I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 118

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#118. each person’s preparation

An unusually blue sky.

White clouds walk bravely below.


At the same time, people’s attention was focused.

“What is that?”

“It looks really expensive… ?”

“Do they still fight wearing something like that these days?”

“It’s so gorgeous, ugh, it’s dazzling.”


Baekgureum’s steps were very light and cheerful.

The guy was wearing the brilliant golden armor of Achilles from head to toe, and he looked just like the boy general from the Three Kingdoms.

As I walked down the alley, it was natural that people’s attention would be focused on me.

‘I’m so excited! I’m excited.’

Damdeok shook his head and followed him quietly.

Achilles’ weapons found in the Cube of Horus.

To be honest, I wanted it as soon as I saw it, but I wasn’t sure if I could wear it myself… .

Achilles’ armor set had a fatal flaw.

This means that the efficiency of attribute mana is drastically reduced.

‘What on earth was it made of? .’

I thought it would be unusual since it was made by Hephaestus, but when I wore it, it seemed like it was blocked somewhere and I couldn’t properly release the attribute mana.

‘Normal mana works well.’

There was no problem in using skills or auras, but there was considerable difficulty in using black flame or ice attribute mana.

‘That means I’m not the owner.’

In the end, Damdeok handed over the armor set to Baekgureum, and after putting it on, the guy looked in the mirror and immediately jumped out and is in that state.

“Yumma. “How far do you want to go?”

“Everyone come now~”

I was so excited that my steps were trembling.

We arrived at a shabby place not long after.

“It definitely looks like a ghost.”

Damdeok looked around blankly.

A ruined dungeon.

The entrance was completely collapsed and there were only piles of stones and trash scattered here and there.

‘Dungeons are almost extinct now.’

Unlike before, we now live in a world where there are more gates than dungeons.

‘This is also proof that the war of the gods is just around the corner.’

Perhaps the gods who created dungeons are now preparing for war.

I don’t know how much they may have found out through the gate investigation… .

‘Please don’t drag us into your fight.’

Damdeok looked around the pile of trash with cold eyes.

An urgent voice comes from behind.

“It’s almost done now! “You disgusting bastards!”

“Everyone distribute your stamina well! “I have to jump three more today!”

A mercenary group was engaged in a bloody battle at a small gate.

White Cloud pulled out Achilles’ sword with an excited look on his face.


A luxurious sound rang out.


As soon as he let out a cheer, he rushed towards the group.

The mercenary group seemed taken aback for a moment, but their expressions brightened as soon as they saw Damdeok’s face behind them.

“You came to destroy the gate!”

“thank you!”

Damdeok nodded in greeting.

‘… ‘I knew it would be like this.’

Baekgureum, that guy, wanted to test out his weapon, so he ran out without any plan.

‘I haven’t fully recovered yet… .’

Because I had squeezed every last drop out of the dimensional shift, my divine power was hovering at the bottom.

Baekgureum also went through that uproar, so of course there was no way he had any stamina left.

Still, he ran wild like a colt.

“die! die! Come on!”

[First Priest Baek Gureum has created the skill!]

What the hell.

Are you just creating skills?

I guess it’s good that the template is good.

Even though the monsters rushed at him in droves, not a single scratch was left on Baekgureum’s shield and armor.

Moreover, once he swings the sword of Achilles, monsters can be cut down as easily as radish! It was split in two.

“Wow, why did the Egyptian god order Achilles’ armor to be delivered by courier?”

Well, there are so many luxuries, so there’s nothing strange about what’s there.



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Damdeok turned his shoulders around.

Seeing the white clouds fighting excitedly made me want to run wild too.

‘I’ve run out of energy, but… .’

[Activate the skill!]

‘You still have magic left, right?’

The magic dagger skill had been upgraded by 1.5 levels while killing the mummies in the pyramid.



The sword became a little sharper, and its destructive power was even greater.

Took! Took!

Damdeok accurately hit the heads of the monsters with his magic daggers, and Baekgureum ignored physical immunity and swept the monsters around like a tank.

The mercenaries who came first had quietly retreated back.

“hmm… “Let’s go now.”

“… yes.”

* * *

Red sunset.

Damdeok and Baekgureum were already trudging down a yellow alley.

“It’s already evening. “I came out in the middle of the day.”

“That’s because we came back after removing all the small gates in the area. Ugh, my whole body aches. Let’s get some rest, bro. “I’m going to get sick like this.”

“You got so excited that you ran away and now who are you blaming?”

“I was only going to do it once, but after that, my brother kept… .”

