I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 171

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Raid (2)


Aindel took the holy sword after slaying the last remaining demons at once. 

She looked at the half-ruined city and the corpses strewn around her with a devastated expression on her face. 

The academy building was also half-destroyed by the demons’ attack. I saw the corpses of the students under the rubble.

The reason why Aindel hurriedly stopped recovering and left Seongdong was because she felt something unusual.

And just as she felt, outside was already a terrible cataclysm. 

I came as quickly as possible, but many people have already died. 

Simultaneous invasion of demons. They raided every corner of the Saintea region with only a handful of powerful forces, including Wonma. 

It was the current situation to go through the nearest areas, including the capital, and come here right away… 

‘doesn’t exist.’ 

No matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find any signs of Kaan. 

It wasn’t even on the academy grounds, and even when I went to her house in the city, no one was there. 

And the 7 lords too. If the 7 Lords had been here in the first place, they couldn’t have stayed still until such a disaster occurred. 

It meant that if there were no 7 lords in this city, who should always be by Kaan’s side, there would be no Kaan.

So where are they now? 


Aindel tried to move to save the people in danger, but then turned her head. 

The head of the just-killed demon rolling on the floor dyed its eyes black and moved its mouth. 

– You’ve definitely weakened, hero. 

Aindel narrowed her brows. He wasn’t the bastard he was talking about. He was another demon who borrowed his body. 

Over there in Olterore, the leader of the original horses who planned this raid. 

“Is it Azkel?” 

The original horse’s head laughed.

– It’s not long now, the day he will be resurrected. be waiting 

Leaving only those words behind, the Wonma’s head was crumbled to ashes. 

Aindel stared at the place where the head disappeared with a firm expression, then moved her body. 

‘Where the hell are you, Kaan? Seven lords.’ 


After the situation was sorted out, I was going to hurry back to where Kaan was. 

The only thing that could have happened was that the time away from Kaan was getting longer and nothing good was going to happen. 

As the sun rose in mid-sky after my body had recovered from the battle, I briefly said goodbye to the Warchiefs of Adessa. 

“I really received a lot of help. I will definitely repay the debt of saving Adessa someday, 7 Lords.”

After thanking me, the beastman warchief moved his gaze to Gwangrang. 

“What. Why are you looking at me?” 

“I believe that I will be able to speak properly with you again someday, Ignell.” 

At those words, the madman sneered. 

“Now there is nothing left here. I will never see your faces again.” 

The warchief just clicked his tongue and said nothing more. After greeting them, we prepared to depart. 

The chief of staff and the head of the thunder said that they would return immediately, so I was only going to accompany them until I left the Great Forest. 

“Seven Lords, are you going to Enlock?” 

At that time, Gwang-Rang spoke up.

I replied briefly. 


“Then where are you going?” 

“······Why are you interested? Never mind.” 

“Ha, how desolate. I was just asking.” 

Gwang Rang smiled and shrugged. Strangely, I felt that Gwang-rang had changed his attitude toward me. 

······Did Igrel show any favors to me? 

It was not possible to penetrate her mind, so it was impossible to know exactly what the whim was. 

Soon, he rode on Tiyong’s back and flew up into the sky and departed. 

In the midst of moving, I felt magical energy and took out the communication magic tool in my arms. 

It was a call from Ashley. What’s going on? 


After confirming the contents, I had no choice but to distort my impression. 

– Demons have invaded the city. I currently have three numbers, all of them very powerful. 

– I don’t know yet if Wonma is included. I will be going into battle from now on, so I may not be able to reply right away. Hurry back, Ron. 

The demons… invaded? to Saintea? No, could it be that it was an attack aimed at Kaan? 

It makes no sense for the demons to know the existence of the successor. 

But why, of course, the estate of Heriwin? I couldn’t help but get confused in my head. 

‘······No, no.’ 

He soon regained his cool. Yes, this could possibly be it. The invasion of demons was an event that happened in the game as well. 

As the demon king’s resurrection drew near, they raided the Saintea area with small powers to be cautious until the end. 

The purpose was to reduce the variables that the hero could enter into Allerore alone, and at the same time, to estimate the hero’s current condition. 

