I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 80

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Umbra Freon (3)

Was it on Saintea’s side?

There was no force other than that that would think of bringing spies directly to Calderic, and to the Monarchy itself.

And as far as I remember, Um-yeong carried out the royal family’s requests several times and was a person with whom she had a very close relationship.

I kept asking her.

“What is the purpose of infiltrating the castle?”

“Gathering information about the Seven Lords.”

“Why did the imperial family request such a request?”

“I don’t know the specific reason because I’m only doing the request for a fee. But, well… a person who has been in a veil without any known information has become the new monarch of Calderic, so of course I’m thinking of investigating it in Sainttea as well. wouldn’t it?”

Well, not really.

I asked Amyeong for a request and brought in a spy to the 7 Lords Castle, but what other purpose was there besides me?

I didn’t ask further, just stared at her.

She averted my gaze with a worried expression on her face.

It was not a matter of much concern that the background was Sainttea.

Anyway, whether it’s Calderic or Sainttea, we plant spies in each other’s camps without stopping.

Of course, even so, having a spy infiltrate the monarchy is a pretty serious matter.

However, in a case like this one, it wouldn’t be a problem to blame the castle’s vigilance. Because the opponent is dark.

“Hey, my lord. May I tell you a little bit?”

At that time, she looked at her eyes and cautiously opened her mouth.

“It’s a great honor to see that you recognized me at first glance, and I think you know a lot about me, but I’m not affiliated with or entangled in any faction.”


“This time, too, I was just accepting the imperial family’s request from a very thorough and businesslike point of view, and there was no personal intention whatsoever. Of course!

“What do you want to say?”

I stopped talking because my tongue was getting longer.

“I understand that there will be a Neutral Nations Conference soon. If you wish, I may confess all the facts that I served as a spy in the Monarchy at the request of the Imperial Family. If only you would have mercy on my life… …”

she said with a laugh.

Since the emperor directly participated in the Neutral Nations Conference on the side of Saintea, it was said that he would give them a strong cause to squeeze them openly.

I said, “Huh,” and laughed.

‘what the······.’

I knew that Umyeong’s character was roughly like this. Above all else, your life is the most precious.

That’s why there is no hesitation in selling the client like this.

I wondered if being braggart wouldn’t work, so I wondered if I’d somehow decided to try and survive first.

But her offer wasn’t very appealing.

Because I didn’t get anything out of pressing Saintea. There is nothing that will help me with my next goal.

Now more than anything else, I was interested in the shadow, her existence itself.

‘What should I do with this woman?’

Being a spy was a crime that would fill me up even if I fell off my neck right away, but I had no intention of killing him for now.

It was a waste to just execute such a talented person.

With excellent information gathering and tracking abilities, as much fighting power as a level 67, there were few people on the continent who were as fast on their feet and skilled in all kinds of talents as her.

‘It’s not a character who has played a specific role as a helper in the game story, but it’s not like he’s ever done anything big.’

More than anything else, it was a time when an excellent informant was needed.

So far, I have focused on finding mysteries, but now my goal in the future is related to the full-fledged main story.

I needed to investigate information about events that occurred in the future and some important issues that I couldn’t solve even with my game knowledge.

The only problem is that she’s not a person I can put under and deal with.

If you let them go and collect information, they will run away and disappear.

‘The problem is that there’s no way to catch it and deal with it.’

If you release them to gather information anywhere, they will run away and disappear. Or get stabbed in the back.

Those whose names or nicknames spread throughout the continent don’t have such a reputation for nothing.

She wasn’t easy enough to be pampered with halfway threats or weaknesses.

Even now, they come out with a low profile, as if they would lick their feet if you just talked to them, but they’re all looking for a chance to somehow survive.


I was immersed in my thoughts, and I let out an exclamation inwardly.

That’s because it reminded me of one of the things she had. It would be extremely useful in the current situation.

“I have no intention of killing you.”

“······Really? Thank you.”

She replied, but her face did not brighten at all.

Maybe it’s because ‘once’ is added in front of the word.

And that anxiety was just right.

“Stigma ring.”


“The ancient artifact you have. Of course you have it now. Take it out.”

Her eyes trembled.

But it was only for a moment, and soon he asked again with an expression that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Stigma ring…? Ancient artifact? Excuse me, what are you talking about?”

I thought it was great acting.

Is this how he reacted to the fact that he talked about the existence of an object that no one but himself should know about?

I shook my head and continued.

