I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 167

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#167. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (6)

[…] … what?]

The Jade Emperor twitched his white eyebrows.

Damdeok naturally shrugged his shoulders.

“No, isn’t it? This place is busy blocking the gates that are springing up all over the place… .”

As Damdeok spoke those words, he deliberately glanced at the battle gods lined up next to the Jade Emperor.

I’m sorry. They were the ones who came to complain about how difficult and difficult the battles they were currently fighting were.

Battle gods from a peaceful world that has never fought a proper war.

‘Because the Taoist worldview always emphasizes practice and enlightenment.’

Perhaps, for them, the unprecedented event called the War of the Gods was a terrible thing they did not want to encounter, or rather should not encounter.

‘In the meantime, a foreign god with an unclear identity appears, so it’s understandable that he doesn’t like it.’

It is completely understandable that the Jade Emperor is trying to avoid encountering himself by going all the way to the barrier.

Also, this thought was held not only by the Jade Emperor but also by most of the gods here.


“Hmm… !”

They were looking at Damdeok, who suddenly appeared, with a mixture of hostility and anxiety.

But unfortunately, no one had the courage to speak out about such discomfort… … .

[The ruler of Gorgon Island has been activated!]

[The momentum of ‘fear’ is revealed!]

Damdeok planned to kill his spirit from the beginning.

It was a negotiation with the Jade Emperor.

If it failed, not only would his operation be in vain, but he could even turn that crazy monkey into his enemy.

‘Negotiations are in full swing. momentum.’

Damdeok was grinning as he thought that, and a tremendous amount of energy was radiating from him.

A foreign god with divine power comparable to that of the Jade Emperor.

Who would dare to come forward?

The other gods, who showed signs of discomfort, were busy avoiding eye contact with Damdeok.

Damdeok just looked around at them slowly, giggling as if he was having fun.

[This is so beautiful… … .]

At this point, the Jade Emperor’s face was becoming increasingly rotten.

[I will do what I am told to do well. What does it mean to come all the way here? Would you like Son Goku? Do you realize how absurd and absurd what you are saying right now is?]

The Jade Emperor’s voice spread widely in all directions.

I felt a heavy anger that could not be described.

In the past, his body would have been crushed by the force, but Damdeok was different now.


Instead, Damdeok straightened his body and assumed a more confident posture.

As if this wasn’t a threat to him at all.

However, thanks to this, the faces of Papi and Pao, as well as other gods around them, were turning pale.

“I think there is some misunderstanding.”

Damdeok didn’t care about the situation and approached the Jade Emperor with a small smile.

[…] … .]

The Jade Emperor said nothing.

He just quietly glares at Damdeok with a more rotten face.


Eventually, Damdeok stands in front of the Jade Emperor.

The battle gods nearby hesitated and tried to stop Damdeok, but the Jade Emperor raised one hand to stop him.

There was a moment of silence.

And Damdeok leisurely opened his mouth.

“What I am saying is that this is not an outrageous request. Goku’s power is essential to protect the Five Elements Mountain. Don’t you know? “As things stand now, we can’t deal with all the enemies coming out of the gate.”

[Don’t be funny. Do you think I don’t know the extent of your spiritual power? I also know that the energy of the priests who came with you is not easy. But you can’t protect the Five Elements Mountain without the help of that crazy stone monkey? Then I shouldn’t have accepted the part-time job in the first place!]

Damdeok was not at all embarrassed by the Jade Emperor’s shouting.

All situations had already been anticipated and the simulation had been run.

Instead of adding several words, Damdeok just repeated one word.

“If I can solve everything because I am the highest god, then how can you not?”

There was a cold silence.

Everyone looked at the Jade Emperor with astonished expressions.

His expression was subtly stiff, as if he knew something or not.

Despite the icy atmosphere, Damdeok paid no attention and calmly waited for the Jade Emperor to open his mouth.

‘I’m sure the Jade Emperor already knows enough.’

The battle gods were already busy whining because they could not achieve a proper victory, and the lands of peace that had been cultivated for a long time were being trampled by unidentified monsters.

What’s worse is that the land of humans is suffering more serious damage than the land of the gods, so the divine power of the gods who ultimately did not live up to their name was rapidly weakening.

