How to Survive as a Player Chapter 25

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Zenon quietly closed his eyes at Sehyeon’s words. When the polearm he was holding hit the floor, his eyes opened again.

“Go. Whatever it is, I will believe it. Whatever the cause, I will follow it. So make a choice you will never regret. “That’s all I need.”

That’s all. Sehyun smiled bitterly at those words. And he nodded.

“This is all I can help you with.”

Zenon threw the polearm he was holding with all his might into one of the buildings under the bridge in the corridor. At the same time, the rope hanging from the spear was taken away along with the spear.

It was the rope that Sehyun used when she came up here and couldn’t bring herself to pack it. The window was firmly fixed through the roof of the building. Zenon pulled the rope a few times to check its sturdiness and tied it to the railing of the bridge.


Sehyun took out a dagger from the national treasury from her inventory. He hung the scabbard on the rope and tried to move it. It seemed like he could lift it and go down because the surface was smooth.

Sehyeon put on his mask one last time and looked at Zenon. Zenon seemed to have read Sehyun’s concerns, and showed a faint smile.

“Have you forgotten? Unlike you, I can be resurrected. Even if I die… As long as you are together, we will survive countless times.”

Sehyun was about to say something but just nodded. He felt sad and upset every time he saw heroes who took their lives lightly just because they could come back to life. He didn’t know that he would see his self-sacrifice this far.

“Zenon. Until I come again… Stay alive. do not die.”


Hearing the sound of the horn sounding in response, Sehyeon held his sword tightly and threw himself down the rope, fearing that someone would catch him. With the wind, the slim body began to slide down the rope.

“We start by hunting down intruders.”

“How can I contact the Archduke?”

“Not yet.”

“I found a rope tied to the castle tower bridge! Rope confirmed!”

“Everyone ready to fire.”

Upon hearing the news of the intruder, the empire took heed of action. Meanwhile, the light moving here and there illuminated the building where Se-hyeon was getting down, following the rope. The search team that found the rope turned on the light.

As soon as Sehyeon’s feet touched the ground, he used <Feather Sound LV.1> and began running on the roof in a precarious manner. As the search team began to follow, the security team that had been waiting for the signal under the building also followed along.

Sehyun took out an ‘intangible brooch’ from her inventory and wore it on her chest. He was only able to wear it after getting stabbed in the hand several times while running. After wearing it, the brooch was turned to the left to create an intangible shield. It was a consumable item that completely blocked attacks only three times.


As soon as he turned the brooch, an arrow flew from behind just in the nick of time and hit the intangible shield. Without any time to be surprised, Sehyun climbed down the roof of a low building and quickly moved to the back of the building in the thick darkness.

After the building was lowered to a certain extent, it came down completely to the ground. Meanwhile, the sound of clanging armor was getting closer enough to give me goosebumps.

‘sound… ‘You have to silence the sound.’

If you are discovered here, you will immediately lose your life. I shouldn’t have been caught. Sehyun put the mask he was wearing in his mouth and held his breath. And he moved silently, looking for dark alleys and narrow streets to avoid sounds.

Just as I was running out of breath and my vision was becoming blurry, I began to see the bell tower I had desperately hoped for. Only then did Sehyun pull out the cloth from his mouth and take a deep breath. Cold sweat was pouring down his face, and his mind was hazy. His hands and feet were shaking, and his body had no strength.

Because I ran non-stop, my physical strength reached its limit. Sehyeon barely wiped the sweat flowing down his chin and stretched out his shaking legs.

However, I thought I heard a clanking sound behind me, and before I knew it, an arrow flew out and hit the intangible shield.


Sehyun instinctively turned her head and looked behind her. Three scouts were following at a distance of about 50 meters, aiming arrows. Right in front of me was a portal less than ten steps away.

Just a few steps. It was a distance where you could easily escape if you jumped in. Sehyeon turned his body and kicked the ground. Two arrows were shot silently, targeting his back and legs, and began to chase after Se-hyeon in a terrifying manner.

little bit more… .

It was when I was just about to take the last step as my vision shook as if there had been an earthquake. At that moment when he was rushing, Sehyun felt something eerie.

