Hard Carry Support Chapter 429-430-431

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Decisive Battle (1), Decisive Battle (2) and Decisive Battle (3)

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Hyun calmed down first.

Before activating empathy, it was necessary to push myself to the limit, but now, before the battle, it was necessary to regain reason again.

‘Status window.’

As he chanted inwardly, countless sentences came to mind before Hyun’s eyes.

[While empathy is active, ‘Sword of Darkness’ is changed to ‘Sword of Chaos!]

[‘Sword of Chaos’ is separated from ‘Shadow Shield Lv.9’ and can be used independently!]

[Sword of Chaos]

<All things created from order scatter into disorder as time goes by and eventually return to chaos, so a being that cannot go against time will not be able to disobey the will of chaos.>

– Splits time and space according to the will of the caster.

– You can exercise your will in proportion to the transcendental power you have instilled.

-This skill cannot be enhanced in any other way.

Lasts for -[Empathy/1000] seconds.

(Consumed transcendental power: 1000 ~ ∞)

I didn’t have time to read the description carefully.

When I woke up, an angel was already right in front of me!

Hyun immediately lowered his red greatsword.

What happened in the next moment was beyond my understanding.

‘… what?’

I carefully observed what was happening in front of my eyes.

He just lowered his sword over the angel’s head.

The space was divided by a line drawn vertically.

One side is light, the other side is darkness.

The angel with half of his feet in both worlds, the ground and the underground, remained motionless in the posture of extending his sword.

As if only his time had stopped in this world.

An unmoving angel. It was like a portrait of ‘harmony’ with black and white wings.

And after a while, the dark part of the half disappeared along with the other half of the angel’s body.

dump. Left alone in the world, the other half of the body collapsed like a log that had lost its strength.

Movement around them stopped.

Even though half of the angel’s corpse was scattered with light, everyone’s eyes were focused on the red greatsword in Hyeon’s hand.

A sword that cuts through the world.

The phenomenon caused by that sword was something no one had ever experienced before.

“… … .”

Hyun opened and closed his right hand.

In silence, I calmly read the skill description.

First of all, from the duration of the skill.

The reason why the sword of chaos he made disappeared in only 2-3 seconds seems to be because the duration is too short compared to the sword of darkness.

Well, it doesn’t really matter.

<Transcendence: 15394>

Since empathy was activated, transcendence that I have never seen before is gathering.

Yes, empathy is originally to accept the feelings of everyone in the world.

He was carrying on his back all the humans who served harmony.

Even at this moment, a tremendous amount of empathy will be accumulated, so you will be able to use skills you would not dare to use normally.

No, considering that a certain percentage of the transcendental power automatically decreases every second, she had to waste the transcendental power as much as possible.

Hyun, who had been rolling his head for a while, decided to raise his specs first.

As in Radix Island, stat boost.

[Uses ‘Demi-Myth’ with 5000 Transcendence!]

[caution! Louise’s magic is low!] (-20,395,812)

[The effect of amplification may be weakened! Would you like to proceed? Y/N]


At that moment, a black aura suddenly shook my forehead.

The moment I felt my doubts, someone’s voice flowed through my consciousness.

“I don’t know what it is, but I’ll help you.”

A demonic voice I had heard before.

Hyeon glanced around and saw a man with jet-black wings reaching out to him.

“I will fill in everything that is lacking. Run wild to your heart’s content.”


Hyun nodded.

A demon of the bishop class.

There would be no need to worry if a being with greater demonic energy than Louise at level 400 would provide an infinite supply of demonic energy.

According to the explanation I just read, Magi was not needed to activate the ‘Sword of Chaos’.

‘Blessing’ that strengthens the skill.

A ‘demigod’ that amplifies stats.

After all, these two skills were consumed together with transcendental power.

[Uses ‘Demi-Myth’ with 5000 Transcendence!]

[All stats increase by 500% for 60 seconds!]

‘If you do this… .’

[Uses the ‘Sword of Chaos’ with 5000 transcendental power!]



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‘I can use it much more efficiently.’

Once again, he raised the red greatsword in his hand.

Since the empathy was increased by 6 times, the sword of chaos would not disappear as easily as before.