“It’s no use, even if you take it off like that. How do you think I know this name?”



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“No, I really have no idea what you’re talking about…”

“Ashhel, if she doesn’t get anything out before I count to three, cut her throat.”

Asher immediately drew his sword.


I crossed my arms and spat out a low count.

And before the count of two, her mouth opened again. With a confused gaze that I can’t understand.

“······What the hell is it? How do you even know about the artifacts I have?”

I shrugged.

“That’s not important right now. Just get it out.”

It is said that in the golden age of ancient magic, all kinds of magic that are now practiced existed.

A branded ring, an ancient artifact that can leave a magical mark on someone that cannot be erased by any means.

And the owner of the ring can locate the branded target no matter how far away they are.

I was able to remember that Umbra used the ability of the artifact because it had been in the game before.

She hesitated with a more determined expression.

Aside from how I knew of the brand ring’s existence, she couldn’t have guessed the reason for taking it out at this timing.

“I’m tired of warning you again and again. Are you going to die like this?”


But in the end, I was almost in tears and had no choice but to take out the ring from the bosom of my robe.

I took the ring she took out and looked around.

It was an old, dirty silver ring with a small hexagonal pattern engraved in the middle.


When I handed it to Ashelle, she accepted it with a puzzled face.

I couldn’t activate the ability of the artifact because I don’t have magic power.

“If you inject magical power, the ability of the artifact will be activated. Try it.”

“Ah, yes.”

Although Asher looked puzzled as to why he had to do it himself, he did not ask any further and just as I said, injecting magic into the ring.

Then, a purple light radiated softly from the hexagonal pattern engraved on the ring.

I turned my gaze to Umyeong.

“Where would you like to film?”


She held out one arm weakly. It was a half-baked face.

Ashelle took the ring that radiated with light and stamped it on her wrist. Then, as the ring pattern, a purple hexagonal pattern was engraved.

I took the ring from Asher again and examined it.

A thin, faint beam of light emanated from the ring, pointing exactly where she was.


I was satisfied with the ring.

Now you can locate her no matter where she is or how far away she is.

In short, she was in a position where she could not escape from me for the rest of her life.

The magical brand she just took will stay with her forever until she uses it on another target.

I said to her, who was staring blankly at the brand on her wrist.

“Don’t get too down on yourself. I swear I won’t kill you if you do what I ask you to do. And I’ll give you back the ring.”

she replied in a sharp voice.

“Should I have a choice? What do you want?”

“It’s information gathering.”

The first thing I thought to order was related to terrorism in the capital of the Saintea Empire.

The Mystery of Possession, which had previously failed to preoccupy Hallumenta. A terrible disaster caused by the villain who obtained the mystery.

First of all, the unit of damage was the biggest disaster among future events I knew, so I thought to investigate that first.

Anyway, this gave me one very good informant.


At my request, she immediately left for Saintea to investigate.

It’s like a brain attack, so I’ve been feeling like I’ve been making a lot of threats lately, but what can I do.

I was just trying my best for a peaceful future.

Time continued to pass.

Leaf was formally knighted in the Monarchy, and Rigon continued his explosive growth and reached level 26. While Asher did not neglect her own training, she continued to teach the two siblings diligently.

As usual, I was sitting in my room reading a book, and I was able to receive news from the overlord’s castle.

‘Is it leaving in three days?’

Now is the time to move to a neutral country for talks.

After I finished my preparations, I got ready to fly to Daegunjuseong on the Tiyong.

“You just have to remain in the castle and continue to focus on your brother and sister’s guidance.”

Rigon’s growth was unusual, so this time he didn’t dare to take Asher and left him in the castle, but…

“I want you to take me too.”

I looked back at her, a little surprised.

It was the first time she had asserted her will against my orders.

‘Is it because of Saintea?’

This meeting was a place to discuss the conflict between the two neutral countries and directly face Saintea’s royal family.

I looked at her with her head down and said.

“Okay. Then I’ll accompany you.”

So, I took Ashelle and headed to the cage where Tiyong was.

He had already ordered the servants to wear all the saddles.


I stroked the neck of the guy who was still pushing his head in, and climbed on the back with Asher.

He looked displeased with the fact that someone else rode with him, but after whining and shaking his body a few times, he didn’t make a fuss any more.

“Then go, my lord.”


As always, while receiving the butler’s farewell, I tapped Tiyong.

It flapped its wings with a mighty roar and soared into the sky.

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