Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 119

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Episode 119

The inside of the tent was spacious. We each took our seats in a more awkward atmosphere than when we were talking on horseback.

Among the group members, Andro, James, Basil, and Dino were close, and Wesley and Mitchell were close.

Originally, they were divided up like that, but it seemed like they all became close after talking on the way. But that was the story of six other people.

There was still a sense of distance between the other group members, Helmut and Asuka.

This is a distance where Asuka can lunge with her fists if she wants to. Everyone took a quick glance.

“Oh, I should have bought a new saddle too! “I thought my butt was going out.”

Fortunately, Asuka didn’t seem to have the energy. Asuka, shivering, unfolded her sleeping bag and lay down on the floor. It looks like she’s about to take a nap when she closes her eyes.

Helmut thought about going out for a moment and looking around the campground.

If the opponent is Black Hawk, he may have prepared a trap. Or approach it directly.

Black Hawk even issued a warning in a cumbersome way. Would you go that far if it were someone you had to defeat before finishing it off?

It was highly likely that the purpose was to suppress the initiative, whether by putting pressure on a deal or having a conversation.

‘I won’t let the Greta Academy students get swept away.’

I don’t want other guys to get caught up in his favor.

There are students here from leading noble families. Even if Black Hawk operates in the shadows, he would not risk turning numerous countries and families in the sun into enemies.

It was an unwritten rule for any organization not to touch Baden. Common sense would dictate that it wouldn’t take that much work to catch just one Helmut.

It was other group members who caught him as he tried to leave.

“Helmut, where are you going?”

“I thought I’d like to get some air for a moment.”

“We’ll have to go out again soon, right?”

“I wanted to get some air too. Shall we go together?”

“me too.”

The way he hurriedly glances at Asuka seems like he doesn’t want to be in the same room as her when he might wake up.

Helmut put his butt back on the sleeping bag.

“I changed my mind.”

The team members quickly took their seats with a smile on their faces. Helmut was not free. That was true as long as he was a dog owner.

But there is nothing bad about it. It won’t be too late to act when everyone is asleep.

‘Everyone is paying more attention to me than I thought.’

That was the problem. But on the other hand, it was also an advantage. It will be difficult to kill Helmut in Black Hawk as well.

Now that the other party had made their presence known, I was excited to see how they would approach me.

‘It’s going to be fun. This hunting outing.’

Helmut closed his eyes, listening to the quiet conversation. It was a short break.


It was about to get dark. A bonfire was burning brightly in the center of the tent. The barbecue party has begun.

Near the bonfire, there was a large log table and chairs for each group, as well as firewood and metal plates to move the fire separately. A tray full of meat, mushrooms, potatoes, etc. was placed on the table.

The students had to cook and eat the food ingredients distributed to each group on their own. It’s not that great of a dish, but it was heaven for a young master who had never grilled meat before.

When everyone was camping, they ate what the attendants gave them without even lifting a finger.

Instructor Alan gave a stern sentence to the hesitant swordsmanship students.

“There is no one to cook food. “If you can’t cook, you have to starve.”

The members of Group 9 looked at each other’s faces. I wondered who would raise their hand saying he was so confident, but unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be anyone like that.

“I’ve seen how it’s done, so I guess I can do it.”

It was Andro who stepped forward first. I don’t know if I’ve seen it somewhere before, but he was stringing seasoned meat and vegetables onto a long iron rod.

The other guys started moving too. The fire was moved to the provided firewood and lit.

“Hey, there! Sparks almost flew. “Be careful.”

“I warn you, I will not treat your wounds unless they are life-threatening.”

Professor Dwayne made a threat as he passed by.

Helmut pondered his role. The members of Group 9 were more proactive than expected. Even Wesley, who subtly hinted that his family was unusual, did the same.


As he looked at the heating iron plate, suspicion suddenly came to Helmut. Maybe it was poisoned from Black Hawk.

“Hey, I’ll touch it later.”

“are you okay.”

Helmut wiped the red-hot iron plate with a towel soaked in water. Come to think of it, if that were the case, he could have poisoned his food.

However, if that happens, everyone in the group will be poisoned, and Black Hawk will not target it that broadly.

‘I did something pointless.’

Helmut soon changed his mind. He didn’t do anything for nothing. As Helmut stepped forward and moved, Asuka, who had been standing still, also began to move.

He wiped the table and spread out the dishes. All that was left to do was place the meat on the nicely heated iron plate.

“Can I just put it up?”

James may have been curious, so as a test, he picked up the meat with tongs and placed it on a metal plate. Crackling!

It should have been spread out wide, but I just laid it there and just looked at it. Because of this, black smoke soon rose.

“Uh, are you riding?”

When I picked it up with tongs, the bottom was burnt black. Embarrassed, he turned the meat over to the other side and left it there. Soon, a strangely shaped dish was completed, with the bottom and top burnt and shriveled.

“You eat that on your own.”

Asuka frowned when she saw that. As Helmut looked at the charred meat, he thought of the Face Mercenaries’ pin for the first time in a long time. It was the first time I missed him.

At that time, Asuka suddenly pushed the other guys away and came forward.

