I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 101

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#101. Elia’s identity (2)

Let’s calm down.

calm down.

Damdeok repeated this and looked at the silver-haired heads in front of him one after another.

Leo Lux was so surprised that his hands were shaking, and Elia was looking at Leo Lux with a look on her face that seemed like she was bothered by anyone.

“Elia… How did you, how… ?”

“Ha, Leo. “Can’t I just pretend not to see it?”

“what?! Nonsense! How long have I been looking for you! Mom too! Dad! Our dog Wendy too! How much of you… !”

Leo Lux ran over and hugged Elia as if filming a drama.

His shoulders were shaking violently.

Due to the sudden situation, not only people but also employees gathered around and became restless.

Damdeok’s face was becoming increasingly strangely distorted.

‘Is this a true story…? ?’

Even though there is clear evidence in front of us, it is not easy to understand.


Same hair color,

The eye color is the same,

Both faces are pretty. He’s handsome.

As the final blow, the last name,

So even the last name is the same!

Then, as expected, those two… .

“I’m sorry. I misunderstood. My sister went missing in the Monster Hunter incident, so she stopped being so sensitive… .」


Suddenly, the words Leo Lux said came to mind.

Damdeok muttered with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“and… Does this make sense?”

My younger sister.

Those two are brother and sister.

Is this something that will suddenly hit me like this?

However, the appearance, conversation, actions, and atmosphere of the two people in front of me clearly showed that they were blood-brothers and sisters and were family.

‘That doesn’t make sense. Elia clearly has the power to post part-time job announcements herself, and she even flew to Gorgon Island with me to work as Medusa part-timer?

‘A little god who is a necromancer and has precognitive abilities is brother and sister with a human hunter?’

‘Is Leo Lux also a god?’

‘Or Elia is human… ?’

‘The address clearly said that we are the only humans who can use the gods’ system… .’

Questions continued one after another.

And finally, one conclusion hits home.

“Where are you from just now?”

“korea? Hmm, this is the first dimension I’ve heard of, but seeing as the letter ends with ‘guk’, is it a similar dimension to the god who came from a place called America last time?”

Conversation with Vermouth.

As a result, he learned that there were humans who could manipulate the gods’ system like him, and began to doubt Leo Lux.

“… “It wasn’t Leo Lux.”

I’ve been suspicious of people for no reason.

Damdeok looked at Elia quietly.

‘Elia Lux. That guy was the American god who visited the Atlaum.’

As if Elia had already discovered Damdeok, he was looking in this direction with a cold expression on his face.

The cold eyes seemed to still have traces of the memories from Medusa Alba.

‘driving me crazy… What on earth is going on?’

Damdeok felt confused.

Are there other humans besides yourself and Joo-ryul who use the gods’ system?

I couldn’t be so quick to say anything yet.

‘On the other hand, Leo Lux may be hiding the fact that he is a god… .’

However, Leo Lux did not feel any divine power at all.

‘It’s too early to judge.’

‘It could be a god strong enough to hide all his power.’

‘Then did you intentionally overlook the battle at Mt. Seorak?’

It was a time when many thoughts were swirling in Damdeok’s head.

Just then, a familiar woman opened the spa room door and came out from a distance.

It was Ju So-yul, a woman shaking her wet hair and looking intently at the place where people were buzzing.

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes first turned to Leo Lux, who was shedding tears of joy, but he froze when he saw Elia hugged with an irritated face.

“Those teachers… now stop… Because other guests feel uncomfortable. Go out… .”

“… “Please cooperate.”

In response to the staff’s embarrassed attitude, Elia was the first to push Leo Lux away and left.

“Eh, Elia! hang on!”

Leo Lux hurriedly followed behind him, and the people who had gathered to watch dispersed, choking on their appetites. At the same time, Ju Soo-yul and Damdeok’s eyes met.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two looked at each other in silence, and without even thinking about who would go first, they ran towards where Elia had disappeared.



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* * *


Jo Yoon-hee was shaking off the blanket with a happy smile.

Wide lawn, sunlight shining down.

It was perfect weather for drying laundry.

Jo Yoon-hee’s affectionate gaze turned towards Damdeok and his companions sitting together on the lawn terrace in the distance.

It was hard to hear what was being said because it was so far away, but it seemed like they were having a heated discussion.

‘Won, that guy too. ‘I’ve made a lot of friends these days.’

Jo Yoon-hee laughed and shook out the remaining laundry and hung it up.

White-haired high school student Baek Gu-reum and blonde-haired exotic Adele Sharon both had eye-catching looks when I first saw them, but the silver-haired girl who arrived a few minutes ago really had the looks of an average model and even gave off a strangely mysterious aura. It looked like the child of a chaebol family that you only see in dramas.

For some reason, Jo Yoon-hee had tears in her eyes.

‘Ugh, back in the day, I was busy working part-time, but now I’ve made a lot of friends like that… .’

My son had less than 24 hours a day to cover his hospital and living expenses.

After his son developed his talent, he became a good hunter, got himself a luxurious house, became famous around the world, and most of all, he made friends who were fun to look at and full of personality and energy.

Jo Yoon-hee couldn’t hide her proud smile.

A hum came out naturally.

“Hmm~ Hmm~ I should at least take some fruit out of the refrigerator~ But why are you talking so seriously?”

Jo Yoon-hee glanced at Damdeok and his companions through the laundry.

“They seem to get along very well~”

With just that one word, I slowly entered the house carrying the laundry basket.

“No, really, with this guy, with this guy! “You two are brother and sister?!”

As soon as Jo Yoon-hee entered, Baek Gu-reum pointed his finger at Leo Lux and Elia alternately.

“Are you kidding me?! Hey, kid, aren’t you a god?!”