As your spiritual power weakens, your strength to fight will decrease even further, and eventually the claws and teeth of those monsters will reach this place.

“If we leave it like this, it will be a vicious cycle.”

They were free to declare neutrality in the war, but right now they lacked the power to even protect this place.

A situation where you have no choice but to seek outside help.

Damdeok planned to use it to conclude negotiations with the Jade Emperor.

‘I solved my part-time job as a guardian of the Mountain of Five Elements, and I also solved Son Goku’s part-time job asking me to get him out of the rock barrier.’

It’s literally a pheasant-and-egg operation.



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It all started with his successful negotiation with the Jade Emperor.

“Once again, I am speaking for the world.”

Damdeok drove in the wedge.

The Jade Emperor’s expression, which had been frozen for a moment, slowly softened as he wondered what he was thinking.

[…] … How can anyone give or take away that crazy stone monkey? This is something that even Shakya Tathagata cannot do.]

Damdeok grinned at the Jade Emperor’s blunt answer.

“if… … . “What would you do if I could control Son Goku?”

Everyone’s mouths fell open at Damdeok’s unexpected words.

The Jade Emperor looked at Damdeok in surprise for a moment and shook his head.

[No, that is absolutely impossible. Since it is impossible, the best thing to do is to confine him to the Five Elements Mountain.]

After saying that, the Jade Emperor glared at Damdeok with cold eyes.

[You must maintain your authority as the highest god. Nonsense ‘pretense’ is a virtue that must be avoided the most as the Supreme God.]

“You can.”

[Even if I tell you to stop.]

“What will you do if you do it?”

[This guy is still… !]

“Tell me. What if I do it? “Then will you give me Goku?”

The Jade Emperor’s expression subtly changed as he looked at Damdeok, whose eyes were shining.

* * *

Pretzel Gwang!!

As the large stone shattered, Baekgureum’s body moved nimbly.

“Wow! “Why are these little monkeys so strong!!”

White Cloud, spitting out all sorts of curses from his mouth, swung Achilles’ sword gracefully.


Cham chan chan chan!!

Brilliant skills spread out in all directions.

White Cloud’s combat skills could already be said to be the best in the human world.

However, the problem was that the monkeys in Huagu Mountain were very different from ordinary monkeys… … .

-Ukkikki… !

A monkey attacks quickly and suddenly stops.

Baekgureum looked at the monkey hanging on his shield with a puzzled face.

“What is this… ?”

At that very moment,



The monkeys dug out of the dirt and clung to each of Baekgureum’s legs.

“Ugh! “What, what!”

And hordes of monkeys rushing from all directions.

“Let go! “Let go of this!”

However, the force is so strong that the body does not move as if it is pinned to the ground.

To make matters worse, the monkey hanging on the shield also tries to make the shield fall down.

“These bastards… !!”

A situation where you cannot raise your shield to stop it.

In the end, Baekgureum had to struggle to repel attacks coming from all directions.

Cough! bang! Kagang!

“This is an expensive shield!!”

Achilles’ shield given as a gift by Damdeok.

White Cloud desperately tried to keep his shield from being taken away, and the more the monkeys did, the more fiercely they attacked.

Quang! Boom! Quang!

Each time I block an attack, a shock is felt throughout my body, as if thunder is hitting me.

Baekgureum’s face was twisted in pain as the pain rang through every joint of his bones.

“profit… ! “These are real!!”

When Baekgureum tries to counterattack, monkeys come from the other direction and grab Baekgureum’s body and shake it.

And a coordinated attack comes quickly from the other side.

“Ah, kinda!”

Even though I swung my sword, blocked with my shield, and poured out punches and kicks, the attacks continued endlessly.

It was like a circus performance that went on in perfect order.

This situation was happening not only to Baekgureum but also to the other party members… … .

“Wow!! “Everyone die!!!”


Adele Sharon’s spectacular fireworks show was held.

But the monkeys, with their bodies covered in water-soaked moss, rushed at her without hesitation.

“Aaaah! crazy?! This isn’t just fire, it’s flame magic!! How can you block fire magic with something like moss!! “This is ridiculous!!”

