I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 117

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encounter (16)

Mebilos, who appeared as expected, looked at me with empty eyes.

Unlike the relatively normal Akashla, her eyes didn’t have white at all, just like those of bugs.

“Okay, now I understand.”

The one who was staring at me suddenly nodded as if he had realized something, and then said something unexpected.

“You were the 7th Lord of Calderic.”

Did you notice?

He seemed convinced that I was the Seven Lords.

In fact, there was nothing strange about his identity being exposed. My appearance and abilities must have already been known to the public to some extent.

No matter how arrogant demons believed they were the best, there was no way they wouldn’t investigate the new Lord of Calderic.

“What? The Seven Lords of Calderic? That human?”

At those words, Akashla tilted her head with a slightly surprised face.

Well, you came all the way here and your true identity was discovered. It doesn’t matter anyway…

I glanced around in the direction where Zerel was.

“Seven lords…?”

Including him, Elika and Heron were also looking bewildered.

Still, I hoped that I wouldn’t hear it if possible, but looking at the reaction, it seemed like I heard it clearly.

Mevilos, who was staring at me carefully as if observing my reaction, continued.

“Yes, race, appearance, abilities, and information all match.”

“Hmm… But isn’t it strange? What are the 7 Lords of Calderic doing in a place like this? And now, no matter how you look at it, they seem to be on the side of those bugs, right?”

Akashla said with a hint of incomprehension.

Mevilos didn’t reply as if he didn’t know that, but he seemed certain of my identity nonetheless.

“Well, you’re right, you’re not wrong. Somehow, it’s quite annoying with the human subject.”

Akashla smiled and looked at me.

I looked more warily at Mevilos than at him.

As with Akashula, Mevilos’ ability is also troublesome.

Among the twenty original demons, the one with a particularly stealthy and insidious fighting style. If you were careless for even a moment, you could be defeated in an instant.

“I don’t know how the Overlord of Calderic found out about this.”

Mevilos opened his mouth again.

“But I was complacent. If I wanted to retrieve the Demon Seed, I would have had to move myself.”

······It seemed to think that the reason I came here was because of the overlord’s orders.

There was no need to correct it, so I didn’t respond.

In any case, it seemed like he had no intention of backing down just because he knew who I was.

The two original horses, Akashla and Mevilos, were also strong enough to rival the monarch.

If it was a simple encounter, they could have tried to avoid an unnecessary fight, but it was a situation where the devil’s seed was also involved.

‘Now what?’

I briskly shook my head.

Two monarch-level original horses.

If the battle continued, I was the one who was clearly at a disadvantage.

The option to run away had been put off in the back of my mind from a while ago.

Even for them, the most important thing is the devil’s seed, so if I ran away, they might not have bothered to pursue it.

‘No… they probably won’t follow me.’

They also knew my true identity.

Also, he must have realized that it was not easy to subdue me in a brief skirmish.

It was unlikely that only one would pursue me, and neither would leave Elica behind.

Besides, since you seem to have misunderstood that I came here on the orders of the overlord anyway, you didn’t really care that the existence of the demon seed was discovered.

So it’s possible to just give up on the three and run away.

It was a reasonable choice.

Of course, the demon seed was an important factor related to the resurrection of the demon king.

However, it only advances the timing, and just because a demon seed goes into their hands does not mean that the demon king will be resurrected right away.

It wasn’t something I had to stop right away, even risking my life.


I looked back to where the three were.

I am not a human being righteous enough to risk my life for others.

Even so, I couldn’t choose the option of escape.

If I abandon them, Zer-El and Heron will surely die, and Elika will be taken by them and offered as a sacrifice.

Maybe if these people were really strangers with whom I hadn’t met, and if they weren’t right in front of me.

Then I would have thought about it, but I think I would have given up in the end.

However, it was not as easy as I thought to calmly abandon them in this situation.

I sighed inwardly.

‘······If you really want to say no, then.’

Let’s fight for now.

I decided to do it if I thought it was really dangerous to run away.

The one snag was that they might be trying to take the three of them hostage, but it didn’t seem like there was anything to worry about.

You wouldn’t think that I, the Lord of Calderic, would try to protect the three of them even at the disadvantages.

And I wondered if they were worried that I could take Elika, the devil’s seed, hostage.

Preparing for battle, I spoke to Mevilos in a nonchalant tone.

“Don’t worry. The overlord will arrive soon, just as you said.”



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I tried bluffing once.

Of course, the overlord didn’t have to come here after he died, but he could have believed it if he used his delusion.

Mevilos’s eyes twisted.

He didn’t say anything for a while, as if trying to determine whether my words were true or false, then smiled.

