I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 117

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#117. armor of the gods

[Pao (Mummy)]

[Occupation: Fourth Priest]

[Talent: Leadership (SS)]

[Skill: Mummy Army (SS+)]

[Description: The 12th king of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty, a boy who ascended to the throne at a young age and died mysteriously. It is known in the world that he died at the age of 19, but in fact, he died mysteriously at the age of 9. He likes sweets, always needs to lead someone to relieve his anger, and hates it when someone gives him orders.

P.S. He is more famous among people under the name . The name is the childhood name my mother used to call me.]

‘Tutankhamun… !’

Pao was the famous Tutankhamun… .

Damdeok looked at Pao, who was eating cupcakes at the table in the yard, feeling somewhat curious.

‘He died at age 9? He looks younger than that… .’

Moreover, perhaps because he wanted to eat the cupcakes more comfortably, the bandages on his face were almost torn off.

‘The skin is white too. ‘You’re such a baby, right?’

It didn’t look like a mummy at all.

‘But with this, the fourth guardian has been completed.’

Damdeok smiled in satisfaction.

As I fell from the air, I thrust the priest’s consent form right at Pao.

“This is the only way we can survive!”

Pao probably did not understand what the system was calling the priest.

It was natural. I wonder if he had the presence of mind to think about such things when he was falling to the ground.

In the meantime, I quickly completed Pao’s registration as a priest, and thanks to him gaining divine power by manipulating the mummies, I was able to complete the dimension shift safely.

‘By the way, this guy is still young. There is only one skill: Mummy Army (SS+).’

Still, Pao’s skills were unique.

Mummy Army (SS+).

Isn’t this simply another version of Necromancer?

‘Already, it bothered me that Elia was a necromancer.’

I’m confused as to whether he’s on our side or not.

But now that I have a trustworthy necromancer on my side, I feel much more at ease.

‘Jusosoul expressed that Pao might be the scariest of the guardians.’

In the future war of gods, the more troops there are, the better, so they will play their role well.

“So what is this priest? “You haven’t given me a proper explanation yet!”

Pao asked with both sides of his mouth covered in cake.

It was explained clearly. In the air.

However, because it was a series of difficult words, young Pao would not understand well even if the consent form was presented again.

“Um, just something… Something like family? yes. Priests are like family.”

When Damdeok smiled and said that, Pao’s eyes faintly wavered for a moment.

“family… ?

“Okay family. “Does your family know?”

“hmm! hmm! Then of course! What do you think of this body, the 12th king of the 18th Dynasty? however… “You wouldn’t say such false things and then use me and throw me away like the Egyptian gods, right?”

“… “Absolutely not.”

Damdeok’s appetite was bitter when he said that.

They appointed a child so young as pharaoh and exploited his spiritual power.

Anyway, the gods… .

Pao opened his eyes wide and asked clearly.



“… “Then that’s it!”

Pao nodded slightly and buried his face into the cupcake again.

Wagu wagu-

– will!

Before we knew it, Baek White came up to the table and aimed for the cupcake.

“Can not be done! This is mine! How dare you covet what belongs to the king!”

– will! will!

Jo Yoon-hee, who was watching Pao wrapping a cupcake with his tiny arms and Baek-seol growling shallowly, quietly smiled.

“Oh my, eat slowly. Because there are more. But Damdeok, why is that baby wrapped in bandages like that? Are you really hurt somewhere? ?”

Jo Yoon-hee looked at the bandages wrapped around Pao’s body and asked worriedly.

His body was wrapped in bandages, but his chestnut hair was gently swaying in the wind. The plump cheeks shaking while eating the cupcake was a bonus.

Damdeok waved his hand as if telling him not to worry.

“It’s not painful. Leave it alone. “It’s a concept.”

As soon as Jo Yoon-hee was relieved by those words, Pao slammed the hand holding the fork! I hit it.

“What a concept!! “I am the 12th king of the 18th dynasty!!”

Damdeok suddenly turned his head without even listening.