White Cloud rolled his eyes. Damdeok smiled lightly and looked at the system window.

[Address rate: I think I’ll be late. Let’s go first to meet the fifth guardian. I’ll follow you soon.]

It seems like the address rate was determined.

‘It looks like you’re training hard this time.’

I know you must be feeling anxious because the war of the gods is progressing differently than expected… .

“Adele, that guy must be dying.”

Ju Soo-yul is a very heartless guy, and Adele Sharon is a guy who eats delicious food and only lives for his own taste.

‘The address rate will be very strict.’

I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of Adele Sharon, who was getting a cold look from Ju Soo-yul while ordering something to eat.

“Why Adele? brother?”

“no. “Kkkkkk.”

“What! When do those two come?”

“Pay attention~”

“Ah~ bro!”

“Let’s go home~ We’ll take a short rest and then go meet the next guardian.”

The fifth guardian is Demon Prince Demon Alui. She must be concentrating on the battle for the devil right now.

‘If the old lady of the underworld says what she said, Asmodeus will be there too.’

For some reason, my whole body felt strong.

‘My fear resistance has also leveled up. This time, I won’t be caught in a daze like I did before.’

Although I made a firm decision, I couldn’t help but feel dizzy.

‘under. Having to enter that gloomy demon world again… .’

Red sky, desolate landscape.

It was truly a place I had no affection for.

‘I heard that Ju Soo-yul went to the fairy world to train.’

How nice.

If nothing else, the scenery there is truly amazing.

‘Ah, I’m jealous. I wish I could go faster too. ‘Fairy world.’

Since the sixth guardian is said to be the Fairy King, he will probably go there when the Demon World is over.

A bright smile appeared on Damdeok’s face.

‘Wait, fairy world. I’ll clear the Demon World quickly and move on!’

* * *

“It was you, after all.”

A voice as cold as frost rang out.

Jo Soo-yul glared straight ahead.

A large world tree.

The top floor.

The huge lotus leaf-shaped throne was soaked with blood.

Fairy King Leaf.

The one who quietly dies in the blood on the throne.

It was an unprecedented situation in which the ultimate king who ruled the fairy world was murdered inside the World Tree, and not anywhere else.

“Lee, Leaf!!”

Surprised subjects rushed in from outside, but they were immediately torn limb from limb.

Sigh! Wow!

Blood splattered everywhere, and silence came again.

Everything around was stained with blood.

A scene where blood was flowing from the throne and the servants who served the Fairy King were brutally murdered.



A girl quietly crossed the sea of ​​blood.

She smiled and looked at the address.

“how is it. “Now do you know who I am?”

Soo-yul’s lips trembled.

“Elia… What the hell are you… .”

Elia laughed, shaking her blood-stained silver hair at Ju Soo-yul’s words, which were spoken with difficulty.

“You asked me if I figured it out. “Who am I?”

Ju Soo-yul bit his lip.

I was angry.

Why didn’t I notice it sooner?

His shaking gaze turned to the throne.

Fairy King Leaf.

The sixth person who should become the priest of Damdeok… He was murdered at the hands of Elia.

This is also something I have never experienced in my 1,869 previous lives.

Jooyul looked at Elia with bloodshot eyes.

A power gained through training in the fairy world.

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes shook wildly.

Facts that he did not want to admit were floating above Elia’s head.

– One of the original 100 people.

– The one chosen by chaos.

– A wise prophet and an evil god who will destroy the world.

Ju Soo-yul’s fists were clenched.

“You are one of the 100 people from the beginning… ?”

“okay. Children born from chaos and directly possessed by the Earth Goddess. 100 people from the beginning. “That includes me.”

“That can’t be possible. “I don’t remember you.”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes look disbelieving.

Elia’s eyes were sad for a split second and then quickly returned.

“… It’s always been like that. You are the first child created. “I am the last, the 100th child created.”

Elia continued as if reminiscing.

“Unlike you, who were always shining brightly, I’ve always been the type of person who had no presence, so isn’t it natural that I don’t remember you?”


Jooyul couldn’t believe what Elia said.

No, I didn’t want to believe it.

It was one thing to know that Elia was one of the 100 people from the beginning just like him, but what he didn’t want to believe even more was… .

“Savior of chaos… .”

Soo-yul’s murmur as if possessed.

Elia laughed as if it was funny.

“okay. I’m confused. “He is the only savior of the chaos you so desperately want to kill.”

My head was spinning.

chaos. In other words… .


