I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 161

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A cold wind blew through the quiet forest.

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A nearby tree rustled, and a man jumped from it. It was heavenly palace.

I asked him while keeping my eyes fixed on him.

“What’s the matter? Why are you following me?”

I knew with a super sense that the heavenly palace, which I thought had left, had been wandering around since earlier.

The reason for that was that I was the only one there, so I came to a place where no one was there and called me out.

Chun-gung stared at me without a word and asked.

“Seven Lords, what are you doing in Saintea? It seems you’re hiding your identity.”

“It’s personal. I hope you don’t pay attention.”

There was no reason to suddenly attack me, but I couldn’t be vigilant because he was such an erratic person.

Chun Gong nodded his head surprisingly meekly.

“Okay. Actually, I’m not interested.”

“Then what’s the matter?”

“There’s something I want to ask of you.”

After saying that, what Heavenly Palace took out of her bosom was the jewel she had taken from the dead demon.

Heavenly Palace threw a jewel at me. Hiding my embarrassment, I accepted the jewel.

“I’ve heard from the 4th Lord. 7th Lord, you have the ability to completely annihilate the soul.”

It was the 4 Lords that allowed me to realize the exact mechanics of the Instant Kill ability.

The three lords seemed to have heard about him at some point.


“Then is it possible to annihilate the souls trapped inside the jewel?”

Of course it was possible. It’s what we did in the cave earlier.

I asked as I saw the howling spirits inside the jewels.

“It’s possible. But why are you asking me like this?”

“I’m not going to be interested in your business either. So I hope you’re not interested in mine either.”

“What kind of sophistry. Who is asking for a favor? Are you asking me to help you without knowing why?”

Of course, since it was nothing, I could just do a favor. But what mattered was the appearance.

It’s not a matter of pride, it’s because being pushed back in a war of nerves with other monarchs was a matter directly related to my position.

Chun-gung scratched his head as if he was annoyed, then clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, I get it. So if I tell you the reason, you’ll do me a favor, right?”

“Of course, listen and decide.”

“One of the spirits trapped there is my kinsman’s brother.”

Relative? What is this?

“What are you talking about? Did you mean that your blood relative was attacked by that demon?”

“Because he wiped out the fortress on the border of the Three Lords. The commander there was my relative’s younger brother.”

“…then you came all the way here after chasing him?”


Heavenly Palace nodded.

“As you can see, the trapped souls are completely entangled with each other and it is irreversible. But if you destroy it, the chunk of soul might bounce off, and I don’t have the ability to completely get rid of the soul.”

That’s why it was said that he was asking me to relieve his brother’s pain.

Understanding the story, I immediately activated an instant kill. The souls of the jewels were neatly extinguished.

They were probably victims of the demons anyway, so I originally intended to accept the request unless it was for a strange reason.

If you try to trade with conditions, it could stimulate the heavenly palace more.


The soul disappeared and threw the empty jewel back to Heavenly Palace.

Chun-gung, who received the jewel, nodded with a slightly bitter look.

“It’s gone clean. Thanks. I’ll leave this as a debt.”

I said to the heavenly palace that turned around.

“I want you to pretend that meeting me today is something you never did.”

“Yeah. I didn’t mean to talk about it in the first place.”

And the figure of the heavenly palace disappeared.

I sighed and walked towards the camp.


“Ran, are you cool?”

“shut up.”

When Ran returned to her seat, Leia glanced at her.

She still had no doubts about Ran.

The more I thought about it, the more strange things were.

What happened in the semester exam, what happened in the wagon, and what happened in the cave battle.

Even when everyone was in danger of dying due to the appearance of the head of the gangsters, Ran rather cursed and provoked him.

I don’t know if he was originally like that, but the usual Ran has a calm personality, and he was far from that kind of personality.

In Leia’s eyes, it was as if Ran didn’t feel a crisis at all in the disastrous situation.

The same goes for escaping from a cave.

He clearly saw with his own two eyes that he was being crushed by the rock, and he came out alive without incident.

Such doubts were almost confirmed with the appearance of the Demons and Lord Calderic.

Kaan said that the three lords were looking at Rigon, but she saw it clearly.

That Ran interrupted the three lords and exchanged silent glances with him.

Then, the three monarchs immediately left their seats.



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Leah came to a conclusion after thinking about it. Regarding Ran’s identity.

Ran must have been the ‘secret escort’ given to Rigon by the 7 Lords of Calderic.

‘······Are you sure.’

It hides its abilities, and it seems to have some connection with the Lord of Calderic.

Besides, thinking about it, Ran was in the same dormitory as Rigon. All circumstances were perfect.

What if Rigon was more important to the 7 Lords than expected?

It was speculated that there was no way he had not installed any safety devices when sending Rigon to Saintea.

Yeah, it was kind of weird all the time. After all, he wasn’t a normal person.

