Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 131

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Episode 131

Andro hesitated.

‘Can Asuka fight that guy alone? Even with three people, it was difficult for him to hold on, let alone win.’

But even he knows that James has reached his limit. I also know what Asuka has in mind.

When he stopped moving with James, Fasho pointed out with a sneer.

“I don’t give it too long. “You’d better decide quickly.”

“Go back now. “I have a plan.”

When Asuka forced her chin, Andro reluctantly supported James and backed away.

James was not only bleeding, but also sweating. I needed treatment. Andro gritted his teeth.

There is nothing I can do now. I have no choice but to trust Asuka.

A confrontation between the two took place.

Pasho looked at Asuka while playing with the dagger. As if your weaknesses were obvious.

When I see him acting so carefree, I can see how easy he thinks this is.

There is nothing to be upset about. He is a strong man, and it is natural for a strong man to look down on a weak man. And then you get counterattacked.

‘My heart is pounding.’

One-on-one against such a strong enemy. Asuka had never fought a battle where she might die.

Any plausible plan is bound to be useless once it is put into practice.

But Asuka was determined to succeed.

‘If you fail, you die. ‘Not just me, but those two guys too.’

Because there is no back. And since he decided to fight alone, the responsibility for failure rests solely with him.

The reprieve is over. Fasho lifted the dagger he was holding loosely.

“Being weak means being powerless. You will die feeling your helplessness. “You look prettier than that guy, so I’ll pay more attention to the knife marks.”

“You pervert, stop talking bullshit! “That doesn’t make me scared, does it?”

As Asuka looked disgusted, Fasho let out a low laugh. At the same time, he was immediately attacked by Asuka. The sound of hitting the ground was barely audible.

Asuka watched his movements intently.

In this case, the right to go first belongs to the stronger one. If the weak try to attack rashly, they are bound to give themselves an opportunity and get stabbed in a vital spot. Especially when dealing with assassins like this.

‘I know how to fight someone stronger than me.’

Asuka recalled a memory. Sparring with Charlotte. This was an opponent he had no doubt he would win. However, Dalian dragged on, and it almost ended in a draw.

I remembered her movements at that time. A strategy to not lose against the strong. Light and fast, fights as if running away. I don’t think about winning. Even if you see a gap, you don’t respond. If you keep your movements to a minimum, you will be able to hold on.

The reason Charlotte lost was because she tried to counterattack Asuka.

It’s the opposite of how Asuka has fought before.

But I could do it. I had to do it.

Fasho, who attacked confidently after the offensive began, was clearly strong. His dagger tore Asuka’s collar and cut off his head. But he couldn’t get more than a small scratch.

Asuka’s strength was her quickness. Although he couldn’t counterattack Fasho’s attack, he was able to react.

If you make even one mistake, you die. My senses became sharper.

Fasho felt like he was being dragged along. It was 7 minutes after he started actively attacking. There wasn’t much time left.

Helmut might not come back that quickly, but he decided not to take the risk.

Clean up here within 5 minutes and get out. The plan was formed quite comfortably in my head.

As Fasho’s attack subsided, Asuka took a deep breath.

‘It’s crazy, it’s so f*cking hard. Helmut, you’re going to deal with that bastard alone?’

Not confronting that guy named Helmut was the best decision of Asuka’s life. Fasho, who took a quick step back, said with a sneer.

“Yes, you are quite strong. I admit it. You know how to fight. “Those two guys must feel like an inconvenience.”

But that too is over now. A bright red vis rose up and wrapped his dagger like flames.

The shape of Vis. It was only possible for those who were worthy of being called level 1.


A sword loaded with shaped vis had enough power to shatter swords that were not equipped with it. Even if the sword cannot be broken, it will inflict damage to the opponent with its intangible power itself.

It was like a blade of wind flying past a blocked sword.

‘Wow, crazy!’

The blade of death was flying. Asuka screamed inwardly.


Andro, who was watching, screamed his name. Asuka’s face hardened and Fasho was about to slash the dagger at him.

Jiing. Magical power rose from Asuka’s pocket.

‘Is it magic?’

Fasho stepped back in alarm. But what happened next was something he had never expected.

No, no one here!

-9 trillion! Article 9!

Something was shining bright white inside Asuka’s clothes. Asuka opened her eyes wide.

‘Crystal sphere?’

The crystal ball buzzed and rang loudly.

-Article 9, respond. Where are you now? Is everyone staying safe at the campground?

Asuka muttered.

“Patricia… … “Instructor?”

-Yes, sir. We are currently assessing the current situation of each group. There is nothing wrong, right? Is everyone healthy?

I heard people talking next to me. It looks like Professor Dwayne and Instructor Alan are also there.

‘I can’t believe there is such a variable.’

Fasho widened his eyes. He was aware that the instructors distributed crystal balls to each group.



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I searched the campsite immediately after meeting Helmut, but the crystal ball was not found. He had been eavesdropping on all the conversations taking place at the camp.

I even heard people say that when they took it out to ask for help, they were watching with the intention of shooting an arrow and breaking it, but the crystal ball was lost.