‘Angelic swordsmanship, strengthening.’

[Strengthen ‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’ with 1000 transcendental power!]

The moment the strings recited inwardly cut through the air.


Literally, space split.

The upper part was divided into white, and the lower part was divided into black by the boundary of the cracks in the air.

The two worlds placed in the same place are actually completely different spaces.

The beings that touched the boundary stopped as if time had stopped, like the angels that were split in half a moment ago.


It was only after the white and black colors were connected to their original state that they began to fall downward as if given time again.

Of course, the attack didn’t stop with one attack.

Whoo! Whoo!

Every time the red sword was drawn, the world continued to split into small pieces.

Horizontally, vertically again, or diagonally!

Before I knew it, the front of the string changed into a black-and-white grid with countless borders drawn on it.

And after a while, after the ‘Sword of Chaos’ duration ends.

On Hyun’s shoulder, countless grains of light were falling softly like misty rain.

“… … .”

Hyeon paused his sword for a moment to assess the situation.

Angels higher than Bishop have not killed that many.

Most of those who disappeared were Servants or low-ranking angels of the plane class.

The high-ranking angels of higher rank seemed to retreat to an unnoticed place as soon as they witnessed the unknown power.

‘Louise… You still haven’t woken up?’

The afterglow of the emotions she felt when she assimilated with the nightmare Louise was still vivid.

Transcendentalists cannot convey empathy to other transcendentalists.

It meant that even if empathy was activated, only the emotions transmitted from Louise would not be alleviated.

Suddenly Hyun became afraid.

Although it was a bold decision on her own, she was anxious about what would happen if Louise never woke up from the curse.

… At least, she hoped that when she returned, her sadness and despair would be alleviated a little.

“Come back.”

Hyeon reverse summoned Louise’s few men.

The summoned monsters turned into jet-black spheres and were sucked into Hyun’s body.

The sword of chaos that cuts off the whole world does not distinguish between Pia and Fia.

It was better to call all of Louise’s men in order not to accidentally kill them.

As the angels and Valkyries fled, and even the monster army disappeared, the battlefield became very quiet.

Turning around, there were only three people left behind.

Salon, Ceseri, and a wounded demon.

‘rest of it… Are they all dead?’

Hyun, who belatedly looked at his friends list, confirmed that Latis’ status had also changed to offline.

There was no way he had closed the connection, so there was a high probability that he died during the war.

The fact that he died, who was capable of surviving, means that he would have sacrificed himself to protect someone.

Since Ain and Tartar were gone, the only survivors of the Shade Guild’s executives were himself and Salon.

Hyeon gave the final instructions to Salon.

“The two follow from a little distance.”

“From afar?”

“Because it might be dangerous to be near me.”

“Um… i get it.”

Salon nodded.

I don’t know what the previous Hyun’s ability was, but I knew at a glance that it wasn’t a battle that I dared to intervene in.

From now on, war is outside of one’s domain.

“And Ceseri.”

“four… !”

“Use this as soon as you get out of Heaven.”

Hyun threw the return scroll to Ceseri.

Since Ceseri is also registered as a member of the Shade Guild, she should be able to return to her private room as soon as she can teleport.

“then. Please follow me.”

Fain! Fain! Hyeon started to move towards the exit of the celestial world bursting with wind.

Perhaps because everyone had fled, there were no more angels or Valkyries standing in their way.

“It is dangerous.”

It was when I crossed the countless rings of light in the aisle that the demon next to me murmured.

“The door to heaven is blocked.”

“what… ?”

The angels fled, but that didn’t mean they didn’t do anything.

Hyun, who had been running for a while, soon realized that he was hovering in the same place.

“Looks like the damn bastards have been bothering you.”

“… … .”

Complex thoughts came to Hyun’s head.

Could the large-scale advent magic have been completed by now?

A bishop, a royal, maybe even a light appeared.

If so, I should have been a little quicker.

“… are you okay.”


“You can still leave.”

After thinking about something for a moment, Hyun turned his gaze toward the wall made of endless loops of light.

<Transcendence: 30195>

I checked the status window again.

