I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 153

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◈ Episode 153 Public Dalian (3)

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Matthew Summerritt’s back was damp with cold sweat.

As time goes by, the desolate feeling that your mind and soul are slowly being eaten away by insects.

When can I feel this tension in my life?

‘But now, I’m feeling it.’

I feel as if I will be swallowed up by the man in front of me, Ludgar Celish.

You have to attack first before you get eaten.

Instinct shouted that, but Matthew Summerlet couldn’t use magic hastily.

It was because of the momentum flowing from Rudger.

‘Such intense momentum. Is that really a first grade teacher like me? I can’t believe it.’

Even Rudger wasn’t pointing his staff at this direction.

If he was the usual guy, he might have gotten angry if he made fun of us with that behavior.

But Matthew Somerette did not.

‘The opponent is a wizard who uses source code magic to manifest any magic at the speed of seconds. You didn’t point the stick at me? It’s not careless. There’s no need for that.’

I have already heard and know his information.

Matthew Summerritt had a different idea of ​​how he seemed to be standing still in the eyes of others.

——Ludger had already entered into battle preparations.

Look at that comfy pose.

It was clear that it was a bait to deliberately show a gap and induce the other person’s vigilance.

The moment he gets caught up in it and takes the first move, what comes back to him must be a series of countless counters.

Thinking so, Ludger, who was standing still, appeared to be the appearance of an impregnable castle that showed no gaps.

‘Ludger Chelsea! He’s a scary man.’

Matthew bit his lip.

People around him said he was overrated, but he didn’t believe it.

no. At first, apparently, Matthew also harbored distrust of Ludger’s assessment.

However, when I faced him directly and pointed the cane at him, those thoughts disappeared as if washing.

that man is real

That attitude of pretending to be relaxed, that gesture of lightly holding the stick without aiming at it.

Even those eyes waiting for the magic of this side to fly away.

That was the image of an absolute being that he could show because he had the conviction that he could definitely win in the wizard’s battle.


I’m getting more and more short of breath. Sweat ran down her forehead and stung her eyes.

Ludger, who was waiting to see when his opponent would cast his magic, couldn’t hide his doubts when he saw Matthew Summerritt.

‘What’s wrong with that person?’

Matthew’s complexion was not good enough to worry about this side.

Did he come out on purpose when he had a bad stomach or was sick?

Maybe it’s both.

The audience who watched the confrontation between the two were also puzzled.

“what? Why do you just stand still and do nothing for five minutes?”

“What’s going on?”

Line, who was sitting on one side of the crowd, was equally puzzled by this situation.

“senior. Why do you both stay still after quite some time since the match started?”

“Heh. Line juniors don’t know anything yet.”


Erendir, who was sitting next to him, said with a smirk.

“Look at that. Right now, Mr. Matthew is clearly nervous. I’m even breaking out in a cold sweat.”

“yes. What about it?”

“Can’t you see that? The fight between the two has already begun.”

“Has the fight already started?”

Linen’s voice shouted in surprise, and the eyes of the people around him naturally focused.

Erendir chattered with excitement.

“Don’t you know? The true masters fight without directly sharing magic. Just like now!”


The people who secretly overheard their conversation nodded their heads in agreement.

Because it was somehow plausible.

Above all, it was very persuasive to hear that no one else but the third princess said that.

“weird. Actually, Mr. Rudger seems to be bored.”

Rinne was the only one who muttered in a low voice.

I don’t know why I felt that way, but I just felt that way.

However, when the senior spoke so confidently, Rine couldn’t help but change her opinion.

At that moment, Matthew Summerlett, who had been in his seat until now, moved.

It was because I couldn’t bear the tension anymore.

‘Great. yes it is good Now that it’s like this, I’ll show you properly!’

Matthew gritted his teeth and prepared the magic.

A line of magical power was drawn in the air and the spell was engraved, and eventually one magic was completed.

The spell glowed, and white ice flowers formed in the air.

