Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 148

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Episode 148

Helmut, who went on stage after being called, raised his eyebrows. There was something on the other side that caught my eye. He moved his head right towards it.


It looks like I’m really here to cheer you on, as promised. No, that won’t necessarily be the case. Anyway, it was only when Helmut came here that he found out that he was in the first group. While watching the martial arts competition, if you see Helmut, you will also cheer him on.

It was a head seat close to the stage, shaded like a tent. Dressed in white, with blonde hair and white skin. Michael stood out like a white dove in a flock of crows.

Michael often complained, but since he was used to it, his condition seemed to quickly recover after a day’s rest. He’s healthier than first thought, and he looked fine when he came out this morning.

He lightly raised his hand towards Helmut. It was both noble and noble of him to not pretend to know that the person he was rooting for was on stage.

Soon Helmut’s opponent came on stage. It’s a familiar face. The other person pretended to know first.

“I am a jackal. This is the guy I saw a few days ago. “This is good luck.”

‘You’re lucky today.’

Helmut agreed in his heart. He remembered that name. When he submitted his application for participation in a martial arts competition, he was the one who started a fight with him.

We naturally don’t remember those who are weak, but we must not forget those who have something to pay in return.

“The fight ends when one shouts surrender or when one side determines that they are unable to fight. There is no time limit. “You can start as soon as the bell rings.”


Helmut muttered. I thought about causing some pain, but that would be a hassle.

“I need to finish it quickly.”

“What are you talking about? “You little one!”

The jackal’s face distorted. The ears appear to be pierced. It’s a waste of time to even waste time dealing with such a small bastard.

Dang! A short, heavy bell rang. Helmut moved like a flash of light. A sword that traversed the air as if not receiving atmospheric resistance. Suddenly. The cool noise that follows.

The confrontation ended in an instant.

A moment of silence, and then.


A loud cheer came from the audience.


The jackal opened his eyes and grabbed his empty forearm. It was an unbelievable reality. His arm holding the sword was lying on the floor, sprinkling blood. With a single sword!

‘What the hell happened!’

The jackal wasn’t the only one who didn’t know that. I thought something flashed and the fight was over.

The crowd who saw the blood became excited and chanted the name Hyde like crazy.

Hyde! Hyde! Hyde!

Even amid the shouts that filled the air, Helmut remained calm and alone on stage.

A handsome boy with blond hair and blue eyes. The reversal shown by this boy with an appearance that was looked down upon in Basor was truly shocking.

The audience here welcomed the appearance of a strong person with all their voices. A new strongman who will make this martial arts event interesting!

“That’s great.”

Michael muttered leisurely.

“I did a good job stopping you that day, Robert.”

“… … “I never thought a boy named Hyd would have such skills.”

Michael’s escort, Robert, let out a sigh. He wasn’t the only guard, but against someone of his caliber, it would have been difficult to take care of Michael’s safety when a fight broke out. I almost put the person serving me in danger.

“They say my eyes are trustworthy.”

Robert knew what Michael’s eyes meant. This is the look in your eyes when you have something you want. And Michael had an extraordinary talent for getting what he wanted.

“This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

“We have to figure it out slowly. “There is still plenty of time.”

Michael smiled brightly. He had a smile that didn’t make sense.

The preliminaries that day ended neatly. It was by Helmut standards. In Helmut’s two battles, the opponents’ skills were similar.

It is said that both ended in one blow.

Only the second opponent was in better condition. Even if you are in a bad condition, you will be treated because you are a martial arts contestant.

‘I don’t have a game tomorrow.’

In an instant, competitors diminished. We played two games today.

After each group plays one day, take a day off in the middle, and five days later, play two more games.

There was no need to think deeply. All you have to do is stick to it and beat it down.

‘More than that, are the guys at Greta Academy’s swordsmanship department of a higher standard than I thought?’

Helmut tilted his head. The two guys who competed today seemed to have skills similar to the average level of second-year swordsmanship students.

Helmut reevaluated his classmates. Of course, due to the difference in experience, it may be different in actual combat, but in terms of pure skill, it is worth comparing with those who participate in Basor’s martial arts club.

‘Well, I said a lot of them came from sword families.’

If you look at it that way, it makes sense. Greta Academy is one of the most prestigious schools, with admission through a rigorous exam.

There were numerous people who came from sword families and had been trained since childhood. Since he must have faithfully built up one basic skill, he can stand alongside the martial arts attendees who appear to be relatively unpolished.

At Basor’s martial arts club, there were a few boys who looked like academy students, but they seemed to be older than Helmut.

If you are a second-year student, you are still young, so you will focus more on training rather than coming all the way to Basor to attend a martial arts competition.

‘It’s difficult to run into someone you know, but it’s a good thing.’

It would be difficult to recognize the disguised Helmut unless you were in the same grade with whom you saw each other every day, and unless you had a keen eye for attention.


Helmut, who returned to his lodgings, encountered Michael, who had returned earlier.

Even though it was in the shade, the rising geothermal heat was hot. Michael’s face was red and he looked like he was going to be sick tomorrow. He spoke in a soft voice.

“Hyde, you were amazing today. “It was rewarding to cheer.”

“… … “You talk like that.”

