I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 92

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#92. Pandora’s Box (2)

Prometheus was confused.


What kind of being is she?

The primordial woman who was born as a human yet immortal and like the gods.

Wasn’t she an unfortunate woman who was born blessed with talent and beauty from all the gods, but caused a terrible disaster due to her murderous curiosity?

And personally, she was Prometheus, the woman he had a passionate crush on.

[How could you… .]

Prometheus looked Damdeok up and down with suspicious eyes, but Damdeok didn’t even blink.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Pandora’s box? “It is a story that has already spread widely in the outside world like a traditional fairy tale.”

Baekgureum, who was next to me, also yawned and agreed.

“Haam, that’s right. To be honest, it’s not that widespread, it’s a very bone broth story. “I know this because I hate studying.”

Prometheus seemed in disbelief.

[The story of Pandora is widespread… ? What happened while I was tied up… .]

Damdeok was truly puzzled by Prometheus’ attitude.

‘Why don’t you know? Has no one talked about Pandora’s Box for thousands of years?’

But the question was soon resolved.

When Damdeok told the story about Pandora’s box, Prometheus suddenly cursed in anger, muttering the name of his brother Epimetheus.

‘Hmm, I heard that Pandora married her younger brother Epimetheus… .’

Although he didn’t tell the story in detail, I could roughly guess why he was doing that.

‘Because there is love even in the world of gods.’

Although it is not known in mythology, Prometheus actually had a secret crush on Pandora.

However, his younger brother Epimetheus married her even though he knew about it, and when the tragedy known as Pandora’s Box occurred, he was worried that he would be blamed and locked her in the basement of the house. Then, she hid her story from Prometheus the whole time.

Although Damdeok did not know the details of the story, he was able to intuitively sense that love was intertwined.

‘It smells like something unpleasant… ‘That’s not what’s important right now.’

When Prometheus let out all his anger and calmed down a little, Damdeok asked carefully.

“Do you know any of the prophecies related to Pandora?”

At that moment, Prometheus’ expression became subtle.

An expression that knows something.

Damdeok did not miss that momentary change.

“If you know anything, please tell me.”

[…] As expected, you were holding out because of the prophecy.]

Prometheus’ voice was devoid of any strength.

He had endured the extreme pain of being tied to a cliff alone for a long time and having his liver eaten raw.

He, who had silently endured that terrible pain, was falling apart.

The tragic story of the woman he was in love with… .

Damdeok seemed to know how Prometheus felt.

That’s why I answered with sincerity.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to hear the prophecy. “But I was sincere in wanting to be with you so you wouldn’t be cold.”

[…] You speak well.]

Prometheus looked up at the sky blankly.

Pandora, it was heartbreaking to imagine how many times she must have been pointed at.

Snowflakes fall silently from the sky.

Prometheus’ mouth moved slowly as he looked at the falling snowflakes.

Damdeok just nodded his head quietly.

* * *

“Please sign here to receive your salary. Yes yes, confirmed. At our post office, teleportation is not available after the part-time job ends. “Everyone must go home on their own. The exit door is over there.”

Bang bang! The staff member frantically stamped the stamp and half-heartedly pointed towards the entrance.

Damdeok, who had just finished signing autographs, was holding a heavy golden shopping bag in his hands.

‘Getting the wings was simpler than I thought.’

Although the process of delivering the mail was cumbersome and difficult, thanks to meeting Prometheus at the end, I was able to open the memories of my 1,002nd past life and hear the prophecy of the world, so it was a tremendous achievement.

‘I think we need to think a little more about the contents of the prophecy… .’

Damdeok recalled what Prometheus said a moment ago.

“Pandora is not a ‘woman’ in mythology.”

“Pandora’s box, which will bring true disaster, has not yet been opened.”

“Find Pandora. If you find him, you will gain strength to face the world.”

‘Pandora is not a mythical woman… .’

In other words, the woman whom Prometheus loved was not the true Pandora.

‘The mythical Pandora’s box is also fake.’

Thanks to you, I know one thing for sure.

‘Pandora is absolutely necessary to kill .’

Having gained the strength to face the world, my future goals have become clearer.

‘By gathering the 12 guardians to stop the war of the gods, we find Pandora.’

And ultimately, he finds and kills it.

At that time, I think I will be able to clearly understand why I was reincarnated 1,869 times.

As Damdeok stood still, Baekgureum, who was standing behind him, was looking around with shopping bags.

“What are you doing! Let’s try them on right now, bro. “Let’s practice flying!”

“Oh yeah. Once you go out… .”



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As I was about to say, ‘Let’s try them on,’ a sound of discontent erupted from behind me.

“What are we going to do? Bringing a human child all the way here… .”

“therefore. “You get paid in the form of Hermes’ shoes?”

“Even if I give it like that, is the unit price right? Hermes shoes are not often discounted in stores… .”

“I guess you said you would give me entry-level shoes. This season is so busy. “I guess they agreed to add a little more because there was a shortage of workers.”

“Tch, anyway, full-time employees are cold-blooded people, and they always only take advantage of part-time workers like that. “Faithful gods are sin~ Faithful gods are sin~”

Inside the clearinghouse,

Among the gods who were lining up to settle their salaries, a few gods in particular were looking at Damdeok and Baekgureum with unkind eyes.

Of course, there was no way Baekgureum would remain silent after hearing those words.

“Hey, brothers. “Is that what you just told us?”

As the white clouds turned away, chuckling, the atmosphere quickly cooled.

“hey… ?”

“Brothers… ?

“now… Did you call the gods “hyung” even though you were a human…? ?”

They were good at creating an atmosphere that was scary enough to make viewers feel intimidated, but Baekgureum wasn’t scared at all.

“green onion! They’re really funny. Hey guys, did you just say it was about humans? “Do you want to get beaten up by a human?”

