I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 137

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The soldier standing guard yawned in boredom.

Due to the geographical characteristics of Runkelshid Base, monsters often came down to the base.

That’s why when I first started working, I was trembling with anxiety and couldn’t let go of my tension, but now I’m used to it and I feel like I can sleep if I set my mind to it.

“Don’t be immersed in it, stand up properly. It’s time for the knights to return soon.”

“Don’t be harsh with a little yawning. Are you my wife?”

It was when the soldier licked his lips at his colleague’s words and looked forward again.


The soldier narrowed his eyes at the small dot that was getting closer and closer in the far sky.

“Hey, what is that?”


“I can’t see that in the sky… uh, uh?”

When they got close enough to discern what it was, the soldiers all turned pale.

A huge wyvern was flying toward the base at terrifying speed.

“Rain, emergency! Emergency!”

The soldiers panicked and sounded an emergency signal.

Soon, the knights who came out of the base also opened their eyes wide when they found the wyvern.

“······What is that?”

Why is the wyvern here?

The Commander-in-Chief of Runkelsid also looked at the Wyvern, who had come close to him, unable to hide his embarrassment.

Then, when he found someone riding on the back of the wyvern, he let out an exclamation.

“Stop! Don’t attack! Everyone lay down your weapons!”

On the other hand, the wizards who were preparing to intercept canceled the magic.

Soon, a wyvern descended from the sky and slowly landed on one side of the base.

Then, seeing the man descending from the back of the wyvern, the commander-in-chief had no choice but to swallow his saliva.

‘Mi, crazy.’

······Really the Seven Lords.

The new 7 Lords, who had only heard about it through rumors, had walked directly to the Runkelsid base here.

The commander-in-chief hurriedly ran to the side of the man who was looking around and bowed his head.

“It’s an honor to visit Runkelsid Base, 7th Lord!”

Even the knights and soldiers who figured out the situation belatedly bowed their heads in fright.

The man, the Seven Lords opened his mouth.

“Are you?”

“······This is Sakran, the commander-in-chief of Runkelsid!”

“You were the commander. You put a lot of work into protecting the frontier. It’s nothing special, I just came to see someone, so relax.”

At those words, the commander-in-chief felt a sense of relief and a shudder run through his body.

Who would ever have the chance to be directly praised for their efforts by a monarch in their lifetime, even if it was just a word?

The next thing that came to mind was a question.

Who did the monarch personally travel to such a periphery to meet? Who the hell… Ah.

“Is Reef at the base now?”

At the same time as the commander-in-chief’s realization, the words of the 7 Lords continued.

Even if the other knights didn’t know, he, the general manager of the base, knew very little about the situation.

It was because there was a message delivered directly from a person on the side of the main castle, and especially from the leader of the Iron Blood Knights.

Among the new recruits coming to Runkelsid this time, pay special attention to the article named Leaf. so as not to be teased.

As for the reason, the commander-in-chief only heard the fact that she was a person related to the 7 Lords and told the messenger to keep quiet about it.

‘······It was really true.’

The commander-in-chief looked at the knight standing behind him, feeling a chill run down his spine.

The knight who received a wink said.

“Lee, I understand that Sir Leaf has gone searching for Mazrak Gorge.”

“I see? Bad timing.”

said the commander-in-chief urgently.

“I will restore you immediately, Lord.”

“Okay. I’ll just go myself. Is that the Mazrak Gorge over there?”

Then, the 7th lord got back on the wyvern with the boy he was carrying.


With a heavy flap of wings, the wyvern moved away in an instant toward the direction of the gorge.

The commander-in-chief looked at the scene blankly, then suddenly came to his senses and ordered the surroundings.

Start clearing the base right now. Tell all the knights and wizards currently at the base to come forward. Until the 7th lord returns, we will have to clean it as neatly as possible so that it is not obtrusive.”


“And put the guards closer together on the outer wall. If you don’t want to die, tell them to stay alert.”

The visit of the Seven Lords, which came and went like a storm, put an emergency on the entire base.


“It’s a sign of Gargari.”

The vice-captain muttered as he inspected the blue bodily fluids scattered on the ground.

Currently, the knights were conducting an investigation at the entrance of the gorge.

“It’s not very hardened, so it must be close.”

“Yes. Hurry up and find it and deal with it.”

“Tsk, today the search will be a bit longer.”



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Gargari was a toad-shaped monster with deadly poison.

It had a habit of continuously spreading poisonous mist around the area it had chosen as its habitat, so if it wasn’t dealt with quickly when it found traces, it could come down to a private house without knowing it and cause a terrible disaster.

The knights were divided into groups of two and immediately went on a search.

Leaf became a group with Mamelas and moved in the direction of the forest.

“Take a good look at the rear. Don’t miss a single trace and report everything.”


Mamelas looked disapprovingly at Leaf, who immediately responded, then turned his head again.

It was a time when we moved for quite some time in silence.


Mamelas raised his hand when he noticed a huge toad visible through the bushes. It was Gargari.

