Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 150

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Episode 150

Does his grandfather still have feelings for Darian? Even the talented Helmut was treated badly, so I could only imagine how Darian’s talentless son would have been treated.

Since he was his biological son, he would have been treated more harshly as if he were his own property. It would be nice to say that I harbored a grudge against him, to the point where he kicked me out and broke off my relationship.

“I heard you use the swordsmanship of a swordsman.”

“You know that too? My father is not interested in swords, but I have been talented since I was young… … I learned it from my grandfather. “My grandfather was not a knight, but he trained his body regularly and remembers swordsmanship.”

He stopped talking and shook his head.

“Well, anyway, if it’s not a rumor, I’d like you to keep it quiet. He is a descendant of the Sword Saint, so he doesn’t want to attract attention. I am Luke Yeager, and I will be recognized for who I am. “The Commander of the Knights of Palma hopes so too.”

‘Does the knight commander really want him to remain silent for that reason?’


The boy answered with a strange nuance. Luke frowned.

“More than that, why do I have to say this to a guy I’ve never seen before?”

“There might be a reason for that.”

I instinctively sensed that this was someone I needed to talk to. I think I’m holding my words pretty well at this level. Helmut was pleased with his own learning ability. Michael also served as a reference.

Luke looked Helmut’s face up and down.

“More than that, if you were a woman, you would have been my ideal type. “It’s a shame.”

He seemed very sorry that it wasn’t the case. Helmut faced him without raising an eyebrow.

“You know quite a lot about me. “Why are you interested in me?”

“I’m interested in swordsmanship. “About his swordsmanship and descendants.”

It was still too early to bring up the story about the Knight Commander of Palma. I don’t want Darian’s descendants to die after being stabbed in the back, so I’ll have to say something.

“I hate attention from men. But you see.”

“When you say you look after yourself, you say it to someone who is weaker than you.”

Helmut smiled slightly. He had a smile that felt arrogant. Only then did Luke realize who the young guy in front of him was.

“Yes, Hyde. “You said you showed particularly outstanding skills among the preliminaries, right?”

“I probably would have finished the game faster than you.”

“You’re being sassy. “If you have skills, arrogance is not a sin.”

Luke calmly accepted the words. Is it because they are not Basoreans? He doesn’t show any aggression towards Helmut. He seemed to be from an aristocratic family, but he spoke subtly and seemed to have an easy-going personality.

Memories are glorified. Even more so are the memories of lions. But Helmut’s memory is not old enough to be glorified.

Darian’s great-grandson had a much better personality than Darian. Although he was a gentle Helmut, he did not know that Darian was a violent and stubborn old man.

So my mind was made up.

“If you need any help, let me know. “I will help you even if it is dangerous at least once.”

Luke frowned.

“What are you talking about? “Why am I asking you for help?”

“I’ll tell you about that later.”

“I have no interest in playing riddles. “He’s the kind of person with an impatient nature who wants to get an answer from the other person, even if it means holding him by the collar and interrogating him.”

“But you will have to decide who will grab you by the collar and interrogate you.”

“Hey, you know me well, right? Will you tell me if I win the game? Things you said to me out of the blue. “What is the reason?”

“It would be better not to impose such conditions. Even if we fight, I will win.”

Luke’s brow twitched. It seems that the spirit of victory is slowly gaining momentum. No matter how good the grades were, a person this strong had a lot of pride.

But before he could say anything more, a wave of enthusiasm swept over him. Someone had entered the tent.

I felt a mountain-like energy coming from the man standing against the backlight. His skin tingled, and his hand automatically reached for the sword. A call filled with authority and power trembled in the air.

“Luke Yeager!”

“Knight Commander.”

Luke bowed his head. An older man with a solemn face came up and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Congratulations on advancing to the finals.”

“It’s not a place where the Knight Commander would come in person, but you’re coming to a place like this.”

“I was constantly watching the martial arts show. There are a lot of guys who take it for granted that they start from the finals. “Your attitude sets a good example for them.”

“That is an overstatement.”

Luke seems to be a noble as well. Helmut looked closely at the relationship between the two as they talked.

‘This is the commander of the Knights of Palma.’

Lutus Cicero. To call him a traitor, he felt like a standard knight. He had the authority of a knight commander and his tone of voice was serious.

However, at this age and status, he would be good at hiding his true colors.

‘Luke Yeager respects interest.’

Strength cannot be measured. I guess it’s because he’s the knight commander of a powerful country like Basor. The energy is unusual, but it is closed as if there is a wall inside. It means that you can completely control your energy.

Helmut changed his disdain for him. Just because he’s a traitor doesn’t mean he’s weak.

Lutus Cicero’s gaze returned to him.

“Finalist, Hyde. Is that correct?”


“You’re using magic. “Is it to hide your identity?”

‘After all, you can’t hide it from someone with this level of skill.’


Helmut neatly admitted. Fortunately, Knight Commander Palma did not ask for the magic to be removed. The qualification to participate in this martial arts competition is skill. He rested his chin and stared at Helmut.

“I saw you fighting. “What do you think about joining the Knights of Palma?”

It was a sudden question. Luke opened his eyes wide.

“Knight Commander!”

“I’ve never thought about it.”

“Think about it further. Until the martial arts event ends.”



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After expressing his intention succinctly, he turned his back.

“I look forward to seeing both of them perform well in the finals.”

As soon as he left, I was out of breath. An opponent who naturally creates tension.

‘It will be stronger than Talon.’

It’s not a guess, it’s a certainty.

“You seem really talented. “It’s rare for a knight commander to show interest in this guy.”