The empathy that comes from the ground reaches this place.

The fact that transcendental power continues to gather is proof that the heavens and the earth are connected in some way!

Also, it meant that if it was not a completely different world of good, the wall could be broken down with the power of chaos.

‘The sword of chaos!’

[I use the ‘Sword of Chaos’ with 30000 transcendental power!]

He drew out his red greatsword once again.

For some reason, the color, which had become more intense than before, was now seen as purple instead of red.

“What is that… .”

Perhaps feeling that condensed power, the demon standing next to him involuntarily took a step back.

Angels and demons are sensitive to the power to deal with empathy, or transcendence.

Whoops! I was able to intuit how much power was condensed in the vibrating sword.

“I’m not a complete transcendent… existence… .”

Power beyond common sense wielded by just one human being.

The power contained in the sword that trembled like crazy was such that even the bishop’s devil himself did not dare to deal with it.

‘If this… ‘

Sword of Chaos.

According to the explanation, the sword cuts through space-time.

Also, according to the caster’s will, the power is said to increase infinitely.

If that’s right.

‘I can cut it!’

Hyeon aimed at the empty front and swung his sword horizontally.

It took no force to cut through the air.

I didn’t even hear a sound, and I didn’t even feel like something was caught.

At first glance, it’s nothing but an ordinary sword fight.

However, the result of that trivial gesture was by no means ordinary.

After a while, the silence ends.


The sound of a waterfall like thunder began to be heard.

When the material that made up the celestial wall was scattered, divine mist poured down to restore its original shape.

“It’s open!”

At the same time, Hyun’s eyes flashed.

It was the moment when he witnessed the scene revealed through the cracks in the split heaven.

The pure white clouds spreading through the cracks are definitely the scenery of the sky raised from the ground!

“Hurry up, before it closes!”

However, the divine fog was sealing the broken space in an instant and filling the gap in the celestial world.

Hyun jumped up with all his might before the gap closed completely.

I glanced back and saw the demon flying away, clutching Ceseri and Salon by the neck with both arms.

It is to help the two with relatively low specs escape the heavens.

After seeing the sight, Hyun was relieved and increased his speed.

In order to save the earth that is facing destruction with the power that came like a miracle and a chance that was barely seized!


Antarctic sky bridge defended by the allied forces of dukes.

sky and ground. The victorious period of the tight battle between the sky and the abyss was leaning toward the sky.

It was partly because the commander, Bahimir, was away for a while, but the bigger reason was that the day was starting to dawn.

Most beings of the abyss lose their power during the day.

In particular, the existence of the sun floating in the sky was fatal to the undead monsters or the minions of darkness.

“It’s morning… .”

Scotanatos looked up at the sky.

The glint of his eyes was now dimmed enough to be barely discernible in the sunlight.

“here… until… is it.”

The situation is absolutely worst.

Everywhere you look through the eyes of the rich, you lose. defeat. I saw nothing but defeat.

“again… fall into a long sleep… Sometimes.”

It was at that moment that the change began.

Suddenly, a black half moon rose next to the sun.

A satellite rising in broad daylight?

Is that a black satellite?

It was Scotanatos who first realized the anomalies in the sky.

“That… what… easy?”

Scotanatos’ eyes flickered as he stared at the ‘black half moon’ positioned alongside the sun.

Darkness floating alone among the lights.

Because the pitch-black fragments that hit with the sun were so heterogeneous.

‘That’s not a satellite… .’

Scotanatos soon realized.

The black half moon is gradually increasing in size.

Something unidentified is rapidly approaching this way!

As the crescent moon grew so large that it covered half of the sky, other people fighting around it also noticed the ‘anomaly’.

The pitch-black pieces grow bigger and bigger… .


It swallowed the Antarctic sky bridge whole.

‘What is this… !’

At that moment, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.

It was because the surroundings were covered in pitch black out of nowhere.

To be precise, it wasn’t pitch black.

A place where the black sun beats down and the red air fills.

‘I’m not sure this is… underground… is it… ?’

This was a world all too familiar to the dukes of the abyss.

However, even as the light in his eyes gradually brightened, Scotanatos couldn’t figure out why.

