I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 212

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◈ Episode 212 Dream invitation (1)

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After recovering his mana, Ludger looked at the people’s reactions.

‘First of all, I pulled out the mana to show it as much as possible, but I shouldn’t have called it 40% instead of 50%.’

In fact, the mana he had just pulled out was the maximum mana he could use, excluding the sealing control technique.

Of course, in terms of the amount emitted, it was more than 90% of his total magic power.

Rudger deliberately understated 50 percent to be bluff.

‘Did everyone think that 50 percent was too little? But I can see you’re correcting it now.’

Fortunately, the maximum magic power increased thanks to the elixir given by the school association.

Thanks to that, I was able to handle more mana than before, so it didn’t show much.

It was partly because of his congenital lack of magical power that he committed a great crime out of a little joy.

Looking at that reaction, I thought it was a little overdone.

‘At times like this, it would be best to pretend not to know.’

First of all, the first day went smoothly.

Since there are only students with strong self-respect, they won’t listen to me even if I tell them to take a good rest and try to use their magic power.

‘How long will it take?’

In terms of talent alone, the children gathered here were higher than Rudger himself.

The only way for him to move forward is to simply follow what someone else has already created.

Applicants now walking on their own firm path must be what you might call ‘real talent’.

‘They said it was a day, but it must be shorter than that.’

I was really looking forward to how long it would take.

“Then, this is the end for today.”

As soon as Rudger uttered those words, the restless observers kicked their chairs up.

They wanted to ask Rudger about the interpretation of the Larsile language and how he came to create the magical suppressor.

I know you won’t let me know.

Nevertheless, their intense curiosity and their amazing discoveries made them like moths that naturally lead them into the flames.

That’s why Rudger’s research was so fascinating.

“I, Mr. Rudger… … !”

The moment the observer of the Kuma Tower, who grew a beard like a goat, was about to call Ludger, someone blocked his way.

Ceorn’s chancellor Elisa Willow.

She looked at the observers with golden eyes smiling like a crescent moon.

“Does the old Magic Tower have something to do with Mr. Ludger?”

“That, that… … .”

“I remember that I said something beforehand. As an observer, you just have to testify about the results of the research you saw at a later presentation. Wasn’t that the original contract? You can’t break that.”

“Even so, this is a great discovery! If we don’t tell everyone about this, this will hinder the development of the magic world!”

“Then, for the development of that magic world, why don’t you open the secret storage of the Mage Tower and publicize it loudly? There must be a mountain of magic, artifacts, and papers that you hold in your arms and don’t let go.”

The observer’s eyebrows writhed in anger that his organization had been insulted.

“President. The words are too harsh. Did you insult our mage tower just now?”

“yes. What about it?”

The president’s words were firm, and his actions were dignified.

“What… … .”

“And I’m even thinking of kicking you out if you don’t keep the contract.”

The wizard of the old mage tower, who was trying to argue, had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

That was my position as an observer in the first place.

They are only allowed to watch.

It’s okay to ask a little bit out of curiosity, but excessive contact with the other person or behavior that crosses the line is not allowed.

Because they were notified of this in advance, the observer of the Kuma Tower could not bear to refute it and had no choice but to bite their lips.

‘If the president wraps around like that, it’s usually not unusual. I actually saw it with my own two eyes.’

I had to report it to the Magic Tower right away.

However, it is hard to believe even one who saw it in person, but it was questionable whether the people who received the report would believe it.

‘The Chancellor is blatantly protecting Ludger Celish. If, as he said, the interpretation of the Larsile language is clear, and the research on the amount of mana released through the mana inhibitor is successfully completed… … .’

At that time, it would be like Seorn holding a huge sword.

‘I’ll turn. Should I just watch this?’

Besides, to be honest, I didn’t have the courage to confront the president.

What about Ludger Chelsea?

To be honest.

I got goosebumps when he spewed out his magic a little while ago.

‘The amount of emission is high, but it’s enough to create magic fog. He’s a much more powerful person than anyone knows.’

It is said that not only the theory of magic, but also its power is amazing.

‘I heard that it wasn’t like this in the Daejeon that was shown at the festival. Could it be that even back then, he did it while hiding his power?’

This terrifying amount of magical power is not enough to use rare light elemental magic.

I couldn’t understand why a man like that was working as a teacher in a place like this.

He’s young, but in terms of magic, isn’t he at the level of an elder of the Mage Tower?

‘I have no choice but to step back.’

As an observer, he made a rational decision.

When he stepped down, the observer belonging to the School Association also noticed and left.

Only Rusek of the New Mage Tower bowed his head toward the president before leaving.

The remaining president let go of his smile and shook his head.

‘I am No matter how much it was part of the show, you showed too much. Mr. Rudgar.’



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To be honest, this one surprised me too.