Satisfied with her reasoning, Leah nodded, feeling a little refreshed.


As time passed, they arrived at their destination, Bayonter Territory, the home of the Herriwyn family.

Until the rest of the journey, they were attacked again, and nothing special happened.

‘It’s big.’

Even in the empire, it is a magical family that must be counted among three fingers.

Needless to say, Herriwin’s nature was magnificent and huge. Not quite as much as Calderic’s monarchy.

“Welcome, Leah! Ha ha ha!”

A young man greeted us at the entrance. Skinny and tall, with the same hair and eye color as Leah.

At first glance, they looked like her, so I immediately thought they were Leah’s siblings.

“It must be Leah’s brother, isn’t it?”

“Shh. Kaan, don’t be rude.”

Kaan and Rigon whispered.

The man opened his arms wide and tried to hug Leah, but backed off as she ducked.

“Isn’t it nice to see your brother after a long time?”

“It’s only half a year, but what?”

“Ah, Sir Yuzu!

“Yes, Bocchan. I’ll tell you properly separately.”

Next, the man’s gaze turned to us.

“And… you said Leah’s friends?”

For some reason, he had a very shocked expression on his face.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it when I see it with my own two eyes. Leah has friends? Is this really real?”

Leah frowned as if annoyed.

Regardless, the man greeted us with a cheerful smile.

“It’s really nice to meet you! I’m Leah’s brother, Sian Heriwin.”

What is this furious reaction?

Both Kaann and Rigon were a little taken aback. Even if she liked it, it was because she loved it too much.

“······I’m Carn!”

“Ohh, Carn! What a lively fellow! Nice to meet you!”

“My name is Ran.”

“Ran! You seem a bit taciturn. Nice to meet you!”

“My name is Rigon. Thank you for welcoming me.”

“Rigon! Nice to meet you. You’re a polite friend!”

“Stop it. Shall we go back to the academy like this?”

Leah said, biting her teeth.

Man, Xian finally cleared his throat and became polite.

“Anyway, everyone, welcome to the Herriwin family. The head of the household and the hostess are out on business, so please forgive us for not being able to welcome you together. Now, let’s not stand still and go inside.”

Xi’an warmly welcomed us.

During our stay, each of us was guided from the room we were staying in, then we washed up and then took a break.

“It’s a huge castle. Isn’t it, Ran?”

Ligon, who was lying on the bed and resting, looked out the window and said.

That guy lived in a much bigger castle when he was in Calderic, and he suddenly said something.

In the evening, we went to the restaurant according to the guide.

While the servants continued to deliver the food, a sumptuous feast was set in the dining room.

The food served ranged from various types of meat to rare seafood. Kaan exclaimed with an excited expression.

“Hey, what the hell is this? It looks gross, but it’s so delicious!”

After eating a whole steamed octopus leg, Kaan made a fuss. It was like eating octopus for the first time.

I ate soup with lots of clams, no, food that was closer to clear soup than soup.

It’s been a while since I’ve had this kind of food, so I really liked it.

“Kaan, Ran, Ligon. I heard from Yuzu about what happened on the way. You did a really great job. You worked hard.”

To Xian’s words, Kaan replied with an awkward look.

“No. I almost risked everything because I was stubborn.”

“I’m so glad you know.”

“Haha, even if you say that, don’t worry, I’m not the kind of guy who really thinks it’s your fault.”

Xian smiled and asked.

“I wonder how the three of them became friends with their little brother. I couldn’t imagine that that picky guy would get along with anyone.”

Kaan chimed in.

“Isn’t it? When I first saw it, I thought there were all these guys.”


“Isn’t that right, Lygon?”

Rigon smiled and nodded his head. At that, Leah looked as if she had been betrayed.

“I know he’s a great guy, though. Even when his life was in danger, his family would follow through. Honestly, that was kind of cool, Leah.”

Leah winced as she glared at Kaan at the surprise compliment.

“······It is a very natural responsibility and duty as Heriwin’s bloodline.”

“Haha, what are you so shy about? You should be honest and like it.”

“Sir, you’re noisy. You’re really…!”

Seeing the two chattering, I saw Xian smile softly.

Looking at Leah’s personality, I thought that the family in the house would be like an ice field, but it was not.

I thought they were pretty brother and sister.


After dinner, Leah went to Xian’s room.

Xian, who was sitting in a chair reading a book, greeted her warmly.

“Oh, brother.”

Kaan sat across from him and glanced at the book he was reading.

“What book is it?”

“It’s just a magic book. I found a lot of old books while organizing the library after a long time.”

Kaan frowned. She folded the book Xian was reading.

“I’m just reading it for fun, so don’t do it too much. I also have the castle of Herriwin, but I can’t completely get rid of magic.”

“Even if my brother gives up magic, no one will say anything. So take care of yourself.”

