Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 135

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Episode 135

At that time, an unexpected person walked out from inside the camp. A clear and elegant voice rang out.

“Hello, this is Instructor Alan.”

The gloomy air becomes bright. The silver-haired Area in a pure white robe was standing there. Asuka, who had been sullenly watching the reunion between guardian and ward, opened her eyes wide.

“Area? “Why are you doing this?”

Instructor Alan received the message.

“Is this the area of ​​the magic department? “What’s going on here?”

He didn’t even pay attention to Asuka. Alea smiled so refreshingly that it was fake.

“I happened to be at the academy, and he called me as I was passing by, saying something happened here. “I thought something had happened, so I joined to help.”

Professors in the magic department were either absent or in class because of students who were completing assignments.

Classes at the Faculty of Magic sometimes involve dangerous experiments, so it’s hard to quit in the middle. The only professor who came first because he had time was Luxen. This number is far from sufficient to prepare for an emergency. That’s why I sang Area.

Wizards are very useful beings. Usually, in cases like this, students from higher grades are brought along, but with Area it was a different story. Because he had magic skills beyond that of a senior.

“Then can you take a look at these students?”


They were members of Group 9 who suffered between light and serious injuries, if not serious injuries. Because we did not have the capacity to completely heal everyone, Professor Dwayne also treated them with first aid.

Area approached the members of Group 9 and cast healing magic on them.

“Hey, you’re injured, so you’re getting treatment from Area.”

James looked ecstatic. Even though he is a man, once you see him in front of you, your eyes will be purified. Asuka, who had a nasty temperament, couldn’t help but see him wandering around.

“You bastard, if you have a conscience, go back and stay in the training center except for sleeping! “I almost lost my life fighting with a child who didn’t have any skills!”

When James looked embarrassed, Andro frowned.

“That’s harsh, Asuka. James fought hard too. “You shouldn’t say that to a friend you fought with.”

“I did everything, what did you guys do? “I couldn’t really help, so I was just bleeding in the corner.”

Isn’t it true that camaraderie builds when you cross a mountain together? But at this moment, the same thought came to Andro and James’ minds.

‘You unlucky bastard! ‘I can’t get enough of it.’

They wished that someone would shut up that fluttering snout. However, Instructor Alan, who was nearby, had already left over there. Area glanced at them and approached Helmut.

“Are you okay? “I heard that Black Hawk was targeting you.”

At first glance, concern appeared in his vivid amethyst-colored eyes. Although he was cold to everyone, his attitude was different towards Helmut. At some point things changed.

“I wasn’t really hurt. “I’m just a little tired.”

I wanted to rest. It was a difficult day for Helmut as well.

“Show me your wounds.”

I rolled up my sleeves, revealing scratches and scabbed wounds. Area meticulously performed healing magic.

The moment his hand grazed his arm, Helmut almost grabbed it. His chest tingled.

‘… … ‘Did you have internal injuries?’

He shook Alea off with his words.

“That’s it now, thank you.”

It seems like the vis was raised too much and it became unreasonable. When you see these symptoms appear.

The students of the swordsmanship department who had been summoned by the crystal ball were returning. Until they all returned, Helmut decided to rest. Because I have to ride for a while on the way back.

For now, there was a lull.

Except for group 9, the other group members looked confused as they were called out of nowhere while enjoying their group activities. Other than one person who sprained his ankle jumping from a tree, there were no injuries. However, the hunting outing could not continue at this time when a serious accident occurred.

It has been decided that the entire second year of the swordsmanship department will return to Greta Academy. It would arrive late at night, but it was unavoidable.

Helmut glanced at the captive camp manager. The original camp ranger disguised as Talon is not dead. He had a similar look to Talon, so the instructors would not have known him if they had seen him for the first time in a few years.

When he returned, he fainted in the forest and when he woke up, he said absurdly that two days had passed. He looked too fine to have fainted. An investigation will determine whether he accepted a bribe to give up his position.

Area first returned to movement magic before the swordsmanship department departed. Before he left, he called Helmut aside and asked.

“Helmut, will you go back with me? Instructor Ethan also said that. It would be enough to say that he went first for investigative purposes. “I can even move your horse with me.”

It seems like Ethan paid some attention. Helmut shook his head.

“I can’t leave my team members alone and do that.”

It’s not hard because I rested a bit. Because of that, it seemed a bit unconscionable to leave the group 9 members who were attacked and go back alone. Helmut’s conscience also grew considerably. Above all, Asuka will continue to run rampant. She said she left me alone.

“Well, do whatever you want.”

Area, who had no intention of transporting Group 9 members using movement magic, easily gave up the offer. It wasn’t a very difficult task, but Area wasn’t the type to be that kind to everyone.

As he was about to turn around, he saw Helmut’s new cloak and asked a sharp question.

“Where did you get that cloak? “It’s my first time seeing you.”

Area had a keen eye for insight. Helmut hid his irritation.

“I bought it new.”

“okay? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in the room. Isn’t there a space expansion spell? “It must be expensive and hard to find, right?”

“that’s right. “It looked good so I bought one.”

It is not a common item even in stores in Baden. I was nervous about what to say if I asked more, but Alea just ignored it.