Gargari also spotted them, rolling her eyes and letting out a low, low cry.


She stared at him with bated breath, then glanced back at the leaf behind her and said,

“You stay right here.”

“Are you going to fight alone?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

Riff was silent for a moment before speaking.

“You can be dangerous alone.”

“Ha, danger? You’ll only get in the way if you clumsily join in. I’m covering the surroundings.”

Riff slightly frowned at the purely forced statement. It wasn’t just that they paired up and went on a search.

Either way, Mamelas drew his sword and approached Gargari alone.

She didn’t want to give Leaf a chance to make any strides or play in the slightest.

Mamelas charged towards Gargari.

Gargari opened her mouth and attacked with her tongue stretched out.

Mamelas ducked and approached from the side. Her sword cut through her gargari’s side.

When it started to spread the poison mist, it was a nuisance, and she did everything in her power to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Gargari jumped up and down in all directions at the furious swordsman’s attack.

Mamelas laughed inwardly and prepared for the finishing blow, but Riff suddenly shouted.


For a moment, Mamelas was also sorry.

After being shot, Gargari’s tongue, which bounced back, wrapped itself around her unguarded leg.


Mamelas was ungainly tossed up in the air, then slammed back to the ground.

Towards the fallen woman, his tongue slid down again.


Leef, who came running in an instant, cut off his tongue, and then cut off Gargari’s head, severing his breath.

After brushing off the bodily fluids from the sword, Leaf approached the fallen woman.

“Are you okay?”

Mamelia, who had been grunting, immediately stood up.

Nervously brushing off the mud from her hair, she stood up and glared at Riff with an expression full of shame and embarrassment.

“I told you not to interfere!”

Riff stared at her with a puzzled look.

“Even if you didn’t step forward, I took care of it myself! Did you disobey orders? Don’t you think I’m talking?!”

“······ Sir, you are my senior, but you do not have the authority to give me formal orders due to discipline.”

Mamelas, who couldn’t overcome his anger at the moment, threw his sword to the floor and raised his hand.


Riff’s head jerked to the side.

Reef, who was slapped on the cheek out of nowhere, looked at Mamelas with cold eyes without saying anything.

It was the moment when Mamelas flinched at him and raised his hand once more while gritting his teeth.

“This cheeky bitch is real…!”

Woo woo!

She was startled by the sudden sound of a gigantic pong in her ears, and stopped moving.

The source of the sound was the sky.

The two of them raised their heads and looked up at the sky, their eyes wide open.

A huge winged monster was darting down towards us.


Various monsters inhabit Nazrak Canyon, but wyverns did not live there.

Mamelas froze for a moment at the overwhelming presence of the sub-dragon he had never heard of before.


Riff also looked at the scene and let out a small saliva.

Mamelas hurriedly tried to escape towards the bush.

However, Riff grabbed the arm.

“What, what? Are you crazy?! Let go of this!”

“He is the 7th Lord.”

Mamelas hesitated for a moment, wondering what she was talking about. 7 lords?

Meanwhile, the Wyvern came down to the ground and was landing.

Only then did she realize that someone was riding on the back of the wyvern, and she looked at the man who came down from the back completely bewildered. He was a black-haired man.


Leif bowed his head and looked at Rigon standing next to the Seven Lords.

Rigon’s eyes met, and he waved his hand with a bright face.

“It’s been a while, Riff.”

“Yes. But for some reason, we ended up here…”

The Seven Lords glanced at Gargari’s corpse and the frozen Mamelas.

Mamelas, who finally grasped the situation, reflexively knelt down and bowed his head.

“7, meet the 7th monarch…”

The rumors I thought were absurd were true.

In the background of the Leaf, there really were 7 Lords.

Mamela felt her head dyed as white as a sheet of paper.

Because he remembered what he had just done to her.

The 7 Lords, who somehow read the subtle atmosphere, noticed that Leaf’s cheeks were red, and asked Leaf.

“What happened?”

Riff looked down at Mamelas once.

Mamelas trembled with uncontrollable fear and prayed inwardly.

‘Sah, save me. please······.’

Riff shook his head.

“No. Nothing happened, Lord.”

At that, Mamelas felt a sense of exhaustion rushing through his body, and shed tears involuntarily.


I looked down at Leaf’s fellow knight who was breathing heavily without raising his head.

It was easy to see that something had happened to the reaction that was more than enough.

But it seemed like Riff was just passing it on, so I didn’t bother.

I said to Riff.

“I have something to ask you about Rigon.


“Let’s go back to the base. Get on the Wyvern.”

He said while riding on top of the wyvern again with Rigon.

Maybe because he was trying to carry more people, Tiyong snorted and showed an uncomfortable expression, but he calmed him down by stroking his neck.

But Riff hesitated and looked at me.

I wondered if it was because it was unfamiliar to ride a Wyvern for the first time, but she opened her mouth.

