Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 146

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Episode 146

“… … .”

Uselessly sharp. Helmut had no hobby of being discovered. Michael continued speaking refreshingly.

“My sister is also attending the academy. “If you were attending the Academy in Baden, we might have met you.”

It was a somewhat unpleasant sound. I hoped it wasn’t Greta Academy that my sister was attending. My appearance has changed so much, but I’m not sure I’ll be caught.

Michael sat down on the chair in front of Helmut.

“How old is Hyde?”


He said he raised his age by one year. The same as the participation application form submitted to the martial arts venue.

“I am fourteen years old. Because I am weak, I cannot lift the sword. That’s why I like martial arts. “You can feel the dynamic energy of prosecutors fighting fiercely with each other.”

Michael said enviously. What does it feel like to have a weak body? Helmut, who was strong from birth, did not understand.

“Of course, that’s not why I came to this Basor Kingdom. Although I have a weak body, I like my brain. “It is the noble family’s job to bring in useful talent.”

Helmut knew that if a fourteen-year-old boy was going out to recruit talent, he would be recognized for his insight in the family.

‘Is he the heir of some kind of family?’

He just said he was a noble, but did not say what kind of noble he was. Michael grinned.

“I need to rest now. The right side of the room is for you. You can leave things as you like. Because I won’t touch it. Is there anything else you need to decide?”

Given the structure of the room, it would be okay to divide it that way. There were also two bathrooms. Important items were left in the cloak anyway. You don’t have to worry about anyone touching it.

“I will use the vacant lot in front. “You can use it there when I’m not there.”

“You need a training center. “I do that.”

After walking around in the hot sunlight all day, I also wanted to rest. My body was drenched in sweat. It would be nice to be able to cast a cleanliness spell, but I heard there are no commercially available artifacts.

‘I should have asked the dean for that function as well.’

In many ways, I felt regretful.

I thought the conversation would end like this, but Michael suddenly spoke.

“Actually, I pick people. “I don’t offer this to just anyone.”

“… … .”

“This may sound strange, but I feel strangely familiar with Hyde.”

Helmut almost said yes. He was like that too.

‘I guess I have blonde hair and blue eyes now.’

Because they look similar. Otherwise, I was surrounded by good-looking guys at the academy?

It was difficult for even Helmut to explain the natural friendliness he felt towards this strange guy. So he did not agree.

‘Strange guy.’

That was Helmut’s judgment about Michael.


Helmut added his assessment of Michael within a day. Michael was a generous guy.

If you want to eat properly at this expensive inn, which costs 2,000 marks per night, it costs a lot of money. Since he was responsible for the meal, Michael suggested it to Helmut around lunchtime the next day.

“Would you like to eat with us, Hyde?”

Michael rarely walked around, perhaps because what he said about his weak body was true. He slept soundly and quietly and only woke up late in the morning.

When he proposed, Helmut was also practicing his sword, having postponed visiting the royal capital ahead of the martial arts competition.


“Which would you like? “If there’s anything I want to eat, I can eat it as much as I want.”

Helmut didn’t know much about Basor’s food. I told them to roughly order, and soon a plentiful table was prepared for five people.

The employees diligently carried food into the room. Michael gently pushed the food in front of Helmut.

“Because I’m a bit of a picky eater.”

If Asuka had seen him crunching each bite at a time, she would have wanted to slap the boy on the back of his head for eating so badly.

However, no matter how you look at it, Michael behaved as he was supposed to. It’s strange that a body like that can eat well.

On the other hand, Helmut ate everything well. He almost cooked 4.5 meals by himself.

‘It tastes good, but this is a bit much.’

Anyway, if you swing the sword, it will be digested soon. As I was about to get up, Michael asked me a question.

“Are you going to continue training until the martial arts competition? “You work hard.”

I knew that Michael had taken a peek. Anyway, whether it’s a martial arts club or something else, I can only use sword techniques for public use, so there’s no need to hide my training.

Darian’s swordsmanship had been practiced throughout his life, so it was necessary to give more emphasis to the common swordsmanship. Because you might face a first-class mercenary-level opponent.

Helmut answered indifferently.


There is only one other thing to do. Helmut was waiting for a call from Talon.

When you receive a call, you must go to the mercenary guild and receive documents.

I thought it was unlikely that the documents would arrive before he arrived. It will take some time for Talon to complete its investigation. You can transfer documents using magic.

“How about going out with me? “Now that I’ve finally arrived at Basor’s royal capital, I’d like to take a look around.”

“Are you not alert?”

It seems like we suddenly became close friends after sleeping in the same room for one night. It was strange that I ignored all of my attendants and went out of my way to eat with Helmut.

“I told you yesterday.”

“Is it friendliness or something? What do you believe in and make such an offer to me who you saw yesterday?”

Asuka is the type to follow one’s senses without taking action. Helmut pondered whether he seemed so easy-going. He may be a stranger, but is that enough to warrant not being suspicious?

“You don’t have to find it difficult. He’s going to participate in a martial arts club, and he’s not interested in me. Then it won’t harm me. Besides, I’m an academy student. “I’m not trying to cause any trouble.”

“Think whatever you like. But I also have some advice.”

Helmut stood up and coldly added,

“Your judgment may not be right. “It is good to minimize risk.”



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“I’ll keep this advice in mind.”

Michael answered with a calm face. She seems to be from a fairly wealthy noble family, but I don’t know why she’s pretending to be friendly. Helmut left him and went out to the training room.

