I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 153

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holy sword (1)

I checked the report that was sealed in an envelope and arrived at the front of my dorm room.

‘Is it a failure in one subject?’

I thought it looked pretty good, but the theory ended up failing.

I felt sorry for myself. Looking at the score, if I had just one more question correct, I would have passed.

I put the report back in the envelope and looked out the window, then went outside.

A few days have passed since the semester exams were over.

From now on, there were no classes because it was a leave of absence for about two months. In a word, it was vacation.

‘Has it already been half a year?’

It’s been half a year and I’m still at a standstill with no progress.

As originally intended, human relations around Kaan were created. The problem was that that was all.

Something had to happen, but it was unreasonable to expect a dramatic event that would satisfy the succession conditions for the holy sword in this academy.

I tried to contact the hero because of what happened in the interpersonal combat test, but he said there was no change to the holy sword.

Is it time for something a little different?

Even if there is no other way to do it, I can’t just waste my time like this…

‘I’ll have to discuss it again when I meet the hero.’

I was supposed to meet with the warrior once at the end of the semester.

Asher will also come along to report on whether anything has happened to the monarchy.

“Ran! Where are you going?”

I turned my head to the voice calling me from behind.

Kaan was waving with a smile on her face as usual.

“Wait, to the library. What about you?”

“I’m just taking a walk until dinner.”

“The grades are out, so go to the dormitory. You’ve probably arrived before the door.”

“Uh, yeah? How did you get out?”

“Unfortunately, I failed one theory class.”

“Huh, is that so?”

Kaan made a strange expression and turned away.

“I’ll have to check. Then I’ll go first. See you later in the evening.”

Esca should come out well. I heard so much muttering. Kaan moved away toward the dormitory.

There was such a thing in the interpersonal combat test, and Eskawa and Kaan immediately reconciled.

There was no reconciliation, one side cried and apologized, and the other side comforted them saying it was okay, but that was all.

It wasn’t much that the atmosphere was still awkward, but that was a problem that time would solve.

Soon after, I moved to the public library and faced an unexpected sight.

Rigon and Leah were standing side by side on one side of a bookshelf, talking quietly.

Rigon found me and greeted me.

“Uh, Lan.”

“What’s going on in the library? They said they were going to the training ground earlier.”

“I came after finishing training. Since I have nothing to do, I thought I’d read a book.”

I glanced at Leah.

Unlike the unconcerned Rigon, she flinched as if she had been caught doing something suspicious.

“But it’s an unexpected combination.”

“Huh? Haha, is that so? We happened to run into each other and we were talking.”

“Ah, Baion found you earlier. And the semester test report arrived in your room.”

“Really? Didn’t you secretly see mine too?”

“why me.”

“I’m kidding. Then I’ll go first.”

Waving at Leah and me, Rigon left the library.

I was about to move on, but Leah called and held me.

“I heard it’s space-type magic. The magic you used in the test.”

I stopped and looked back at her.

“I heard from Lygon.”

“Uh, yes.”

In the last person-to-person combat test, I used space leaps countless times for Kaan’s efforts.

Although he had no intention of using his original abilities within the academy unless it was really necessary.

No problem occurred. Because there were many magic observers all over the test site.

I had to endure everything, but anyway, so the day before yesterday, Professor Locale was also called to talk.

I told Professor Locale that it was my own space-type magic. It was the most convenient excuse.

Unique magic is a completely different realm from existing magic, and there’s no way you would have noticed that it wasn’t magic just by looking at it as an observer for a while.

‘I’m glad I got over it in moderation.’

The reason why the professor didn’t ask me one by one is probably because I entered the school on the recommendation of the principal.

In any case, Rigon, who had witnessed the ability himself, said the same thing. It’s called unique magic.

Leah seemed to have heard that from Rigon too. Was that what she was just sharing?

Leah said with a disapproving expression.

“You’re annoying. Have you been laughing at yourself while deceiving people like that?”

“······What are you talking about?”

