I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 159

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Asmodians (5)

The waves of powerful magical power made people pale. The same was true of Kaan, Rigon, and Leah.

“Stand back!”

Yuzu hurriedly shouted and raised her sword.

The black mass of magical energy that wrapped around the man’s body wriggled and took on a spear-like shape.


Yuzu swung her sword away from the flying giant spear.

The sword around the sword was shattered in half, and Yuzu took a step back in shock.

“How dare you! Interrupt a sacred ceremony for Him!”

The man went mad like a madman and this time created more spears.

The man’s level was 75, four levels higher than Yuzu.

Are you the head of this group of contractors?

To be honest, I didn’t think there would be a stronger player than Yuzu, but a much stronger guy came out than I expected.

‘how will we do it.’


Considering the level difference, Yuzu was fighting pretty well, but it would only be for now.

At this rate, it would be difficult for him to handle him alone.

But, of course, it was embarrassing for me to face him openly.

So, the best thing would be to end his life secretly without anyone noticing…

Currently, he had high-density mana wrapped around his body.

It was impossible to sneak drops of blood because they would burn before they could touch them.

I’m sorry Yuzu, but it’s when it’s really dangerous to fully come to the fore.

I decided to look for a gap while observing the situation a little more.


Magic spears rained down and covered Yuzu. Yuzu barely managed to dodge by throwing her body.

In the battle, it seemed that the Priest male had the upper hand.

Kaan, Rigon, and Leah could only watch the scene. With people back to the corner.

“There’s no time to intervene. I have to help Yuzu-san…”

Lygon murmured.

Kaan stared at the battle in silence, and Leah frowned at her powerlessness.

‘To think that Yuzu struggled like that…’

All three were feeling it. At their level, interfering would only lead to dog death.

“You have to get out.”

Leah opened her mouth, and Rigon and Kaan looked at her.

“Let’s take advantage of the gap at the entrance and get the people out. One chance will come.”

“What are you talking about? Then, what about Yuzu-san?”

“It won’t do us any good to intervene in that battle. Do you think you’re taking an academy exam right now? The only way to survive is to do what you can.”

Land also intervened and helped.

“Leah is right. Let’s take the people out first.”


“Don’t be stubborn until now, Kaan. We don’t have time for that. Don’t you see that we’ll only get in the way of Yuzu generating power if we stay here?”

Kaan couldn’t resist more with a miserable expression on her face.

“I’m sorry, Leah.”

“Noisy. Take care of people.”

At that time, Yuzu, who had dug into a fierce attack, aimed her sword at the man’s neck.

The man stretched out his magic spear like a stem and wrapped it around his body, then swung it and threw himself to avoid it.

Disappointment filled Yuzu’s face as she failed in the fatal blow.

However, thanks to that, the entrance blocked by the man was opened.


Ran pointed to the entrance and ran first. People reflexively ran after him.

Kaan and Rigon also ran, but turned their heads when they saw Leah, who suddenly stopped at the entrance.

“Lea! What are you doing!”

“Quickly take the people out!”


When Leah didn’t come out, the knights followed her and turned around.

Kaan and Rigon realized. From the beginning, Leah had no intention of leaving herself.

“Lady! I’m fine, go!”

“I hate it! There is no master who abandons his retainers and runs away!”

Leia tried to deploy her magic. Yuzu hurriedly shouted at the knights.

“Take the lady and get out! Come on!”

At that time, other troops rushed in from outside the aisle.

People were unable to move further and stopped in place, blocked from the front and back.

“This, this…”


At that moment, the battle between the man and Yuzu also tipped the balance.

Yuzu, who was unable to fully block the attack and bounced off, rolled violently on the floor. Leah ran to him.


The situation reached its worst.



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The man who had reaped his magical energy waved his finger at his subordinates. Soon they completely blocked the passage.

The man who straightened the disheveled priest’s uniform glared at Yuzu and said.

“So, where are you rats from?”


“Aw, annoying! annoying! I have to greet him with a reverent heart! The material escapes! Those assholes can’t catch even that properly! Everything is smashed! What is this?! Why do you keep doing this to me!”

The man kicked the floor and began to glow again.

Kaan and Rigon drew their swords with devastated faces. It was then.

“Sah, save me!”

One of the people knelt on the floor and shouted.

“We didn’t know anything! That vampire who escaped alone dragged people on his own!”


Kaan turned her head to look at the man who was praying so.

Soon, the others, one by one, knelt down and began to beg.

“Huh, huh! We were just really quietly locked up!”

“Vampires and those people are bad guys! Please save my life!”

Heffy’s face went white. She exclaimed as if Enma was stunned by her.

“······What are they doing?! Heppy risked his life to come back to save us!”

“Noisy! That’s why everyone seems to die right now because of them! Why do we have to die too!”

Rigon let out a laugh. Kaan was blank, and she stared at them.

She just couldn’t understand.

I took a risk and came to save people. But what are those people talking about?

