I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 85

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Neutral Nations Conference (5)

After the meeting, we returned to our accommodation.

In the evening, a banquet with dinner was prepared, so once that was over, the schedule in a neutral country was over.

Since the outbreak of war was prevented and all goals were accomplished, it didn’t matter if I left right away, but there was no reason to do so, so I spent time leisurely in the dorm.

I leaned back on the sofa and stared blankly up at the ceiling, thinking about what I had to do.

The top priority is to find the successor to the Holy Sword in Saintea.

This was something to be really careful about, so I didn’t entrust the collection of information to Umyeong either. I don’t know what else to think.

‘Like when looking for a mystery, I have to run and find it myself…’

The problem is that the position of the successor at the present time cannot be accurately specified.

There was a place where she was presumed to be, based on the information from the game.

However, the range was so wide that it would take considerable time and effort to eventually find it.

‘That too.’

Also, in the realm of Saintea, there were two mysteries that knew the hidden places.

However, neither of them were abilities that I desperately needed right now.

It was because he had already obtained various mysteries from Calderic and his specs had greatly improved, and he was no longer the life of a sunfish that would die easily.

‘But of course there’s nothing wrong with getting it.’

Absorbing a lot of mysteries doesn’t have any side effects, and isn’t it unconditionally better to get the mysteries that can be obtained?

The full-fledged search for an heir would have to be done by taking care of the two mysteries neatly.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get it. For one, the hidden location was quite embarrassing.

‘And the meeting of monarchs…’

By the way, the time overlapped, and the meeting of the monarchs to be held shortly after was a variable.

I was in a position where I couldn’t refuse the overlord’s order, as there were still two command rights left.

I don’t know why she ended up accompanying me even for this meeting, but it was unknown what else she would try to do.

I still have a lot of things to do, but I hope I don’t bring up annoying words…


While thinking about this and that, I slightly turned my gaze to one side.

I scratched my head, feeling the presence of Asher standing motionless outside the door.

I saw it when I came in earlier, but the atmosphere from yesterday was not unusual. Without thinking, it must be because of the existence of Changsung.

Changsung Quayden is the one who slaughtered Asher’s family with blood on his hands, and the emperor and the imperial family exist behind it.

How would it feel to be unable to do anything with the clan’s enemies right in front of them? I couldn’t possibly imagine what that feeling would be like.

In fact, the massacre of the Baekyue tribe by the imperial family of Saintea was not an incident that was quietly buried without anyone noticing.

It was a catastrophe that had already engendered resentment within the Empire at the time.

And the person who was pointed out as the leader and the person in charge and executed was the 5th prince and his aides.

The real mastermind behind the massacre was the emperor, but the emperor thought so from the beginning, put the 5th prince on a horse and cut off his tail.

Lagging behind among his brothers, he followed his father’s words in order to be acknowledged for his ability, but was beaten as it was.

Asher is the only survivor of the annihilated White Moon tribe.

However, the incident, which had already been concluded in such a way a long time ago, even if Asher, a survivor, now reveals his identity, did not threaten the emperor who was the real mastermind, nor was there anything he could hold on to.

At best, you should be able to receive at least an apology from the imperial family that you don’t even have heart for.

So, if Asher really wanted revenge, the only way to realize it was to get blood on her own hands.

There would be no proper way for her to avenge her clan’s enemies unless she killed the emperor and Changsung with her own hands.

However, it seems to me that she has not yet made up her mind, nor is she capable of doing so in the first place.

How could she, who is still only level 82, handle the emperor, who is the head of a huge force called Sainteara, and a level 91 creation?

‘······ But it’s not even a matter that I can get involved in.’

To kill the Emperor and Changsung.

Obviously, Asher is a precious person to me.

It wasn’t just about being a talented person.

I’ve been by my side almost all the time for almost a year already, so how can I not feel affection for him as a human being?

But aside from whether I could bear that burden for Asher, there was no way she wanted it in the first place.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way that her personality would want to take revenge by lending my hand, which had nothing to do with work.

In the end, the best I could do was just help him grow.

So that whenever she’s made up her mind, she’s armed enough to do whatever the choice may be.


To do so, he had to quickly take Asher to ‘the place’.

It was a place where Asher could achieve dramatic growth by exploding her potential, and at the same time, it was a place where a being who could tell her the information about her clan was sleeping.

Of course, I already knew that there were no surviving White Moon tribes other than Asher.

But the decision to tell her the truth was part of my mind.

The trouble deepened.

Should I prioritize finding mysteries and successors first, or should I take Asher there first?

······Ah, I don’t know.

I shook my head and laid down on the sofa. Let’s think slowly.


“I expected it wouldn’t come, but I still expected it, but it’s a pity. I wanted to introduce the 7 Lords to the hero.”

The overlord stirred the teacup and said lamentably.

The emperor sitting across from him watched in silence, then opened his mouth.

“You mean the overlord?”