How could the whole world sink without any warning?

‘no… The other side is still above ground… !’

Scotanatos soon discovered a purple border across the sky.

From the boundary, the upper part was divided into light and the lower part was divided into darkness.

But that’s even more incomprehensible.

Of course. No one has ever seen two worlds in the same space.

It was natural to not think that someone’s sword attack would have done this.

At that moment, someone’s murmur echoed through the silence.

“It is darkness… .”

“Hahaha, the darkness has fully regained its power!”


The rumble became a shout and quickly spread throughout the abyss.

The battlefield where the light fades and the darkness rises.

While the morale of the heavens fell to the bottom, the morale of the abyss soared at once, so it was inevitable that the momentum would reverse in an instant.

“… … .”

The eyes of Scotanatos, who kept looking up even in the midst of the commotion, flashed for an instant.

It captures the silhouettes of two demons flying over the purple boundary that divides the ground and the underground.

No, one side was definitely a devil, but the other side was an angel or a demon, so I couldn’t tell.

Since they appeared together, they assumed that they were both demons.

“Yes… army.”

soon realized

Scotanatos, the longest-lived duke, knew some unknown knowledge.

“chaos… is it.”

A transcendent with both wings can become either an angel or a devil depending on the will of the age.

So, that person is Chaos!

Scotanatos, who was coming to that conclusion, thought about something for a while, then shook his head and muttered.

“no… It must be called ‘Harmony’ now.”

thud. The moment Scotanatos stuck his staff into the floor.

A jet-black magic circle began to form at his feet in an instant.

whoop- whoop-

On top of the magic circle where Magi swirls, the Skeleton Duke began offering sacrifices to Harmony.

I hope that my weak power will be of some help.


Immediately after tearing through the heavens by force and escaping.

‘no… !’

Hyun felt his heart drop.

It was because the consciousness transmitted from Louise had rapidly faded.


Even if I shout out to them through soul dialogue, the answer is silent.

I know what magic the royal demon used.

It is a vicious curse that gives you the worst emotions you can imagine.

It is said that most humans are consumed by their nightmares and eventually lose themselves.

Nevertheless, the reason why she asked to cast that dangerous curse was because Louise’s ego far surpassed that of an ordinary human.

Louise was the only one who was fine on Radix Island.

If you have that much mental power, you can easily overcome most nightmares.

But why is Louise’s consciousness gradually sinking?

What kind of fear and despair are eating her soul that she still can’t wake up from?

‘Chit… !’

I want to make Louise rest right now, but I can’t.

Because the biggest medium for maintaining empathy is Louise’s feelings.

As long as there was a possibility that the sympathy would end at the same time as the assimilation was canceled, there was no choice but to continue borrowing Louise’s body.

‘It can’t last long!’

Countless passages open to the sky.

The Archangel of Light will descend through the largest of them.

And the only way to turn the tide of war was to kill the light.

‘Just a little further… !’

He bit his lip and opened the map.

Thanks to the genie’s advice, they were able to find a passage large enough for the archangel to descend in advance.

Afterwards, as soon as he got out of heaven, he was flying at full speed with a demon.

After running for a while, I arrived at the point marked on the map.


Hyun, who found his target, clenched his fists.

over the sea.

A man could be seen looking down at the ground while thousands of Valkyries covered the sky.

<Transcendence: 41059>

The power of empathy is sufficient.

The magic needed for stat amplification and skill enhancement is constantly being supplied.

Aiming at the archangel of light, he lowered his sword with all his might and cut it.

That moment.

Key Yiing-!

A crack has opened in the world.

Like the miracle of Moses, the world was divided into black and white as a pair of waterfalls fell facing each other in the sea that split on both sides.

‘… !’

“… … .”

Above the sky of a world split in half.

In the bright sky, a man who could be said to be beautiful was spreading his huge crystal wings.

Above the sky on the jet-black side, Hyeon, who also had crystal wings, stood stepping on the wind barrier.

The moment their eyes met, the two knew each other’s identity at a glance.

Hyun muttered a name involuntarily.


“… !”

At that moment, the man’s eyes narrowed.

