Hard Carry Support Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – Ways to Earn Money (1)

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“It’s okay. Let them try copying.”


“Most of them probably don’t even know the basics about moving… I wonder how

long it will take before someone that can imitate me appears.”

Even if his know-how was revealed, and if someone who could imitate him

appeared, it didn’t matter.

To accumulate thousands of combos, you had to give up many things.

It was a way of playing that had many limitations.

Not only that, but the Thief was a weak job for PvP.

If more users that began converting their characters to a combo accumulating one, it meant that they’d just make things easier for him. From Hyun’s point of view, it was as if dangerous opponents were getting out of his way of their own volition.

“Not only that, but accumulating thousands of combo is hard if the opponent isn’t an

undead. These were monsters that didn’t defend themselves; that’s why I was able

to obtain so many combos.”

“Is that way you picked the necromancer’s dungeon…?”


Hyun added something more to his answer at TarrTarr’s mumbling.

“I also used to hunt around this place frequently.”

“You used to…?”

TarrTarr tilted his head at Hyun’s words but soon came to a realization.

“Oh! Were you perhaps an Asra Online user?!”

“Well, yeah.”

TarrTarr was surprised as Hyun answered as if it were nothing.

Asra Online…

It was a game that NFM had offered in Korea, but there wasn’t a lot of information

about it.

After Asrian came out, Asra’s servers had almost immediately closed.

Not only that, but it didn’t have a lot of users, so most top guilds had made great

efforts to incorporate people with experience in Asra.

Finally, TarrTarr understood the doubt he had from the moment he filmed the

Leopard footage up until then.

“I see. That’s why you were so good since the beginning!”

“Okay, calm down. Did you record the video properly?”

“Yes, of course! Just the thought of editing and uploading it is making me excited.”

“Good, but there’s still something we haven’t talked about… And that’s how this

business partnership will work.”


After taking a deep breath, Hyun’s eyes shone.

Why had he let him record footage where he did 1500-count combos?

Hyun rapidly ordered his thoughts.

If he provided the footage and TarrTarr edited and uploaded it. How should they

distribute the earnings?

‘Is eight and two good enough…?’

Of course, he would get eight.

After all, only he would probably be able to provide such high-quality footage.

Thinking about his own worth, maybe he could offer a nine to one.

Hyun decided to get more self-confidence and make a deal.

“In regards to the earnings… Hmm… Maybe we can adjust it in the future, but let’s

start with nine to one.”

“Oh, that? Just take everything.”

“Hmm, yeah. Maybe nine to one was too much… Wait, what?”

Hyun thought for a moment that he’d heard wrong.

—But he hadn’t.

TarrTarr answered while making an innocent smile. If it were him, he would’ve never

imagined answering that.

“While hunting, you’re increasing my levels and getting me new achievements.

That’s more than enough!”

“I… I guess that’s true…?”

“And video editing is my hobby, so as long as many people see it, I’m okay.”

Hyun was moved by what he said.

At first, he’d thought he was just a bothersome little kid, but in reality, he was a nice


He felt ashamed of himself for trying to get as much money as possible.

Hyun quickly added.

“No, but I can’t leave you with nothing. Think of it as a tip. Hmm… Is 10% okay with

you? I’m sure this will also help you to maintain your motivation,” Hyun said with a generous smile.

He could smile because, at the time, he didn’t know how much money that was.

After saying goodbye to Hyun, TarrTarr contacted someone.



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They’d first met in the guild TarrTarr used to belong, and after that incident, he had always offered TarrTarr some advice.

As time went on, Arneng had become a brotherly figure to TarrTarr.

Also, Arneng had a YouTube channel he used to earn money and live.

Thanks to that, he’d given some suggestions to TarrTarr about how to deal with the

footage of another person.

Arn: What? Is that true?

TarrTarr: Yes!

Arneng laughed while talking through the capsule’s messaging system.

TarrTarr’s story began from when he met Hyun and Ain.

It seemed like neither of them even knew that they’d become a viral sensation.

And even after knowing what had happened, they didn’t seem to care about it.

After hearing that you could earn a lot of money with YouTube, the eyes of one of

the two changed, but even that wasn’t enough to grab the other person’s interest.

Arneng laughed at their non-conventional reaction.

Of course, it wasn’t that he thought they were dumb.

It was because he discovered how those people treated the game.

Arn: I see… If you want to reach a level like that, you need to be so immersed in it

that you can’t see anything but the game. I’m sure they’re both weird people.

TarrTarr: Despite having unique personalities, they seemed like nice people.

Arn: Yes, I’m glad. Not only the worst scenario didn’t happen. It seems like you won’t

get into any trouble at all. It’s especially good that you won’t get into trouble because

of the portrait rights.

While talking through the capsule, they soon reached the last topic.

—That he would use Hyun’s footage to edit a video and upload it to YouTube.

But that time, unlike before, he would turn on the monetization!

Arn: Nine to one? Really? Haha, it seems like that friend doesn’t know what he’s worth! Arneng laughed after hearing TarrTarr’s story about how they would distribute the earnings.

Arn: You’ll probably earn more money than me from now on!

TarrTarr: Really?!