The emperor’s plan has also been delayed and has now happened. There was no law against the invasion of demons. 

Didn’t the hero also say that the resurrection of the demon king was near? 


I tried to contact Asher, but there was no reply right away. 



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What if, by any chance, that the power that attacked the city had a demon in it? 

It’s horrifying to even think about. Her heart froze cold. 

Right now, we must hurry back to Kaan’s place. 

But it was too slow. Even if it was a Wyvern, it would take well over a day to go at full speed without stopping. 

What do we do? Is there any way? 

As I was racking my brain, an idea flashed into my mind.

“Chief of staff!” 

The chief of staff who was flying next to me looked at me. I called him and went downstairs. When I landed on the ground, the three of them stopped moving and came down as well. 

“Why are you doing that? Seven Lords.” 

Their puzzled gazes gathered. I told the chief of staff. 

“Is there a teleport point prepared in Saintea?” 

The chief of staff made a strange expression. It was information that passed by in the game. I barely remembered it. 

Like the basement of the overlord’s castle, the chief of staff has an ultra-long-range teleport point in Saintea. 

“Yes, there are.”

“Can we move there right now?” 

“It’s possible, but… would you please explain what’s going on first?” 

After I hesitated for a moment, the chief of staff continued. 

“As you know, my teleport consumes a lot of mana and resources as distance is distance. Especially for the points secretly prepared outside of Calderic. No matter how much the Lord asks, if there is no compelling reason, I’m sorry, but I’ll listen. I can’t give it to you.” 

The chief of staff is the direct subordinate of the overlord. Since I have no relationship with the monarch, I have no authority to give orders to him. 

Thinking it couldn’t be much, I briefly explained the reason. 

“I just got a call from my subordinate. Demons raided Saintea.” 

At those words, the chief of staff and Neu Hu were taken aback. Gwang Rang furrowed his eyebrows. 

“Is that true?” 

“Yes. And the subordinate who was carrying out my orders in Saintea is in danger.”

“If it’s Suhara, maybe…” 

“Don’t you know? The only descendant of the White Moon.” 

Of course, I couldn’t bring up the story of Kaan. So she made Ashello Reason instead. 

The chief of staff must know that I value Asher as my closest aide, so there’s no reason why he can’t understand it. 

“There’s no time, chief of staff. Are you going to decline my request?” 

I calmly pressed him with a cold voice. Soon the chief of staff nodded. 

“······I understand. If the demons have moved, I need to move quickly and find out. So, do you want to move right away?” 

“Yes. I want you to hurry as much as possible. Where exactly is the branch in Saintea?” 

“It’s a mountain range near the Cantevar Territory. It’s located east of Saintea.” 

If it was east of Saintea, it was fortunately close to the Bayonter territory.

“Hey, Chief of Staff. I’m coming too.” 

Then, suddenly, a madman intervened and said, Her chief of staff looked at her with a look of surprise. 

“Are you saying that the 5 Lords will also accompany you?” 

“Is there a problem? The Seven Lords must be very tired, so if you run out of strength, I’ll help you.” 

After a brain attack, he also said. 

“I will accompany you.” 

“Huh? Why are you?” 

“If you’re going to teleport, there’s no reason for me to go far away wasting time alone.” 

I didn’t bother to dry them. You don’t know what kind of enemy you’ll face when you go, but there’s nothing wrong with adding strong forces. 

“Is it possible that we all move together, Chief of Staff?”

“It’s possible by the margin. Everyone please gather around me.” 

Me, Guanglang, and Leihu stood by the chief of staff. 

The wyverns were also attached to him as close as possible. 

Crying! Soon, huge magical powers flowed, and the surrounding space was distorted with blue light. 


Ashley narrowed her eyebrows and focused her whole mind. The opponent is wonma. She won’t be able to take it down with her own power. 

‘I have to escape.’ 

Even if he died on the spot, he had to somehow save the heir. Because that is his order. 

Then it was clear what had to be done immediately.

“All run away while I deal with him.” 

Asher’s words brought Kaan, Rigon, and Leah to their senses. 

“Running away, there’s no way that’s possible.” 

