I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 184

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#184. Part-timer Yoo Dam-deok becomes an employer! (2)

“Hey. “This is the real deal.”

White Cloud looked at the brilliantly shining sword of Ares.

The fluttering wings attached to the sword handle were creating a gentle breeze.

“It’s really killing me. If I have this, I can fly too… .”

Baekgureum tapped Alui right in front of him with an overwhelmed expression.

“hey! Alui! Let’s compete with me! Whoever wins gets a monopoly on receiving swordsmanship training from my brother!”

“what… ? Don’t bet like that… .”


White clouds kicked the ground with force.

Alui also frowned and quickly flew up.

“Wow, you can really fly! Fly! “It’s flying!”

The moment White Cloud said that, Alui passed by.

“uh? “Uh, huh??!”

Baekgureum lost his balance for a moment and had to fall to the floor.


“Ouch… .”

Ares’ newly acquired armor set.

Several combat-specific options, such as strengthening defense and speed, were also options.

In particular, the fact that Hermes’ wings were attached to the helmet and sword was the best advantage of Ares’ armor set.

“eww… . “That bastard should watch the speed!!”

But flying was still a dream for Baekgureum.

Alui, who was already flying away, clicked his tongue and came back.

“… … Anyway, it’s reckless. You think flying is that easy? “To move freely in the air, you need to practice consistently for at least a few months.”

“Noisy. “That’s because you hit me!”

“You didn’t even touch a hair?”

“Tch, that’s strange. My brother was good at it all at once… … .”

Isn’t that so?

The man named Damdeok was able to fly freely as soon as he got the shoes of Hermes.

“Are you and Master the same?”

“What’s different?!”

“Master, you have talent. Talent.”

Baekgureum frowned at Alui’s sudden bombardment of facts.

I had nothing to say in response.

“Tsk… .”

In the end, Baekgureum shook himself off and woke up.

Damdeok and his companions walking from behind.

To the right of Damdeok is Son Goku, and to the left is Juso-yul. And behind that, we see Adele cuddling with Cheon Taerang, and Poppy and Pao, who seem to be busy baking cookies.

Baekgureum looked at the scene for a moment, then put back the sword of Ares he had taken out.

… Clap!

“Oh, did you see it? “Is the sound going in heavy?”

“… … “It’s not a question of whether you saw it, but whether you heard it.”

“Ah anyway, man! It’s not just the knife. This armor cannot be compared to the previous Achilles armor. “It’s much better than your Wave Spear.”

Baekgureum patted the Ares armor he was wearing and smiled broadly.

Alui shook his head as he looked at Baekgureum, who immediately got into a better mood whenever he felt depressed.

‘… … Do you have a good personality? Is it just simple?’

I’ve met many friends in the demon world, but I’ve never met one who was so confused.

‘Is it good or bad… .’

When I first met him, he was so tormenting and cruel that I thought that there were creatures just like devils in the human world.


‘It’s a little different these days… .’

Is it because we fight together with our backs together? Or is it because we’ve been together for quite some time?

The guy was tickling himself just like the first time, but there was still a subtle change.

‘I can’t explain it well in words, but… .’

Anyway, unlike the beginning, these days Baekgureum and that guy aren’t that uncomfortable.

Just as the corner of Alui’s mouth was about to turn up slightly as he looked at Baekgureum, who was still pounding on his armor,

“Man, is it that good?”

Damdeok approached Baekgureum before he knew it, lightly pushing Baekgureum’s head and laughing.

“of course! “I think it’s ten or even a hundred times better than Achilles’ armor?!”

“Baby. “I bought him something nice, but he soon got distracted by something else.”


“Hmm, do you think that little brother is going to get hurt again if he goes around saying he got something good?”

Son Goku said as he lightly turned the fan blade.

“White Cloud, you be careful. “If you get hurt here, you’ll get seriously hurt.”

Ju Ju-yul also silently supported what he said,

“Hey, did you see Soyul? “I already put him on the ground once.”

Adele Sharon also joins in and starts making fun of Baek Cloud.

“Mr. Lee, be quiet!”



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A warm atmosphere continued.

A place I stopped by to quickly reorganize my plans after leaving Olympus.

It was a world so small that I didn’t even know the name of the dimension, but the scenery was so beautiful that it created a more peaceful atmosphere.

Alui, who had been watching the group for a moment, smiled slightly, but then his face hardened.

“But there’s one thing I’m worried about… .”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Alui’s sudden remarks.

“Will the Olympian gods stay still?”

“what. Are you worried they’ll get revenge? Alui~ Why is the world’s demon prince like this? uh?”

Damdeok playfully approached and put Alui in a headlock.

But Alui still looked worried.

“It’s not that I’m worried, it’s just that it’s a pain if the enemy suddenly comes rushing in while we’re laughing like this… .”

Adele Sharon added a word to Alui’s timid remark.

“Hey, you don’t even know we’re hanging out together like that. The evil business owner is not an ordinary person. They’ve probably already written down all the numbers we don’t know. is not it?”

Then the eyes of the companions turn to Damdeok again.

“what. as it were? “It’s not that big of a deal.”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and took out Aphrodite’s hand mirror.

Damdeok looked into the brightly shining mirror for a moment, then smiled and put the mirror into his arms.

“I told you this is linked to a mirror in Olympus.”



“It did?”

“What is that?”

The expressions of each group member changed in various ways.

The expression on his face was that he still didn’t really understand.

“There is more than just one mirror in Olympus. There are several of them in each room of the gods. What do you mean? You can monitor the situation there in real time from here. “This is what I’m saying.”

