I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 159

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◈ Episode 159: Children and Adults (1)

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‘This is difficult.’

As I said something, she must have lost her imagination on her own. For a moment, her gaze was looking at something other than me.

It was a situation where Hans was looking at this side from a distance.

If you go on like this, it will eat up your time without hesitation.

“Are you done with your business now?”

When he said it strongly in a slightly scolding tone, Casey, who had been lost in thought for a moment, came to his senses.

Unsurprisingly, she smiled softly and nodded her head.

“yes. is it so. I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“it’s okay.”

Well, if you tell me to get out of here, thank you.

Besides, there was no hint of suspicion in Casey’s voice.

I must say I was very fortunate to have met so suddenly, but she didn’t seem to know that I was James Moriarty.


Just in time, cheers were heard from afar.

And the voice of the host, amplified by the loudspeaker that followed, resonates subtly.

At the same time, a beautiful blonde girl like a doll came running towards us from afar.

“Casey! What are you doing there now! The game is about to start!”

“Hey, look at my mind. I forgot to ask for directions and was distracted by something else. I’ll just go.”

I nodded and glanced at Betty.

‘Automaton Beta made for the same purpose as Arpa. I wonder if he was still living with Casey.’

Seeing the girl nagging Casey, the relationship between the two seemed pretty good.

Emotional expression seems much richer than Arpa.

I’m glad though

Because thanks to that, even the annoying people got away.

As I was relieved inside, a small drop of water came swaying in front of my eyes.

Before long it pops! It exploded and turned into a small business card that fell onto my hand.

My gaze naturally turned to Casey, who was being dragged by the girl.

As Casey was dragged along, she turned to me and closed one eye and said in a mouthful.

– Contact me if you need help.

Then, before I had time to say anything, he disappeared out of sight.

‘I can’t stop it.’

I lightly analyzed the business card in my hand while casting magic power on it.

Meanwhile, Hans, who had been backing away, sneaked closer.

“What happened? What is that blue piece of paper in your hand?”

“It is a business card. He left it on his own before leaving.”

“Business card? Well, that’s it, can’t we just throw it away?”

“It is not an ordinary business card. Judging by the feeling of mana, it acts as a kind of beacon. If you throw it away, you will notice right away.”

“her. Do you have such magic?”

“Because the opponent is a single-attribute elemental mage. There’s nothing strange about using your own magic, unlike the existing magic.”

At my words, Hans said yes and nodded.

“but. Looking at my older brother, it seems possible enough.”

“Anyway, Casey Selmore doesn’t seem to know who I am yet. Giving a business card has a strong meaning of promoting friendship rather than doubt. It’s just that I’m a little worried that you’ve attracted her attention with this status.”

“Did you find something suspicious about your older brother?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve erased all the habits you showed me as the identity you used in the past.”

“… … Does it mean that the habit is erased?”

Seeing Hans screaming, I shrugged my shoulders.

“It is basic knowledge to consciously erase every little action.”

I have lived wearing various masks all my life.

Of course, the masks of the days of James Moriarty are completely different from the masks of today. In other words, you don’t have to worry about being caught by a trivial action.

But it wasn’t without concerns.

The reason was because of the look of James Moriarty.

‘At that time, I wasn’t wearing a disguise.’

Substantial changes were the hair style neatly swept back and the clothes different.

At the time, I did not have a bast face, so I focused on creating a different impression with the difference in lighting by using light magic subtly.

Of course, this alone will change the impression of a person, so most people won’t recognize it.

‘Still, I thought that someone on the level of Casey Selmore would be identified based on her looks.’

Judging from her reaction, fortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

If even Casey, who has excellent observational skills, couldn’t recognize it, there would be no need to worry about being caught by anyone else.

“Hans. Rather, it is you who should be concerned.”

When I pointed at it, Hans opened his eyes wide and pointed at himself with his index finger.

“I mean? What am I?”

“If you were the Casey Selmore I know, you would have identified that outfit or behavior. If we run into each other later, we’ll be in trouble.”

“No, I didn’t even know your name and left right away, but you remember that?”

“Don’t underestimate her. She is a woman who arrives at the truth with a single, trivial clue. You must have come to me after seeing me talking to you from a distance, so you must already remember your characteristics.”

“Then maybe it’s good?”

“First of all, I recommend not wearing those clothes if you don’t like them. And deliberately carry other props. With things that can be identified as people from different professions.”

Casey Selmore doesn’t simply remember people with one face.



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His voice, his tone of voice, his steps, his little gestures, his glances, and so on.

The puzzle pieces she uses are very diverse.

Conversely, if only a few of these puzzle pieces could be deliberately removed, suspicion of identity could be avoided.

Of course, if the number of encounters increased, the tail would be stepped on, but it wouldn’t matter if it passed by trivially like this time.

Hans was astonished, saying that he had to go this far when he only glanced at it once.

