Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 138

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Episode 138

When they almost reached the training ground, Helmut ran into her. It really was a coincidence. For a moment, Helmut flinched as he remembered Area, who had warned him to be careful.


Charlotte greeted me with a puzzled expression. She is so enthusiastic that I come to her training center this early in the morning. Not only does she have outstanding talent, she does not neglect her efforts. The two had many similarities, not only in appearance.

“… … “Are you here to practice?”

“Yes, yes! “I’ll just go now.”

Charlotte lowered her head and disappeared as if she was being chased. Helmut narrowed his eyebrows. They act as if they have committed a crime. why?

‘Well, at Greta Academy… … .’

There are rules that you cannot ask or say. Helmut recalled Charlotte’s reaction. When he asked her, ‘Do you know Marguerite Irene?’ she said.

“No, I don’t know. Senior, if you ask something like that according to Academy rules… … .”

I kept looking around as if I was embarrassed. Charlotte is not good at lying. That gave Helmut confidence. That she and the woman with that name have a very close relationship.

At once, numerous questions poured out and got stuck in my throat. Is he alive? Where is it? How do you live? Are you healthy? yourself… … Do you remember? However, the torrent was blocked by reason. A dark bud presence grabbed his tongue.


All that came out of Helmut’s mouth was a brief response.

“Forget I asked. “It’s no big deal.”

I found the answer faster than I thought. Charlotte, she was the answer. Helmut looked back on what he knew about Charlotte.

Probably the child of a fairly influential noble family. He is undoubtedly a nobleman. If she maintained her noble status, her parents would too.

If so, he would still be alive. I thought of finding them as something in the distant future. I subconsciously thought that it would be as difficult and arduous a process as leaving the forest of digging.

However, Helmut had no idea what to do with the clue that fell so easily before his eyes.

‘Because it’s blood… … .’

They have lived separately their whole lives. All I remember is that brief moment when I was a baby. Even the voice calling his own name is faint. Will his mother be happy that her child, whom she thought was dead, has come back alive? or not?

‘If the child with the sprout of darkness comes back, you might not like it.’

The temple knows that Marguerite Irene gave birth to a child with a seed of darkness. If she were to have a son out of nowhere, she would have doubts.

It was likely that his family consisted of more than just one mother. Although she was the only one Helmut remembered, it was impossible for his mother to have given birth to him alone.

father, brothers and relatives. Speaking of nobles, there are probably more than one person who is related by blood.

‘We can’t put them in danger.’

He couldn’t let even his classmates from the swordsmanship department, whom he only passed by, die because of him. He does not want his appearance to bring misfortune to them.

Helmut suddenly realized something. He realized that the reason he couldn’t ignore Dino, Andro, and James was because of the situation they were in.

It was a similar situation to Helmut being thrown into the Forest of Pahe as a baby. Although he had not committed any crime, he was in danger of death.

Helmut felt deep down that it was unfair. Moreover, since he was the one who put them in danger, he could not ignore them.

The cause of Helmut being thrown into the forest is the sprout of darkness and the temple. Helmut knows that he cannot turn back the past, and that even if he does, nothing will change.

But the future could change. He could think, judge and fight here. That he had sprouts of darkness was not an insurmountable reality.

Helmut survived the forest of Pahe, came out, and now stands in the human world. As Archmage Antiol said, one day he will master even this power.

But that’s the future. As of now, he is not strong enough to be safe.

There is no time that is completely safe. But is now a good time to take the risk of revealing his identity?

Helmut pondered, but soon came up with an answer.

‘Not yet.’

He is not ready to fight against the temple yet. If given the right opportunity, I wouldn’t miss it. It was too early for him to start looking for himself.

And now the final exams were approaching.


“Everyone pay attention! “I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about the practical exam for the final exam, right?”

It was a day before final exams. At the end of class, instructor Alan stood with his hands on his hips and explained the practical test. After hearing the story, all the swordsmanship students became very excited.

“Illusion magic?”

“It’s amazing. “It will be fun.”

“Is this a test that emphasizes application skills and practical experience?”

“The opponent is a monster? “Don’t those with weak hearts faint when they see this?”

Helmut quietly reflected on Professor Allan’s words amidst the commotion.

Inside the academy, there is a large dome-shaped building. The exam is held there. It is an elaborate and sturdy building containing the essence of all kinds of magic. When you enter it and the test begins, the monster is materialized through magic. Although it is an illusion, it has almost the same form and speed as the real thing.

If you make it incapable of fighting by cutting it or stabbing it in a vital spot, the monster will disappear. The magic-embodied monster will look quite lifelike, but it cannot actually hit us. However, if you are hit by a monster in an area that could be fatally injured, the test will end immediately.

The test consisted of a total of 10 stages. At first, easy monsters appear, but then more difficult monsters appear. Your test score was determined based on how you fought against the monster and how high you reached.

They said that even at the 2nd grade level, level 4 would be difficult. Since it is also a test of practical skills, students go inside with their true swords.

“There is a caveat. It’s okay to use vis, but don’t swing your sword at the wall and damage property. Unless you want to be cursed by the magic school professors. Do you understand?”


Asuka, who was listening to the explanation, spoke up.

“Like Xian said, I think it will be fun. it is not so?”


