I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 177

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war cloud (1)

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“Magic Cannons have been produced as much as requested, and more than 300 War Golems have been prepared, Overlord.” 

“As expected, it’s fast. What about that?” 

“Giganticium is also virtually finished with production. All that remains is to verify it.” 

The overlord nodded in satisfaction. 

“As expected, I’m the 1st monarch. Thank you for your hard work.”

Three years have passed since the hero of Saintea announced the resurrection of the demon king. 

The royal family of Seintea strongly declared that they would form an anti-demon alliance in preparation for the invasion of the demons with the warriors at the fore. 

In response to news like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, the countries in the sphere of influence of Saintea naturally expressed their intention to participate accordingly, as well as the neutral countries who had taken an ambiguous position. 

Adessa’s beastmen and elves also joined the alliance. 

Regarding the horrific act of invasion that the former emperor of Saintea, Grandios, had carried out in the Great Forest, no knot had yet been drawn between them. 

Nevertheless, Adessa set aside the matter for a while, and formed an alliance with Saintea for the time being, not raising her voice despite the fact that the previous emperor had used the power of demons. 

That’s how much the demon king was a fearful existence. 

A great war decades ago that began with the sudden birth of the Demon King and the invasion of demons. 

They did not forget the past mistake of being trampled on by the entire continent without even responding properly.

The appearance of the hero miraculously prevented the invasion, but there is no law that the miracle will happen again. 

In order to prevent destruction, everyone could not help but feel that thorough preparation and cooperation were needed this time. 

And Calderic also declared that he would participate in the alliance without any objection according to the will of the overlord. 

It was very surprising even to Saintea. 

Because the person I thought would be the most difficult to persuade came out with a more docile attitude than neutral countries. 

Thus, the alliance of all the powers of the continent except for Olterore was quickly formed. 

However, the demons did not show any movement until now, even three years after the announcement of the hero. 

Currently, the continent is in an atmosphere like a thin ice sheet that is about to break at any moment, and each force is sharing information and preparing for a war that may start at any moment. 

“Overlord. Why do you think the demons haven’t invaded yet?”

Lord 1, Shintoe asked. The overlord answered by resting his chin on his chin. 

“It must be because of the hero. 

“Instead, the allied powers are also fully equipped and do not have enough time to solidify the alliance.” 

“It must mean that demons regard the existence of a hero as a bigger variable than that. And in fact, that’s right, right? Without a hero, the war will probably flow in an overwhelmingly unfavorable way to this side.” 

Shintoe stared blankly at the overlord, who answered indifferently, then opened his mouth again. 

“A high overlord would know better than anyone what I value most.” 

“Hmm? That’s right. He’s been with Calderic’s history from the beginning, isn’t he the first monarch who loves this Calderic more than anyone else?” 

The overlord smiled and looked at Shintoe. Shintoe didn’t laugh at all.

“Ever since the previous overlord ruled Calderic, even I, who have been a monarch, have never been able to glimpse what the truth you hold inside, overlord.” 

“Ha ha, is that so?” 

“······Overlord. Ever since the hero announced the resurrection of the demon king, is it just my ignorance that the overlord felt that something had changed?” 

The overlord Shintoe knew sometimes made unpredictable decisions, but he was a leader who ruled Calderic in a reasonable and stable way. 

However, from the time the demon king was resurrected and war clouds began to roll over the continent, he felt a strange sense of difference. 

Outwardly, nothing has changed. I’d have to say it’s just intuition. 

Shintoe felt as if the overlord didn’t care about anything anymore. It was such an intuition. 

“Nothing has changed, Lord 1. It’s useless to worry.” 

The overlord only smiled as he said that. 

Shintoe rose from his seat.

“I’ll just go.” 

“Yes. I won’t send you off.” 

Shintoe left, and the overlord, who was left alone, buried his back in the chair and closed his eyes. 

“······Now soon.” 

Her mouth twitched. Unlike before, an innocent smile without the slightest pretense came to mind. 


Quaang! Kwaaang! 

Every time a shockwave reverberates from the clash of swords, the surrounding ground cracks and bushes fly away. 

I looked at the two people fighting fiercely from a distance. 

The beast-like swordsmanship of the maddened madness was ruthless, but Asher was not swayed in the slightest and maintained a solid defense.

“Kiha, it’s quite good! Then try blocking this too!” 

The light emitted bloody energy and increased its speed. 

As a result, Asher also used the trait and dyed her entire body pure white. 

The red energy and the pure white energy collided without rest, turning the forest into ruins. 

Even though Gwangdang was now at full strength, Asher was not easily pushed back. 


The two soared higher and higher and continued to fight in the sky, until eventually Asher was unable to completely block the blow of madness and crashed into the ground. 

Gwang Rang, who followed and descended to the ground, giggled as he slung a greatsword over his shoulder. 

“You’re growing fast day by day. But it’s still not good for me, White Moon kid.” 


“Huh? Is it right for you to raise your eyes like that?”

Asher got up without saying a word and bowed her head to Gwang-Rang. 

“Thank you for your hard work, 5 Lords.” 

“No, but this bastard.” 

