

“My lord, I’ll find another way, so turning back time… ”

“it’s okay.”

Hyun immediately answered Chrono’s question.

“What if I don’t find it? Doing the same thing over and over again is a no-brainer.”

“… .”

Five years have passed since the incident ended.

Ain was tired for a while and fell asleep.

Hyun watched the scenery of the land change with Chrono.

The sun rose and set hundreds of times, and the vegetation around the dungeon grew in an instant.

“What are we going to do next?”

“… It is growth again.”

“until when?”

“Until the next history begins.”

“Huh, history… .”

Hyun nodded at Chrono’s answer.

If the transcendence quest follows the flow of the main quest, the next main mission is the Iluna event.

It was also an incident deeply related to Louise.

So will I ever see Louise again?

“Isn’t it going to be Iluna?”

“no… . No major incidents will happen in Iluna.”

However, Chrono denied Hyun’s words.

“Why… ?”

“Because the case is not necessary.”

For a moment, Hyun did not understand Chrono’s words.

Before asking the meaning, Chrono once again added an explanation.

“Heaven and Abyss, master, which one do you think caused Iluna’s war?”

“huh? Of course, the abyss… .”

Hyun, who was trying to answer the question, realized something strange in an instant.

The Iluna War was the event that put Louise in the greatest danger.

But the current abyss is only deception and the forces of darkness.

Deception is protecting Louise, but can it put Louise in danger… ?

Or that the forces of darkness are putting the beings they serve to the brink of death?

Both can be contradictory.

“wait for a sec… .”

What’s wrong?

Hyun began to slowly reflect on his thoughts.

“It seems that your lord has also found something strange.”

Chrono, noticing that he had realized something, added his words.

“I don’t know if it was in the past. There is no need for the abyss to endanger the darkness now.”

“Previous… ?”

“Yes. There’s no need for an Iluna war in this world.”

take a break

The next target was mentioned in Chrono’s mouth.

“The place where history begins again is the land of darkness… In other words, it is also called the heart of darkness.”

Continued in the next volume

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