I wanted to point out that it was too itchy. But I think I’m already getting used to it. I felt slightly better. Is it because of the contrast effect?

Here in Basor, where everyone was anxious not to look down on him, Michael was the only person who treated him well from the beginning.



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‘I guess this is how they win favor.’

It’s okay if you don’t go over it, but it’s true that even though you’re wary, your mind softens anyway. Most people will just die.

‘Asuka is a dog, Alea is a cat, this guy… … .’

Helmut found the answer. fox. If you are a merchant, it is understandable that this happens.

“Does your family run something like a top?”


“… … Otherwise, that’s okay.”

“I guess Hyde is curious about me now. “I guess we’ve gotten closer, right?”

Oh, so I got goosebumps. When she saw her brightly smiling face, her fists tightened.

In another sense, it is an opponent that tests your patience. A man as weak as glass who shouldn’t be hit even by mistake.

It was a new type. Just as the question paper for the four-six-choice format has become the multiple-choice question paper.

“I look forward to advancing to the finals. “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel well, so I won’t be able to eat with you.”

Michael knew like a ghost when to take it out. In fact, it looked like it was in bad condition.

“I eat as much as I want.”

In a strange way, I felt like I was becoming accustomed to eating. Maybe that’s why he can’t do anything about Michael. The food at this luxurious inn was on par with Kudrow Mansion.


Michael went into the room, and Helmut quietly enjoyed his meal. Because the game ended so easily, there was almost no physical loss.

Among today’s participants, there is probably no one who played the game so effortlessly. I finished it in one day, so I didn’t reveal anything that could be caught.

‘Now that I think about it, there’s something you need to pay attention to.’

As soon as he finished eating, Helmut returned to the room.

Michael was sleeping, wheezing. He slept well, and his movements were without disturbance.

Perhaps it was intentional, but Helmut and his attendants rarely clashed.

The only thing that was inconvenient about sharing a room with him was that I no longer had my own space except for the vacant lot outside.

Helmut glanced at the sleeping Michael and then sat down on the sofa on his side. He immediately took out the documents he had received from the mercenary guild.

‘I need to keep this in mind today.’

It is a thick document totaling three volumes that requires reading with as much concentration as when studying for an exam.

I postponed it to prepare for the preliminaries. I had guessed it when I went to apply, but considering the skills of the competitors, there was no chance that Helmut would not advance to the finals.

The document briefly mentioned the personality, status, authority, family relationships, inclinations, political relationships, etc. of the person investigated.

Helmut’s gaze, which had been reading all along, suddenly stopped at one place.

‘Commander of the Knights of Palma.’

Palma, the best knights of the Basor Kingdom once commanded by Darian. The name of the knight commander there seemed familiar.

Darian did not know how many people had participated in banishing him to the Forest of Pahe. It wasn’t clear why they did it.

I just assumed that they would have been bothered by the presence of the Sword Saint, who had a huge influence on Basor. Considering his self-righteous nature, Darian probably did not pay much attention to the flow around him before he was betrayed.

What drove Darian into the Forest of Pahe was a fatal trap. As a prosecutor, he has reached the extreme level and his mind has become clouded after taking a poison strong enough to affect even those with immune systems. Vis oppressed by divine magic. A trap in the desert with no one to help.

Vis and spirit interact. That’s why you can’t properly operate the Vis with a clouded mind. There were as many as three high-ranking priests mobilized to subdue him. Each one is of the level of an archmage.

The reason Darian didn’t notice anything was because he trusted him. Because of that trust, Darian was betrayed.

The only one he singled out as a traitor.

‘Lutus Cicero.’

He was the deputy commander of the Knights of Palma at the time.

‘Darian disappeared and he became the commander of the Knights of Palma.’

He may have had the skills, but it’s worth considering backroom deals. Therefore, there was a high possibility that those who benefited from Darian’s disappearance were traitors.

Sharing deep secrets that should be left in the past is effective in maintaining relationships. Other traitors are probably still close to the Knight Commander of Palma.

‘I guess I can’t ask Talon to look up information from 20 years ago.’

That would reveal too much. I thought it would be better to walk around and sneakily obtain information.

Basor favors the strong. He heard that many powerful people approach the finalists of martial arts competitions. Sometimes, recruitment comes from the knights.

The only problem is that Helmut has never done that kind of work. He was very vulnerable to treating people with friendliness.

It was harder for Helmut to become as friendly as Michael than it was for him to reach the level of Darian.

‘Even if we find out the traitors, there’s nothing we can do right away.’

The leader of the Knights of Palma would be a formidable person, higher than Talon. There is no guarantee that he or others can be easily manipulated.

‘But even if it’s not you, there are people around you.’

Helmut’s eyes turned cold.

Humans are not creatures that live alone. Family, or people you cherish. Even though they are benefiting from the Knight Commander of Palma, they cannot be free from the bondage of revenge just because they are innocent.

Revenge is about brutally trampling on the other person. You shouldn’t overlook the situation.

According to documents investigated by Talon, the Commander of the Knights of Palma had a family. Wife, son, daughter and even grandchildren. The adage of being tolerant of the weak does not work in this case.

‘… … I’ll have to find out. ‘Decide later.’

I was most looking forward to the day when I would meet Darian’s great-grandson at this martial arts event.

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