“What the f*ck… ?”

“The little bastard is really crazy… ?”

As the atmosphere became increasingly hostile, an excited Baekgureum took a threatening stance as if he would draw his sword at any moment.

“Who would be afraid of God? Come on, you discriminatory bastards! Should I discriminate too?! Looking at you guys working here, you’re all low-level rookies… town! “Eup!”

Damdeok covered the mouth of Baekgureum, who was about to run wild, and quietly walked towards the door.

“I’m sorry. “I’ll pass by.”

Most of the gods quickly cleared the way, but some rogue gods seemed to have no intention of getting out of the way.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve been so frustrated these past few days with all the work… .”

“It was a good catch. these guys… .”

Damdeok looked around.

The group surrounding them is one, two, three… seven.

A total of seven people. As Baekgureum expected, they were all low-level gods with weak divine power.

Well, since it was a post office in Albany where there was no need to fight, it was natural.

“I don’t want to fight, so get out of the way.”

Damdeok said that and looked at Shin, who was distributing his salary.

It was a silent signal to stop him, but he just shouted with a blank face, “Next, come quickly and sign.”

“… What a mess. “Do you not care about internal order at all?”

The delinquent gods snorted at Damdeok’s mumbling words.

“okay. Baby. “This place is the best if you just deliver the news quickly.”

“As long as the mail delivery is completed successfully, the executives don’t care at all whether the lower-level employees fight against each other or beat each other.”

It was a little surprising.

It’s a post office run by Hermes, who has a bright and cute face… .

‘I never thought there would be such bad guys as low-level employees.’

Looking at the surrounding atmosphere, it seemed that the problem was not with Hermes, but with some gods who were grumpy about everything and executives who were obsessed with laziness.

‘What is it… .’

As Damdeok stood still, the guys became even more triumphant and started talking loudly.

“Kkkkkk, this guy froze?”

“Why, are you finally able to judge the situation?”

The guys surround Damdeok with a grinning look on their faces as if they’ve figured it out.

They were spitting, tapping each other, and giggling, just like the bullies of the human world.

Damdeok looked at the person in charge one last time.

“If you want to fight, go out and fight. Because dust flies.”

He said that and just stomped the payment stamp with a blank expression on his face. I was taking pictures.

“Ah, don’t worry~ I’ll play briefly with my bare hands. “There won’t even be time to blow away the dust.”

In response to the gangster’s grin, the so-called executive just waved his hand.

It wasn’t a signal not to do it.

It was a signal to do it a little further away if you were going to do it.

The gangsters quietly cornered Damdeok and Baekgureum.

“Kkeuk, kid. Stop looking at the executives. My face will be pierced. Still not sure? “He never gets involved in our work?”

“Am-am, the executive officer just needs to finish his work and that’s it~”

“Besides, the walls of the cave here won’t break thanks to Hermes’ blessing?”

“It’s perfect for playing around with guys like you. “Kkkkkk.”

Damdeok finally nodded, as if relieved, at the words of the guys who were snickering and warming up.

“It’s okay.”


“No matter what I do, the executives won’t intervene, and the cave walls won’t break.”

Baekseol, who was hiding behind Damdeok’s back, came out.

– will!

“Then thank you to me.”


The black flames instantly wrapped around the pure white sword body, and the flickering flames growled menacingly as if they would engulf the surroundings at any moment.


The enormous heat emanating from the sword instantly covered the room.

Not only the executives who were stamping the seal, but also the gods who were glancing behind the scenes were looking at Damdeok with surprised eyes.

Needless to say, there were bully gods right in front of me.

“Well, what is it?”

“Wow, suddenly there’s a spark… !”

Baekgureum just giggled and jeered as if this situation was just fun.

Damdeok tilted his head crookedly.

“Kkkkk, are you surprised by this?”

Damn it!

Pure white ice covered Damdeok’s left arm like armor.

“Should I give it a try?”

Damdeok’s appearance, with flames wrapped around his right sword like a black dragon and his entire left arm wrapped in ice like a heavenly shield, was definitely not at a level that ordinary low-class gods working at a post office could handle.

“Ugh… .”

“OMG… .”

Damdeok slowly approached the guys who were hesitantly retreating.

I honestly have no intention of fighting.

Bullying the weak is something only vulgar people do.

‘Let’s just scare them.’

Let it crawl on its own.

It was a once again surprising moment that I now had the power to overwhelm my opponent without having to fight directly.

Damdeok raised one corner of his mouth and exploded the black flame attribute mana surrounding the sword.


The flame grew bigger and opened its mouth towards them like a dragon ascending to heaven.


The faces of the bullies turned from pale blue to completely white.

Damdeok decided to scare the trembling guys by trapping them in a pillar of fire.

If all directions were blocked by black flames, you might be so scared that you would get sick of it.

Damdeok grinned and swung his sword.

“It’s retribution.”

The executive, who had been agitated the whole time, jumped up and screams erupted from all over.

That was when Damdeok’s black black dragon advanced fiercely towards them.


The black flame that was burning fiercely in the pile of dirt that fell out of nowhere was extinguished.

“… “What is this?”

Damdeok looked at the girl in front of him with a bewildered expression.

It was a girl with straight silver hair and a prim look like a noblewoman.

‘You look younger than a white cloud… .’

Why did this child suddenly throw dirt on me?

Damdeok looked at her with a very unhappy face.

“What are you?”

The girl answered with an expressionless face.


“By the way, who asked your name? Suddenly asking why I interrupted you… .”

Damdeok’s mouth suddenly stiffened.

‘Wait, you’re Elia?’

A part-time job window quickly popped up.

[Gorgon Island’s attack party!]

Employer: Elia

… … .

The name of the girl in front of me was written there.


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