A flash of brilliance shot from his sword, which flashed without warning.

However, it does not reach

The ray of light that had been blasting Hyeon disappeared without a trace of meeting the purple border that existed between the two.

Skipping the world is not included in the properties of light.

“It is a dangerous force.”

The man said to Hyun.

Every time the archangel’s voice echoed on the ground, the waters rose with a hum.

“However, it is a power that cannot be used alone.”

“… … .”

“I must do my best today.”


The moment the sword of light burned white, Hyeon held his breath.

It was because all of a sudden there was a scent all around.

The scent she smelled when Radiette died and Papi was in danger of dying.

That’s right, this is the smell of burning ego.

“I must get rid of you guys.”

“… .”

Hyun doesn’t answer, he just thinks.

you guys… Does that mean you know that there are two of us?

Then the target he really wants to kill is probably Louise.

Because there is no reason for the second-generation artificial intelligence to aim for the life of the user while burning its ego.

Without Louise, this one must be aware of the fact that one cannot use the power of empathy alone.

‘Let’s think… How to win!’

Facing the archangel of light, Hyun took a deep breath.

Emotions conveyed through fairy tales become more unstable as time goes on.

It was now clear that Louise could not wake up alone.

In order to prevent a war on the ground and to save Louise from being swallowed up by the nightmare, she needed to defeat the light as soon as possible.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you can win or not.

I have no choice but to risk everything in this fight because it is the same for me.

“I’ll finish it in one go.”

speedy conclusion. That’s what this side wants too!


It was the next moment when swords collided with each other.


War on the Sea.

In principle, it would be a one-on-one duel, but even calling it a war would not feel out of place because the outcome of the war depended on the victory or defeat between the two.


Thunder roared and the sea overturned again.

The world split dozens or hundreds of times, and the sky was instantly filled with cracks like spider webs.

“Kuh… ! what… Where are you hearing it from?”

“Is the sky about to fall… ?”

At the same time that the fight of those who rivaled the gods began, most of the wars on the ground stopped.

NPCs covered their ears at the eardrum-shattering roar, and users lowered their volume settings.

Drones that relayed the war all over the place flew up into the sky all at once.

Several high-ranking NPCs who led the Arctic defense battle to victory tried to use the fly to reach the turbulent sea, but faced a storm of tremendous divine power and had no choice but to give up their approach soon.

In the meantime, only the magician commander of the Nation of Darkness was able to get close enough and use telescopic magic.

Sight-extending type of magic like clairvoyance.

‘Those guys… .’

It was only for a moment that I was fascinated by the battle taking place in the sky above the sea.

The magician commander quickly took out an advanced communication crystal ball.

Due to the mana storm raging around, it was necessary to create a top-notch barrier in order to activate a simple communication magic.

Whoops. Eventually, the moment the magic circle shines.

The scenes reflected in his eyes began to reflect the same in the crystal ball.

It was the moment when scenes that will remain in history for thousands of years began to be recorded.


[Uses invisibility with 10000 transcendental power!]

[You can completely hide your presence for the duration!]

The invisible sword of chaos split the world.

Cheer up! Like waves speeding over the sea, pitch-black darkness ran through space and engulfed the sky, and the sun above the clouds was also pitch-black.

‘can do.’

Hyun clenched his fists at the complete darkness that dominated the world.

Eliminating the sun is the most effective strategy for dealing with light.

Because the greatest power of the Archangel of Light comes from the sun.

Of course, the opponent wasn’t standing still either.

Archangels have the power to reach their world.


Every time the sword of light cut through the darkness, sunlight broke through the darkness and illuminated the ground.

But that’s within the prefecture’s assumption.

When the sun is exposed, it is only enough to overlay a new darkness.

Fire! The sea, which had brightened for a moment, turned pitch-black once again.

‘You know a little bit about Louise’s feelings, right?’

I wasn’t sure at first, but now I know.

The composition of this fight is very advantageous to you.

Light cannot pierce the boundaries of the world, but the power of chaos can transcend time and space and cut everything.

The problem was that he hadn’t yet succeeded in a single effective attack, but Hyun tried hard to suppress the nervousness welling up in his heart.

