I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 110

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◈ Episode 110 pre-work (2)

Ivan boasted that he would show you the underground storage room of the Kunst Auction House.

Alex already knew that, but I was surprised to see Ivan Luke himself step forward and introduce me.

‘I don’t really keep it a secret.’

There must be one of two reasons why Ivan behaves like that.

One is that people are thoughtlessly stupid enough to easily expose such an important place.

the other one.

‘Even if I openly let people know that there is such an important place, I am confident that it will never be breached.’

Alex thought the latter was obvious.

“ruler. It’s right here. how is it?”

From the moment he stood at the entrance to the basement, Alex could feel it. How could Ivan Luke be so confident?

‘It’s bloody from the entrance.’

The elevator is the only way down to the basement.

Guards were guarding the elevator entrance.

number is two. It’s less than guarding the entrance, but if that’s a knight-level guard, the story is different.

‘And even the security of the entrance.’

Surprisingly, the elevator did not have a separate button.

Instead, Ivan pulled out one of the keys he had brought with him and inserted it into the slot where the button was supposed to be.

Then, the door of the elevator opened left and right with a rumbling sound inside.

‘It’s not just an elevator, is it? Apparently, it’s made of a pretty sophisticated mechanical device, so it won’t open without a key.’

Alex pretended to be surprised by the sight, but his gaze kept on the shape of the key.

An ornate key with gold plating and a red jewel embedded in the handle.


“ruler. Let’s go in, Guar.”

“Sure, buddy.”

Ivan Luke, Alex, and the escorts, including Pantos, boarded the lift.

The driver couldn’t keep up. It was a place where only invited people could come.

As a result, Pantos took over the case that was being held by the person hired as the driver.

The inside of the elevator was wider than expected. Enough for more than 30 strong adult men to ride.

It is heavy and there are cases in which a large number of objects are moved, so it must have been made this way.

belt ring.

Eventually, the door of the elevator that reached the basement opened.

Contrary to what I thought would be monotonous, the inside was a fairly complex structure consisting of long corridors and several passages.

“This is the underground storage room of our Kunst Auction House, which maintains impenetrable security that has not been breached by anyone for the past 20 years.”

“Oh oh. Great.”

Taking a quick look at the scene inside, Alex clapped his hands in delight.

“But I don’t know, so how the heck does this place work? I didn’t expect there to be such a huge space in the basement of the auction house.”

“haha. It takes a lot of space to store the items to be auctioned off. My father, the chairman, had envisioned such a future from the time he built this building.”

“As expected, you are the president of the Luke company. And Ivan, are you the next president who will soon succeed him?”

“Hmm. have something like that Not yet, but soon will be. ha ha ha!”

When Alex blatantly praised him, Ivan couldn’t control his excitement, so he hesitated to talk about things he hadn’t even asked.

“This basement has a resting room where the guards live inside, as well as a warehouse. But still, the safest place is probably the auction room. It’s practically a safe.”

“Do I keep my things there too?”

“of course. Because the significance of the existence of this underground space is the storage room. It consists of a total of three large rooms, and each room uses the latest artifacts to watch the inside in real time 24 hours a day.”

“That’s great!”

Alex, with admiration, checked it against Hans’ information and confirmed that it was all true.

“Then where should I keep this stuff?”

“Of course it’s Room 3. Actually there are 3 storage rooms, but they are not all the same. We divide the order of importance, put the less important in room 1, and store the most important in room 3. Of course, at the point of keeping it here, it doesn’t change that everything is important, but you know what I’m talking about?”

“Of course. No matter how valuable it is, of course there is a difference.”

“ha ha ha. Also Guar. You know that. Poor stinking commoners think they’re all pretty and nice things, but people like us have to know how to tell the truth about these things. look at this This pocket watch I’m wearing.”

Ivan Luke suddenly starts bragging about the brand of clothes he is wearing and the ornaments.

Alex thought it was not the same, but tried to agree with him, but hesitated.

This is because the atmosphere of Pantos, which had been silently following him a little while ago, was not good.

poor living.

Pantos was slowly getting annoyed.

Alex immediately noticed that only Pantos could see it.

‘Hey what are you doing? kill the momentum Are you here to fight?’

‘… … .’

Pantos had been glaring at Ivan Luke for a while.

The other bodyguards hadn’t noticed yet, but Alex, who was sensitive to this, realized that even that was only a matter of time.

This is how it gets caught.


Alex clapped his hands to lighten the mood.

Only then did Ivan stop talking.

“Look at my mind. Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since daytime. Look, Ivan. Is there a restaurant you can recommend?”

“Uh, huh? ah. of course. Actually, you can eat here. There is a top-notch restaurant for guests inside the Kunst Auction House.”

“haha. is it? Then please guide me! See you escort. Come on, hand over the bag.”

Alex noticed Pantos.



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However, Pantos Logistics remains silent. He just stood still.

Write. Alex clicked his tongue inwardly. From the first time I met him, I knew he wasn’t an ordinary prisoner with a weird personality.

I can’t imagine he’d try to be selfish during an operation like this.

“Guar? What happened to the escort?”

“ah. You mean our escort? Don’t worry. I go there often He’s a very silent guy, so sometimes he doesn’t listen to me very well.”

“Is that okay?”

“But one skill is real.”

Alex walked over to Pantos and whispered softly so only he could hear.

‘Are you going to disobey the leader’s order?’


When Rudger was mentioned, Pantos was the first to respond.

He had been thinking about how to silence Ivan, who had been whimpering in front of him for a while.

It didn’t matter if this was an operation or not.

Because he hated the servants who had no strength, no spirits, and lived only mouths.

