I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 22

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Asher broke down the huge stone gate and we went inside.

Moving beyond the rubble of collapsed stone fragments, what appeared was a huge cavity.


I sighed a little and looked around.

Unidentifiable geometric patterns drawn on the floor and walls below, structures, and even the luminous stones embedded in the ceiling dimly illuminated the space.

It must have been built quite a long time ago, but those glowstones were not still exhausted.

It was a scene that oozes a more mysterious atmosphere than the corridors I passed through.

I walked further in, feeling the same joy I had when I reached the end of the dungeon while playing the game. Now it was time to claim the reward.

Let’s see.

On one side of the cavity was a door slightly smaller than the door where the stone statue that had just been demolished was. It must have been that way.

The user who I watched from the game video was disappointed in the dungeon without a single item like a relic, but they must have entered that door, discovered the mystery, forgotten about the feeling of loss, and danced in the pants of joy.

Come to think of it, it was strange why the mystery was hidden in this dungeon.

Mystery was the setting of an unknown power that had nothing to do with mana or magic, and the place where it appeared was completely random.

It could be just a crazy coincidence, or there could be a reason I didn’t know about.

Of course, that was a good thing.

What mattered to me now was the existence of the mystery of the floating veil waiting for me beyond that door.

But it’s not just that, right?

Suddenly, a possibility came to mind.

The timeline of the current world was a point in the past, five years ago in the world played in the game.

There’s a possibility that the mystery hadn’t been created yet. So there could be nothing in there?

“Asher, break down this door.”

I ordered Asher, brushing the ominous assumptions out of my head that I did not want to imagine.

Standing behind me, looking around the cavity, she came over and broke down the door.

Asher, who was brought here so I could use her as an escort, was actually used more to destroy things.

“Wait here.”

After I told her that, I went inside alone.

As I went further along the path that was narrower than the corridor, another cavity came out.

The only difference was that there were traces of human life here.


I looked up and stared at the ceiling, not paying attention to anything else.

I was staring at a pattern drawn on the ceiling and shining brightly in white.

The corners of my lips rose slowly.

Excitement welled up along with relief.

“Floating Veil…”

Mystery was more powerful as the size of the pattern increased.

The pattern of the floating veil was much larger than the super-regeneration, so it could not fill the ceiling of the wide cavity and continued to the wall below.

I laughed for a moment at the joy of finding the mystery, but soon realized the situation and let out a small sigh.


Come to think of it, was that painted on the ceiling in the game video?

I couldn’t think because I was concentrating on other things.

The ceiling of the cavity was high enough to easily exceed several times my height. At a glance, it looked like it was 10 meters.

…It should be absorbed only when it was touched, but how should I absorb it?

I stared blankly at the ceiling like a dog chasing chickens, then glanced back.

Should I go back and get Asher?

However, even if it’s Asher, I did not want to show her the existence of a mystery.

Was there another way?


I turned my gaze to the wall.

There were a lot of protruding parts, so I thought I could climb it if I tried hard enough.


Anyway, there was no easy way to get anything.

I let out a sigh and moved closer to the wall.

I never thought I would do rock climbing like this, which I had never done before in my life.

There was super regeneration anyway, so I didn’t have to worry about getting hurt if I fell, and I my stamina also wouldn’t run out that easily.

Holding on clumsily to the protruding part, I climbed slowly, groping.

If it was my original physical ability, I would have climbed a few meters and my arms would have trembled, but thanks to super regeneration, the lack of strength was immediately filled.

As I slowly and slowly climbed up like that, I was already right under the ceiling before I knew it.

If I stumbled once and fell, I had to climb up again, so I carefully fixed my center of gravity, slowly released one hand, and stretched out.


The light of the pattern burst brightly and slowly was absorbed into my body.

I was feeling the elation in the middle of it, but suddenly the part I was stepping on crumbled and gravity pulled me down.


Just like that, my body fell and crashed on the ground.

I let out a suppressed moan and rolled onto the floor for a moment.

As I struggled in pain like that, the intense pain that had been piercing my back, as if a bone had been broken, soon disappeared.

“Ah, shit.”

I rubbed my back and lifted myself up.



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Anyway, with this I got the mystery of the floating veil.

It was the same when I got super regeneration. From the moment I got floating veil, I had a sense of what kind of ability it was and how to use it.

I stretched out my arms forward for no reason and activated the floating veil.


I couldn’t see it with my eyes, but I could feel a protective barrier spreading around my body.

I was amazed for a moment, but then I realized something and immediately recalled my ability.

Then I muttered with a slightly puzzled expression.

“No… was the penalty not being able to breathe?”

Floating veil.

Absolute defense ability that could block any powerful attack.

However, the penalty was that the caster could not take any action while the veil was open.

So in the game, it was used as an invincible skill that chewed the boss’s ultimate skill.

But when I tried using it myself… not only could I not move while using this ability, I couldn’t even breathe.

I tried the ability once again.

As I practiced and used my abilities several times, I soon realized something was different.

This did not last continuously once used, but can be canceled at will, and there was no cooldown or activation delay.

Unlike in the game, it became an on-off type of ability that could be freely turned on and off.

I didn’t know if the form of the ability had changed to match the reality, but it could be said that it was much improved than the game, anyway.

However, while the veil was active, no action could be taken, and even breathing was impossible.

“I get it roughly.”

I thought it was a decent penalty.

To be honest, it didn’t feel like a huge penalty to me.

Because I didn’t have any ability other than instant kill, so if I tried to use this ability, how would I use it?

Wouldn’t I rather use it mostly just to stand still and block my opponent’s attacks, anyway?

I just have to hold my breath for a while, and if I have to keep it activated, I can control it by turning it off and on in between.

Assuming this and that, I thought about how to use the floating veil in different situations.

In addition, it was possible to control the shape and size of the veil.

I could spread the veil to stick to my body like armor, or I could spread it around the body in a spherical shape, like a barrier of magic.

This was a great defensive ability.

“It’s good.”

Besides super regeneration, I felt reassured at the thought that I now had one more means to protect myself.

I brushed the dust off my body and looked around.

After obtaining the mystery, the scenery of the cavity came into view.

There were traces of people’s lives, such as desks and beds.

I wandered around and looked around to see if there was anything else I could get, but nothing came of it.

After looking around the cavity one last time, I moved toward the aisle.

After passing through the passage I passed through and coming out of the first joint, I saw Asher, who was wary of the surroundings.

When she saw me, she seemed a little relieved.

She was nervous that the same stone statue from earlier would come out.

In the end, I did not know what this dungeon was.

Maybe this was a dungeon that someone had already robbed, but I thought maybe mystery formed behind it because of an unfortunate coincidence.

Whatever it was, I got what I wanted, so I didn’t care anymore.

“Let’s go out.”

I moved to the aisle leading outside with Asher.

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