I heard muttering and shouting, but I decided to ignore it.

“But Poppy, why on earth are you doing this?”

Poppy was sweeping a broom in the corner of the yard with a gloomy expression that was unbecoming of his large size.

‘No, no one asked him to do anything before, so why on earth is he doing that?’

“older brother… I am now dead… In the end, we couldn’t even complete the delivery… If the boss finds me, he will tear me to death… .”

Damdeok’s gaze moved downward at those words.



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When I looked at my waist, I saw two cubes hanging loosely.

One is empty though.

The one is… .

The delivery that Poppy had so emphasized was broken.

“Hey, man. That can happen in life. Plus, the boss! The boss has rolled his eyes and is trying to kill us, so what can we do? “I should just run away.”

“That’s true, but… “Isn’t that all!!”

“What is it again?”

Poppy looked at Damdeok with resentful eyes.

Damdeok felt annoyed for no reason.

“what. men and horses. what.”

“Brother… You even destroyed the pyramid!! What kind of pyramid is that! You’re crazy!! “It means we are going to be horribly murdered!!”

Damdeok was speechless for a moment.

Poppy was swinging her broom out of anxiety and looked like she was already half out of her mind.

Damdeok scratched the side of his head.

“No matter what, you won’t be able to find it here. “They say gods don’t often go to other dimensions.”

This is the story told by Jo Soo-yul.

But it doesn’t seem to be any consolation at all.

“… Then how about this? Just stay here. There is also a bomb shelter underground. “In addition to that, you can also protect my mother.”

Poppy’s eyes widened.

“okay. That will work. Don’t go back there, stay here. Soon anyway… .”

Damdeok struggled to swallow the words, ‘If the war of gods breaks out, the whole world will be turned upside down.’

“… “Then will you protect me?”

Damdeok avoided the guy’s twinkling eyes.

It’s a shame to protect it.

I’m sorry for getting you into trouble, so I’m asking you to stay here for a while.

“I’m so touched, bro! “I will do my best to use this yard!”

Damdeok roughly waved his hand.

Anyway, after comforting Poppy, I finally feel like my mind is clearer.


I put my finger on the back of my head and looked around,

Sigh! Perfect!

Baekgureum was swinging a wooden sword at a scarecrow erected in one corner of the yard.

Pao, Baekseol, and Mom are sitting around the table eating snacks.

Poppy started cleaning in earnest, swinging the broom excitedly, and armed soldiers could be seen patrolling around the house.

‘It’s peaceful.’

It was the first peace I felt in a long time.

But this peace will soon end.

‘I haven’t received any communication from Grandmother of the Underworld yet regarding the War of the Gods… .’

one month.

They said war would break out within a month.

‘The sky is dirty blue today.’

I remembered the first day.

When the part-time job of the gods came to mind.

The sky seemed like shit back then.

“Kkkkk, you don’t know anything about life.”

I burst out laughing and sat down on the lawn.


The cube hanging from my waist was getting in the way.

“Oh, now that I think about it… .”

Damdeok took the cube and held it in his hand.


‘Isn’t this an amazing item?’

Like a subspace pocket, you can put anything in here.

Moreover, one of the cubes contains unfinished delivery items… .


A small exclamation came from Damdeok’s mouth.

I was so out of my mind that I didn’t even think about it.

“… “This contains the items the gods ordered, right?”

Damdeok looked around.

Soldiers walking through the neighborhood in unison.

‘If I opened it here, it would attract too much attention.’

Damdeok carefully got up and walked into the house.

Into the newly built underground bomb shelter.

* * *

Inside a spacious bomb shelter.

It was an empty space except for an old sofa on one side, a dining table for four people, and disaster preparedness supplies piled on top of each other.

“No, why did everyone follow me again?”

Damdeok stopped trying to take out the cube and then looked at the people who were chasing him.

After the cupcake, Pao is eating a tangerine. Snow White is playing with a tangerine peel on Pao’s head.