Xian laughed and leaned back in the chair.

“You seem to get along very well with your friends. I was really surprised.”


“You haven’t hung out with anyone since then. I’m so glad, Leah, that you’ve found someone you can open up to again.”

Leah was silent with sunken eyes, then replied bluntly.

“······Now I just found a group of guys I could hang out with according to my level. I wouldn’t be close to them if they were mediocre guys.”

“Haha, are you even lying in front of me? That kind of guy doesn’t ignore such a lousy brother and always cares about him.”

Xian suffers from a disease related to magic.

It was a rare and fatal disease for magicians, causing irregular magical seizures when they raised their magical powers.

That’s why Xian had to take risks whenever he used magic.

If a magical attack occurred severely, not only would his life as a wizard be completely cut off, but his life could be in danger as well.

Xian knew. That her younger sister, Leah, had a kinder heart than anyone else.

Even though she was in such a situation, and her succession was virtually predetermined, her attitude toward her blood and kin was always the same.

There was no way he wouldn’t have known that dating someone of the right level was just an excuse for deceiving himself.

Even when the father, the head of the household, tried to force his younger brother to enter the academy, he worried that it would only backfire, but it seemed that it was a useless worry.

The big wound she had suffered from that incident seemed to have healed a little now.

“Don’t be annoying.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, you picky bastard.”

Coincidentally, the eyes of the two returned to the window at the same time.

In comfortable silence, the brother and sister looked at the night sky side by side for a moment.


While living in Herriwyn Castle, I spent every day just playing.

I looked around the castle, and because there was a festival being held in the city by chance, I enjoyed the festival while looking around the city.

But Leah, as if she was a guest she brought, always stayed by our side and guided us whenever we did something.

‘Is this Heriwin’s study?’

One day, I stopped by to take a look at the study in the castle. It was Lygon’s opinion.

Even at the academy, I often went to the library, so I wonder if reading was a hobby.


Entering the study, Kaan gave a brief comment.

Kaan went straight up the stairs to the second floor without even looking around the first floor, and Rigon joined Leah and started looking through the books.

I walked slowly and went into the depths of the study alone.

What kind of books are in the library of Saintea’s famous magic house?

Of course, there wouldn’t be a particularly important magic book in the study that was open to outsiders, but it wasn’t a bad thing to kill time.

I stopped at a bookshelf filled with old books.

I picked out the books one by one and looked around, but Leah approached me before I knew it.

“This is a place where old books are collected. Nothing special. There are also magic books on space magic over there.”

“Oh yeah.”

I said this because I know that my unique magic is space magic.

Leah glanced at me and then went back to where Rigon was.

‘I’m not interested in space magic.’

Even if long-distance movement is impossible, the mystery of space leap I have is an ability that cannot be compared to any other magic in terms of spontaneity and continuity.

I kept looking around the book and thinking about many things.

Where did the demon that Chun-gung killed come from?

Currently, none of the original horses I know have that appearance.

And there’s no way they’re suddenly trying to stir up Calderic in Olterore, where they’ve been silent until now.

Unless it was related to the resurrection of the demon king, there was absolutely no reason for them to attack the borders of the 3 lords needlessly.

So, since he was probably a wandering demon, there was no reason to worry too much about him, but apart from that, I felt uneasy.

The warning of the hero and the holy sword that the demon king will soon be resurrected. A warrior who returned to Seongdong.

Besides, not only the demons, but also the villains who have not yet been dealt with, and the overlord who is still unknown.

‘······Can we be leisurely like this.’

Since the hero has returned to Seongdong, I am the only one who can take care of Kaan, so there is no freedom of action.

I didn’t blame anyone for saying I would be the successor, since I did it on my own.

The holy sword told me to keep going, but it would say something helpful…


While thoughts were rolling around in my head, I suddenly found a book that caught my eye.

A white-covered, untitled book placed in the bottom row of a bookshelf where old books are gathered.

I don’t know why the book caught my eye all of a sudden.

Feeling a strange attraction for some reason, I pulled it out. I brushed off the accumulated dust and opened the book.

‘It’s a magic book.’

A magic book is a magic book… what is this?

I read a little of what was written inside and quickly covered it.

It was interesting, but it was written with absurd information that anyone who knew even a little about magic would be tongue-in-cheek about. It was more like a delusion book than a magic book.


At that time, I looked around at the magical energy I felt in my arms.

Kaan was still on the second floor, and Rigon and Leah were far away.

I went deeper into the study and took out a roll of paper.

A magic tool that communicated with the hero at the academy. The hero had handed it over to Asher on his way to Seongdong.

I had told Asher to use this to contact me when there was an urgent matter.

‘What’s going on?’

Unless it’s tolerable, Asher won’t contact me. what happened to the castle?

I unfolded the paper and read what was written inside.

– Ron, the chief of staff came to the castle to tell the overlord.

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