“Hey, Lord. I’m sorry, but if it’s not an urgent business, can I go back separately?”


“The search mission is over. I’d like to finish cleaning up and return to base with my colleagues.”

I tilted my head. Why should we go back together now?


Then I realized that I had been ignoring one obvious fact.

Currently, she was on a mission with other knights in this canyon.

In the midst of that, I appeared out of nowhere and tried to snatch her away.

Of course, since I’m the monarch, it doesn’t matter if I do or not, but it was obvious how this behavior would be viewed by other knights.

I know how Riff’s mindset is.

As I said, he must be desperately training to become a knight of the monarchy.

My actions now were not considerate of her at all.

‘······I’m a little stained too.’

Even though it was only a very minor thing, I was surprised at myself again.

Is it because I am in a very high position? Since when did I not pay attention to a single thing like this?

As the small things pile up, you don’t know how people will change at any moment.

No matter how much it was, even if it wasn’t for crazy people like the Tyrant or the Black Sea Empress.

Even if I’m struggling to save the world without anyone knowing, even if it’s me who saved this brother and sister’s life.

They didn’t serve as a shield for me to act according to my heart without thinking about my surroundings.

The monarchy that was acquired by chance by someone who was nothing in the first place.

It’s just an illusion that you never know what will happen.

In the future, I would like to be a little more vigilant in my heart.



When I called his name, Riff closed his eyes and lowered his head.

It was a sign of anxiety that he might have made me feel uncomfortable.

Feeling pity for that figure, I said with a light smile.

“I lacked consideration for you. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no. Lord.”

“Then wait at the base. I know you’re working hard.”

I could see Riff’s eyes quivering. It was a face I didn’t expect to hear from me.

“Yes, thank you······.”

Rigon seemed to want to stay and go back with Leaf if possible, but he didn’t say anything.

Although he usually looks very free-spirited, he was a quick-witted guy.

Leaving the leaf behind, Tiyong flew up into the sky.

I smiled and said to the guy who seemed happy that he didn’t have to burn the leaf.

“Now, Asher is not even funny when he follows me well without me.


At those words, the boy let out a rare sharp cry and lost his temper.

Anyway, I can hear you very well.

“It’s a joke, a joke.”


After returning to the base, it took about a few hours to return with the riff and the knights.

I sat around a table in a quiet room with Leaf and Rigon, who had changed their clothes.

First of all, the two siblings, who hadn’t seen each other in a while, gave them time to discuss their thoughts, and then started talking.

“・・・・・Entrance to Saintea’s academy?”

After hearing the whole story, Leaf asked with a puzzled expression.

Of course, this was an expected reaction.

I’m asking what it would be like to send my younger brother to a faraway place out of nowhere, beyond Calderic and to Saintea.

“Is that possible?”

“Yes. Every year, monarchs are given one letter of recommendation for admission to Elpon Academy. In fact, the 2nd Lord Thunder is also making good use of this authority.”

Riff said nothing more.

He seemed confused and at a loss for words.


“Yes, Lord.”

“There’s nothing to be confused about. Just feel free to tell me what you think.”

I glanced at Rigon and said.

“Rigon said he wouldn’t want to go to the academy if you objected. So if you object, I have no intention of forcing or persuading you.”

It was only then that Riff calmed down and fell into thought.

I honestly thought she was more likely to object.

According to the story I heard before, she said that she didn’t want to be separated from me because she thought that her brother’s rabies might recur.

I don’t know if that obsession has gotten better now, but whatever it was, Rigon was the most precious thing in the world to Riff.

There was no way I wanted to send him to Saintea, which was not simply far away and was in fact hostile to Calderic. No matter how much I can learn and experience more than now.

After being lost in thought for quite some time, Riff finally opened his mouth and asked. To Rigon, not me.

“Rigon, what do you want to do?”

said Lygon.

“The monarch said. I won’t go if my sister opposes it.”

“It’s not that, I’m asking for your heart. Don’t care about me or the monarch, but your whole heart. Do you really want to enter the academy?”

“That’s right.”


Rigon scratched his cheek and replied.

“I don’t have any special or grandiose reasons. I’m just curious. And rather than living in the castle swinging my sword day by day… I wonder if I’ll be able to find what I really want if I go through more things.”


Riff had a complicated face.

It was time to tell him to think about it a little more if he needed time.

“I will also follow my brother’s choice.”

I looked at her in surprise at the unexpectedly cool decision.

“Are you really going to be okay?”

“Yes. Of course I’m worried, but it’s what Rigon wants. I don’t want to object.”

Because my brother wants it. It was for a simple reason.

However, a lot of agony must have passed in a short moment until he made up his mind.

I knew better than anyone how much she cared for her sister.

Rigon’s expression brightened at Riff’s answer.

In fact, there was no need to worry about anything unpleasant happening to Rigon.

Of course, she doesn’t know, but Rigon won’t fall from my side, he’ll stick with me.

Anyway, with this, Rigon’s admission to Elpon Academy was also decided.

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