However, despite Adele Sharon’s cries, the monkeys paid no attention and attacked her through her flames.

What Adele Sharon didn’t know was that the water soaking the moss was holy water that only flows from Mt. Hwagwa Mountain.

Alui, who was fighting just a stone’s throw away, was going through a similar experience.

“No, how can monkeys fly…” … .”

Alui couldn’t keep his mouth shut as he watched the monkeys flying around on a makeshift hang glider made loosely out of tree branches and leaves.



Even the tail attack while riding a hang glider was comparable to an ax attack.

Huh! Huh! The bloody sound of a blast splitting the air was making Alui’s flight even more hectic.

The attack of the Huagu Mountain monkeys, equipped with power, speed, and high intelligence, was truly beyond imagination.

The best of them is,

“Oh my god@#$!-.”

It was Son Goku, who was running around the entire mountain of the Five Elements, spouting out incomprehensible swear words like a chuim-sae.

“Hey!! @#$%-!!”

Son Goku’s left foot sharply extends towards the back of Cheon Tae-rang’s head.



Cheon Tae-rang’s body spun around in an instant, and in an instant, a high-difficulty Heavenly Demon skill was performed.

The thick magical energy emanating from her body made his cheeks go numb, but Son Goku just looked like he was so excited about this situation.

“Ohh? “You’re using a strange technique?”

Rather than being overwhelmed by Cheon Tae-rang’s magical energy, Son Goku flashed his golden eyes and increased his speed and power even more.

“Umm… !”

It was Cheon Tae-rang who looked slightly embarrassed by the momentum.

“We can’t do it alone, so let’s attack together!”

Ju Soo-yul, who suddenly appeared at the sight of Cheon Tae-rang’s hesitation, launched an onslaught.

Let’s go!


Pretzel Gwang!!

Zhou Juyul’s daggers rained down like a shower, and Cheon Taerang’s martial arts crossed the air like lightning.

However, the more he did this, the more Son Goku increased his speed and his golden eyes flashed.

As Cheon Tae-rang and Ju Ju-yul’s joint attack became faster, Son Goku’s attack and defense also became insanely faster.



Coo coo coo coo!!

Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang’s faces gradually hardened as they watched Son Goku taking all the attacks alone.


“Hey~ Is this all you guys have? huh? “Is this really it?”

Goku intercepted several of Jusoyul’s daggers and grinned as he juggled them.

Cheon Tae-rang and Ju So-yul glared at Son Goku with expressions of disgust.

An opponent on whom common sense attacks do not work at all.

“… … “It’s beyond my imagination.”

“… … Iknow, right.”

Cheon Tae-rang and Ju Ju-yul were feeling anxious that no matter how much they combined their strength, they would not be able to overcome the creature in front of them.

Goku was grinning and putting a golden ring on his index finger and twirling it around.

“What are you going to do by putting this on my head?”

, which White Cloud and Alui managed to find, has long since fallen into the hands of Son Goku.

“… … “We underestimated it too much.”

“… … Iknow, right. “Somehow that guy seems to get stronger with each passing year.”

Seeing Cheon Tae-rang and Ju So-yul’s serious expressions, Son Goku hummed happily.

“Just this much~? “They went to Mt. Flower and came to , so I thought how great they were.”

Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang didn’t say anything.

I just quietly observed Son Goku’s movements.


Son Goku looked at them quietly and then yanked the long orphan he was spinning around on his finger! threw it on the ground.


A long orphan who fell right in front of Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang.

Goku grinned and snapped his fingers.

“Since you’ve come this far, give it a try. “If you just put that on my head, everything will be over?”

However, Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang did not move.

It was natural, as it was a situation where even the slightest carelessness could result in fatal injuries.

As the situation became boring, Son Goku’s face, which had been grinning, hardened.

“… … Tsk. Not fun. So you’re saying you both just want to stay here?”

It was when his eyes flashed with death and his sharp fingers twitched.


Someone landed lightly on the ground.

Son Goku’s eyes opened softly.

“… … What are you?”

Damdeok, who carefully lifted the long orphan that had been thrown to the ground, said with a grin.

“Now let’s do it properly.”


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