When I came to my senses after concentrating on the sword, it was already evening. Seeing that the lights were off in the room, it seemed that Michael, who had said he was going out, had not returned yet.

A humming sound was heard from the cloak placed in one corner. Helmut realized that the news he had been waiting for had arrived. When I took out the crystal ball, Talon’s voice came out.

“I have delivered the documents.”


“Are you planning on participating in a martial arts competition?”

After hesitating for a moment, Helmut answered.

“that’s right.”

“Interesting. In this martial arts competition, the youngest member of Basor to join the Knights of Palma will participate. “You may not be the only one who can do it, but you are a genius who can embody Vis even though you are only 18 years old.”


Helmut was already able to embody Vis at the age of 13. Even if his opponent was able to shape Vis before he was 18 years old, he was no match for Helmut. I guess it won’t be boring if we actually get together.

Helmut also knew about the Knights of Palma. The strongest knights in Basor. It is a small elite group of less than 30 members, and all of the knights can embody Vis.

The authority of the Knight Commander of Palma is so great that even the king cannot treat him carelessly.

“He is also the bloodline of the missing sword saint Darian Defert.”

Helmut was startled by the next words.

“Blood of the Sword Saint?”

Helmut quickly remembered what Darian had said. He said he had children. He was the only son born to his wife who died young due to illness.

But Darian said that because he was dead, he left no descendants. Darian wanted his son to choose the path of the sword, but strangely enough, his son had no talent.

Darian was a strict and cold teacher even to his own children, and his son was a student who fell far short of expectations.

Darian’s son, who suffered from his father’s harsh discipline, disappeared one day, leaving behind only a letter of resentment saying he would leave for a foreign country and find his own life. Darian treated him like a dead person.

‘Weak guy. There’s no way that half-pun could escape my shadow and live properly.’

But that was a guess close to Darian’s certainty, not the truth. Helmut realized it.

“This is a fact that is virtually unknown in Bashor except for the king and other high-ranking officials. We also learned this through this investigation. He passed the exam to join the Palma Knights about eight months ago and revealed himself as the great-grandson of Sword Saint Darian.”

‘As expected, was that son still alive?’

If she had lived and had children, she would have seen grandchildren, considering her age. In other words, Darian’s great-grandson.

Helmut almost asked how he could prove that he was Darian’s great-grandson.

But if you ask that, it means that Helmut already knows that Darian’s son left Basor. It was very difficult for him to pretend not to know.

‘Darian was treated like a dead person, so I guess Basor also believed that.’

Helmut changed the question.

“You said it was your great-grandson. Why doesn’t the Knights of Palma recognize the great-grandson of the Sword Saint?”

“It is said that the son of the Sword Saint broke away from the Sword Saint and secretly left for a foreign country. It seems like Geomseong treated him like a dead child. “He changed his name and lived in hiding in the country he settled in, so it’s worth it.”

Now it was okay to ask questions.

“How did you prove that the man from the Palma Knights is the great-grandson of the Sword Saint?”

“Swordsmanship, and my grandfather’s identity card. And even though several generations have passed, it is said that his face resembles a portrait of Geomseong when he was young.”

It’s swordsmanship… … . Darian’s swordsmanship may not be perfect, but it will remain in some of the Knights of Palma.

The perfect swordsmanship belonged only to Helmut. He believed so, but he didn’t know it would be there for Darion’s son too.

Even if I abandoned my path as a swordsman, if Darian’s son had recorded the swordsmanship I learned and passed it on to his talented grandson.

‘That’s interesting.’

If he’s Darian’s great-grandson, he’s a bit distant, but he’s still related. How about sticking together? The spirit of victory arose.

Helmut pretended not to know and asked one more question.

“What happened to the fact that the Sword Saint went missing?”

“I heard that there was a cub left behind by Scorpion, the monster that ruled the desert, so I went to kill it and it went missing in the desert. “It is well known externally.”

‘A cub?’

In the forest of Pahe, monsters were slow to reproduce. High-level monsters like Elaga were so self-conscious that they did not reproduce. Reproduction was an instinct pursued by creatures with a limited lifespan.

This is outside the Forest of Pahe, and considering that fact, Scorpion would not have been a very great level monster.

However, it could be difficult to kill a guy with a lot of subordinates in the special environment of the desert. The bastard may be weaker than the original, but it’s a pretty good excuse to take down Darian.

“If so, what about confidentially?”

Sword Saint Darian seems to be quite a famous person here in Bashor, so even if you are curious about him, he won’t be viewed as suspicious.

“There is a theory that the temple intervened and removed it. They say the absence of a high-ranking priest was detected in the Lumen Temple. This theory makes sense. The Sword Saint is a being who exerts almost god-like influence in Basor. “He personally killed the desert monsters that had been neglected in the temple, and was not pleased with the temple’s involvement in Basor.”


“If you want, I can look into it more deeply. “If you use up one more of the two opportunities left to you.”

“That’s enough.”

I was trying to secretly clear up the information, but I wasn’t willing to just let it go.

First of all, he knows the name of the traitor. I knew roughly, if not in detail, how the process worked.

Darian was taken to the desert, where he fell into a trap.

“I’ll think about the information I’ll ask next.”

“It doesn’t matter when. “Please contact me when necessary.”

Talon concluded his speech neatly. Helmut pushed the unlit crystal ball into his cloak.

The vacant lot where sword training was soon filled with silence. The day was already getting dark.

Helmut stood still, lost in thought. It was time to gather in my head the information Talon had given me.

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