After he left and returned to where the group members were, Asuka asked sullenly.

“Hey, what did Area say?”

“He asked if I wanted to go back together. “I refused.”

“That’s right. But look at how he discriminates against that kid. Didn’t you try to take me back with you without even opening your mouth to me? “It makes me angry to think like that.”

Asuka frowned and lost her temper. He treated me, but it wasn’t something he would say as he never said thank you. Helmut roughly ignored Asuka’s grumbling. Now I’m used to Asuka doing that. He’s full of energy, and he’ll probably curse at Area the whole way back.

After returning, there were a lot of things to solve. But that was the end of the hunting outing.


“Master Talon.”

Fasho cautiously called his superior. He did a few things, including clearing the tracks, and then rode the horse Talon had prepared for him. We had almost left the forest and reached the road. Although they acted boldly, they did not ignore Greta Academy.



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The faculty of Greta Academy is formidable. They will search through the forest to find them. Now that Hawkeye’s existence was revealed, they had to quickly withdraw.

“Why are you doing that? Fasho.”

His superior, Talon, was always calm. Even when he was reprimanded, he never lost his temper.

Although he always acted as heavy as a mountain, he became flexible when necessary. Not only was he difficult to read, but his skills were so strong that Fasho could not measure them. That’s why he was a more fearful and uncomfortable opponent.

“Didn’t you give that boy too much? Talon’s cloak with money and magic, three pieces of information. “It’s too much for him.”

He even took care to send the horse back. Looking at that scene, Fasho’s stomach twisted and he became puzzled. Is there any reason for Talon to care so much about that boy?

“Do you want to say that I paid too much of a price to save you?”

The gentle question pierced Fasho sharply. Fasho did nothing wrong except that he failed his mission. Because he divulged information only at the necessary level.

However, if you fail your mission, it is not strange if you die. It was thanks to Talon’s grace that he survived.

“That’s not it. I will repay the price you paid. but.”

A cold light passed through Fasho’s eyes.

“It has already happened. “Next time, how about killing him properly and retrieving the things given to him?”

I remembered the humiliation I experienced when the mask came off. Fasho was forced to admit that he wanted to kill Helmut.

‘He saw my face.’

Not only because of the insults he inflicted, but also because it was unacceptable for an assassin to show his face. Anyone who saw his face was to be killed.

The question came back again.

“Do you think you almost succeeded?”

Fasho swallowed his answer at those words. Talon doesn’t like bragging.

Helmut’s skills were beyond Fasho’s understanding. The chances of success were low. From the beginning.

“I won’t do that.”

It was a decisive tone.

“Why? If you think that I alone is not enough, you can add more people. “If we mobilize all of Hawkeye’s personnel, we will be able to eliminate him.”

15 years old. Even at such a young age, he is a monster with such skills. Fasho couldn’t imagine what kind of monster that little monster would grow into by the time he graduated from the academy.

Helmut’s skills were a terrible threat to Black Hawk. It must be removed now, while it is still young. Before they grow up and realize the heartlessness of adults, they must be eliminated at a time when they are soft enough to care about the lives of their friends. That was Fasho’s idea.

Talon looked at him and explained carefully.

“You are a useful person. So much so that I tried to save it myself. This time I showed up and no one died. But there’s no way that will happen next time.”

From the beginning, Talon had not planned to show up and support Fasho.

“How many of Hawkeye’s men do you think it will cost to take out that one person? How much does it cost? “Have you thought about it?”

They deal with individuals as a group, and they talk about it as if they are waging war. But Fasho could not answer. It was an opponent that needed to be prepared to that extent in order to be eliminated. The possibility of defeating it without any sacrifice was low.

“Any plan worth considering must be carried out after determining whether it is worth carrying out. My judgment is that Hawkeye cannot be wasted on just that one person. An organization should not be run narrowly like that. If there is a risk, you just have to deal with that risk appropriately.”

“Are you confident you can handle it? He’s against Black Hawk.”

“I watched him closely. Since I said I would give information, I won’t hit Black Hawk unless I have something to take. If you do a favor, he is not the type of person who will repay you with hostility.

Distinguish between Pia. Furthermore, establishing a friendly relationship will be helpful. “That is my judgment.”

So, it meant that he conducted himself in a way that returned the horse and paid him generously.

It also meant that it was not simply a price paid to save Fasho. Talon softened his tone.

“Pasho, focus on recovering your body as soon as you return. “You have a lot of work to do in the future.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Fasho was not convinced. The moment he was about to close his mouth, a fact suddenly occurred to him.

“There is one more thing I want to tell you.”

Fasho told him exactly what he had realized as he fled from the camp. Talon stroked his chin with a thoughtful expression.

“That’s an interesting story. It’s disguised as a commoner… … It’s a prank that high-ranking people sometimes do. I’ll have to look into that. “I have a guess.”

There was a strange look in his eyes.

“I will return quickly.”

Talon kicked the horse’s side. Fasho also spurred on. Hee hee hee! The two horses were quickly running away along the road. From the forest. And from the pursuer.

The relationship between Black Hawk and Helmut will not end with this.

The sun was still shining brightly above the lush green forest. It was still midday.

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