“You’ve never used that magic in a sparring class. Didn’t you say you did it in moderation while having the ability to catch my back so easily?”

So what do you say?



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Has your pride been hurt by the fact that you’ve dealt with him moderately?

“You’re not going to say that, are you?”


“You’ve never given your all except Rigon. Me and the other kids too. They’re the same.”

“Because I can win enough even if I don’t put in all my effort! You…”

“Why do I have to show off my unique magic in class to win sparring or sparring? It’s common sense.”

I waved my hand and turned to Leah, who was speechless as if she hadn’t responded.

“But when did you become so close with Rigon?”

“······What, what?! No!”

“No, it’s nothing. We’re dealing with the professor together, and we’re talking just the two of us.”


Leah glared at me at Molly’s gaze and then left as if running away.

It’s a very strange reaction. Do you really have feelings for Rigon?

Soon, I put off my trivial thoughts and moved on to my errands.

Visiting the public library every week to see if there are any mysteries has been a routine I have been doing for the past half year.

After confirming that no one is around, I casually look for a hidden spot on the bookshelf…


Startled, I reflexively looked around once more.

Patterns and mysteries that shine brightly in dark corners.

‘It finally appeared.’

I pushed the bookshelf away as quietly as possible and reached out my hand straight toward the mysterious pattern.

For an instant, bright light was emitted, and scattered patterns were absorbed into the body through the arms.

I was in a daze for a while, immersed in a faint thrill, when I heard an urgent voice.

“There! What’s going on?”

I hurried out to the hallway and bowed my head to the librarian approaching.

“I’m sorry. I was reading the magic book, but I accidentally used the flash magic while trying to control my magic a little…”

At that, the librarian sighed with a relaxed expression and said as if to retaliate.

“Don’t you know that the use of magic outside of the training ground is strictly forbidden? You’re a freshman, right?”

“Yes, I’m really sorry.”

“Follow me, write down your name and the professor in charge.”

After fulfilling all the strict librarian’s requests, I came out of the library.

Penalties would come later, but that didn’t matter now.

The mysterious name obtained this time is Requiem Advent.

It is the ability to accept the dead target’s soul into my body and borrow the target’s ability.

‘In the game, it was the ability to randomly steal a target’s skill and use it for a certain period of time…’

The abilities of the mysteries I’ve acquired so far have all been somewhat different from the game, and it was the same this time.

The moment I acquired the mystery, I naturally knew how to use my ability.

‘Has it changed in this way?’

The descent of the requiem in this world was a mystery that was no different from a one-off.

Can only be used once, on only one target.

Naturally, the subject’s soul had to remain in the real world without extinguishing yet, and there was also a time limit.

And there was also a restriction that the mystery could not be used without the permission of the target because it was borrowing power to the end.

However, despite those penalties, the ability itself was a very powerful mystery.

Because, unlike the game’s setting of stealing landon skills, the return was huge.

‘You can use all of the abilities of the target who accepted the soul as they were.’

It meant that if I accepted the overlord’s soul, I could use all of her magical abilities, physical abilities, and racial traits for a limited time.

However, the only problem is that even though the ability is powerful, the conditions for using it are difficult in many ways.

Even before I got it, I thought it was an ambiguous mystery, but if it’s like this, it seems to have become more ambiguous.

‘Though it’s better than nothing.’

Anyway, it was the 4th mystery obtained after Super Regeneration, Immobility Curtain, and Space Leap.


A few more days passed, and with the official start of the leave of absence, I was completely allowed to go out.

I left the academy and moved to the meeting point to meet the hero and Asher.

I entered an inn located along the main street of the city and quietly knocked on the door at the end of the corridor on the second floor.


It was a strange woman who opened the door. She glanced at the level above her head.

It was a warrior who changed his appearance differently from when he had seen it before.

I went into the room without saying anything.

Another person was sitting at one table, and she got up and bowed her head.

Blonde, did even Ashelle change her look? There’s nothing wrong with being careful though.

Soon, the hero spread a curtain around the room to block out sound with magical power.

I sat across from Asher.

