I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 185

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◈ Episode 185 Jack the Ripper (2)

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“What, what is this!”

“What have you done!”

Black tentacles pierced the ceiling and slithered down.

The number is not one, but dozens.

It even kept growing in real time.

Carlone’s elite escorts trembled with goosebumps running down their spines.

They don’t know what that black thing is.

I don’t know why it suddenly appeared through the ceiling, or when it started.

But if there is one thing you can be sure of.

It was never meant to come into contact with it.

“this guy!”

The escort, a former knight who was quick to judge the situation, brandished a sword at Ludger.

His intuition was telling him that if only Rudger died, this bizarre phenomenon would end.

As expected of a knight, that movement was made in a split second, splitting one second many times.

A sword strike like light.


Before his sword even touched Ludger’s back.


A black tentacle descended from the ceiling and quickly landed on his shoulder.


That was the final mortification of the knight who was about to swing his sword.

Snuggle Geek!

When the tentacles touched his body, he twisted like a whirlpool and began to be sucked into them.

The escorts, who were preparing to provide rear support in case the attack failed, froze at the horrifying sight that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

Even Carlonet, who had always been relaxed, only gritted her lips.


The person twisted like a pretzel and disappeared.

‘What the hell is that?’

Carlone has killed a lot of people so far. He didn’t even blink an eye when people died and splattered blood.

Because that was his daily life.

violence and death.

Carlone prided herself on being closer to it than anyone else.

It was the same with his subordinates here.

Still, Caroline couldn’t accept the current reality.

The scene unfolding now was far beyond his common sense, who reigned like a king within the fence of violence.

“This is what it is. what the hell are you doing… … .”

“What have you done? didn’t you say I didn’t do anything.”

“Do not be ridiculous!!!”

At Ludger’s words, Carlone shouted as if in a fit.

In the meantime, a tentacle reached another escort and then sucked him in like a whirlpool.

The one who was once a promising knight couldn’t even resist.

That wasn’t the stage to talk about infidelity.

It felt like my brain was being shaken directly.

“Do you believe in God?”

“What, what? What is that all of a sudden?”

When Ludger asked if he believed in God out of the blue, Carlone lost her sense of humor.

“How much do you know about the existence of God?”

“God exists? Are you asking me to come and repent now? To God?”

“No way. i just let you know Because this black tentacle you are looking at is what you call a god.”


At Ludger’s words, Carlone was dazed like someone hit in the back of the head with a hammer.

His trembling eyes clearly represented his feelings now.

“This terrible tentacle, is it a god?”

“okay. She is also a goddess who loves humans very much.”

“Dog, don’t bullshit! There can be no god like this!”

“That’s just your personal judgment.”

Rudger raised his hand lightly.

A tentacle swaying from the ceiling approached Rudgar and rubbed against the back of his hand.

A scene was naturally drawn in Carlone’s mind.

Ludger’s arm touched by the tentacle was twisted into a spiral and sucked in.


Rudgar didn’t mind coming into contact with the tentacles.


Caroline shuddered.

“Uh, how are you?”

“The owner of this tentacle is a goddess whose name was lost due to someone’s betrayal a long time ago. Her humans no longer remember her.”

Rudger opened his mouth, ignoring Carlone’s reaction.



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“Rather, it was denounced as an evil spirit and even lost its symbolism. But she loved humans so much.”

how much did you love

“To the extent that all of his body is composed of human beings.”


Screams rang out everywhere.

The knight, who was frightened by something unrecognizable and tried to run away, was touched by tentacles and disappeared.

The other knight swung the sword vigorously, but the tentacles simply did not cut into the sword.

It was like trying to cut through running water.

The knight who finally resisted was swallowed up by the tentacles and disappeared.

“Hee! hey, this is a dream This is a dream!”

The wizard who had ridiculed Ludgar collapsed into his seat and cried, saying that this was not reality.

He, too, was quickly destroyed by the tentacles.

The escorts of over 20 disappeared in an instant.

Only Carlone and Ludger were left in the room.

It’s hell. this is hell

Carlone stared at Ludger with trembling eyes.

What is this man who behaves naturally even when he sees tentacles waving from all sides?

To see what other people would have gone mad on the spot, and still look so fine.


Maybe that man is already crazy.

“Her abilities are quite helpful. Because she is more familiar with the human body than anyone else, she will heal any wounds if her life is at stake.”

Even if your arm is cut off.

Even if you shed a lot of blood.

Even if the whole body rots.

As long as there is breath, it can be saved.

Because it is a miracle of God.

“The only downside is that appearance.”