“Hans. You have a habit of slightly frowning the bridge of your nose, especially when talking. If it’s hard to fix it, intentionally shake your mouth or close your eyes tightly. A trivial habit is like a person’s identification card. If you can’t erase it, you should at least change it.”

“… … I’ll turn It would be more comfortable to sneak around without being caught.”

“That wouldn’t be bad either.”

Hans responded that he was disgusted, but what could he do?

Still, if you point it out, he’s a guy who puts it into practice right away, so there’s no need to worry any more.

“lily! Look at this!”

Sheridan was running towards them, probably finishing watching the golem just in time.

Seeing the smile on his face, he seemed to have had enough.

But now, Sheridan wasn’t the only one coming.

“Mr. Brino?”

“uh? Mr. Ludgar Celish?”

Sheridan came with Miss Brino, the protagonist of this golem start-up ceremony.

Just as I thought it was surprising, Brino was also surprised that I was here, so she opened her eyes wide and smiled warmly.

“I was surprised by this. A kid who seems to like golems came to visit and we talked to him and exchanged a few words, but he was more knowledgeable about golems and mechanical engineering than I thought. So, I came here because I was curious about who the guardian was, but I couldn’t believe that Mr. Rudger was there.”

“It’s a little bit of a relationship, but it’s not really a protector. Because she is a dwarf in the first place.”

“Oh, indeed! Somehow, I wanted to have a quick knowledge of this, but if you are a dwarf, the story will be different.”

“mister! I’ve been telling you ever since! Am I not a child?”

It seems that Sheridan has consistently appealed that he is not a child.

However, since Sheridan was a child in terms of appearance, Brino must have just laughed it off, thinking that the child wanted to pretend to be an adult.

Aware of her mistake, Brino bowed her head to Sheridan.

“sorry. Mr Sheridan. Because I was rude.”

Seeing Brino apologize right away, Sheridan smiled mischievously.

“Then, tell me the design of that golem!”

“Well, that’s a little bit… … .”

“I’m sorry.”

How can you ask for the golem’s blueprint? Isn’t it the same context as asking a magician to know the magic technique right away?

It’s amazing that Brino didn’t get angry.

I apologized to Brino instead of Seridan.

“sorry. Seridan is still not used to human etiquette.”

“haha. I understand. They say dwarves are stubborn. I’ve met dwarves before, but Seridan-san is rather quiet, so I don’t care.”

When Sheridan said that he was calm, Hans looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“If that crazy bomb horse is on the quiet side, what kind of legendary demons are the other dwarves?”

Seridan, who had heard the words he had unknowingly uttered, stuck his elbow into Hans’ abdomen with a smile on his face.

Wow! Sheridan muttered something with a cool gaze to Hans, who made a sound and lowered his upper body.

Seeing that Hans’ face became contemplative, it must be a threat to test his constitution with the teeth of various animals when he returns to his hideout.

“Rather than that, did Mr. Rudger also watch the start-up ceremony?”

“yes. That’s right.”

“I am surprised. Surprisingly, I thought you wouldn’t be interested in this.”

After saying that, Miss Brino realized her mistake and immediately waved her hand and made an excuse.

“Oh, so I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I mean just… … .”

“I know. Ordinary wizards don’t look at golems that well.”

Besides, I’m in charge of the overall education of the manifestation world, which mages evaluate as the most orthodox.

It was natural for Mr. Brino to think that way.

“However, I am basically in the position of not discriminating against magic. I am also quite interested in the golem.”

“oh! Is that so?”

At my words, Miss Brino’s eyes lit up.

“Could you please tell me what part of the start-up ceremony went well today? I wanted to get some advice from a fellow teacher.”

“hmm. First of all, the golem called DT-3000 that I showed you today was quite interesting. Compared to a golem whose existing shape is fixed, it can be transformed. With that alone, the uses would be endless.”

“you’re right!”

“The only concern is that if you transform it like that, the strain on the seams and joints will be strong, so it will be difficult to use the metal used to make the existing golems. Have you ever invented an alloy with a new ratio?”

At my words, Miss Brino opened her eyes wide.

“No, that’s right. oh my god. How did you find out right away?”

“I thought it wouldn’t be possible to use ordinary metal if it went beyond the purpose of simply transforming and deciding the purpose for each shape. A metal with high magical conductivity that must be strong against heat and pressure and at the same time have excellent ductility. The existing ones are bound to be lacking.”

“yes. Experiments have shown that plain steel is not enough. so… … .”

“You mixed chrome. At first, he wanted to reduce the need for maintenance by mixing metals with good corrosion resistance.”

That’s stainless steel.

Brino nodded like a man who had lost his soul.

“As a result, I think it’s a great golem.”

I didn’t have anything to point out.

Even if you don’t have to point out the problem, if it’s the skills of Brino-sensei, who made it, you’ll notice it right away.

All they have to do is to cheer them on.

