I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 129

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◈ Episode 129 Magic Square Class (1)

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The reaction of the students who saw the square shape drawn on the magic board was exactly divided in half.

On the one hand, the anticipation of what kind of mysterious magic Mr. Ludger will show you this time.

The other side, however, disbelief that this went too far, that it was completely incomprehensible.

Even if Ludger had shown various appearances so far, the square magic circle was beyond common sense.

The fact that the magic circle is always drawn as a circle has its symbolism, but above all, it is because a circle is the shape in which all power flows most perfectly.

Whether it is the force flowing out from the inside or the force trying to come in from the outside.

The “curve” of the circle gently flows the flow of power and helps to circulate it in the magic circle.

However, the figures in which “angles” exist are different.

The magical energy flowing through the magic circle has a kind of inertia toward the direction in which it flows.

Naturally, the magical energy flowing in a straight line escapes outside without being able to bend the moment it encounters a corner with an angle.

The leaked mana gets lost, scatters here and there, collides, and eventually disappears without any effect.

no. It would be better if he disappeared. In severe cases, it may even explode.

In other words, the “circle” drawn in the magic circle is the minimum standard for maintaining a stable flow of magical energy.

However, the square drawn by Ludger had as many as four angles.

It is said that there are four corners where the mana that spreads out in a straight line can escape.

What if you draw a new line there to block the magic that escapes through the corner?

It is the same.

After all, the straight line drawn in the magic circle must have an end. It is not a magic circle that does not have an ending.

If you want to draw an endless straight line to reduce the loss of magical power, there will not be enough space even on a drawing paper the size of a continent.

However, the size of the magic circle drawn by Rudger was only 70 or 80 cm on one side.

There is no way they can create a passage through which magic can be used effectively.

“It seems like everyone can’t believe it.”

Rudger was unaware of the suspicion in that gaze.

From the moment I drew this on the magic board in the first place, I fully expected that this kind of reaction would come out.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The students kept their mouths shut, but they couldn’t bear to deny it.

It was because they also had basic knowledge and pride as wizards.

Some students were convinced that Rudger was wrong this time.

‘What is Mr. Rudger’s plan?’

Flora Lumos frowned and tried to understand Ludger’s intentions.

If it was her usual, she would have raised her hand right away and asked a sharp question without anyone stopping her.

However, Flora Lumos had the experience of being scolded by Ludgar after doing that once.

After that, he tried several times, but Rudger did not allow any gaps.

Even if she is not clever, she has no choice but to realize at this point.

A man named Ludgar Celish never said anything in vain.

Because Flora had learned so much, she remained silent while putting on a sullen face.

Instead, she glared back at the students who gave her a slightly expectant look.

‘What kind of action do these people see me as?’

It’s not that I don’t understand how they expect this side to come forward, but Flora was annoyed for nothing.

When it was revealed that her planting was uncomfortable, the students who met her eyes hurriedly averted their gaze.

After one round of suppression, Flora crossed her arms and stared at Ludger.

‘joy. There’s no way that teacher would lie about something like that.’

Rudger doesn’t say anything. There must be a reason for that, Flora concluded.

‘If I hadn’t, I would have been disappointed earlier.’

So please show me something amazing this time and flatten the noses of those non-believers.

While pretending not to be Flora Lumos, she harbored anticipation inside.

“There are students who don’t believe it, so let me show you.”

Rudger showed the students a piece of paper he had brought for class.

“As you can see, what is drawn here is a magic circle. It’s similar to what I drew on my magic board.”

The magic board was an ordinary square, but on the paper Ludger showed me, there was a magic circle with various things added based on that square.

However, for students, even if something was added like that, it felt rather uneasy.

It was because the shape, which consisted of a total of 25 squares divided into 5 horizontally and vertically, looked more like a chessboard than a magic circle.

There were letters engraved inside, but other than that, it didn’t seem to have been specially treated magically.

“Now I will infuse magic into this magic circle. Let’s start with the manifestation of a simple element.”

At Ludger’s words, the students reacted indifferently.

The moment magic is injected into such a square magic circle, the magic circle will no longer play its role.

Everyone pictured the same future in their heads.

However, after Ludger poured his magic into the magic circle and a little time passed, the students opened their eyes wide.


Light began to flow from the magic circle, and eventually a small flame was lit from the center of the magic circle.

“Well, did it work? That magic circle?”

“what. What happened?”

It’s unbelievable.

How could magic be properly manifested in an angular magic circle where magic does not circulate?

While most of the students reacted blankly, as if they were dreaming, some students, including Flora Lumos, stared at Ludger’s magic circle with cool eyes.

“As you can see, the magic circle made of squares works well. What do you think is the reason?”



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As soon as Rudger’s question ran out, Flora Lumos raised her hand.

But she wasn’t the only one raising her hand.

It was the same with Line who raised her hand. Flora’s gaze naturally turned to Line.

‘That child… … .’

It had taken her little by little before, but lately it had caught her attention.

Even then, I went to Mr. Rudger’s office separately… … .

The thought of Flora Lumos disappeared the moment Ludger opened his mouth.

“Flora Lumos. It was faster for you to raise your hand, so let him answer. Why do you think this magic circle worked properly?”

“It’s a letter.”

“Write. Can you elaborate more?”

“The letters inscribed in a square divided into 5 squares, a total of 25 squares. That helped the circulation of magic power.”

