I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 180

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Aindel (2)

grayish skin. Slightly larger than a normal human. A huge horn on his forehead. purple eyes.

The demon king’s appearance was ordinary, if ordinary. However, with his appearance, the existence of all original horses, including Azkel, was erased from their place. It wasn’t because the original horses had reaped their energy.

It was an infinitely silent, thrilling presence.

Aindel swung the holy sword. Once again, the sword spirit overflowing with divine power flew towards the demon lord… … ,


He also disappeared like crumbling in the air before reaching the demon king.

“I know the limit has come. Save the last bit of energy.”

Along with the demon king’s words, blood dripped from Aindel’s mouth.

In an instant, the blurred vision split the demon king’s figure into two, then merged into one again. Aindel pressed her eyelids tightly.

As the Demon King did not show signs of attacking right away, she also slowly withdrew her sword.

Because I knew. As they say, it’s just a waste of energy to show useless prestige in front of him.

He had already exhausted most of his strength while dealing with Azkel and the original demons. If I was given a moment to recover, I just had to accept it as it was.

In the middle of the castle, there was silence under the dark purple sky. 

The unresolved past battle was reproduced intact on the same stage after decades.

The only difference is that the hero has become too weak, and the resurrected demon king has completely regained his former strength.

A battle whose outcome was decided from the beginning. It was time for Aindel to prepare for the final battle.

“It’s hard to understand.” 

The Demon King opened his mouth.

“Why did you make this choice? If you had come with the allied forces, there would have been at least some possibility.”


“Decades ago, the man I saw called the Hero hated sacrificing others, but he knew how to make sense. You probably knew better than anyone else. Do you think that you, who have power, will die and the pincer attack of the remaining remnants will be a threat to me?”

The demon king’s eyes bent weakly as he looked at Aindel.

“What on earth were they thinking about? It can’t be a feeling of desperation, so they believe in something. Or…”

Before he could stop talking, Aindel’s model moved.

The blade of the holy sword aimed at the demon king’s neck like a flash war. The Demon King stretched out his hand. The sword strike filled with divine power was blocked by the palm of his hand, and he was pushed back by the darkness that surrounded him and he could not move further.

The lingering darkness gathered around the demon king in the form of a sword. Aindel withdrew her sword and retreated.

A dark sword aimed at her and fired. Her sword increased by one or two blades, and then her sword quickly became dozens of swords and drove.

Aindel wrestled with the swords while dodging and repelling them for a while, and eventually exploded with energy in all directions as the number of swords multiplied without stopping. 

Divine power like the sea pushed back the power of the demon lord. A contest of strength continued with the swords stuck in the golden mine like hedgehog thorns, and eventually the examination was destroyed.


Aindel, who vomited blood again, stumbled.

Her lips were pale and bloodless, and now even bloody tears were dripping down her face. Beyond the field of vision, which could hardly be focused, the appearance of the demon king was once again divided into several parts and merged together.

“Hero, do you remember? The conversation you and I had when we first met.”

Aindel wiped the blood dripping from her chin and flew towards the demon king again.

This time, arms stretched out from the darkness that squirmed around the demon king like a swamp.

From the floor, from the wall, and from the air, they spread randomly, like the grip of the dead who came up from hell. It stretched all the way, grabbed Aindel’s ankles, and tried to scratch and tear them as they wished.

The armor of divine power that protected Aindel’s body from Azkel’s fatal blow cracked little by little.

After the armor was finally smashed, wounds were carved on the body. The flesh split and blood spurted out. Aindel didn’t mind and moved on. He passed through the fissures of hell, and once again swung his sword at the demon king’s neck.

The demon king’s hand grabbed the blade of the holy sword. In that state, Aindel raised all of her last remaining strength. The demon king also countered the energy.


The earth’s axes shook, and the atmosphere stirred.

As if the world had been split in half, the light and darkness that divided the boundary overflowed, pushing and pushing each other repeatedly.


For the first time, a scream came out of Aindel’s mouth.

It was that desperate. Even one arm, at least a small internal wound, would be fine. It was started for that purpose, and it was the final place.


Eo-deum, which seemed to be pushed away for a moment, inflated its energy in an instant.

And Aindel’s left arm was eaten by the fish back and disappeared. The sacred power of the holy sword was extinguished without a trace. Aindel, who was thrown out helplessly, rolled on the ground.

“iced coffee……!”

Azkel exclaimed with thrilled eyes. 

How long was this moment?

I have never dared to doubt a great God. However, it could not be said that there was not even a very small piece of anxiety and worry in the side of my mind.

Because that was the case decades ago. In a war where the outcome was obvious, a hero who appeared with a sword in the middle of insignificant creatures, had created a miracle with a power far from that of this world.