“Hmm? What?”

“Help Earth Hill, I don’t think it’s the 7 Lords’ solo action.”

“Ah… that? That’s right? I didn’t know that the 7 Lords would suddenly come forward like that.”



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The overlord shrugged.

It was true.

It was a fact that she did not know that there was a connection between the 2nd prince of Earth Hill and the 7th lord, so of course she did not expect that the 7th lord would intervene so actively in the conflict between the two countries.

It just didn’t matter, so I didn’t interfere with him.

However, the emperor narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

He opened his mouth again and asked.

“I’m afraid that maybe Calderic’s prestige will fall. It looks like the overlord is protecting those who broke the rules and killed the lord…”

“Ah, thank you for your concern.”

At those words, the corner of the overlord’s mouth went up.

“By the way, Emperor. If you, not anyone else, say such nonsensical things, you want to rip your mouth off?”

The impression of the second princess standing behind the emperor hardened at the overlord’s sudden abusive words.

The emperor also looked at the overlord with a weakly stiff face.

“Don’t try to match me. Get the subject, you insignificant rat. Know that the only thing I respect for Saintea is the warrior.”

“You’re talking too much…”

The princess, who was in a hurry to intervene, froze as soon as the overlord’s gaze touched her.

For an instant, the terrifying feeling of intimidation enveloped her whole body, causing her legs to give up and almost sinking to the floor.

The overlord, who gained momentum, smiled and leaned back in his chair.

“I didn’t come here to threaten you. I have a question for you too.”

At her words, the emperor’s complexion hardened.

“Prisoner transport ship, Kwon Sung.”


“What the hell were you trying to do after catching ‘that’, Emperor? Even hiding it in a convoy and transporting it to a concentration camp?”

The emperor was just silent, not answering.

The overlord, who drank all the tea, stood up.

“I’m warning you, Emperor. I don’t know what it is, but don’t do useless things. If you don’t want to let only precious forces like Gwonseong continue to die.”

The emperor asked as she rushed outside the room.

“What does the overlord want?”


“There’s no way they don’t know that the demons’ movements are unusual. If Sainttea collapses, it’s Calderik’s turn right after. Even so, what’s wrong with me who keeps arguing with Sainttea and showing such an ambiguous attitude?”

The overlord looked back at the emperor and grinned. That was it.


Evening came and the banquet began.

There were many people who accompanied them in addition to those who directly participated in the meeting, so the banquet hall was filled with many people.

The royal family gathered in a corner and chatted about the outcome of the meeting.

Moving to the banquet hall with the overlord and the 7 lords, Asher tried hard not to draw attention to one side of the banquet hall with a hard complexion.

It was because the emperor and Changseong, who accompanied him, were also seated there.


I could feel the eyes of the 7 Lords staring at me.

Ashelle struggled to control her expression, thinking she might have caught her distracted mind.

“Ashel, go back to your room and rest.”

At the words of the Seven Lords, she shook her head, thinking that she was also caught.

“No. It’s fine.”

His name is an escort knight, but is it possible to go back alone and rest first?

But this time, the 7 lords also seemed quite strong.

“Then go out to the terrace and get some fresh air.”

Ashelle hesitated, then bowed her head and moved to the terrace.

When I went outside and got a cool breeze, I felt the heat in my head subside a little.


Asher looked up at the night sky and recalled the memories he had buried deep.

The enemy who annihilated Saintea, Changseong, and the clan.

Asher couldn’t keep his composure at the sight of the Emperor and Changsung sitting calmly in the banquet hall just inside.

She lowered her head, feeling sorry for herself for not being able to properly navigate.

No revenge, no family search, even though 10 years have passed since that terrible day, I still haven’t been able to do anything properly.

In fact, deep down in your heart, you may already know. That there is no surviving clan anywhere.

It’s just denying the reality that it can’t be.

Is that why he can’t even make up his mind to get revenge and is wasting his time pathetically?

Even with the enemy right in front of her eyes, she couldn’t even pull out her sword… Maybe it was only because of this that she had the courage to look at her dead family members.

Asher closed her eyes and breathed to control her mind.

It was familiar. Until a few years ago, this kind of mind came to me because it was a daily and common occurrence.

After breathing for a few minutes and regaining some composure, Asher turned around to enter the banquet hall again. she was then


A man walked into the terrace.

Changsung Quayden.

He looked up at the sky as he stood on the opposite railing after glancing at Asher.

Ashley’s heart skipped a beat.

She thought. Even if you make a fuss here, even if you try to spew murderous intentions at him, it means nothing, and it will only harm Ron…

It was the time when he tried to move on, suppressing his boiling anger with superhuman patience.

“It’s been taking me since yesterday, but I just remembered.”

His mouth suddenly opened and caught Asher back.

He slowly turned his head and looked at her with cold eyes.

“Ten years ago, the Great Mountains of Alten. Were you the only one who missed the White Moon tribe?”

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