“omg… … .”

“what. “Wasn’t it just linked to that big mirror in Olympus?!”

Damdeok clicked his tongue and waved his index finger left and right.

“No, no. That’s because Aphrodite wanted to see the pot in detail, so she only looked at it in the large mirror. In reality, these are all connected items. “If it’s only connected to a mirror in the first place, it’s a bit plain to call it an object of God, right?”

“and… . oh my god. “How did you know that?”

“Hey, the evil business owner, you really… .”

“Are you now even watching the gods of Olympus?”

The group’s surprising reactions continued one after another.

“I’m scared of you sometimes… .”

When even Cheon Tae-rang, who usually did not open his mouth, acknowledged Damdeok’s meticulousness, Ju So-yul’s worried face eased.

“It’s not like it’s like surveillance. I was just fully prepared. haha.”

Damdeok giggled and thought for a moment.

‘Anyway, it seems like Zeus has deeply understood my talent for preying.’

You probably won’t be able to move it easily.

I’m sure other gods will also be warned.

In the meantime, you and your companions can quickly move towards the goal.

“But it’s surprising. “I thought you were going to eat the Greek gods right away.”

At Ju So-yul’s words, the expressions of the group members change dynamically once again.

My colleagues are now shaking their heads as if they are tired of being surprised.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to eat everything like you said, but did you forget? My is still incomplete. “I feel very uncomfortable locking up Ares right now.”

As Damdeok said that, he glanced down at his chest.


I could clearly feel the movements of Ares, who was still rampaging as if he was not tired.

“You know. Even if you put on a predatory show in such an imperfect state, it won’t last long. Moreover, if the rumor that I am eating the gods spreads already, I will become the enemy of all other gods. “Then it becomes more troublesome to catch and eat it, right?”

“okay. “But you’ve always done such ridiculous, inefficient, and reckless things.”

Damdeok smiled and nodded at Ju Soo-yul’s words.

“It certainly was. But this life is different. This time a little more… … . “I plan to solve the problem thoroughly.”

Ju Ju-yul just looked at Damdeok in silence as he spoke confidently.

Baekgureum, who had been watching from the side, suddenly intervened.

“Then, brother, if that deadly is unstable… . “Is there a way to make it perfect?”



The curious eyes of the companions were once again focused on Damdeok.

“… … It is written that the moment you gather all 12 Guardians, your talent will be perfected at that moment.”

There was silence for a moment.

And exclamations of exclamation began to burst out.

“and. also!”

“Then we were the key in the first place!”

“… … “This seat is not like a key.”

“I’m fine bro! Isn’t that a similar concept to self-immolation? Twelve people can be more perfect than one… . “Something like that?”

“What on earth are you talking about?” .”

“Papi, Pao, I’m hungry.”

“to? “You just baked cookies!”

In a noisy atmosphere, Sooyul quietly approached Damdeok.

“So what are your future plans?”

Damdeok sighed and deliberately opened his mouth loud enough for everyone to hear.

“It’s simple. Gather the team, complete , and eat all the gods.”

Goku suddenly intervened.

“Brother, those Olympus guys aren’t a big deal, so why not just wipe them out first?”


“why! Even if you can’t eat it right now, you should stock up first! So if you run away, you’re in trouble?”

“don’t worry. Because that won’t happen.”

Son Goku scratched his head at Damdeok’s confident answer.

“… … okay?”

“okay. Don’t worry, brother. “There will be plenty of opportunities for you to run amok in the future.”

Goku’s eyes sparkled.

“As expected, my brother understands my heart!”

Damdeok left Son Goku behind and looked at his companions.

Everyone had a positive look on their faces in their own style.

This meant that there was no disagreement about Damdeok attacking Tartarus after eating the gods.

Damdeok slowly spoke in a low voice.

“It will be different from before when we were treated so absurdly. The fairy king who was killed by Elia is probably still alive here. “Of the 12 Guardians, no one is missing now.”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon’s eyes lit up at those words.

“oh my god! Are you finally going to the fairy world?!”

“The atmosphere was similar to Atlaum there. I like it!”

But Damdeok slowly shook his head.

“no. “Before that, you have to deal with difficult things first.”

“Something difficult?”

Adele Sharon tilted her head.

Damdeok smiled and replied.

“Dragon’s Nest.”

Ju Soo-yul urgently intervened with those words.

“That’s not allowed. The reason I became friends with Xiaorang before was because I had laid the groundwork for him. At this point, he has no connection to us. It’s impossible to go like this all of a sudden. Dragons are so sensitive… .”

Uncharacteristically for Joo-yul, worried words poured out one after another, but Damdeok rather comforted her.

“don’t worry. “It’ll be okay.”

“but… .”

Instead of responding further, Damdeok put his hand into his chest.

“What else is there?”

“You keep doing that, it’s like a cartoon. “Why is there a 4-dimensional pocket where anything comes out?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t even know that?”

Soon, a brightly colored belt appeared in Damdeok’s hand.


“Oh, right. “There was that too.”

“What does that ability say? Attracting living things… ?”

“Wow, he’s strong, but he’s far from attractive… .”

“So why bring that up all of a sudden? Is it a sword that wants to charm us? “Kkkkkk.”

Among the giggling companions, Soo-yul’s pupils gradually grew larger.

“You can’t… .”

Damdeok said as he slowly wrapped Aphrodite’s belt around his hand.

“that’s right. From now on, we are going to tame dragons.”


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