But look. That unsightly figure crawling on the ground like an insect with its wings cut off.

It was a long wait. The original demons, including Azkel, were finally able to escape from the past and gain complete confidence. That this world would soon become their paradise.

“You asked me so. Why start a war, kill many humans, and commit terrible things.”

The demon king looked at the fallen hero and continued.

“So I also asked you. What are you fighting for? For peace, for justice, you said such boring things. I wonder if you still have that thought. Decades of my sleep. How was the world during this time, did the longed-for peace come?”

The Demon King took a step.

“As a soul divided by the power of the holy sword, I have been imprisoned in various bodies and watched the world outside of Allterro. There were people like you who were dedicated to preserving the restored peace. There were even more people who held more power and swayed as they pleased. Even if a war is over, a new war will soon begin. You are like that. Selfishness, compassion, greed, utility, murderous intent, fraternity. The emotions and desires you have are so different that the conflict never ends. . Isn’t it a very contradictory and confusing species?”


“On the other hand, what about the demons? Our desire is only to kill, trample, trample, and dominate. This is the justice of the world. No one is dissatisfied with that paradise.”

The Demon King asked as if he was really curious.

“Hero, what is the justice you spoke of now? What are you still fighting for?”

Aindel staggered and stood up. She stared blankly at her demon lord with unfocused eyes.

The first time, the holy sword came before my eyes.

Aindel swung her sword. It was just that I wanted to become stronger and save the world.



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That’s how I became stronger than anyone else. Defeated the visible tribes and demons and saved the people.

As a result, Aindel soon realized. She knew she was nothing more than a child holding a giant sword.

There were many people who could not be saved no matter how strong they were, and even if they did not, there were many people who were no better than animals that shook their impoverished hearts.

Those in power who forced soldiers to die in order to preserve their own lives, and traitors who tried to side with the demons. Soldiers who casually commit terrible evil acts against civilians during the war.

Why are you fighting so hard to save these people? For what?

Dozens of times that thought ran through my head. Throughout the war, Aindel had to fight not only with his demons but also with his inner self.

Even so, it was my colleagues who were able to endure and fight to the end. 

because there was

Some were adventurers, some were Wizards of the Magic Tower, and some were nobles of prestigious families. They didn’t even have the power of a holy sword, but they fought bravely, risking death on the front line more than anyone else.

After the demon king was sealed and the war ended, few of Aindel’s companions remained.

Aindel also suffered severe aftereffects and became a time-limited person, and the demon king did not completely die, so it was unknown when he would be resurrected. 

Aindel did his best to restore the war damage. After he regained some stability, according to the revelation of the holy sword, he disappeared from the world to eliminate the seed of the demon king and find a successor.

Has the longed-for peace come after the war?

There was no more invasion of demons, but the emperor of Seintea now rejected and slaughtered the different races and made a sinister plan.

There was no end to the quarrels of the neutral nations between Saintea and Calderic, and she herself did not actively resolve all those disputes under the idea that greater chaos should be prevented.

As the devil said, the conflict has no end. Even if the demons were completely exterminated from this world, that fact would not change. 

Even so, Aindel stopped struggling with those things from a certain point on.

Whatever it was, I finally realized that one reason is enough. Aindel replied with a calm voice that was in contrast to his miserable face.

“Because I am human too.”

Demons are absolute evil. A being that cannot coexist in any way.

If there is one clear definition for humans, no, for all species except for demons, that is it.

It means that he heard the answer he wanted, and the first smile was on the corner of the devil’s mouth.

“Yes. And since I am a demon, your world will perish.”

Aindel raised the holy sword with her free arm. In response, the Demon King also raised his hand.

He has no lingering feelings or regrets in his life as a warrior. There was only one girl who was a little bit in love.

Strangely, what came to mind at the end of a flash in my head, starting with Kaan, was the image of the Seven Lords.


The holy sword clad in golden brilliance was lowered. 

A flash of light flashed, and the debt quickly disappeared, consumed by the darkness.


The figure of Aindel, who had been standing there with her sword down, slowly turned to ashes and scattered.

The original horses watched the scene without even breathing.


However, the holy sword did not disappear along with the hero.

Even after she disappeared, it only remained aloft in the air, emitting a feeble light.

The demon king watched it, then quickly moved forward and approached the holy sword.

And that was the moment when he slowly reached out and grabbed the hilt of the holy sword.

– go away. 


Intense debt erupted from the Holy Sword along with the voice. 

“Demon King!”

Azkel was frightened by the waves of huge divine power. But that spirit soon faded.

The holy sword was no longer in the place where the light disappeared.

The demon king looked down at his burning hands, and then raised his head and declared.

“Gather the whole army.”

In the end, no matter what the hero believed, it would be nothing more than a futile hope. 

Advance to Saintea.”

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