Rudger lightly brushed off the tentacles that had touched his palms.

The tentacle then slowly approached Carlone.

“Ugh, ugh!”

The moment the tip of the tentacle touched Carlone’s forehead.

Caroline saw something.

It was a huge figure standing still in the dark.

The appearance of a terrible monster that seemed to have tens of thousands of people mixed together.

A fleshy goddess with all human parts grotesquely spread out.

“I love humans, but the feelings of the gods are difficult for humans to understand.”

Rudger’s voice was heard over the shocking sight seen by the eyes.

“Because she loves humans, everything is made of humans, but she doesn’t care what people call ‘aesthetic’.”

At the same time, all sights disappeared and returned to reality.

Carlonet broke into a cold sweat and slammed her teeth.

Even though I only saw part of the figure, my stomach was disgusting and nausea.

Carlone prayed to Ludger, the only one in this place who was still intact.

“Sah, save me. please. please. I beg you like this I, I was all wrong.”

“Unfortunately, that won’t work. I already made a deal I will dedicate the people here to her.”

It was Ludgar’s reward for saving Deon’s life.

At that declaration, Carlonet’s complexion turned white.

“You don’t have to worry. didn’t i tell you she loves people Of course she doesn’t die.”

“Ah, ah.”

Hearing that he would not die, Caroline was swept away in even greater despair.

That meant that he had to be dragged away by the monster while still alive.

No, is it just being dragged?

Maybe I will live as one body with the monster without being able to die for the rest of my life.

“Kill me! please! Kill me here!”

“Didn’t you ask for help a while ago?”

“Aww! please! Please kill me!!!”

Carlone immediately took out a knife and tried to commit suicide, but it was too late.

The moment the tentacle touched the wrist holding the knife, Carlonet’s arm began to twist.

“Aagh! please! Kill me!!”

I don’t feel any pain in my hand. There is no pain even when the arm is twisted.

That aroused his fear even more.

But even that cry turned to silence the moment the vocal chords twisted.

Carlonet, who had everything twisted, eventually followed the tentacles into the arms of the goddess.

cozy and warm.

To the side of a God who loves humans.


* * *

After Carlone disappeared, bundles of black tentacles landed all over the mansion and collected the remaining bodies.

The tentacles sucked blood from the corridors and walls, and so did the corpses of the Silver Sun members who fell on the floor.

Eventually, the tentacles disappear into a black hole in the sky.

The mansion was so quiet that nothing was left of it.

and the next day.

The Lederbelk Police Department confirmed that an unknown cause had occurred in the mansion where the Silver Sun gang members were gathered.

At first, it was thought to be a fight between organizations, but there were no bodies left and no trace of them.

However, the fact that so many people disappeared like a mirage, no matter how you look at it, was a sense of heterogeneity.

That is also the notorious Silver Sun.

In the end, the case ended without showing any progress.

People started talking to each other.

Someone said that all the members of the Silver Sun had secretly fled the city.

Another said that the silver sun was attacked and disappeared out of resentment.

However, most ordinary citizens were relieved or delighted that all the bad guys were gone.

A person who happened to be passing by that night claimed that there was a huge black hole in the top of the mansion and that something had come down from the sky.

It was a dark night with nothing to be seen and the man was very drunk at the time, so no one believed him.

The infamous organization that dominated one axis of the city disappeared overnight like that.

Leaving countless questions behind.

* * *

The night Ludger broke into Carlonet’s mansion.

A fight between 200 people and 5 people on a dark road.

Surprisingly, there were 5 victors in the battle with a 40-fold difference in the number of heads.

“These are the ones who can’t even warm up.”

“They weren’t trained enough.”

Alex thought it was a relief that the job was easy, but Pantos seemed quite dissatisfied with the fight after a long time ending so blandly.

“There is no other mess than this.”

Alex hung out his tongue as he watched the scene of the fight.

It was hard to believe that a gang fight had taken place, because the traces of the fight were so intense around them.

The members who contributed the most to this would be Seridan and Violetta.

Violetta’s wind magic and Sheridan’s bombs had too much of an aftermath.

Fortunately, it is an area that will soon be redeveloped anyway, so no one lives nearby.

It was also easy to destroy the evidence before the police arrived.

“It’s a house that needs to be demolished after redevelopment anyway, should we just blow it up here?”

Beside her, Sheridan was muttering scary words.

Alex recalled Sheridan, who had been throwing bombs at the members of the Silver Sun a while ago.

Laughing madly and driving red flames, she was truly a madman.

As Alex rubbed his body, he saw someone walking from a distance.