However, the moment Alex brought up Ludger’s name, Pantos realized that the leader had given them an important mission, and that was more important than anything else.

“… … we are here.”

Pantos held out a large case in one hand.

Ivan’s bodyguards stepped forward and accepted it instead.

Alex wiped his sweat as he watched.

“ruler. Shall we go eat then?”

The internal structure has been seen with the naked eye, so the purpose has already been achieved.

* * *

Alex shared a meal with Ivan.

Pantos stood still in the distance, not caught in the spot.

It was probably because he thought that if he kept seeing Ivan talking, he might reach out his hand without realizing it.

Alex thought it was a good thing. He thought that without Rudger he would be a ticking time bomb.

Didn’t it almost arouse suspicion in the basement storage room a while ago?

‘Still, there was an income.’

Before sharing a meal, Ivan introduced Alex to another place.

It was a security control room that monitored the underground storage room in real time.

In the large room, about six of what Rudger said were displays were attached to the wall, and the guards were watching them.

‘Did it have such a structure?’

Ivan must have shown it as a means of boasting, but for Alex, there was nothing to spread like this.

Thanks to this, he was able to figure out how the security of this place was maintained.

‘What’s left now.’

Just to inform the leader and colleagues of this fact.

To do that, we need to get out of here quickly… … .

“Enjoy your meal.”

Just in time, the chef brought a steak plate and set it in front of him.

‘Ah, let’s eat first.’

Still, it’s too much to think about other things in front of the food prepared by the top-notch chef.

Alex raised his fork and knife while rationalizing that.

* * *

After finishing the meal, Alex briefly conveyed the facts to Rudger, taking advantage of Ivan’s distraction.

‘Operation is a success. leader.’

[is it. I’m glad.]

‘Certainly as the leader said. When I checked it with my own eyes, I saw a possibility. All I have to do now is execute the operation properly, right?’

[Of course. As long as you remember everything you saw.]

‘What do you look at me for? This operation could definitely succeed without a really unexpected ambush. Because my senses are telling me that.’

[Then I’m glad.]

Alex was about to say goodbye to Ivan now.

In that moment, Alex could see.

Just saw a woman enter the restaurant inside the Kunst auction house.

“I am Why is the captain asking me to wait here?”


Alex made a blank expression without even thinking about managing his expression.

He sent a message to Rudger in a trembling voice.

‘… … leader. It’s a big deal.’

[What’s going on?]

‘An unexpected ambush has appeared.’


Alex’s gaze couldn’t leave the woman who was looking around the restaurant.

She hadn’t recognized it yet.

Then, the moment the head of the woman who was looking around the inside turned this way.


Alex unknowingly turned his back.

[Victor Hugo. answer me What happened now?]

‘… … She’s there.’

[It’s her. Who came?]

‘… … Enya. Enya Joiners.’

A woman who just entered the restaurant inside the Kunst Auction House.

She was wearing a dress to dress up, but she twisted her body around as if it was uncomfortable.

As a Nightcrawler Knight of the Security Agency, she was staying in Ledervelk under Terrina’s orders.

[If it’s Enya, is that Enya?]

‘okay. My ex-girlfriend.’

She was also Alex’s ex-lover.

* * *

Hearing the news from Alex, Ludger couldn’t help but frown.

It wasn’t a reaction to what bullshit it was, it was the opposite.

‘Enya Joinus? Didn’t she go to the security office?’

Rudger recalled the day that the Security Bureau had come looking for him not long ago.

‘No, that’s right. Is it then?’

At that time, it was a knight wearing glasses named Lloyd who directly asked him about the werewolf incident.

Didn’t Terry or Lionhowl, a protector of the borders of Seorn, come directly to Seorn?

Thanks to the president’s help, I never met her directly, but I remembered seeing her from a distance through a window.

At that time, there was another knight with Lloyd by Terina’s side, but I didn’t notice it because I didn’t pay much attention to it.

‘Then she must have been Enya.’

Ludgar also knew that Alex had been in love with Enya. Even what Alex had with her in her past.

Did the two of them meet here?

“Victor Hugo. get out of there at once Don’t worry about anything else, just think about that.”

[…] … okay.]

Alex’s answer came back over the communicator.

After ending communication with Ludger, Alex immediately spoke to Ivan.

“friend. I have to go.”

“Uh, are you going already?”

“haha. Since you’ve come to the great city of the empire, shouldn’t you look around a bit more? don’t worry too much I left my things, and I’ll come back to you later.”

“ah. of course. Well, more than that, maybe the magic stone was involved… … .”

“We will talk about that later. I want to talk about business in a slightly more important place. You know what I mean? friend?”

“uh? uh uh of course!”

Alex sent a signal to Pantos.

The operation was over, so it was time to leave.

Pantos immediately stood by Alex’s side like an escort and followed him.

“There are places like this in the world.”

Enya’s voice lingers in his ears.

Alex glanced at Enya as they left the restaurant.

She hadn’t noticed herself yet.

okay. It’s hard to notice. Now he came here not as Alex, but as Guar.

So I had no choice but to watch.

‘It hasn’t changed.’

But deep inside, he also wanted her to recognize him.

Before and now, Enya’s appearance remained the same.

no. Still, compared to then, it showed signs of being a little more mature now.

Of course, he is still short and looks funny to others.

Alex knew better than anyone how strong she was.

‘but… … .’

He bit his lip.

He can no longer approach Enya.

He doesn’t deserve it.

-You liar!

I still can’t forget the voice Enya cried out to her that day.

So, even if we met in a place like this, we had to pass it off as if we had never met.

Because all he was allowed was regret.

“let’s go.”

Alex hurried Pantos and left the Kunst Auction House.

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