“Heh, heh heh. Hearing that from Mr. Rudger makes me feel embarrassed.”

“There is no need to be embarrassed. Because I just said it like it is. Ms. Brino can be proud enough of her own work.”

Unlike the source code that this side just followed using existing knowledge, the other side created a transforming golem purely with their own inspiration.

Unlike me, who followed the path I already had, he is a person who pioneered a new path.

The word genius is suitable for someone like that, not me.

“oh my god. Even the humility of knowing how to humble yourself like this!”

But why does this person keep telling me that I’m fine, but he looks at me with a more burdensome gaze?

“Anyway, it was a pleasant experience. And Mr. Brino. People who wanted to talk to the teacher from a while ago are standing over there looking at you, is it okay?”

I pointed at the students who couldn’t come this way and stared anxiously at Mr. Brino.

I want to ask something curious, but I can’t come close to you because I can see you, so I’m restless.

Among them, there was a newcomer from the alchemy school called Clara Harness who was taking my class.

“Oops. okay. Thank you for your comments today.”

“yes. I also enjoyed it.”

Mr. Brino headed to where the students were.

I watched the students diligently asking about the golem and Mr. Brino accepting it.

I don’t know since when, but Sheridan was also naturally mixed in there.

learn something and teach something

That look was always good to see.

“Brother seems to have quite the right vocation for being a teacher forcibly.”


“Obviously. The sharp look that seemed coy has all disappeared. I am even happy to see the children.”

I nodded at Hans’ question.

“At least this is a different place from the world we used to live in. Don’t you think so?”

“Well, I won’t deny that this is a peaceful and nice-looking place. But I am a little uncomfortable here.”

I looked back at Hans, asking why.

Hans let out a wide sigh with a complicated look on his face.

“We didn’t do that back then. No, it really didn’t.”

“Hans… … .”

“Because I didn’t grow up in such a blessed environment. To be honest, it’s unsightly jealousy.”

Being selected for talent.

grow up in a good environment

To live without lacking.

To Hans, that scene must have been a repulsive sight to the point that hives rose up on his body.

“They are so different from us.”

His voice sounded empty, as if it had collapsed somewhere.

Because he couldn’t live like a human because of his constitution close to a curse.

“When I lived on the run, the children here would have enjoyed their youth and lived happily. I must have been talking with my roommate in a warm dormitory when I was shivering in the cold water. Even so, they would have complained and annoyed that it was difficult.”

Seeing his anger at the injustice of the world, I thought of the past.

when was it

It was a long time ago, but I still remember that day vividly.

I saw an apartment towering high enough to pierce the sky while riding a bus to find an academy to study.

It was an apartment so high that even if you bent your head for a long time right below, you couldn’t see the roof.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed.

The place, which had everything a person needed to live in, looked so expensive that it never occurred to me that I would be able to live there even if I died and woke up.

Then I noticed a family coming out of the entrance of the apartment.

The most notable among them would have been the image of a 10-year-old kid coming out holding his father’s hand.

The child had a father and a good house where no one else could live.

But what was so dissatisfied and annoyed? The child’s face was filled with heartache.

At that time, I felt an indescribable sense of emptiness.

Did that child really make an effort to live in a house like that?

That child was just born under good parents.

Something that no one can reach in their lifetime.

The fact that someone has been in their hands since they were born.

I realized then.

That the world is such an unfair place.

It was the same in this world.

no. Seriously, this one was even worse.

There are still many children who cannot study even if they want to, and go to factory areas full of fumes every day and suffer from harsh labor.

Children who can’t even do anything other than send a longing look at children who look happy in a wealthy family.

Maybe you weren’t even allowed to see it.

The cadets of Seorn must also have hard times.

The quest for magic isn’t usually difficult.

But can it really be called the misfortune of life?

Compared to the suffering experienced by children who are still being exploited for labor and cannot even receive a daily wage, the dissatisfaction of the cadets is nothing short of dissatisfaction.

Still, they don’t know how to be grateful.

They are people who can rise to a position of admiration just by being born with the talent to use magic.

too much.

It’s not fair.

It’s not that I didn’t think so either.

Even though I could use magic, I always lived a life of hiding my identity and facing death.


“Hans. Certainly, to those of us who have lived our lives, most people in this world might seem as peaceful as living in a field of flowers.”

I fully understand Hans’ feelings.

Wouldn’t I have had that kind of heart?

“Nevertheless, I cannot blame the children.”

The reason is simple, yet insignificant.

—Because children are innocent.

A child should not be guilty of enjoying something.

It is unacceptable for an adult who never ate anything as a child to take away candy from a child holding candy in his hand, saying that you don’t deserve to eat it.

isn’t that ugly

People who have grown up have to act as adults.

Even if it’s like this.

“Shouldn’t children be laughing?”

What adults can do is just to make sure that the next children don’t live like themselves.

It’s just pointing out a better way.

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