Arn: It’s hard to tell since I haven’t seen the footage… But if he can keep the quality

of the fight against the named monster, even 10% should be enough to earn more

than the average salaryman.

Arneng knew about the potential of the two because he’d seen the Leopard video.

He was confident about his skill of judging other users.

Although he was also a top user, those two were probably above the level of a


Even Arneng, who’d seen the footage of many top rankers, had shaken his head

after looking at their videos for the first time.

He thought that, even if he tried hard for many years, he wouldn’t be able to catch up

to them.

A gameplay footage of such a level being uploaded to YouTube?

And on top of that, continuously?

He wasn’t sure how many videos TarrTarr was planning to upload, but he could

imagine the number of views he’d be able to get.

People were always drawn to what was special and the best.

Arn: I’ll give you one tip…

Suddenly, Arneng couldn’t help but make a mischievous smile.

Arn: I’m not sure if you’re going to keep going through this route, but there’s

something you need to know if you’re planning to become a YouTuber.

TarrTarr: What’s that?

Arn: Uploading a video after editing it is okay… But you can get more people’s

attention by splitting the video or creating a narrative. You’ll know what I’m talking

about if you look at my channel. Of course, you shouldn’t exactly copy what I do. It

would help if you thought of your own strategy, but thinking about these topics will

help you develop your own know-how.

Arneng told TarrTarr some suggestions based on his experience.

With his eyes shining, TarrTarr tried to remember every suggestion.

* * *

Those days, Hyun’s routine was defined.

While Ain was online, it was more effective trying to get either an achievement or

doing a quest.

But since she was still in high school, they couldn’t be together for the entire day.

When she wasn’t there, he either stayed on the 3rd floor of the Knight Hall praying,

planned some business with TarrTarr, or focused on EXP farming.

One of the biggest advantages of belonging to the Heavens was that one could

easily reach level 100 just by staying in the Knight Hall.

After a few days, Hyun finally reached his goal.

He was moved by the fact that he was able to reach that point with the Support


[You’ve reached level 100! The job ascension quest has been opened!]

Hyun (Lv. 100)

HP: 5500/5500

Mana: 860/860

Job: Support (Hidden)

Propensity: -62 (Abyss)

[Strength: 25] [Agility: 87] [Vitality: 55] [Magical Power: 86] [Empathy: 249]

<Skill List>

[«One Second Absorption» Lv.8] – <+ Expand>

[«Shield» Lv.0] – <+ Expand>

[«Powerless Wave» Lv.2] – <+ Expand>

[«Wind Barrier» Lv.0] – <+ Expand>

[«Pray» Lv.7] – <+ Expand>

[ You have 64 unused skill points!]


Heavenly Being – <+Expand>

Hyun smiled after checking out his status window.

‘The stats are similar to those of a level 200 user!’

Of course, that was only if the level 200 user had never received an achievement


Considering that most users never received an achievement bonus, Hyun wasn’t


‘I was lucky.’

He was able to increase his stats a lot thanks to having cleared the main quest that

was related to Louise.

All his stats had been increased by 20.

The Support had 5 stats, so they’d gone up by 100 points in total.

It was true that Vitality and Strength weren’t important for the Support, but there

was nothing wrong with having some points in them.

After finishing checking out his stats, he began learning the details about the job


[Job Ascension]

<The Support shines while being together with someone else!>

– You’ve never been with someone stronger than you! This is the perfect opportunity

to prove your existence!

– Get recognition from an NPC that’s over level 100!

– The stronger the NPC you receive recognition is, the stronger power you’ll be able

to awaken! Maybe receiving the recognition of an ‘Angel’ is a possibility? After all,

they’re relatively generous to humans.

[Reward: One of the top Support’s jobs, 1 awakening skill point]

(* You can use the awakening skill point to level up a skill or change it for a new

awakening skill.)

“Get the recognition of an NPC…?”

Hyun tilted his head after checking out the quest’s window.

But the doubts soon disappeared, and he made an unpleasant smile.

“But I’ve already been recognized by a strong NPC!”

The Commander who was in charge of the Knight’s Hall, Ollie.

He was the first one he thought of.

After clearing the ‘Evil’s Seed’ quest, the Hyun and the rest of the part’s recognition amongst the Heaven’s Forces had increased.

The trust Ollie had in them had especially increased a lot.

He was an NPC that was over level 400!

He happened to meet the quest’s pre-requisite.

‘Fufu, this is great. If it weren’t for this, I’d probably have a lot of trouble.’

Hyun laughed at the quest’s description.

Receiving the recognition of an angel was one way of doing it?

Of course, Transcendents like angels or demons were the strongest beings in the


It was better to be recognized by the strongest possible NPC. So going to find either

one of them was probably one way…

‘A way? Don’t joke with me!’

There was no way such important entities could recognize a level 100 Support!

‘There’s no way.’

After reading the word ‘angel’, he thought of Louise, but soon shook his head.

He didn’t know how strong the weak Louise had gotten. He also didn’t know when

he would be able to meet her.

Hyun quickly erased the word ‘angel’ from his head.

Following what the system said exactly was probably dangerous.

Hyun was able to make that decision because he’d suffered too many times from


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