“Don’t be ridiculous, who the hell did Yuzu fight for…!”

Leah shouted, but no one heard.

The man who was staring at the pleading people with a sullen face raised his eyebrows when he saw Leah tremble.

“Yaah, that’s really fun. It’s fun.”


“Look, bitch over there. This is the ugliness of you humans. No power, no pride, just bugs trying to take care of their own lives. I feel disgusted to death. The same goes for you. ? Really stupid, pitiful, pitiful, weak bug with no strength!”

Then Ran opened her mouth.

“So are you, old man.”


“You’re human too, you stupid bastard. Did you get dementia from old age? And with that little power, you’re playing captain among the tremors, so it seemed like something was going on?”


Rigon and Leah looked at Ran in surprise, and the people who prayed turned pale.

Kaan stood blankly, sword in hand.

She was remembering what Dell had said earlier.

‘If necessary, you must carry out your responsibilities, even at the cost of everything you have. For everyone, Kaan, not only the people who are dear to you, but also the people you hate and hate. Can you?’

Because it was Del’s wish, he wanted to inherit her sword.

The reason why I couldn’t just pass by the injustice and forced myself must not have been somewhere in my heart.

Because he wanted to check his true will, whether he was really worthy of inheriting Dell’s sword.

But… how could Dell do that?

Kaan didn’t want to fight for the people in this room anymore. In her mind, she wanted to beat her down herself and turn her into a paste so she couldn’t talk more.

Even in this situation, they are people who only know themselves.

Why did he try to save these humans, even endangering everyone?


Come to think of it, the answer was nothing.

Her eyes caught the image of Enma hugging Heffy.

I came down from the mountain and met many people during that time.

There is no reason to be disappointed again. You already know that not everyone is like them.

So, it wouldn’t be strange if even among these ugly people, there was at least one person who wanted to protect them until the end.

If someone dear to her wanted the role, Carn was more than happy to do so.

“Did your head go crazy because you were so scared? That bug freaked out because he wanted to die!”

The man gathered a huge amount of mana and fired it at Ran.

In a moment of exhilaration, Kaan raised his sword reflexively. She and she swung.

The golden energy that covered the sword cut the man’s body in half.


At the same time, Seongdong.


Aindel opened her eyes in surprise at the bright light covering the entire castle.


Two beams of light emanated from the holy sword and shimmered in the air.


Fu Chemistry!

The man’s body, wrapped in golden sword strikes, collapsed with blood gushing out. At the same time, Kaan also collapsed.

Everyone’s eyes widened at the sight.


What did Kaan just do? How can such a powerful sword strike?

Yuzu suddenly came to her senses and fired a sword to finish off the fallen man.

But whether he was still conscious or not, his sword energy was blown away by the black magic that surrounded him like a whirlwind.

Yuzu drew her sword and shouted.

“Lady, come on! Everyone get out of here!”

Even if we couldn’t finish it completely, now that it was seriously injured, it was an opportunity to escape.

Knights and Yuzu rushed towards the enemies blocking the passage.

“Ka-Ann! Wake up!”

Rigon took the fallen Kaann.

Kaan blinked, looking completely exhausted.

“Mo, my body has lost all of its strength…”

“Okay, so cheer up a little more! We have to get out!”

Everyone ran down the aisle in a mess.

The rest of the pyramid enemies were swept away by Yuzu and the path was cleared. however······.

“Kuaaaa! Where are you going?”

The aisle shook with the man’s scream.

Huge masses of magical energy began to shake and mercilessly smash the walls.

The ceiling that began to collapse fell on top of Rigon and Kaan’s heads, who were the most left behind.

Then Leah jumped at them and tore off their bracelets.

The mighty magic power emanating from Leah’s bracelet enveloped the surroundings and swept away all the falling rocks.

“come fast!”

“Thanks, Leah!”

Koo Goo Goo!

However, the entire collapsed wall covered them once more.


The moment the three of them turned pale, someone pushed the three of them hard.

They narrowly escaped the falling rocks and looked to the other side of the falling rocks.

“Rae, Ran…”

After pushing them away, Ran was crushed on a pile of rocks.

Leia chewed her lips and led the two stunned people.

Eventually, everyone got out of the cave safely. Except for one person.



Seeing my arm wriggling in blood and returning to its original state, I let out a sigh.

I borrowed Heffy’s blood for a while using Gascalid’s blood.

He blocked the rockfall with a floating curtain and used Heffy’s blood to escape through a gap.

The passage in front was completely blocked by falling rocks, but if you turn your body back into blood, you should be able to get out.

Anyway, what happened?

I thought I couldn’t do anything anymore, so I tried to step out. however······.

Kaan’s golden sword that took him down in one blow.

It was infinitely weak compared to the hero, but it was definitely the power of the holy sword.

How? Could it be that Kaan has finally fulfilled the conditions for succession?

‘Shall we escape for now?’

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