“Are you confident? You’re fighting monsters. Don’t you think there will be some really terrible people out there? “My heart is pounding.”

Asuka narrowed her eyes and made a fuss. Helmut recalled the monkey monster he saw when requesting a convoy, which chewed people alive. If it’s terrible, that’s what it must look like. How many steps will that take? At the level of second graders, about 15 people would have to stick together. One or two of them will die.

is not it. We could all die. If you add up each individual strength, you will be stronger than him, but this is not arithmetic and is a completely different problem. Basically, you shouldn’t allow him to attack.

‘If it’s Elaga, it’s level 10? No, I can’t even implement it with their level of magic.’

Helmut thought of a leopard the size of a house that ruled the central area of ​​Pahe Forest. Although her personality was sloppy, Elaga was extremely strong. Even when Helmut gritted his teeth and attacked, he hit it with his tail and rolled it to the floor.

Now he is stronger. He wonders how much the gap between them has narrowed now. Helmut decided not to think about it. Because it just makes me feel worse.

‘I must have become stronger because I ate Naho.’

Originally, Elaga had a bit more advantage over Naho. Since one of Na-ho’s heads is missing, he has no doubts about his victory.

Just as Ella believes that Helmut may have escaped from the Forest of Pahe.

‘Anyway, if I reach a higher level here, I will be able to widen the score gap with Asuka.’



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It was a welcome testing method. Helmut hoped to produce a monster that was as difficult and strong as possible. Asuka had never fought a monster before. It seemed like she wouldn’t be there. And his guess was correct.

“Ai, but what if someone who looks completely ugly or disgusting appears? “You might be embarrassed.”

“You fight well with people.”

Helmut suddenly remembered Fasho’s face. That was more disgusting to him.

“Are humans and monsters the same? People are small and easy-going to begin with. Monsters have teeth like this too! “Isn’t that how you scream so viciously?”

When Asuka showed her teeth and groaned, the guys on the other side who were about to burst into laughter quickly covered their mouths. Even if she acts cute or is funny, she is Asuka. The mad dog’s notoriety is not dead yet.

“… … There’s nothing to be afraid of. “It’s not like I’m actually dying.”

Sometimes there are people who are stronger than monsters. Humans are cunning and sometimes fight in ways that monsters do not.

“I guess you’ve had some fights with monsters. “Calmly.”


I fought a lot. That’s probably a monster that’s level 10 or higher based on the test. Asuka’s eyes sparkled. It’s an expression of interest.

“Hey, what on earth have you been doing for a living, doing all the things that other people can’t do?”

“It’s the opposite. “I made a living by doing what other people have done.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s go get lunch.”

Helmut gestured and moved his feet first. I had to cut it off at an appropriate level, otherwise they would keep asking me questions. Asuka grumbled and followed after her.

“Being expensive. You’re trying to hide your past like you’re screwed. “I wonder if this is a feat nominated by some temple.”

“… … .”

It was Asuka with sharp corners.


Around midnight, Helmut encountered Area, who had returned early that day. When I thanked him for giving me the note, he somehow turned his head away.

“I got good grades, so I have to maintain them. “You came in on the recommendation of an instructor.”


Helmut did not ask whether the exam preparations were going well. It was a funny question for the head of the magic department. Area is probably doing well.

Conversely, Area asked.

“How are your exam preparations going?”

When Helmut spoke about the practical exam for the swordsmanship department, Area tilted her head.

“Illusion magic test? “We do that too.”

“Do you also work as a wizard?”

“There is a saying that even for wizards, practical experience is important, so we do the same. It’s harder on our side. Monsters have better reflexes than ordinary people, and magic requires time to be implemented.”

So usually swordsmen and wizards went in pairs. Several swordsmen and one wizard. So, in the swordsmanship department, they jokingly referred to the composition as a princess and a knight.

“Don’t you have to pass 10 steps to get a perfect score?”

I don’t know what the level is, but the facility itself is a facility where even upper grades take exams. No matter how much Area is, it doesn’t seem like he has much practical experience. I wonder if Area’s record of perfect scores in all subjects will be broken.

“According to the standards of the Faculty of Magic, if you reach the highest level of relative evaluation, you get a perfect score. And there is no one who can reach a higher level than me.”

Area snorted and declared.

“But Xian has a spirit. “Isn’t it enough to get to a high level on the exam?”

At those words, Alea’s expression changed slightly.

“You have a point.”

No matter how clever Xian was, it seemed unlikely that he would remain at a lower level than Xian. But Area doesn’t let down her guard. That was the secret to his being the top student and maintaining perfect scores in all his subjects.

“That makes perfect sense… … .”

Area’s muttering eyes turned cold. It was a face that felt chilly for some reason. Helmut wondered if he had said something for nothing.


“Area suddenly starts ignoring me. Do you know why?”

The next day, Sian, who we met at the dormitory, asked Helmut with a serious expression.

“I guess you’re feeling sensitive ahead of a new test. “I heard it’s a difficult test for wizards.”

If you make a mistake or make a mistake in your magic, the test can end immediately. Area rarely makes mistakes, but the competition was quite strong.

The Spirit of Cyan could think, so it was different from magic that just shot out as the caster calculated. Because I will be able to attack at will. Easy to deal with unexpected situations. Because of that, he was able to have an advantage in this test more than he thought.

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