Leo Lux frowned at Baekgureum’s extremely excited tone and moved Baekgureum’s finger aside.

“be careful. Will you take responsibility if Elia gets hurt with those dirty fingers? And God. I wonder what kind of nonsense she was talking about earlier… . Elia is a whopping 10 years older than me, but I am a younger sister who doesn’t hurt when I put her in my eyes… Ugh!”

Elia’s harsh hand quickly disappears under the table.

Leo Lux was sweating coldly as if the pinched area was quite painful.

Damdeok, who had been silent, stood up and spoke.

“There is no need to talk much. Leo. You’re out for a moment, Elia. “You need to talk to us.”

Jusoyul, who had been listening quietly, also stood up, and Elia also stood up with an innocent expression, but Leo Luxman stood up roughly, hitting the table.


“Oh, I’m surprised.”

“Aren’t you crazy?!”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon glanced at Leo Lux at the same time.

But he didn’t care and just blocked Elia’s path with his big arms.

“Nonsense! How did you meet my younger brother? “If you’re going to talk, do it right in front of me!”

A crackle in his eyes! Lightning attribute mana splashed out.

He was ready to fight if he touched him, but Elia lightly ignored Leo Lux and nodded at Damdeok.

“Just leave that person alone and follow me.”

“Eh, Elia! What is that… !”

“Ah, that’s enough. Don’t bother me anymore. “Before it suddenly disappears again.”

“Elia… .”

Leaving Leo Lux in tears, Damdeok and Jooyul followed Elia to the backyard.

* * *

A spacious backyard similar in size to the front yard.

Among them, it was not until he reached a remote place near the vegetable garden that Elia’s footsteps stopped.

At the same time she stopped walking and turned around, Damdeok asked.

“So, what are you?”

Immediately, Ju Soo-yul’s sharp eyes turned towards Elia.

“… … .”

Damdeok asked the question, but Elia was only looking at the address.


An unknown spark flew between the two.

Ju Soo-yul spoke quietly.

“… You ask what it is. “Why aren’t you answering?”

“Well, isn’t it polite to first reveal your identity before asking about the other person’s identity?”


The atmosphere becomes strange again.

Damdeok quickly separated the two.

“Ah, that’s enough, that’s enough. Don’t fight pointlessly. There’s only one thing I’m curious about right now. Elia, you… “Are you human?”

Elia looked at Damdeok and nodded.

A nod of approval.

Damdeok was not embarrassed and quickly asked the next question.

“You’re a human, but you know how to handle the gods’ system, right? You even posted a part-time job announcement, right? “Why did you try to cut off Medusa’s head?”

“well? Do I even have to tell you that? And what are you? I hired you because I thought you were a god. Because of you, I lost the Medusa I caught… .”

Elia’s eyes became sad.

I thought he was a god, but Damdeok was clearly a human.

Even his own mother, Jo Yoon-hee, who greeted him with a smile while looking at her wealthy home that is now standing proudly in front of her.

Honestly, from her perspective, Damdeok’s identity was the most suspicious.

I knew that Joo-yul was a regressor because he told me everything, but what about Damdeok?

I had never heard of it.

Is the author imitating a human now, or is he a human using the gods’ system like himself and Ju Ju-yul?

If the real author is human, then what about the capabilities he showed during Medusa Part-time… .

‘It’s suspicious. There are more than one suspicious thing.’

Elia and Damdeok were curious about each other’s identities.

Damdeok muttered in bewilderment.

“A real human being?”

His eyes quickly turned to Ju Ju-yul.

“… “I heard that’s true?”

“It is a lie.”

Address’s resolute answer.

Elia smiled as if he was not tired.

“I guess lying is what you are doing. I heard you talking about the War of the Gods and the 12 Guardians earlier, and that you learned about it all thanks to your foresight? Are you sure? “Are you a prophet?”

At Elia’s sudden question, Ju Soo-yul’s hard gaze fell on Damdeok.

“what. why. it’s not me.”

It’s true.

I swear it wasn’t me.

In the first place, I don’t understand why Elia is in the hunter-only spa, but there’s no way he would have hesitated to say such things… .

At that time, a commotion was heard from the front yard.

White Clouds and Adele Sharon.

The two were furiously debating, or rather arguing, about what kind of personality the next guardian would be.

Damdeok and Ju Soo-yul’s faces crumpled at the same time.

“ha… Those kids say useless things for no reason… .”

Elia took a step closer to Damdeok, who was shaking his head.

“Do you think address is a real predictor?”

Damdeok glanced up.

A silver-haired kid smiling brightly in front of me.

“… what do you mean?”

As soon as Damdeok could ask carefully, Jusoyul stepped forward and blocked his way.

“Stop talking nonsense and get out of here right away. “It doesn’t matter to us whether you deal with the gods’ system or not.”

“Ah~ really~? Why did you ask so desperately when you said it didn’t matter? Why did you think there was no human in the world who could handle the gods’ system other than you? “They say he’s a great prophet, but it looks like he knows everything.”

Elia sarcastically said.

The address seemed to be very patient.

I felt like I was going to be in real trouble if I made a mistake, as I had never seen it before.

In an atmosphere that felt like walking on thin ice, Elia, raised on tiptoes, quietly whispered into Damdeok’s ear.

“How did you come to deal with the gods’ system? Why did Ju Ju-yul lie to you and say he was a prophet? Are you really not curious? “Even though I can tell you everything?”

Looking at Elia smiling while saying that, Damdeok thought that the little boy in front of him was like Pandora’s box.

A dangerous lump of curiosity that should not be opened.

Pandora’s box.

Pandora… .


Wait, Pandora?

Damdeok’s dazed eyes turned fierce.

Damdeok grabbed Elia’s shoulder, who was smiling brightly, and began speaking heavily.

“Hey you… .”


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