I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 164

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Adessa Great Forest (3)

Emperor Daid, who had inherited the throne early and was praised as the foremost among the successive emperors of Saintea. 

When he was just over forty, his fifth child was born. 

The child’s name is Grandios. The emperor and empress were very happy and blessed his future.


Ever since Emperor Daid’s ancestors, the empire has had one trouble. 

A tribe of barbarians settled in the mountains to the west of the Empire. 

At some point, the group had increased in size to a great extent, and they attacked passers-by, and even raided surrounding villages and cities. 

The predecessor tried to subdue them completely by mobilizing troops, but it was not always successful. 

The larger-than-expected scale was also a problem, but above all, the geographical problem was great.

It was because the war had to end with fuzzy results whenever the beastmen hid in the depths of the mountains. 

Emperor Daid, who thought that the source of the conflict could not be resolved with the method of his ancestors, tried to solve the problem in a different way. 

Instead of aiming a spear knife at random, consider the situation of the beast tribe and lead a conversation. 

Even if the species are different, even if the appearance and values ​​are different, Daid sought the path of coexistence rather than confrontation. 

It was difficult to communicate with the beastmen tribe despite such hard work, but he did not give up easily.

Young Grandios was naturally influenced by his values ​​as he watched his father like that. 

‘The unity of the races. That is the starting point for making the world more peaceful.’ 

Calderic is already inhabited by many races, but it is only a system established by the power of the overlord. 

Grandios thought that there must be some way to achieve true harmony other than deterrence through force. 

From then on, Grandios devoted himself to studying and researching other races. 

I wanted to understand their characteristics, culture, and values. 

One day, Grandios brought up a thought he had been thinking about for a long time to Emperor Dade. 

‘Why don’t you arrange a separate residence for the beasts and spend some time with them, father?’ 

Prisoners were the most common race to be bought and sold as slaves.

In Saintea, it was impossible for a beastman to live normally among humans. 

That’s why Grandios thought. 

Let’s slowly change our perception. 

It would be difficult to immediately change the laws and systems and bring about reforms, but it was possible to free some of the capital’s slaves and let them live freely. 

Perhaps that could even serve as an opportunity to open the hearts of the beast tribes of the mountain range. 

Emperor Dade was very satisfied with Grandios’ idea and put it into action immediately. 

They built a dwelling for the beasts in the city, and little by little, they created an environment where they could mingle with humans in a normal relationship. 

Several years have passed. 

The prison camp plan seemed to be going along pretty well. 

Grandios continued to think about ways to harmonize with other races. 

One day, the overlord came to the capital to discuss the relationship between the two countries in Calderic. 

Grandios and some of his brothers also followed the emperor to the conference. 

In the middle of the meeting, a story about a prisoner’s residence came up by chance, and the overlord laughed while holding on to his stomach.

‘What’s so interesting, overlord?’ 

‘That’s bound to be fun! There’s a sheep that’s seriously thinking about how to make friends with wolves.’ 

Unable to control his emotions for a moment, Grandios raised his voice and shouted in front of the overlord. 

People turned pale, but the overlord only smiled at him. 

‘Ideals are ideals because they cannot be achieved, Prince. Give up.’ 

A lot of time has passed since then. 

The beastmen of the mountain range were still troublesome. 

There was only a brief moment when I wondered if my efforts were paying off. 

Because the large-scale subjugation did not take place regularly like the previous generation, the damage was even greater. 

Many of his subjects insisted that the emperor stop taking moderate measures and subjugate the prisoners.

However, if he did so, all the things he had accumulated so far would be gone and the relationship would never be restored, so the emperor’s anguish only deepened. 

‘Is there still not enough time? What more can I do?’ 

Grandios went through the capital in secret as he went, and arrived at the prisoner’s residence. 

The sight of a human soldier managing the residence was beating a young prisoner to death. 

The reason was nothing. It seemed that he bumped into a soldier patrolling while playing in the street. 

Suddenly, Grandios felt fear and futility. 

What if nothing changes despite your efforts? 

Even if you change something, as long as time passes after you die, and you end up going back to the starting point. 

If the idea that humans can coexist with other races was all wrong from the beginning… 

More time passed.

An imperial mage who was trying to visit the western border fortress was caught in an attack by beastmen and died. 

The mage was his mentor who taught Grandios magic and etiquette from an early age. 

When Emperor Daid was 70 years old, he passed away from a chronic illness he had been suffering from. 

Originally, the first prince would have succeeded to the throne, but the first prince suddenly died for an unknown reason. 

Those who had the right of succession after the first prince also died for various reasons over time. 

And Grandios ascended the throne. 

There was no one who would stand in the way of Grandios, who had been meticulously seizing power for a long time. 

His surviving brothers and relatives called him a monster. 

Grandios didn’t care. The first thing he did after becoming emperor was to massacre the prisoners in the residence. 

Next, he moved his troops and began a massive subjugation of the beastmen in the western mountains. 