Gwang-rang’s heart seemed uncomfortable, so I went closer to the two and said. 

“That’s enough, 5 lords.” 



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The madman snorted. 

“What did I do? It’s not because he always loses and his attitude is so arrogant.” 

That’s because you scratch me for pretending to be a child. I wonder if Asher is like that. 

Perhaps because of what happened in the Great Forest, Gwang Rang had been visiting the Monarchy for a while.

And somehow, it happened that he and Asher often got into fights like this. 

It’s a good thing for Asher’s growth, so I didn’t bother to stop Madman’s visit. 

【Lv. 94] 

The sparring with Gwangrang would not have been ineffective. 

Because Asher’s level had risen to 94 in just a few years. 

Since the ordeal in the Kabolisa Ruins was over, there were no walls left, and I knew that she originally had the talent to reach this level, but this was a considerably faster growth rate than expected. 

If it was Asher now, even if he was at the level of a monarch, it wasn’t a big enough level.

“Ah, I’m hungry. Let’s go back and eat, 7th Lord. How about eating and going to the Great Forest with me?” 

“Why in Adessa?” 

“The overlord asked me to send a message to them regarding the formation of the Allied Forces. 

Gwang Rang clicked his tongue as he said that. 

Seeing that she said so but didn’t bother to refuse, it was clear that she hadn’t completely turned her attention to Adessa after the emperor’s affair. 

Before I could answer anything, Asher immediately cut in. 

“Ron has other business soon.” 

“Eh? What kind of business is this?” 

“Because I have to visit Lord 1 to get equipment. 

Asher’s equipment that the 1st lord decided to make with the ore obtained from the Demon Lord Octea. 

It was because the 1st monarch contacted me not too long ago that the production was finished. 

The best blacksmith on the continent, called Shintoe, made this equipment with the best materials. 

After receiving it, Asher’s strength would increase significantly. 

Gwang-rang went back after receiving only a meal with a look of regret. 

I asked her as I prepared to leave for the 1st monarchy with Asher. 

“Ashhel, don’t you hate the 5 lords?”

“No. I’m grateful to you for taking the time to fight against me every time.” 


“Yes. It’s just that whenever I visit the castle, I seem to make Ron-sama in trouble…” 

Certainly, it’s not bothersome that Madman asks to do various things every time he visits the Monarchy. 

Asher didn’t seem to like that. 

I smiled and climbed onto Tiyong’s back first. 

“Let’s go.” 


The Demon King was resurrected, and three years have passed. 

In the meantime, if there was a lot, there was a lot of things, and if there was nothing special, there was no big deal. 

After the resurrection of the demon king, the warrior announced the fact to the entire continent, quickly formed an anti-demon alliance, and prepared for the invasion of the demon tribe. 

Of course, attracting the countries of Saintea’s sphere of influence went smoothly, and Adessa also joined the coalition. 

The thing I was most worried about was how the Calderic and overlord I belonged would turn out, but surprisingly, the overlord also participated in the alliance without any objections or conditions. 

It is still unknown what the overlord is up to. 

However, for now, it can be said that the entire continent, excluding demons, formed an anti-demonic alliance. 

‘But the demons are still quiet.’ 

Even now, several years later, the demons did not move and did not leave a single footprint in Olterore. 

The reason for this was, of course, easy to guess. 

‘It must be because of the hero.’ 

It wouldn’t be strange if the Demons started an all-out invasion as soon as the Demon King was resurrected, but they seemed to have taken a more prudent path. 

While the Demon King has been resurrected and the demons have regained their heyday power, the warriors, who can be said to be the only opposing point of the Demon King, will become weaker and weaker. 

Thanks to this, the alliance was also buying time to prepare for war, but the greatest threat to the demons was the warrior.

If the current situation continued, the demons would have the advantage. 

It was also possible to hit Olterore first from this side, but since that meant having to fight in the territory of the demons, it was the same as having a disadvantage. 

‘Sooner or later I’ll have to make a decision, hero.’ 

After that incident, I was still in regular contact with the hero. 

Currently, the hero is concentrating on growing Kaan. 

All of the conditions for inheriting the holy sword had been satisfied, but it was because Kaan needed to become even a little stronger in order to inherit the power as smoothly as possible. 

If the demon invasion had started right away, he would have inherited the holy sword immediately, but given the time, there was no need to take the risk. 

······In the past three years, I hadn’t visited and seen Carn. 

Of course, Kaan doesn’t know that Ran and the Seven Lords were the same person, so there’s no problem even if they face each other. 

But I couldn’t find it. Because I just didn’t want to. 

I only knew that Kaan was growing well by receiving news about Kaan from the hero.

The time will come when we will meet again someday. 

I don’t know how I should face and treat Kaan at that time. 


It took about half a day to arrive at the 1st monarchy. 

I slowly lowered my altitude towards the castle of the 1st monarch and a huge forge that began to appear in the distance. 

“Welcome, 7 Lords. And Asher Gronnhilt. Long time no see.” 

At the entrance, Lord 1 Sintoe came out and was waiting for him. 

“All the equipment is complete, as we communicated. Let’s go inside.” 

After saying hello to him, I moved into the hot smithy.

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