How to Survive as a Player Novel – All Chapters

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Description: Beta test is over!

The official server play is the real world!

A lot of things are hidden under the veil of the empire-building game ‘Elix’.

In this game, where the player becomes the ‘king’ and builds the country with the gods, the player’s character race is determined based on the aptitude test that is conducted before playing. Once you enter the game with the character that has been decided, the player has a helper god called ‘Daegong’. That was the beginning of the empire-building game, ‘Elix’.

Elix was a game of extreme difficulty, where the player’s empire would collapse due to riots, coups, assassinations, etc. if they were tyrannical, lazy, or ruthless in building their empire. They also failed due to the invasion of other players. Nevertheless, many people were fascinated and intoxicated by Elix. After six months, the news of the official service of the game was announced to the world. Many people were excited and expected. But that was not something to be excited about, expected, or waited for.


That was not something to be excited about.

[Preview] “I’ll give you ten days.” The hand that choked his neck was suffocating. His toes barely touched the ground. The words he heard before folding. Sehyun still couldn’t forget the expression that was full of hatred.

The forgiveness he begged for many times and the conversation he asked for many times were all trampled in front of the words of hatred. That’s why he decided to fold, and that’s why he couldn’t go that day. Afraid to face that expression again. Afraid to hear the words that he hates again.

“It would be better for you to come on your own feet. Before I cut off your limbs and take you away.”

Alternate Names: 플레이어로 살아남는 방법

Genre: Adventure Fantasy Yaoi

Author(s): 샴록

Status: 10 Volumes / 275 Chapters (Completed): -Main story: 266 Chapters (Completed) -R19 gaiden: 9 Chapters (Completed)

Original Publisher: BLYNUE RidiBooks

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