It was the 3rd tier elemental magic [Exploding Ice Flower].

The moment the ice flower bloomed, countless petals rushed towards Ludger with an explosion.



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Exclamations of exclamation erupted from some of the spectators at the powerful yet beautiful magic.

[Ohhh! Awesome! Beautiful ice magic unfolds in an instant! How will Mr. Ludger stop it!]

‘If it’s this, no matter how many of you… … !’

Matthew Summerritt, who was internally sure of his victory, widened his eyes at the scene that followed.

It was because the petals of ice that were flying towards Ludger melted and disappeared in an instant.

Since when?

Rudger was surrounded by hot flames, forming a thin wall.

‘That fire attribute defense magic [Wobbling Wall]? When? I can’t even see how to perform the spell, but is that the source code of the rumor?’

The first attack was taken from this side, but it was so easily blocked.

It was a blow that gave me strength, but I was shocked by the fact that I couldn’t do a single proper damage.


Rudger, on the other hand, was puzzled.

The attack was too weak.

‘Is this the end? really?’

As soon as the light check came in, it would be too obvious if I pretended to be hit, so I blocked it once and waited for the next magic to come flying, but strangely, the opponent did not take any action.

Fights between mages are so tightly timed that even a fraction of a second counts.

But look now.

The opponent already lost 3 seconds after the first attack.

‘Didn’t I just expect to be hit by the attack a moment ago? no. No matter how it is, it’s not like I’m knocked down by this.’

If you want to shoot, you have to use 4th tier magic, especially one with outstanding power, so that you can lose with confidence.

However, the opponent tried to win with 3rd tier magic instead of 4th tier magic.

Then, wouldn’t this side have no choice but to go on the defensive?


Matthew, whose attack was blocked, stepped back with a sigh.

Seeing the majesty of source code magic right in front of your eyes, you felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

The speed at which the formula is implemented is so fast. Isn’t that a wonderful level?

I was already feeling out of breath.

‘You look bad.’

Ludger, who looked at Matthew’s complexion, was certain that the magic he expected would no longer come.

‘Looking at the bad complexion, it seems that the physical condition is not very good. It wouldn’t be polite to waste time with a person like this.’

Wasting so much time with a sick person.

Rudger felt apologetic and decided to end it as quickly as possible.

Rudger’s wand, which had been pointing down the whole time, moved slowly.


Matthew immediately applied his defensive magic.

I remembered what I heard from Chris Bennimore before entering the arena.

-Listen carefully. When Ludgar Celish uses magic, then focus only on defense. Don’t think about anything else, just defend.

Matthew Summerritt, as expected of Ceorn’s teacher, was quick to judge the situation.

Matthew immediately implemented the magic formula and surrounded it with a magical barrier.


Immediately after that, countless magics hit the top of the barrier.

——This guy is basically the type to cast magic short and fast. It is said that one blow is not strong. In addition, due to the small amount of magical power it possesses, it cannot shoot for a long time.

Following Chris Vennimore’s advice, Matthew gritted his teeth and channeled his magic into the magic barrier, increasing its intensity.

The plan was to hold on like this and aim for gaps.

But something was strange.

‘What kind of magic, endlessly… … !’

Magic flying in numbers beyond imagination.

While normal wizards fire their magic slowly, one shot at a time, Ludger pours out his magic endlessly, like a machine gun.

A skill that can be developed because there is source code magic.

Matthew slightly overlooked its power.


The magic barrier cracked, and before it had time to reinforce it, another magic struck and broke the barrier.

I opened my umbrella when I saw it was raining, but rather than stopping, the raindrops broke through the umbrella. Is this what it feels like?


Those were the last words he said.

The swirling magic consumed Matthew Summerritt in an instant.

[Ohhh! After a long battle, it is Mr. Ludgar Celish who has won the victory! Magical continuous hitting, continuous hitting, without even a chance to breathe! This is unbelievable speed!]