The original horse, Oxytodes, lifted his hand with a sneer. 

Then, a huge barrier in the shape of a hemisphere rose around them. 

All obstacles turned to ashes. 

Kwaaang! Before the barrier was completely created, Asher hurriedly threw a sword, but it disappeared without giving any damage. 

A situation where all escape routes are blocked. But Asher immediately moved on to the next move. 

I raised my strength with all my might and charged toward Oxytodes. 

Oxytodes, who had been looking at Rigon with interest for some reason, finally moved his gaze.

“By the way, no matter how you look at it, you look like a white moon…” 

Oxytodes did not move from his place and simply waved his hands to block all of Asher’s attacks. 

“Maybe he was said to be the closest aide to the Seven Lords of Calderic? Why are the bugs on the Calderic side still in Saintea?” 

Asher was not taken aback by her identity being discovered at once. 

It is not that the demons of Olterore are closing their eyes and ears to the affairs of the outside world. 

It’s already a well-known fact that the closest aide to the Seven Lords is a survivor of the White Moon tribe, so it’s possible to make an analogy. 

Asher focused only on the attack. 

To make even the slightest gap, to find a way out. But it was to no avail. 

The power gap between the two was huge. 

When Oxytodes counterattacked, Asher couldn’t hold out for long and flew away, splattering blood and crashing to the ground.

Seeing the scene, Kaan repeated desperately to herself, gripping her sword tightly. 

‘please please!’ 

golden sword. If only I could use that unknown power back then. 

However, even with that desperate wind, her sword did not turn golden. 

Oxytodes’ gaze returned to Rigon. 

“Hey little human. Yes, you.” 

Rigon, who had a face mixed with despair, looked at him. 

“Let me make you an offer. Make a contract with me and accept my power. And obey me.” 

“······What sound······.” 

“I can feel the qualities in you. If you are, you should be able to accept my power quite a bit. You can become stronger than a worm like this, you.”

Oxytodes gestured towards the decapitated corpse of the snake-headed demon. Rigon stammered out his words. 

“There’s no way I would accept that…” 

Oxytodes raised an eyebrow. 

“If you accept the offer, I’ll save one more of the humans here except for you. Even so?” 

Rigon’s eyes shook at the devil’s whisper. Leah bit her lip and shouted, blocking Rigon’s way. 

“Never accept it, Rigon! Never…!” 

push. A cracking sound rang out. 

Leah lowered her head as she felt her consciousness grow dizzy. There was a hole in his chest.


Her body instantly turned to ashes and disappeared. 

Rigon stared stunned at the empty space before falling to his knees. 

“Uh, uh…?” 

Kaan also stared blankly at the scene. 

Leah is dead. However, the process was too futile and too unrealistic, so I had no choice but to freeze. 

“Now there are two left. Choose. One of them will be saved, or all will die.” 

Oxytodes’ voice awakened his mind. Kaan shuddered and lunged at her bastard. 

“This… you son of a bitch!”

Oxytodes waved his hand at Kaan, who roared and charged. 

At the same time, Asher jumped in and hugged her, rolling her across the floor. It was a short car. 

Asher’s face was blown to ashes by the attack, revealing all his muscles. 


Oxytodes reached out again for Asher. Rigon shouted. 

“No! Please!” 

“Now, choose. Next is the White Moon tribe. Do you want to make a contract with me?” 

The devil’s sneer resounded. An unbearable despair cast a shadow. 

It was the moment Rigon opened his mouth with a miserable face. 


A huge vibration rang in the barrier. 

And the next moment, a blue brain flag flashed on the surface of the barrier. 


A series of groups walked through the shattered barrier. Looking at them, Oxytodes narrowed his eyes. 

“You are…” 

The 5th Lord of Calderic, Madness, the 2nd Lord of Thunder, and the Chief of Staff. And 7 Lord Ron. 

“Are you the original horse? You made a big mess, you son of a demon.” 

Gwangrang laughed and pulled out the greatsword from his back. 

The 7th Lord looked around at the three fallen people. 

“… Oxytodes.”

He opened his mouth with extremely cold eyes. 

“Die here.”

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