“oh. Are you the leader?”

Ludger, who had been heading to Carlone’s mansion alone, returned.

He found the members of , standing at the corner of the street.

“Is that over?”

“Of course, leader. There was no problem since they were all ragtags anyway.”

“Good work. However, it must have been difficult to deal with the large number. How did you do it?”

Alex shrugged.

Instead, it was Violetta who answered.

“owner. Ledervelk has this to say: Do not bury death in the bodies that flow in the river Lemzier.”

It was like a kind of unwritten rule.

Even the police shuddered when they found a body floating down the river.

Most of the corpses washed up in the river were related to the outcasts of the underworld.

Since all the corpses were thrown into the river, there was virtually no reason for this side to be questioned.

“That’s good.”

“owner. Carlone What happened to that man? The fact that the owner came like this… … .”

“Everything was taken care of.”

“Well, weren’t his escorts there too? All of them must be strong people.”

“Isn’t that what you said? ‘Everything’ was taken care of.”

Violetta was surprised to hear that Rudger had dealt with them all alone, but soon convinced herself that the owner would be able to do so.

“uh? what. Did the leader have fun alone?”

“Were there strong people there?”

Alex and Pantos asked in interest, and Ludger shook his head.

“Even at the knight level, most of them neglected training or retired because of money. They weren’t that great.”

“Ah what is it? trivially.”

“Oh, and Violetta.”

“Yes, owner!”

When Rudger called his name, Violetta answered right away.

“With this, Silver Sun is annihilated. The remaining remnants must have been the ones who subcontracted them.”

“yes. I will.”

“The businesses that Silver Sun had. Can I get it from this side?”

Violetta nodded as if it were natural.

“There is nothing easier to eat than an empty house without an owner. Of course, it’s as big as the Silver Sun had, so it will take a little money to digest.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money it takes. The money Silver Sun had will also be ours anyway.”

“Then all you need is time.”

Even so, the business is progressing step by step.

In addition, if the business place run by Silver Sun is eaten, it is literally a case of cutting off the wings of a tiger crab.

Of course, most of the businesses they are working on are in the dark, so there is a problem in swallowing them as they are.

It would be possible to take a method of taking care of the business place in moderation and changing it to this side.

“How is Deon?”

“I’m fine. Thanks to the owner.”

“Is there anything strange about it? Something mentally difficult.”

“Rather, you look stronger than before?”

“is it.”

Rudger pretended not to care, but Violetta could tell.

If I wasn’t worried, I wouldn’t have asked how Deon was in the first place.

Whatever it was, the owner was a man with a lot of remnants.

It was then.

A new crowd came pouring in from afar.

At first, I thought it was the remnant of the Silver Sun, but it wasn’t.

The people who showed up did not discriminate between men and women of all ages.

“They are our people.”

Rudger recognized them right away.

people in the slums.

Everyone heard the news that the Silver Sun was attacking and went out to fight.

“… … I told you to get out of here because it’s dangerous.”

The moment Violetta was about to say something, Rudger stopped her.

“done. Aren’t they all the ones who came out with an admirable heart?”

With a look of surprise, Violetta stared at Ludger.

Rudger was smiling softly at the people in the slums.

“yes. I see.”

Violetta also burst out laughing.

Violetta, with a smile on her lips involuntarily, touched her lips with her hand in surprise.

It was possible to laugh sincerely.

I always pretended to be strong and lived wearing a mask.

He has lived by acting as an ideal human being to kill himself and survive.

Maybe I should have lived that way for the rest of my life.

I thought of a sincere smile as a luxury in my dreams.

It was the same with other members.

Everyone smiled proudly as they came out.



Violetta replied with a smile.

“I would like to say something to the owner on behalf of the abandoned people. thank you. all of it.”

What does that mean?

Rudger, who could not understand the meaning, replied with a smile.

“It’s nothing.”

* * *

The entrance to Carlone’s mansion, which is virtually closed.

A black vehicle stopped there, and soon, nightcrawler knights in black uniforms got out.

“Leatherbelk. In the end, I came again.”

Among them, the most notable was the woman of steel with long silver hair that reached her waist.

Terry or Ironhowl.

“I was away, and another serious incident happened this time.”

What the hell is going on in Ledervelk?

By Terina’s side, Enya Joiners, who had remained in Ledervelk, was with her.

“Enya. How the hell did this happen?”

After asking that, Terrina shook her head.

“no. ask differently. Have you found out who the people involved in this incident are?”


Enya nodded with a stiff face.

“The thing most likely related to this case is the slum side of Ledervelk.”

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