Luke’s face showed interest. I don’t think I feel jealous. Helmut asked in passing.

“I guess the Commander of the Knights of Palma cares about you.”

Even though Palma is an order of knights made up of only the elite of the elite, it would not be common for the leader of the knights to personally offer encouragement to a single member.

“Ah, is that so? Actually, I didn’t mean to reveal it, but he was the first to find out that I used my great-grandfather’s swordsmanship. From then on, it seems like they’ve been paying close attention to me. “I also believe that I am a swordsman with skills that the Knight Commander can respect.”

‘I felt guilty, or… … To hide your hostility?’

It was important whether it was the former or the latter.

“What did you say about the Sword Saint?”

“You said he was someone you had been serving for a long time. “He suddenly disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown, but he said he was happy to meet me.”

Luke’s gaze, which had been looking upward as if reminiscing, wavered for a moment.

“Now that I think about it, he also recommended that it wouldn’t be too late to reveal that I am the great-grandson of the Sword Saint after I have sufficiently proven my skills. “He said this martial arts event would also be a good opportunity.”

My hunch leans toward the latter. The moment Lutus Cicero saw his great-grandson who resembled Darian, memories from 20 years ago must have vividly come back to him.

When those in power are exposed to a mistake, they try to erase it.

“all right. “Where are you staying?”

The look in his eyes was as if he was asking me this question because of what he was doing. At this point, it’s easy for her to feel suspicious.

“… … For now, I’m staying at the Knights of Palma’s lodgings. My mansion is still under construction. “Why, do you have something to do with me?”

I had errands to run, but the timing was still delicate. What should I reveal? Helmut decided to postpone it until later.

“I’m staying at the Golden Leaf Inn. “I look forward to the day when we can face each other in a match.”

“Okay, cheer up. “You might not be able to come up until you meet me, right?”

“You’re talking about something that won’t happen.”

“He’s a confident guy. In addition to me, there are members of the Knights of Palma in the finals… … .”

Helmut turned his back on the grumbling man. It’s Darian’s blood. The feeling was new. It was even more so because he resembled Darian.

‘Michael must have gone back.’

There were no games left. If you go around anyway, you’ll only get into trouble. You must not cause trouble during the martial arts competition. Helmut went straight back to the inn.


Michael returned a little later. It looks like he watched the martial arts show a little more.

“I was shocked that he disappeared like that.”

It was a voice so sad that it aroused even the sense of guilt that was not there.

“I had some business to run.”

“Did you finish your business well?”

“so so.”

I met the person I needed to meet, so that’s it for today. From Darian’s descendants to the traitor Lutus Cicero. It was a fruitful day. I had a lot of thoughts, too. I will have to compile it with the information written in the documents and organize it.

“It might be a hassle to go out, so would you like to eat inside?”

It will be evening soon. Helmut readily agreed.

“I like Hyde.”

At the end of the meal, Michael suddenly opened his mouth.

“So, regardless of the outcome of the fight, I hope that Hyde will be my person. He guarantees fame and fortune.”

A blatant and direct proposition. His blue eyes were infinitely serious. It’s not a joke. Helmut asked lightly.

“Are you asking me to become a knight?”

“No, my person. “Completely on my side, not bound by the word ‘article’.”

“I refuse. “I have no intention of belonging to anyone.”

It wasn’t something I said after weighing the facts. Even if the emperor of the empire, not Michael, had said it, he would have said the same thing.

“Did you give the same answer to the Commander of the Knights of Palma?”

“… … .”

I could hear a slight sense of nervousness in Michael’s voice. As if I was in danger of losing the prey I had covered with saliva.

‘How did this guy know that I met the Commander of the Knights of Palma?’

Even in other countries, his intelligence was worth recognizing. The question was asked again.

“You didn’t agree, right?”

“You’re saying it as if it’s obvious that the Commander of the Knights of Palma would have invited me.”

“If he had eyes, he would recognize you.”

Does that mean you value yourself that much? He didn’t feel bad. That’s how it feels to be recognized by someone.

“I didn’t agree. “He told me to think about it.”

“I want you to think about my offer.”

“I plan to refuse that too.”

“No matter how much you are not a Basore, the Knights of Palma are a position that comes with honor and wealth. What was the reason for your refusal? “Is there anything more you want?”

Helmut responded lightly.

“It’s hot in Bashor.”

After coming here and experiencing it, I thought that it would not be a good idea to live in a hot country. It’s not yet at the stage of settlement, but when it gets there, climate will also be taken into consideration. Michael smiled happily.

“It’s not hot where I live.”

‘You’re persistent.’

“Then let’s think about yours too.”

Helmut made an appropriate compromise. Michael smiled broadly.

“It’s a wise choice. “Sometimes it’s better to leave possibilities open.”

Helmut quietly looked at Michael and was lost in thought.

Maybe this guy could be useful. Because I’m trying to gain their favor. He seemed resourceful and capable, not just a simple nobleman.

‘If I were to throw you a piece, there wouldn’t be much you could guess. ‘It’s less dangerous than the Black Hawk.’

Helmut opened his mouth.

“There’s something I’d like you to know.”

It was up to him whether he would do it or not anyway.

“What is it?”

“About the Knights of Palma. A knight commander or knight. And it’s a dangerous mission that knights undertake.”

“that… … “Do you want me to find out what the working environment is like at the Knights of Palma so that I can compare it to other places?”

“If you can’t do it, it’s okay to refuse.”

Whether you have the ability or not, if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. Helmut looked closely and saw that Michael was not very busy. It won’t be too much of a problem to do this. Michael finally nodded his head.

“Let’s find out.”

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