“Then I’ll have to deal with you quickly and retrieve the devil’s seed.”

······As expected, there is no way to back down.

Still, you won’t be able to completely disregard my words. If the overlord really came, there was no way they could handle it.

It would have been beneficial if it had distracted me even a little…


It was at that time that a sharp pain surged up in his abdomen, accompanied by a sudden, terrifying presence.

I lowered my head in astonishment.

A red beam of light pierced my stomach before I had time to react and block it with the antifreeze curtain.


Feeling the ominous magic power spreading through my body, I knelt down in my seat.

The source of the ray of light is the space that splits on the side of Mebilos before you know it.

With the two original horses in front of me, I didn’t care.

In preparation for an ambush at any time, my super senses had been maxed out from a while ago.

Even so, it was too late to react to the blow from just now.

‘What the hell…’

…This is not Mebilos’ ability.

The cracked space grew bigger and another demon emerged from there.

“Are you here?”

Mebilos, who made a mockery at my appearance, greeted the newly appeared demons politely.

Akashla was also polite, without any frivolous appearance from earlier.

The demons were a tribe that relied only on the principle of power.

He would never bow his head or give in unless he acknowledged that he was stronger than he was.

Not to mention their pride, especially for the original horses at the top of the demons.

【Lv. 97]

The newly appeared demons were at a level where they could fully understand the attitude of the two.

97 levels.

A higher level than anyone I’ve ever met, except for Overlord Lashattan and the Ancients in the Underground Ruins.

It was a gigantic demon wearing red armor like a scorching flame.

What is held in one hand is a huge greatsword whose blade is likely to be several meters long.

I couldn’t believe it and stared blankly at him.

The level of 96 and that distinctive appearance made me realize his identity at once.


The third-ranked demon in the hierarchy.

It wasn’t just Akashla and Mevilos… there was him too?

Only then did I realize that I had seriously misjudged.

Demon seeds are the most important material for the demons that can speed up the resurrection of their gods.

It was not something that only two native horses of the proper rank would step out.

“The devil’s seed is on the female side.”

Cargos’s voice echoed through the forest.

It felt like the space shuddered with just that word.

I glared at him, enduring the crushing pain.

He fixed his gaze on the side of the three people, as if he had no interest in me.

Heron was trembling as if completely out of his mind at the formidable pressure from the three original horses.

Zerel’s face was completely lost and in despair, and Elika was no different.

“Retrieve the devil’s seed and go back.”

Saying that, Cargos stretched out his hand toward me who had fallen. He was about to put an end to it.

I bit it hard.

If you do this, you will really die. Even if he used the floating screen or space jump, it would only waste time.

“wait for a sec.”

Then Elika opened her mouth in a trembling voice.

Cargos paused for a moment and turned his gaze to her.

“Everyone, you guys are targeting me, right?”

It seemed that Elika herself realized that the target of the demons was herself.

More than that, to be able to say such a thing in this situation was an amazing mental strength.

“You know it well. You will be offered as a sacrifice for the resurrection of the Demon King. Know it as an honor. Because that humble life is used for something noble and noble.”

Akashla smiled and replied.

Elika swallowed and said.

“······I will quietly do as you ask. So please save the others.”

But it was futile. There was no way they would listen to that request.

Cargos didn’t even laugh and continued what he was trying to do. Dark red flames rose in his hand.

“Stop! Otherwise…!”

Elika screamed desperately and picked up Zerel’s sword that had fallen to the floor and brought it to her neck.

The action was immediately stopped. Akashla stretched out her hand and Elika instantly lost her mind and collapsed.

“Ah, really. I can’t rip that cheeky muzzle off.”

As Mevilos waved his hand, Elika’s body floated into the air.

There was no time for the startled Zer-El or Heron to grab hold of it.

Her floating body moved to Mevilos’s side.

‘······Damn it.’

It’s over.

In a battle where there was no chance of winning even with perfect conditions, he suffered a fatal blow before he could do anything. I can’t run away now

Should I have run away sooner? Or wasn’t it just useless nonsense in the first place?

There was no point in regretting it now.

Still, it doesn’t die easily.

I glared at the three original horses and prepared for the final outburst. That was the moment.

that buck

Footsteps echoed.

I turned my head towards the sound.

Through the darkness of the forest, a doll was walking towards this place.

What was surprising was that I hadn’t noticed the presence at all until I heard the sound and saw it.

It must have been the same for the original horses, including Cargos, but they turned their gaze belatedly with a startled look like me.

The one who showed up before long was a woman.

【Lv. 99]

I blankly looked at the level floating above her head.

In disbelief, Cargos’ muttering filled with disbelief was heard.


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