The king of the forgotten gods and the god of destruction who stands at the center of all destruction.

The absolute evil in the world that Damdeok, himself, and the 12 Guardians must eradicate.

“Knowing that is trying to destroy the world… You want to be a savior? To be the savior of chaos rather than the savior of her mother, the Earth Goddess who created us?”

It was a clear betrayal, treason, and an insult to my mother.

Jooyul gritted his teeth.

Before I knew it, Elia’s eyes had turned cold.

“… You’ve always been like that since ancient times. Always know that only you are special, always have your mother’s love, always only you! I thought I could remember everything from my 1,869 past lives. As if only you had the power to kill your father… !!”

Before I knew it, Elia was breathing heavily and fuming.

Then, as if trying to calm down, he quietly took a deep breath and continued speaking.

“… You are on your mother’s side, and I am on your father’s side. “That’s it.”

Elia was smiling as she said that, but Jooyul was getting goosebumps all over her body.

“Father… it’s crazy? Do you call father? Chaos is not the father of us, humans.”

is the father of the gods.

He was never the father of humans.

Jusoyul stared straight at Elia.

The 100th, original child with a twisted way of thinking.

“Listen carefully. He is the god of destruction. “It’s a terrible evil spirit that has devoured all dimensions for 1,869 times!”

“That’s great. “I plan to participate in that plan from this life onwards.”

“what… ?”

“It started with that guy.”

Elia’s fingertip pointed at the Fairy King, who had already become a cold corpse.

“Originally I came here to kill you, but you turned out to be stronger than I thought? After all, I should have killed him then. Ah, it’s a shame. Now the blonde archmage next to me has become too strong. If you two attack together, I’ll be at a huge disadvantage, right? So I killed the easy guy first.”

The address was unable to respond in any way.

The Fairy King, who had greeted me with a bright smile until this morning, returned from training and found himself a cold corpse.

“From now on, I will find them all and kill them. The prince of the demon world, the Heavenly Demon of the martial arts world, Syaoran of the dragon tribe, Son Wukong of the Great Heavenly Kingdom… .”

The objects that Damdeok must collect in the future were coldly recited from Elia’s mouth.

And the last name… .

“Yoo Dam-deok. “He will be the end.”

Jooyul’s eyes became harsh at the familiar name that flowed from Elia’s mouth.

Damdeok is not allowed.

He is the only one who can stop the destruction of this world… .

Elia smiled slightly as she looked at Soo-yul’s stiffening face.

“Actually, I like her. I don’t know about you, who was born first and won everything, but Damdeok is the 99th child, born right in front of me. He, like me, didn’t really have anything special. How did you and your mother catch my eye and end up pretending to be the main characters? ah! Rather than that, are you now acting as a puppet?”

Elia giggled.

Soo-yul was truly creeped out by her.

“you… What on earth do you want to say now… ?”

“I will do it from now on. Hero.”

“what… ?”

“You don’t know what the pain of being forgotten by someone is, right? Even my handsome mother wouldn’t know. But I know. The loneliness of a father who had been trapped for a long time. The loneliness of countless similarly forgotten gods. The profound sadness of all the forgotten things in this world. I know all of that painfully well. “Because I was also one of the 100 people from the beginning who was forgotten.”

“… Elia, you are thinking very wrong.”

“it’s okay. Don’t try to lecture me. No matter what you say, I will follow my father’s plan. Although the Medusa head plan to turn the gods to stone failed. Well, I have a lot of plans for the future.”

Elia’s glaring face was overflowing with composure.

Crack, clap, clap!

A sound is heard coming up the wooden stairs from below.

Probably Adele Sharon.

I was training in the waterfall in the sky where time passes slowly, and I must have heard the news and rushed to you by now.

“Soyul!! The fairies are going crazy here right now… !”

As expected, her entire body was engulfed in flames.

A flame burning like a living dragon. Adele Sharon, who had completed her rigorous training at the Waterfall in the Sky, had already reached a level close to the 8th Circle.

“Aaaah! what. This sea of ​​blood! Wow! Oh my! “Did she do it?!”

As Adele Sharon took a stance as if she was going to attack her at any moment, Elia smiled and walked towards the window.

“Shall we make a bet? I hope you find the guardian quickly. Or maybe it would be quicker for me to kill the guardians.”

“What kind of bullshit is that?! Soyul! Why are you still! Shut up that bitch! Hey, where are you going! hey! Yaaaaagh!!!”

“See you again.”

Elia immediately threw herself towards the window, and Jooyul did not move from that spot for a while.


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