‘You don’t have to make mistakes… !’

[Strengthen shadow run with 5000 transcendental power!]

[The movement speed and distance of the next 3 times are greatly increased!]

Hyun put his body in between the spaces.

The moment I came out of the black and white gap, the figure of light hidden in the darkness was revealed.

[Strengthen the angelic swordsmanship with 80000 transcendental power!]


It was the very next moment when the sound that shattered the world resounded.

The sword of chaos cut the world in two.

The black of chaos, which scatters everything into nothingness, cuts down even abstract things that do not have a form, so no one can counter it.

Therefore, it seemed that the Archangel of Light was also enveloped in darkness, but Hyun did not stop attacking and continued to swing his sword towards the front swallowed up by darkness.

In the air, drawing a stroke, stroke by stroke, the space was further divided.

‘Accelerate biorhythm!’

On the surface, he seemed calm, but in reality, Hyun felt his heart was about to explode.

Empathy is a power that humans cannot use.

I had to drive myself into madness because I could only deal with empathy if I was driven mad by the torrent of emotion.

‘To save Louise… .’

Was that so? Even with the absolute existence in front of him, Hyun’s head was full of thoughts about Louise.

Rather than the battle right in front of her eyes, she was more concerned about Louise’s fading consciousness.

Yeah, Louise didn’t have to fight for her life.

No need to be cursed, no reason to have sad nightmares!

The Archangel of Light, if it weren’t for that guy. If I hadn’t made up my mind to incinerate the ground… !

‘I have to kill that guy!’

Power went into Hyun’s hand holding the sword.

If light and darkness cannot coexist in the world, he will choose darkness without hesitation.

That’s why you have no choice but to kill the light that is trying to get rid of the darkness.

It was the moment Hyun, who had made up his mind, was about to start taking action.

Chow ah!

With a roar, the sea on both sides of the string evaporated.

From the cracks in the mangled world, the swordsmanship of light exploded.

Fortunately, Hyun was fine as he was holding the sword of chaos, but he could not stop the chain reaction caused by evaporation.

‘… !’

The moment Hyun opened his eyes, the seawater vaporized in an instant, creating tremendous pressure.


A huge explosion occurred, and Hyun’s body was thrown out of the seat without mercy.

Cheeik! Chiyiik-!

The water vapor seething from all sides instantly rose to a temperature higher than that of the flame, inflicting continuous damage on the flying Hyeon with his body turned upside down.

[3391 damage done!]

[Takes 3715 damage!]

[Takes 3235 damage!]

Even while the damage was accumulating, Hyeon’s eyes only looked at one place.

After a while, the archangel, who had launched a relentless attack in a world dotted with black and white, spread his wings and revealed a silhouette.

That look that still looks goofy.

However, Hyun was able to intuit that his attack had become an effective hit.

It was because he saw the archangel’s eyebrows quiver.

Light’s personality was straight enough to be violent, so there was no possibility that that expression was acting.

‘it’s okay. It works.’

I clenched my fists.

Who dares to injure the body of light?

He was probably the first to break through the power of an archangel.

Although he lacks strength, it was clear that the attack had reached him.

It means that it is also possible to annihilate the Archangel of Light with a human attack, as long as there is enough strength.

‘I can kill you!’

I put my hand on my chest for a moment.

My heart is still beating like crazy.

Hyeon conveyed his apologies to Louise, who was still inside him, and asked her to hold on a little longer.

‘A little further… !’

Hyun, who had finished preparing his mind, used the Retrograde Book of Potential.

The item that restores the user’s skill points to their original state.

[All normal skills have been reset!]

The skill tree became blank in an instant.

As Hyun practiced several times, he filled the two slots with skills in an instant.

In the first slot, essential skills such as Wave of Disabling, Sword of Chaos, and Shadow Run.

And I invested almost all of my points in the second slot and learned just one new skill.

[Prayer for future generations Lv.0]

– Invoke your longing and the nearest future.

-You can gain empathy from future beings for 60 seconds.

-After 60 seconds, the ‘transcendence’ you possess will be marked with a minus (-), and you will not be able to use your transcendental power again until you pay off all your debts!