Watching Matthew Summerritt pass out and be carried away on a stretcher, Rudger was satisfied with the results.

Still, I thought that I had done enough courtesy toward the other person.

Exclamation flowed from the audience.

‘Three, my God. The moment the other person reacts after staying still all the time, he strikes countless magic.’

‘Was everything I’ve been doing up until now just for this time?’

‘Besides, look at that reaction. I’m satisfied with winning so brutally.’

‘Ludger Chelsea. he’s a scary person In fact, you were playing with your opponent. It’s the same teacher.’

Everyone stared at Rudger with wary eyes.

Hugo Burteg, who wanted Rudger to be ruined mercilessly, clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth.

‘That damn bastard! Is it because I can relax in a place like this?’

Just looking at that grave face made the fire soar.

Hugo clenched his fists and slowly released the power he had given to his hands.

How can a person be full from the first drink? There were still opportunities left.

‘Ludger Chelsea. This sparring must have consumed a lot of mana.’

The plan he made with Chris Venimore started right here.

‘okay. You’d better keep winning. The higher you go, the greater the shock when you fall.’

Hugo’s eyes shone bleakly.

* * *

‘hmm. The consumption of mana is quite severe.’

Since then, Rudger has played a total of three more matches.

and won them all

‘Why did this happen?’

I was definitely going to lose in moderation, but when I came to my senses, it was the final.

Rudger thought seriously.

Obviously, even if the opponent used only proper attack magic, he was naturally willing to lose.

But he couldn’t be defeated. he has won

‘Why is no one taking a proper attack on me?’

I didn’t understand that.

The opponents of Ludger’s sparring only responded with tenacious defense as if they had promised each other.

Despite deliberately revealing the gap, instead of attacking, Ludger was hiding his neck like a turtle hiding inside his shell, so in the end, Ludger had no choice but to sigh and use his magic.

‘not good.’

Rudgar, who wanted to conserve his strength, was not happy with it.

‘Still, I’ve been cutting down on my medicine lately. If I go on as I am now, I will suffer from a lack of magic power in the next match. Was it a big mistake to think that the festival wouldn’t be anything special?’

Since he has a constitution that consumes mana just by breathing, it was out of his calculations to lengthen the sparring.

It’s still fine, but it was clear that magic exhaustion would come during the finals.

‘I ate it yesterday, so I could have lasted for five days. If that’s the case, I’ll have to take the medicine in advance.’

Ludger got out of the magic sparring place in the short time before the finals and went to the teachers’ office.

Rudger, who was about to pack his magic potion, opened his desk drawer and had no choice but to narrow his eyes.

‘does not exist.’

I looked elsewhere to see if I had forgotten to put it somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it.

I crossed my arms and looked around.

I strained my eyes and saw that the carpet was covered with slight but slight pressure and dirt.

‘footprint. My office was burglarized last night.’

The other person would think he acted as carefully as possible, but he couldn’t completely erase the traces.

But the thief heard it, so why did he just steal the magic recovery pills and nothing else?

‘indeed. Was it like that?’

The strange sights that I had felt before fit into the missing puzzle and completed a picture.

Why did her magic sparring opponent blatantly drag the time by entering defense magic mainly?

There is only one reason.

It was to consume this side’s mana.

‘Someone noticed that I lacked the total amount of magical power.’

Where are you? who?

It is said that someone saw that he was taking medicine. It was a little surprising that it was discovered even though I tried to hide it as much as possible.

‘Right. Is it the banquet hall then?’

There was a time when I consumed a lot of mana and hurriedly took medicine without checking my surroundings.

Perhaps at that time, someone may have witnessed the scene.

‘You’re telling me a secret. It’s a bit painful, but I can’t help it.’

Secrets are, in the end, only secrets that have been discovered and secrets that will be discovered.

There are no perfect secrets in this world.

Aren’t there people who immediately noticed the identity he had hidden in the past and persistently pursued this side?