It was a reunion after a long time, so I opened my mouth with a pretty good heart.

“It’s been a while, Asher. You did a great job coming here.”

“Yes, Ron. How are you?”

“Has anything else happened to the monarchy?”

“As usual. Nothing special.”

I turned my gaze and exchanged eye greetings with the warrior.

Since we constantly communicated with her through magic tools, we were always aware of each other’s current situation.

“And as you said, the Umbral came to the Monarchy some time ago.”

I nodded.

Amyeong was supposed to visit around this time and report the information she had gathered.

I had no choice but to be away, so it was a part that I had told Asher in advance and left it to me.

“Has anything worked?”

“Yes, they say they found traces of the suspected target’s past.”

I wasn’t expecting much, so I couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

Did you really find out with that little information?

“He said that all the detailed information is organized here.”

I took the roll of paper Ashhel had taken out of her bosom and unfolded it. And read it carefully.

‘······Ambassion belonging to the Seintea Imperial Family?’

To summarize the information that Umyeong had investigated, it was as follows.

In the past, there was a secret organization in Saintea that handled the dirty work of the imperial family, and all of its members were vomited out due to an incident.

One of the survivors was believed to be the person I mentioned.

The one who possesses the mystery of possession and will terrorize the capital of Saintea in the not-too-distant future.

Comparing my knowledge with the information on the paper, I determined that it was a fairly reliable guess.

“Did Amyeong leave anything else?”

“We said we would continue to track it based on the information we investigated.”

Anyway, if all of this is true, it was worth looking forward to seeing Umyeong grabbing his tail.

After putting the information sheet into my bosom, I asked the hero standing next to me.

“Let’s get right to the point. Is there something important to say?”

The warrior answered my question calmly.

“It’s nothing else, it’s about my physical condition.”

“… Speaking of physical condition?”

“I have no face with you, 7 Lords, but I think I will have to concentrate on recovering in Seongdong again for the time being.”

At those words, I unknowingly let out a small sigh.

Going back to Seongdong meant that the hero’s physical condition had deteriorated further.

“Aren’t you in good shape?”

“To be honest, it is. It’s not very good.”

“······What happened in the meantime? Did there ever come into conflict with the Wonma again?”

“It’s not like that.”

The warrior shook his head.

“I sealed the demon king in the past, and the remnants of the demon king’s power remain in my body. You knew that it continued to eat me.”


“Anyway, it seems that the resurrection of the demon king is not far away. The energy of the guy inside his body has been unusually turbulent lately.”


I couldn’t help but be surprised.

I knew very well that I didn’t have much time left, but…

“If you say it’s not far, how much do you mean exactly?”

“I don’t know. It could be years from now, or it could be tomorrow. That’s why it’s dangerous.”

Wouldn’t it be strange if he resurrected at any time?

According to the story of the game, it is normal for the demon king to be resurrected after a few years.

Has this situation changed or is it going with the original flow? I wasn’t sure

“Is there any revelation from the holy sword?”

“does not exist.”

The warrior shook his head.

I let out a deep sigh.

‘······ It’s frustrating.’

The fact that suddenly annoyed me was that I still knew nothing.

In other words, I do not have a clearly stated motive.

If you succeed in inheriting the Holy Sword and defeat the Demon King, what’s next?

Why am I possessed by the world in the game?

Is it possible to return to the original world when everything is over, or do I have to live here forever.

The silent hero summoned a holy sword in the air.

“I’m sorry. The Holy Sword hasn’t told me anything since about the successor…”


Suddenly, an intense light burst from the holy sword.

At the same time, I felt my mind drift away from reality for a moment.



what happened? what did the warrior do?

When my consciousness and vision returned again, what unfolded before my eyes was not the scenery of the room I had just been in.

A pure white space on all sides.

A huge being in human form is looking down at me.

I shuddered at the feeling of being overwhelmed, then barely opened my mouth. no way?

“······you are?”

As if with God, the existence answered.

– It’s a holy sword. Let’s talk for a moment.

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