By forcibly dragging foreign countries into war and using mass destruction magic, they piled up a mountain with their corpses by any means necessary. 



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As a result, the empire suffered considerable damage, but the beasts of the mountains were eventually annihilated. 

Someone said that the Master’s death made him that way, but that wasn’t true. 

Grandios was not angry with the beastmen. he just realized 

What is the true peace you must seek? 

‘If only we could create a world where only humans exist.’ 

The reason Grandios dreamed of such a world was not because he considered humans to be superior to other races. 

It was neither human’s fault nor their fault that humans and other races could not get along and collide. 

Just because I was born that way. It was a simple truth. 

Because he was born as a human being, he had the qualifications and rights to serve only human beings.

They also had rights only for their own people. It’s not selfish, it’s too natural. 

“Because I am human…” 

Grandios muttered as he looked up at the sky. 

Justice is divided into victory and defeat, not good and evil. 

He will make the final winner of this fight a human. 

“All preparations are complete, Your Majesty.” 

The wizards who were preparing the magic circle said. 

Changsung Quayden nodded and looked at Grandios. 

Grandios lowered his gaze and stared at the black mass wriggling in front of his eyes. 


At first glance, the thunder spirit that descended in front of me looked like a huge bird. 


The spirit showed hostility towards us and spewed fearsome brain energy. 

Although he didn’t have an expression on his face, he didn’t look friendly at first glance. 

“What are you doing?” 

I said to the thunderstorm that was standing still. 

Thunderhead slowly stepped towards the thunder spirit. 

“It’s okay. I just want to be friends with you.” 

Thunderstorm approached, talking as if to appease the spirit, but the thunderstorm became more ferocious, as if there was no particular effect. 

Even so, she struggled through the brain and continued to approach the spirit almost defenselessly. 

If it had been approached by a race other than the elves, it would have been reduced to ashes a long time ago. 

I took a step back and opened up some distance.

I couldn’t let the thunderstorm die, so I was ready to go out to save it. 


The distance between Thunderstorm and the Spirit got closer within a few steps. 

The brain was bleeding from his mouth as if he suffered an internal injury, but he finally reached out and made contact with the spirit. 

After a while, watching the spirit of thunder gradually lose its energy, I murmured softly. 

“Did you succeed?”

Oh, it’s a flag. 

Fortunately, despite my words, the spirit eventually withdrew all its energy and disappeared. 

Perhaps exhausted, Leihu fell to his knees and sat down on the seat. 

【Lv. 95] 

I looked over the head of the thunderbolt. The level was back to normal.

“Has the contract with the spirit been successful?” 

After asking, she nodded. 

“Basically. I’ve never seen a spirit so ferocious to me.” 

“Anyway, I’m glad you got your strength back.” 

“······That’s right. I’m so glad.” 

After the thunderstorm glanced at me, I got up. 

“Looks like you’ve got some internal injuries.” 

“It’s just a small shock, so you’ll recover soon.” 

“Then let’s move right away. There’s no time.” 

She glared at me again. 


After returning to the north of the Great Forest, it was now the turn of Leihu to find the emperor as planned. 

She was very reluctant, saying that it was inherently very dangerous to earn the spirit’s hatred from a spirit sorcerer, but a promise was a promise anyway. 

oh oh 

After being prepared, the thunderbolt stretched out its power to all the spirits in the area. 

When I looked at it with my super senses, I could feel the spirits struggling in pain, but the complexion of the brain was also dark. 

“I didn’t know that the 2nd Lord would listen to such a request.” 

The chief of staff looked at me strangely and said. 

From his point of view, since he doesn’t know the relationship between post-cerebral palsy and me, it might feel strange. 

They said it would take quite a while, so the chief of staff and I were covering her. 

How much time had passed like that, the thunderbolt that had opened its eyes suddenly regained its energy and opened its mouth. 

“I found it.” 


“I sensed an alien aura not far to the east of here. It must be the emperor.” 

I found it much sooner than I thought. The post-cerebral palsy asked me with a serious distorted expression. 

“What is that energy? Did the emperor even join hands with the demons?” 

“······Probably so. We don’t have time, so let’s move right away.” 

If Lei Hu felt the energy of the demons, did the emperor really take action? 

I felt my insecurities becoming more and more real. 

We quickly moved in the direction that the thunderstorm said. 

And a lush forest reached in about half a day. 

In the distance between the bushes, my senses slowly began to feel an alien aura.

The aura of the demons was so horrifying that it couldn’t be compared to any original demons I’d ever met. 


Raising my sight to the max, I found people there. 

The emperor, to the progenitor Quayden, and some mages. 

The emperor was standing on top of a magic circle with a black lump, and as soon as I saw it, I screamed. 

“Thunder, attack him! Come on!” 

After that, Thunder’s face crumpled and summoned the spirit. 

A huge bolt of lightning stretched out and pierced the seat of the emperor.

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