‘Why did those two become friends…? ?’

Next to them, their mother holding a fruit plate and Baekgureum carrying a wooden sword around her shoulder.

“I tried to watch quietly alone… .”

When Damdeok shook his head, there was strong resistance from those who followed him.

“They say priests are like family! “What are you stealing by yourself?”

“Okay, what is it, son? “I’ll see you together, Mom, too~”

“Wow, awesome! Bro, I forgot about that. It’s all collapsed anyway, so that’s what we get, right? Open it quickly, bro. hurry!”

Baekgureum’s eyes were shining as he realized Damdeok’s intention, and Poppy was shouting his opposition to the death, saying that this was something that could not happen as a delivery worker.

“No! older brother! “It is an item that has a right to be returned to customers!”

Baekgureum frowned and refuted.

“What rights! These are the people who lived their whole lives in comfort and luxury inside that pyramid. “What can we do if we have this much!”

“You’re so loud, you’re like flour!”

“What?! flour? “You fat guy!”

Poppy and Baekgureum began to argue.

‘Since Adele is gone, I have a new fighting partner.’

Anyway, Baek Cloud and that temperament… .

“it’s okay. Poppy. stop. But we can’t go and return it, right?”

“Well, still… .”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. “Anyway, the world will turn upside down before they come to pick up the package.”

“What is that… .”

As Poppy’s words trailed off, Damdeok tapped the guy on the shoulder a couple of times and threw a cube.


With a sound, a huge container appeared in front of me.


“Wow~ What is this?!”

Jo Yoon-hee and Pao’s eyes widened at the same time.

Damdeok chuckled and entered the container.

Things still piled up inside.

There were undelivered items from the 444th floor to the 666th floor, so the amount was considerably larger than expected.

“It’s so spacious inside?!”

“Wow, that’s amazing! “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

“nice! “Just have one good thing!”

Everyone, including Jo Yoon-hee, Pao, and Baek Gooreum, entered the container.

Only Poppy was fidgeting outside.

“Let’s see~ I can find something useful… .”

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get at least one of the gods’ weapons here?

‘Even if I work part-time, I use up everything from time to time, so it’s very burdensome to buy something at the God’s Store.’

Damdeok began to carefully rummage through the packages.

Round soap, colorful animal statues, fragrant oils, colorful candles, and tableware of various designs.

Contrary to expectations, most of them are just useless.

“Oh my, this bowl is so pretty! omg! “Isn’t this the highest quality coconut oil?!”

Mother Jo Yoon-hee looked different… .

– will! will!

Meanwhile, Baek White was biting a chicken-shaped statue, and Baek Cloud was throwing away decorative armors and his eyes were shining.

At that time when everyone was frantically searching through containers,

Something caught Damdeok’s eyes.


Packaging wrapped in layers of thick parchment paper.

Even at first glance, the shape looked like armor and a sword.

Damdeok’s head turned of its own accord.

“Ugh! “It’s all useless!”

Decorative armor, swords, spears, bows, etc. that White Cloud was throwing away.

Those are all unpacked, so why is this one packed so tightly?

‘Is this… ?’

Damdeok’s hand tore the packaging as if possessed.




And the bright shape we encountered.

There wasn’t one.

Helmet, armor, shield, sword.

What a complete full set.

In front of the golden weapons that were brightly self-luminous, Damdeok’s face was as bright as the full moon.

“and… oh my god… .”

[Achilles’ helmet (myth)]

Description: One of the legendary armor sets created by Hephaestus himself!

Effect: Ignores all physical immunity!

[Achilles’ armor (myth)]

Description: One of the legendary armor sets created by Hephaestus himself!

Effect: Ignores all physical immunity!

[Achilles’ shield (myth)]

Description: One of the legendary armor sets created by Hephaestus himself!

Effect: Ignores all physical immunity!

[Sword of Achilles (myth)]

Description: One of the legendary armor sets created by Hephaestus himself!

Effect: Ignores all physical resistance!


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