The warning that pierced my skin came back to reality with the sound of a shield breaking. Immediately after that, I felt a terrible pain shooting through my thigh.

It was like screaming. The sound of flesh tearing and blood dripping onto the floor could be heard through the screams.

My shaking vision suddenly began to lower. Sehyun stretched out his hand towards the portal in front of him. The beam of light that wrapped around his fingertips seemed to be telling him that it would save him. When she closed her eyes, as if relieved by the warmth, the portal instantly engulfed Sehyun’s body.

All that was left there was blood soaking the floor.


The fingertips of the man who was working while holding the quill stopped at the same time as the horn sounded. But she moved her quill again as if it was none of the man’s business. The man’s fingertips stopped again when someone knocked on his office door after the second horn sounded.


[Grand Duke, I think you should come out and have a look. This is a message that we have something to discuss with Gernon regarding the intruder.]

“Where is the report?”

[It is the bell tower.]

“I’ll be there soon.”

The Archduke put down his quill and stood up. Behind him, there was a pair of wings of different colors, split in half like black and white. His eyes were no different either. Clear gold eyes and black eyes.

The contrast between the eyes was eerie. At first glance, he looked bored and listless, but every time he blinked, his harsh nature that he couldn’t hide came out.

The man left the office with slow steps. When he appeared at the bell tower, Knight Commander Lloyd, who was in charge there, was talking with Baron, a member of the police investigation team who had come to investigate.

“Ah, Archduke.”

“Are you here?”

Lloyd and Baron bowed to the Archduke and showed their respect. The Grand Duke passed them without saying a word and walked towards the place where the blood traces were being investigated by the vassals of the Gyeongmu Department.

One side was burnt black, as if it had been filled with mana stones. The blood trail was completely cut off in one section. It looked as if one side had been cut off cleanly. The Archduke, who was coldly looking down at the pool of blood, only shifted his eyes to look at Lloyd.

Lloyd felt an ominous feeling in his creepy eyes.

“Where did you guess?”

“They say it penetrated the thigh.”

“Get out… . “What did you use the arrows for?”

“He was an Auror.”

Auror. It is an intangible arrow with an overwhelming attack effect compared to regular arrows. It was a weapon with the destructive power to rupture flesh and tear entire muscles with just a touch of the fingertip.

The Archduke had a cool smile just as his sharp gaze did. A low laugh was also heard, as if it was absurd. However, after a while, the Archduke spoke coldly without the slightest smile.

“If you are an Auror, you must be a warrior. Since I tried to kill him, I need to go to Ulta’s dungeon. Lock them all up and send them away.”

Lloyd’s eyebrows twitched. Although the Archduke was cold-tempered, he was not one to punish without reason. There was always a reason and justification for his abuse of power, and it was always for the good of the empire.

That’s why Lloyd has never been in more trouble than this time. He said the guard was just doing his job. Since intruders were always met with death, the guards simply followed their beliefs. But he never thought it would hold him back like this.

However, Lloyd had no choice but to accept with a hard expression that there must be a good reason for the Archduke to impose such a severe punishment. Besides, the current situation was too bad to defend the guard. This was because Gernon was currently suspected of having an affair.

“What will you do, Gernon?”

“You mean my barrel? Isn’t this a serious crime against a hero? Since he must have known, send him to the dungeon as well.”

“… yes.”


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In the end, Lloyd had no choice but to step down with mixed feelings. After finishing speaking with Lloyd, the Archduke looked down again at the blood-filled floor. Then, he gave a short message to Baron, a retainer from the Ministry of Police, who was waiting next to him.

“We will only allow the amount necessary for analysis and research.”

“Yes, then we will send it to all organizations.”

The Archduke nodded briefly and stretched out his hand into the air. When the Archduke lightly waved his hand, his blood, which had pooled on his floor, floated into the air in a coagulated form. The Archduke, who handed over a small amount of blood to Baron, rolled the blood in the air and walked slowly towards the place where his blood had stopped.

I stretched out my hand, but there was nothing. The feeling of being stirred in the air. But something was different. It felt like something heavy and dense air was wrapping around my skin.

A feeling of sticking or pushing away. The Archduke’s eyes narrowed sharply.

“… “Is it blood?”

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