(※Caution: Be careful not to deviate from history! At the same time, you will lose all of your abilities of chaos, and the phenomena you created with that power will return to their original state…)

<Waiting time for reuse: 1 year>

It is a skill that was created after changing jobs as a chaotic ruler and existed in the ‘time’ tree at the same time.

Hyun had thought about what skills he would use when one day he dealt with empathy.

This is one of the skills I saw then.

It was the only means to instantly eliminate the overwhelming difference in ‘time’ that existed between humans and angels.

“What is it?”

Light’s eyebrows twitched.

It was because the myriad strings connected to the human soul suddenly began to appear.

what did that man do?

The power of chaos was an unknown territory even for the omniscient and omnipotent archangel of light.

“What… .”

Hyun muttered a little and looked at the status window.

The transcendental power that began to fill up in an instant was 100,000… It has already exceeded 1 million.

This is a power given from the future.

The power lent to him by those who serve harmony!

It was a power that could lead to the destruction of this world right away… I didn’t feel particularly uplifted.

It only added to the prudence of having to kill the opponent before the 60 seconds had passed.

“It’s a skill that will get rid of you.”


As soon as he stepped on the air and jumped out, he pulled out the sword of chaos.

The sword body, shimmering in a clear purple light, did not tremble or make a loud hum like before.

It was so quiet that I couldn’t even fathom the power of the sword.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid.

It was said that if you use this skill incorrectly, you will lose the entire power of chaos.

Assrian users, no, how anyone in the world fears that everything they have built will disappear.


‘hang on.’

It didn’t matter now.

Finally, the opportunity to break the long-suffering Louise has arrived.

Yes, I’m just a character, but to Louise, this place is everything.

If I had to choose between the character and Louise, would I have to hesitate?

It’s okay even if I lose everything.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t use the power of chaos again.

If Louise can be saved, I will definitely kill Light no matter what!

‘I’ll save you right away!’

The moment the sword of chaos touches something.


There was a shattering sound and the world went dark.

It sounded like glass breaking or metal grinding.

Seeing that the sea beneath her feet disappeared in an instant, she and the light may have entered a ‘different world’, neither above ground nor underground.


How did you cut it?

I can’t even remember the process of moving myself.

It was because there was no rationality left in my head to worry about detailed controls such as moving and skill order.

Just an instinctive movement.

But one thing was certain.

One way or another, he cut the light with the sword of chaos.


The Archangel of Light is screaming in agony as the upper part of its wing has been torn off.

The wings of the transcendent symbolize the ego.

Because it contains the power accumulated over a long time, it cannot be easily repaired.

That’s why the cutting off of the wings has a greater meaning than the wounds on other parts.

[As a human, you gave the Archangel his first wound!]

[Your achievements will forever be talked about as legends!]

[All stats increase by +30!]

[An angel who has lost its wings will not be able to return to heaven until its wounds are repaired.]

[Your inclination to the abyss… … .]

Messages pouring down the bottom of the screen in an instant.

Hyun ignored all those sentences.

Things that were not necessary for the fight were not even visible.

‘This is not enough.’

The opponent is one of the six pillars that support the world.

To annihilate such a being from the world, a much greater power was needed.

Hyun imagined a longer future.

prayers for posterity.

According to the skill description, he can borrow power from the future he longs for.

So, if you bring all the future months, no, years, to this moment!

[Use 500,000 transcendental power!]

[‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’ has been changed to ‘Primal Sword’!]

(Simplified) : You can cut anything you want to cut, regardless of distance.

[Uses 472,035 transcendental power!]

[Supplier’s magic has been exhausted!]

[‘Wave of neutralization’ has changed to ‘Aura of divine killing’!]

(Simple): Nullifies protection-type powers.

On the way, I realized why the sea had disappeared.

This place is neither above ground nor underground.

The sword of chaos split the phenomenal world and opened the gates of the nether world.

For the first time, embarrassment flashed on Light’s face.

That would just be embarrassing.

Most of his powers will be sealed in this world opened by the power of chaos.

It was because of the Power of Light that Louise avoided the sun for five years and then the sky for another five years.