“Hey, get out of here.”

Asuka quickly grilled the meat. The fire was quite strong. She immediately turns it over, cooks it again, and takes it out when the blood has disappeared. In fact, it was a simple task that didn’t even require cooking.



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A large plate was filled next to Asuka, who had grilled vegetables to perfection. After eating the burnt meat, James quickly picked up the plate and carried it away. Asuka slapped her hand away.

“You incompetent children, how can you make a living if you can’t even cook a piece of meat? “You grew up so beautifully.”

“Asuka, you.”

It was a look in his eyes that said he saw it again. After all, he was from a commoner background! It seemed like he was secretly admiring it, but it didn’t mean he was ignoring it. The word ‘commoner’, which had been placed under them all along, was slowly gaining a new place among them.

“Is it delicious?”

“Wow, it was cooked well.”


Asuka shrugged. Aside from the fact that her personality eclipses all of her strengths, Asuka was an all-rounder.

Helmut suddenly saw Asuka again. He scored particularly high on his cooking skills.

The large amount of grilled meat soon disappeared cleanly into everyone’s stomachs. I ate only sandwiches and rode horses all day. I was definitely hungry.

Above all, no one brought snacks or emergency food. Not only did the instructors threaten not to bring it, but it was all confiscated after inspection in the morning.

If you were unlucky enough to be caught in the group that was bad at hunting or cooking, you could have to starve for five whole days.

That doesn’t mean the sturdy students of the swordsmanship department will die.

“Hey guys, I have something good for you.”

Wesley gave a quick glance. What he took out of his arms was a large bottle.

It wasn’t an ordinary drink at first glance. There was a lead brand on the surface.

“It’s Hennessy’s strong drink, right?”

“Wesley, did you bring alcohol?”

“But it’s not just one bottle, is it? to.”

“The children are very greedy. “I barely even brought one bottle.”

Wesley clicked his tongue.

“It’s a strong drink, so if you drink it in small amounts for pleasure, you’ll get the hang of it. If you are weak in alcohol, drink it with water! It will feel like your throat is burning. ”

“Hey, how did you hide it?”

“There is a way. But wait a minute, I guarantee you that Instructor Patricia will definitely conduct a surprise check at least once around this time.”

Wesley was right. Instructor Patricia soon came to their place and sniffed the room to see if it smelled like alcohol.

“Nothing wrong. good.”

Seeing the cries coming from the other side, it looked like someone had been caught and taken away. Instructor Patricia also had a bottle of alcohol in her hand, no matter where she got it from.

After she disappeared, Wesley took out the bottle again. He glanced at his surroundings.

“All the professors are gone, right?”

“I thought you were going to eat. “If you drink it quickly and clean it up, you’ll be fine.”

“He’s talented too. “Why don’t you reveal some of the secrets you’ve been hiding?”

“method? Is there anything difficult? “I got caught because I hid it in my luggage.”

“Where did you hide it?”

Wesley said proudly, flapping his cloak.

“I hid it in my cloak. This cloak has a space expansion spell on the inside pocket, so it can be hidden. “I was worried that Professor Dwayne would use a search spell, but fortunately he didn’t do that.”

I didn’t waste my magic power because I didn’t know what might happen.

Helmut was intrigued. A cloak with a space expansion spell. It was my first time hearing about it.

Come to think of it, Area didn’t seem to have much luggage when traveling. She thought she had put it in the carriage, but she had nothing in her hands when she parted ways with the group. Was that why?

“okay? That’s unusual. I heard that they don’t make clothes like bags because the magic is likely to be damaged if they are torn. “Aren’t only wizards who can repair things wearing them?”

“that’s right. This is a new product. It’s sturdy so it won’t tear if possible. I paid a bit expensive for it. Even if the magic is damaged, it will be easy to repair if you take it to a wizard.”

Wesley smiled proudly and patted his clothes.

“If you look hard, you might find it for sale in Baden, right?”

“How much is it?”

Helmut became interested and asked quietly. Unlike the miscellaneous miscellaneous items Asuka had bought for her holiday hunting excursion, it seemed like a useful item.

I don’t need it right now, but if I run out of money, I was thinking of asking Ethan to get it.

Wesley quietly placed a condition.

“I can tell you, but only if you answer one thing.”

“If only I could answer.”

“Helmut are you from the city? “Where did you learn the sword?”

This is a question I hear a lot. Helmut answered half-heartedly.

“No, I grew up in the woods. “I learned it from the black master.”

“If you grew up in the forest, is it a forest village? “Was Master there?”

“No, that is not a village. There was only one house. “I was raised by Master.”

Actually, the expression “raised” doesn’t quite fit. It is said that the more you step on the grass, the better it grows.

Darian eagerly stepped on Helmut. So much so that he doesn’t die. So enough for him to grow strong.

As a result, Helmut became as strong as a monster. There was no one who could stop him in this camp at Greta Academy. Even if we stop him for a moment, he will not be able to avoid annihilation.

But his monster was quietly breathing inside Helmut. He was neither a slayer nor a monster.

Helmut just hoped that he would be a human being who could blend into this human world.

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