Despite Flora’s remarks, the dominant reaction was that students were still puzzled.

“You put letters in the magic circle?”

“Is that possible?”

For such a thing to be possible with only letters, it would be necessary to use an ancient language now known to be lost.

No matter how Flora Lumos is, this is an over-interpretation.

The students who thought so widened their eyes at Ludger’s words that followed.

“I saw it properly.”


The eyes of the students turned to the letters engraved on the magic circle.

It’s not a sentence, it’s a letter.

And one for each column. I didn’t think that there would be any magical meaning in that.

The eyes of the students turned to Ludger.

this teacher

I brought a new magic and threw it away.

* * *

‘Your eyes have changed.’

Now I am used to the reactions of the students as well.

It was a similar reaction when I showed you the source code last time.

Even if they don’t believe it at first, the moment they accept that it is reality, the students of Seorn turn into hungry ghosts of knowledge.

In that aspect, I immediately felt that I was indeed a student of Seorn.

‘It’s only natural that it’s a magic circle with a unique shape that can’t be seen in this world.’

The magic circle I showed the students was not from this world, but from Earth.

To be precise, it is not a magic circle, but a magic square.

The origin of magic squares can be traced back to Hanara, China, about 4,000 years ago.

King Wu, the king of Hanara at the time, accidentally found a tortoise shell while working on the flooding of the Yellow River.

After that, magic squares were transmitted beyond India to West Asia, South Asia, and Europe by Persian and Arabian merchants, and developed in various forms.

Now, with mathematical meaning, it is just that adding numbers in any direction gives the same number, but the origin is closely related to the occult.

‘This is how I see the virtue of my mother who was a shaman.’

I didn’t believe in the occult or the supernatural back then, but my mother had to force it into my head.

I studied like crazy.

I didn’t want to learn, but it was because I had a stronger reaction against my mother who told me to become a shaman.

I wanted to prove

No matter how perfectly I memorize and study hard, in the end it is useless for anything.

There is no meaning at all to learn at your best.

You made your son waste so much time and effort.

So I wanted to show my mother that she was wrong.

It was a childish act.

At that time, I know that I had no choice but to act like that. I still think it was natural for me to act like that.

But at this moment.


Not just now, but every moment I was born and live in this world.

The teachings at that time were not in vain.

Mother was not wrong.

“… … .”

Feeling depressed for no reason, I decided to focus on the magic circle.

‘The magic circle I used is not a magic circle based on numerology, but a [Sator Magic Square].’






These five words engraved in ancient Latin produce the same effect even if they are read rotated or reversed if the letters are written according to the standard.

It is called a palindrome, or palindrome.

This does not simply stop at harmonizing the meaning no matter how the letters are read.

Even if you read it in reverse, and read it in the other direction, the word that has the same meaning literally means circulation, i.e. complete.

In other words, even if you don’t draw a magic circle in a circle, if you borrow the power of the letters contained in it, the circulation of magic is completed.

“Even a magic circle drawn like this can be used like a normal magic circle if you use the language contained in it well.”

“teacher. I have a question.”

Someone raised a hand and asked, and Rudger nodded and accepted the question.

“What is it?”

“It is surprising to draw a magic circle with squares. However, compared to a magic circle drawn in a circle, is there any advantage to doing it this way?”


“What is that?”

“It’s easy to draw.”

“… … .”

The student who asked the question was speechless at the very clear answer.

Is it easy to draw? Are you saying that now?

“… … .”

But when I tried to refute it, I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Because Ludger was right.

For students who don’t know yet, Rudger explained it himself.

“As everyone knows, it takes a lot of effort and practice to draw a circle in a magic circle. A circle is a perfect shape. That’s why the moment you stray a little… … You will lose your power.”

The reason magic circles are still in the limelight in the artifact business is that no one draws magic circles well.

Anyone can draw a picture on a flat ground or on a clean drawing paper.

But carving a neat circle into an object, especially a hard, curved object, was not something anyone could do.

If the proportions are out of proportion, even if the shape is out of alignment, it has no effect.

That’s why the state granted meister licenses only to wizards who could professionally engrave such a magic circle.

“But squares are different. A square can be easily drawn anywhere by placing four dots at the same distance from each other and connecting straight lines.”

The advantage of magic square is right here.

It is easier to draw than a circle that you have to concentrate on every moment.

Even with a light mass of eyes, you can tell whether this is right or wrong.

And that was possible not just for meisters, but also for students.

“The fact that it can be drawn faster and more concisely than the existing magic circle is also an advantage. Is that a good enough answer?”

“… … yes. That’s right.”

“Then take a look at the materials I am sharing.”

As I chinned, Sedina moved diligently and handed out class materials to the students.

“The magic circle drawn as a rectangle is a simple example, and in reality there are many more types.”

All students focused on the material.

Various figures engraved in it, and not only letters, but also numbers that occupy blank spaces.

“This magic square can be expressed not only in letters but also in numbers. Of course, the effect will be very small compared to the existing magic circle, but it will be more effective than the existing magic circle in detailed fields.”

Numbers look at the world with reason, but there is definitely a mystery in it.

Egyptian numerology.

Israel’s Gematria.

to the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece.

It gives meaning to numbers and invokes mysterious power through the arrangement of the numbers.

Contents that can be taught because you are at an age with earthly knowledge that you will never be able to taste in this world.

That was the lesson I was going to teach my students today.

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