After that, I completely pushed it to the back of my mind. It was a huge mistake that was difficult for a person with thorough knowledge to make.

‘There was a hole in my pocket and I went in.’

Asuka realized. She wore it all the time, took it off when she lay down, and put it back on because she thought it would protect her from stab wounds. That’s such a big help!

Asuka shouted at the top of her voice.

“Instructor! Help me! Here’s a really strong and perverted guy! They said they were from Black Hawk! He’s an assassin targeting Helmut! “They’re going to kill us all too!”

‘This guy!’

Pasho threw a dagger to block the attack, but Asuka narrowly avoided it.

“Save people! mom!”

“Instructor, James is dying! “Please come quickly!”

Andro joined in, tightening his grip on his stomach and raising his voice. It was the first time in my life that I had screamed like this.

– Gentlemen? Is that true? Now at the camp… … .

The next moment, the voice stopped. This is because Fasho’s second dagger hit the crystal ball, not Asuka this time.

“I’ll kill them all before the instructor comes.”

Fasho spoke in a thin voice. Flames erupted from his hands again.

I couldn’t waste any more time. If the instructors come running, it is impossible to kill Helmut as well.

But these guys had to die here. Especially that commoner guy.

‘Kill them and take them out.’

That was his new plan. However, Asuka made good use of the short break given to me.

He put his hand into his bosom, took out a scroll, and tore it towards the rushing Fasho.

A magic scroll that turns the targeted area into a vacuum. And the area Asuka was targeting was in front of her!

This is a scroll that cost quite a lot of money. The effect of the magic was quite useful. In an instant, the atmosphere in the space disappeared.

‘Okay, this is it!’

Because Fasho’s movement to hit and run was fast, I didn’t get the chance to use it. But when he took the opportunity, it worked.

The visualization of Vis was to focus it on the sword, and it was not easy to disperse it in an instant.

Because of that, Fasho was unable to defend against the magic that was cast out of nowhere.


Suddenly, the air that had filled my mouth disappeared. His magic didn’t reach his lungs, but it took his breath away.

There was a difference between holding one’s breath and completely losing air. For an instant, she lost consciousness as if she had been hit on the head. But there was no air to breathe.

Fasho was taken aback by the repeated blows and staggered.

Asuka did not miss the opportunity. His eyes flashed sharply. The sword loaded with vis split the air like a flash of light.

‘Slit your throat.’

The next time this guy comes back, he will die. He cannot live in fear of the assassin’s sword that may strike at any moment. It was a golden opportunity.

Although it was her first time killing someone, Asuka did not hesitate.

Fasho quickly came to his senses. That was when Asuka’s sword rushed right in front of his nose.

Fasho immediately realized that the sword was aiming for his own neck.

‘You can’t do that!’

Protecting vital areas is basic. Fasho gave up his left arm in exchange for his neck. His arm, which momentarily raised the vis, used the bone as a barrier to block Asuka’s sword.

The pain of not being able to breathe is beyond imagination. Because of the difficulty in breathing, I barely felt any pain in my arm.

At that moment when my eyes became white, the air returned. Fasho took a deep breath.

In front of him was Asuka, trying to swing her sword again.

I hurt my arm, but it doesn’t matter. The weak give an opening when they attack.

Pasho flexibly bent his body to avoid the sword and kicked Asuka hard in the stomach.


Asuka’s body flew through the air. The blow was enough to rupture her intestines.

Uddangtang! Asuka was lying around, coughing up blood. Each of Fasho’s attacks was powerful. I’ve just avoided it all so far.

“Rejoice! “You’re the first person I’ve ever wanted to kill so seriously.”

Fasho’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. There was no more room.

But the next moment, Fasho’s body trembled. He looked towards the forest.

In the distance, I saw a tree swaying at an intersection. It approaches this way quickly, skipping tree to tree.

As if it didn’t matter if his approach was discovered, he was coming back at a fast pace. Go Helmut!

Fasho was momentarily conflicted. He was injured. Should he kill Asuka, who is unable to resist, or should he just go ahead?

Fasho’s murderous intent was too strong to just go.

Someone else helped him make his decision. Andro got up and stood with his arms around Asuka. The eyes are filled with firm determination. There was a sword in his hand.

Next in line is the second-chairman.

“Lucky… … Feel so good.”

Fasho spat out as if he was chewing and turned his back.

He failed. Fasho bitterly admitted that fact. But next time you will succeed. None of them will survive then.

Gritting his teeth and promising a future date, Fasho stormed out and disappeared. Even when he ran away, he was incredibly fast.

Not even two minutes after he disappeared, Helmut landed in the campground.

widely! He immediately put Dino down on the floor.

James collapsed, bleeding profusely and barely able to stop the bleeding. Asuka, who had been fighting just a moment ago, fell flat on the floor.

Andro, who came running, looked relieved when he saw that Dino was alive.

Helmut, who understood the condition of the team members at a glance, asked calmly.

“What happened to Fasho?”

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