I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 166

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#166. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (5)


Damdeok stared at the warning message that appeared and then looked around.

When I opened the heavenly door and entered, unexpectedly, it did not lead to the interior.

“What are you doing here? “It’s just the same as outside.”

“… … That’s right. But very… “It is beautiful.”

Poppy, who was quietly following behind, opened her eyes and looked around.

A wide open meadow.

With the bright blue sky spreading out in all directions, it felt like an island floating in the middle of the sea rather than just above the sky.

“… … “It feels just like heaven.”

Damdeok muttered that and walked away.

Meanwhile, the warning message kept popping up.


[This is private land that is not affected by the system!]

[You have invaded the space of the Jade Emperor!]

“Why do you keep breaking in? … .”

Damdeok tried to ignore the messages that came to his mind and searched through his memories.

He regained all his memories from his past life, but for some reason, his memories from the Jade Emperor’s space are vague.

‘That’s strange.’

Maybe it’s because it’s a place that isn’t affected by the system.

Damdeok once again tried to recall the memories of this place.

‘Ugh… .’

It was a failure.

I don’t know if I can’t remember this from the beginning, but I felt like I couldn’t picture the image in my head and it wasn’t clear, so I was so upset that I was going crazy.

‘Is the Jade Emperor more timid than I thought?’

Before I crossed the heavenly gate, I had some memories of the stairs going up, but like a lie, as soon as I crossed that gate, the images in my memory became blurred, as if they had been blurred.

‘Nothing comes to mind clearly.’

It was when Damdeok frowned with a serious expression.

“older brother?”

Poppy, who was watching from the side, called out to Damdeok with concern.


“No, it’s because you keep frowning. Maybe we arrived in the wrong place… … .”

Damdeok relaxed a little as he looked at Poppy’s anxious face.

“no. There is only one way, so this is the clear one. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

“… Yes, then I’m glad.”

Even as Poppy said that, she kept rolling her eyes as if she was anxious about something.

It seemed like he instinctively realized that this place was different from other worlds.

“Hmm, so where on earth is this? I’m a bit reluctant to carry my luggage… … .”

A young voice was heard.

Pao, who was sitting on Poppy’s shoulder, cleared his throat and muttered. The guy was looking at the wide open grassland with bright eyes.

“Isn’t this place the Jade Emperor or something? But to allow an intrusion in such a lax manner… . Besides, there’s nothing there. “It is the place where the king lives, but there are no guards, servants, or subordinates to protect it.”

Papi also quickly nodded at Pao’s words.

“That’s right. Brother, this could be a trap. “Isn’t this security absolutely unacceptable in a pyramid?”

Poppy’s excited remarks reminded Damdeok of the time he infiltrated the pyramid.

“… … Hey, honestly, security wasn’t that tight there either?”

Didn’t he infiltrate sloppily wearing a courier’s vest and quickly break through to the 444th floor, the so-called restricted area?

“Is that so… .”

When Papi was looking at the ground with a sullen face due to Damdeok’s scolding, Damdeok transformed Baekseol into a sword.


“Well, what are you doing?”

Poppy and Pao looked at Damdeok in surprise at his sudden behavior.


Damdeok’s sword was already filled with incredible divine power, like a whirlwind.

“I don’t remember.”


“No matter how hard I try, I can’t remember this place.”

“What is that… … .”

“I can’t find the location of the Jade Emperor at all. Look, these damn meadows stretch out endlessly. So when and how do you find the Jade Emperor and negotiate?”

“That’s true, but that doesn’t mean there is any way… .”

Damdeok held his sword tightly without saying a word.

Poppy couldn’t be… I looked at Damdeok with an expression like this.

Looking at Damdeok’s actions so far, it was enough to guess his next move.

Poppy continued speaking urgently.

“So, brother… . I guess I’ll get some attention and find out where the Jade Emperor is. Well, such a simple and ignorant idea… .”

However, Poppy’s harsh thoughts and anxious eyes were colorless, and Damdeok’s sword was swung with all its might towards the front.


A half-moon shaped sword clad in black flames quickly crossed the plains.

However, unlike the loud noise that shook the heavens and earth, there was no significant damage to the grassland.



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I curiously cast Black Fire Chamwol, but the sword energy just passed through the grassland and disappeared beyond infinite space.

Contrary to Damdeok, who was twitching his lips as if he was having fun, Poppy and Pao, who had their mouths wide open, stiffly turned their heads to look at Damdeok.

“Tongue, brother! No! “It’s a place where the system doesn’t affect you, so you go on a rampage knowing something is going to happen!”

“Yes, yes! Jim orders you to stop now! Didn’t you say that your plan was to negotiate with the Jade Emperor? This is the attitude of trying to negotiate! Are you so excited that you all want to die together?”

Damdeok paid no heed to the two’s attempts to dissuade him.

As if a terrible villain had arrived on the peaceful hill of heaven, Damdeok raised the corners of his mouth and lightly kicked the floor.


“What about negotiations? That also doesn’t require the other person to come out. “We don’t have time to waste time like this right now.”

As Damdeok floated in the sky, he began pouring out all the skills he had acquired so far.

“Even after this, no one comes out? Even like this? “Even if it’s like this?”



Kugugugung… !!

It was a moment when the peaceful meadow became a wasteland in an instant.

“Well, that… ! older brother! “Am I really crazy?”

“This is why you brought us here! They said they were negotiating. What kind of nonsense was this! “You really have such a funny baggage!”

Cries of resentment and concern were heard from below, but Damdeok did not flinch and increased his spiritual power even more.


‘Let’s not waste time… !’

In fact, there was a reason why Damdeok was so strong.