‘Now you know how f*cking it feels to be swayed by someone else’s power, right?’

Hyun did not stop attacking.

He continued to move, forgetting even the passage of time.

It’s not his specialty to leave it to his instincts, but now that rational thinking is impossible, it seemed like it would be better.

They cut off their arms, their legs, their backs, and even their heads.

Whenever that happened, the light repaired the broken shapes with a strange scream.

He seemed to show what immortality was, as he was recovering from a wound that would have killed him a long time ago if he were a human.

As Hyun began to focus on the wings in earnest, even that reached its limit.

‘This is the last.’

Hyun checked the status window.

Ten seconds remain until the power borrowed from the future disappears.

Finally, I used up all my strength to activate the sword of chaos again.

[The ‘Sword of Chaos’ is activated with 27,185,733 transcendental power!]

I just swung at the light that was twisting in pain.

I was going to follow up right away, but I didn’t have to.

[Lumiteciel, the archangel of light, has fallen asleep in eternal rest!]

[It will be a long time before the next generation of light emerges!]

[Level Up!] X5

It was because they were able to confirm the disappearance of the archangel through the message.

And at that moment, the rupture heard again.

With the shattering of space, Hyeon escaped the Nether and returned to the ground.

It was a dark night all around.

The sea that caused the tsunami is nowhere to be found, and only the sound of trees and grass insects is full.

“ah… .”

Hyun, who suddenly looked up, let out a light moan.

The scenery of the night sky split in half was so beautiful.

The last blow that extinguished the light seemed to break through the borders of the Nether and travel across the white band into space.

Iluna and Gluna floating in the sky were also separated up and down.

If the shattered debris finds a new orbit, Asra now has four moons.

“Hyung, how about that one?!”

I heard Ginny’s voice.

Her voice was a little excited, not like her usual.

“As the gates of heaven close, the angels are disappearing! Even the celestials are retreating!”

Hyun set to reject receiving whispers for a while.

I had more important things to do now.

That is, Louise came to her senses.

It was fortunate. Louise’s consciousness was gradually fading, so I was afraid that she would disappear like this.

thank god. thank god.

It felt a bit strange, but it didn’t matter anyway.

Because such a happy miscalculation was always welcome.

First of all, I must apologize.

No matter how careless it was, it was my fault for suddenly having nightmares.

Pod! Hyun wanted to see Louise’s face so much that he immediately canceled the assimilation.

“hyeon… ?”

Louise still had a dazed expression, as if she hadn’t come to her senses.

He looked around as if he had seen an illusion.

He clasped and opened his hand, then looked up at the sky again.

The satellites split into four were illuminating Louise’s face.

“this is… Isn’t it a dream?”

“… no.”

“really… ? It’s a real string… ?”


Louise reaching out her hand this way.

Hyun let Louise touch his cheek.

Louise’s voice still trembles pitifully, so you’d better not ask what kind of nightmare she had.

Hyun tried to apologize.

About the fact that I ended up casting the curse of the nightmare without even telling you in advance.

But just then.

‘huh… ?’

Hyun held his breath.

It was because black crystal wings were forming behind Louise’s back.

Are the wings of harmony left because the assimilation is less resolved?

For a moment, an absurd delusion came to mind, but there was absolutely no way that would happen.

The pair of wings attached to Louise’s shoulders are definitely pitch-black crystals.

It was the wings of darkness that only the Great Devil could possess.

“Louise… It’s behind you… .”


Just heard the alarm sound.

Hyun felt the sound as loud as thunder.

At the same time, I was overcome with foreboding.

Gulp, Hyun swallowed and read the message.

<The Darkness’s last power was trapped by the Light within its own soul. Darkness was able to get out of the nightmare thanks to the light fading and regaining a part of its self.>

At one point, I felt as if my heart stopped.

<After a while, the final rites begin. Darkness will move to the underworld and fall into a long sleep of 1000 years. In order to prepare to incarnate as a true great devil.>

want to stop

Regardless of that will, the message continued to flow.

<Thank you for your hard work, you who have been with the young darkness all your life. She will never forget you for being loyal to her. Even if she won’t be able to meet you after becoming the archdemon.>

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