‘It’s natural for information to leak from somewhere. Because humans aren’t perfect.’

The problem is that the other side is attacking this side through that weakness.

‘Seeing that my opponents, the aristocratic teachers, are keeping me in check, it’s a fact that virtually everyone in the Hugo faction knows about. Then it must be at least someone from that side who started these rumors.’

And he must have come across the fact that this side is taking medicine, and stole it while he was away.

I got quite annoyed.

Should I still make medicine? So, time was very tight.

‘Five minutes left. It’s a tight time just to get back on the pitch.’

I couldn’t leave because I had reached the finals.

If you suddenly disappear from here, the prestige of the academy as well as our image will suffer.

Rudger, thinking that there was nothing he could do, left the office and immediately returned to the stadium.

[everyone! This is the long awaited final! Both sides, please come up on the pitch!]

It was a situation where the mana was very weak, so Ludger decided to finish it as quickly as possible.

The opponent who came up to the finals was a man who looked somewhat cunning.

Age is around mid 30’s.

It was an impression that matched the mean smile with slightly torn eyes.

[Today’s final! Undefeated legend Ludger Celish has not allowed a single attack so far! And the opponent! A teacher in charge of practical magic for the 2nd year, and a wizard from the Marquis of Burteg! Debian Burtegg!]

‘Debian Burtegg? If it’s Burtegra, is it from the same family as that nobleman named Hugo?’

As the surname Burtegra suggests, Debian was from the same family as Hugo Burtegg, to be exact, a close relative of him.

However, unlike Hugo, Debian was skinny rather than fleshy.

Rudger took a quick look at him.

When I compared the footprints pressed against the carpet with the actual size of his feet, they matched remarkably.

‘It’s that guy.’

A man who broke into his room and stole his medicine cabinet.

And the culprit behind all this.

Rudger’s gaze fell on Hugo Burtegg and Chris Bennimore, who were sitting in the stands.

Among them, Chris Bennimore also noticed Ludgar’s gaze and sneered at him.

Rudger shook his head.

“I guess I looked at people too lightly. How can someone like a teacher play such childish pranks?”

It was a self-talk, but Debian reacted as if it had heard it.

“You kidding? This is ridiculous. Isn’t the ignorant person stupid? You should have kept the medicine cabinet well.”

Debian deliberately showed the medicine bottle in the inside pocket of his vest only to Rudger.

Despite the blatant provocation towards him, Ludger just stared at him with a calm gaze.

Ludgar was not one to be shaken by such low and cheap provocations.

[Now then! Let the semi-finals begin!]

The audience responded with cheers to commentator Jessie Luna’s cry.

Rudger opened his mouth to Debian, which was already fully prepared.

“Before we get into a fight, let me give you some advice.”

“What is this all of a sudden? Did you come here and be afraid? I don’t intend to see that.”

“This fight. Just give up cleanly.”

Debian burst into laughter at Ludgar’s unexpected words.

“Puhahaha! Are you bluffing without even mentioning that you’re doing the best? why? Wouldn’t you rather just ask to be saved?”

“This is my sincere advice. If you surrender here and return the stolen medicine, I can make it happen.”

“Can you pass?”

Debian’s face frowned as if he was getting annoyed.

“You seem to be thinking about something strange. Can’t understand the situation? Are you still making jokes without knowing the seriousness of the situation?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

Debian flinched involuntarily.

It was because Ludger’s gaze toward this direction had changed far as if looking into an endless abyss.

“I don’t joke. So listen to me.”

Usually, since you’ve come this far, you don’t need to be considerate of the other person.

Because Ludger was not the type to show mercy to those who were against him.

“This is your last chance.”

Nevertheless, Rudger is now warning Debian.

It’s not too late now.

Now that I am saying this, I can turn it around.

What Debian had done was nothing compared to what might come soon.

“At least it would be better for me to be defeated ‘when I can use magic’.”

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