‘Even though I passed through the Gate of Heaven, I can’t see the Jade Emperor’s palace.’

Let alone the palace, there is nothing to be seen except the wide open grassland.

Damdeok knew that all of this was a trick based on the Jade Emperor’s extreme laziness.

‘You asked me to do a part-time job guarding the Marble Mountains and then come to see me in person, so it’s bothersome?’

The reason why the Jade Emperor personally offered the part-time job as guardian of the Marble Mountains is probably because the waves of the Pacific Gate are reaching every corner of this place.

‘Even if we don’t step out and participate in the war, we have to deal with the intruders, so we’ll be busy here too.’

However, if Son Goku took advantage of that gap and escaped, it would be even more difficult, so he took action.

‘For a talented foreigner who happened to come here at the right time.’

Damdeok used this entire situation as an opportunity and planned a plan to obtain the best reward.

However, it would be difficult if the Jade Emperor were to be so uncooperative.

‘Everything will go smoothly if I lead the negotiation…’ !’

Damdeok gritted his teeth and began to pour out his spiritual power.

Sword energy, mana, and martial arts mix together and begin to sweep through infinite space.

An enormous amount of energy was pouring out of Damdeok, as if a disaster was covering everything.

“Tongue, brother… . Oh, it’s scary… !”

“G-move your luggage to a safe place…” ! hurry!”

Poppy and Pao were so discouraged by Damdeok that they went back to the back of the Heavenly Gate.

Damdeok’s eyes, which had been pouring energy into infinite space for a long time, suddenly narrowed.




The skills spread out neatly in other places, but there was only one place in particular where the skills deviated unnaturally.

“Is it there?”

Damdeok stopped attacking and stared straight at him.

The sense of Damdeok, who had ascended to the highest level of the Heavenly Sword Fighting God, was no longer comparable to that of ordinary gods.

“Hmph, it’s a bit weird to be the Jade Emperor… .”

Damdeok’s body gently moved towards that place.

In the past, it would have been an arrogant remark that one would not have dared to say, but Damdeok’s position has now changed significantly.

“Her? Is the Jade Emperor’s divine power only this much? Well, I guess he’s hiding now. If you were confident you could beat me, you would have tried to take me down right away. “Kkkkkk.”

Damdeok deliberately uttered provocative words and twirled his sword.

And soon it came to a halt in a space that seemed foreign.

The air flutters before my eyes like a mirage.

Poppy and Pao couldn’t see anything in the distance, but Damdeok could clearly see it.

A white palace glimpsed in the shimmering air… … .

“Hmph, the barrier is also poor.”

Damdeok’s Excalibur was raised high in the sky.

Thousands of gigantic intangible swords simultaneously filled the sky.

“Crush it?”

Damdeok said.

It was a small sound.

But soon a coughing sound was heard from the front.

[Hmm… ! Goyan… .]

Damdeok turned his head crookedly.

Slurp. The subtly stirring atmosphere cleared, and a huge white palace appeared.

Guard warriors lined up on both sides.

Several servants holding large fans and serving them.

And in the center, the Jade Emperor is sitting on a large throne, stroking his beard and looking at Damdeok with a displeased expression.

Their eyes met.

“… … You are causing so much trouble. “It’s going to be like this anyway.”

Damdeok slowly lowered his sword in a crooked posture.

Then, thousands of intangible swords also came down.

The Jade Emperor was frowning as if he was going to die because he was so annoyed by Damdeok.

[What an arrogant guy… … . The tongue is just like a snake, and it looks exactly like that stone monkey.]

Despite the Jade Emperor’s cruel words and actions, Damdeok only shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, wouldn’t it be better if we met on good terms in the first place? “I want to use part-time work, but I don’t want to raise the conditions, so I have no choice but to come directly to them like this.”

[Sounds cheeky… ! With what confidence does a guy who has just become the Supreme God have the confidence to beat me? Even if I make you look like that stone monkey right now, there’s nothing I can say… !]

Of course I know.

If they face off head-on, the Jade Emperor is definitely not an opponent to be taken lightly.

There is a high probability that you will not win.

But Damdeok knew.

He wasn’t in a position to do that now.

“Kkeke, is that so? “Then let’s do it.”

[what… ?]

“Just do that~. Shut down the annoying part-time worker at the foot of the Five Elements Mountain! “Wouldn’t it be better to just throw it away?”

The Jade Emperor’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

“You can’t do that. why? It wasn’t easy to hire the highest god in the first place, and now all the gods are participating in the battle of the gods, so how can they hire him? There is no alternative other than me. However, if the Jade Emperor goes directly to protect the Five Elements Mountain, this paradise will become dangerous due to the endless influx of gate guys… … .”

A situation where you can’t do this or that.

However, if Son Goku escapes and goes on a rampage, he will be thrown into irreparable chaos.

“So, I am the only God in this situation who can solve this whole situation for me.”

Damdeok came here knowing his advantageous position from the beginning.

The Jade Emperor, who was glaring at Damdeok, who was grinning, touched his forehead.

[…] … Just say what you want and disappear quickly. There is already a mountain of work to do.]

In the meantime, seeing the battle gods constantly coming and going in front of the Jade Emperor to give reports, it seems like there was a real uproar.

[…] When you suddenly accept a part-time job, what conditions do you put on it now?]

After hearing the battle gods’ report, the Jade Emperor frowned even more and looked at Damdeok with a disapproving expression.

An expression that says you’re going to be busy so just say what’s on your agenda and disappear.

Damdeok smiled and opened his mouth.

“Son Ogong. “No, please give me Jecheon Daeseong.”


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