It’s just that it didn’t show through thanks to his innate way of living and his poker face.

‘If this is the case, please give me a word in advance.’

Elisa glanced at Ludger with a disgruntled look.

Sensing that gaze, Ludger was puzzled when the president glared at him.


I thought I had finished the first day’s explanation with great success, but was there something that was lacking?

‘I think I’ve shown everything to show for now.’

Above all, he even handed over the materials to the president in advance.

After seeing it, she evaluated it on her own and stamped the research permit.

‘Did I want something more unconventional?’

If I had known this was going to happen, I would have bluffed that when I released my mana, I actually only used 20% of my total mana.

However, regretting the past did not change anything, so Ludger humbly accepted his mistake.

“thank you for your effort.”

“Not much has been done.”

At the words of the president, Ludger replied with a nod.

“So, are you sure the inhibitor is working?”


“How much do you think the increase in emissions will be, from Mr. Rudger’s point of view?”

“It depends on the person. Rather, the more mana you naturally have, the less the width.”

“In other words, the more mana is lacking, the greater efficiency can be seen.”

“That’s it.”

Even if you use 10 out of 100 mana and release 20, it is 20% of the total.

Conversely, if you use 5 out of 50 mana and release 20, it becomes 40% of the total.

Even if you can’t reverse the amount of mana you’re born with, you can at least equalize it.

It was the wisdom of a distant ancestor who was looking for a plan to overcome the difference in birth.

“But if this method is true, old people will roll their eyes.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“yes? Why?”

“It is the same reason that only students were recruited as applicants for research. It is only the students who can increase the amount of discharge through this method, that is, the magic suppressor.”

Even Elisha hadn’t heard of it, and wrinkles formed on her fine forehead.

“Is that really true?”

“yes. This is a method that only works for wizards who are learning and growing. It is of no use to those who have already grown old.”

“Is it really useless?”

“As I promised beforehand, students can make a big difference in a week. However, if you go beyond your 20s, there is no improvement even if you do it for half a year, and if you go beyond that, it is safe to say that it is virtually impossible.”

In fact, it only helps to nurture future mages.

It was said that it had no effect on established mages.

“To think that the number of people who can see the effect is narrowed down. That’s a bit unfortunate.”

That’s what he said, but even so, this method would cause a great upheaval in the magic world.

Older wizards would feel sorry for them, but if they could make the child they raised and support into a stronger wizard.

That would be of great help in increasing his power.

“Did the president secretly wish for that?”

“Isn’t there a magician who refuses to grow more than now?”

“I’m sorry, but the president won’t be.”

“What? Are you saying that I am old?”

The president’s smiling face cracked.

Seeing this, Rudger broke into a cold sweat.

Come to think of it, how old is the president actually?

It occurred to me that maybe there are more than they seem.

“Hmm. What I mean is that if someone as talented as the president dared to try this method, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

“… … joy. That’s Okay. Well, it’s encouraging that it definitely works for students.”

“yes. but… … .”

“You can’t give all students the same grace. Is this it?”

“As for me, it doesn’t matter if I just let everyone know.”

At that, the president stared at Ludger’s face.

It was to determine whether the words were simply meant to tremble in humility, or if they were being said from the heart.

“… … Do you really think so?”

“Personally, it is not pleasant to give preferential treatment to a few.”

“I guess so. However, if this method is notified to everyone… … .”

“yes. Obviously, the aftermath will be formidable.”

The same goes for the herbal ingredients used in magic suppressant reagents.

After a certain group monopolized it, it could be used to wield power.

There is no ideal situation where everyone benefits equally.

Being a human being, we have no choice but to enter into desire.

And that desire will produce much worse results than originally desired.

“I also feel bad about solving this method, but… … .”

“But why did you say you would do it?”

“At least because I think the President is someone I can trust.”

And this was also the return of trust towards her.

Since President Elisha decided to pass over the identity of this side without blaming it, this side also showed a suitable appearance.

However, the president’s eyes widened as if those words were quite unexpected.

“President? Why are you like that?”

“No, just. I think it’s a surprise. Well, since expectations have been so high, I have to take off my feet for the first time in a long time to achieve maximum results.”

“You can do as you please. Even if the President uses it for a little personal greed, I have no intention of saying anything.”

At that, the president glared at Ludger.

“Because you won’t? What do you see people as?”

Rudger didn’t answer.

People have feelings and desires, so even if you don’t do it now, there’s no guarantee that it will be like that in the future.

There are people who don’t change.

However, such people were only a minority.

If you’re lucky

Considering what Elisa Willow had shown so far, it seemed that the situation we were worried about would not happen.

Because I believe that at least you will try for the sake of the children.

“No matter what, the result of all these achievements belongs to Mr. Ludger. I have no intention of taking it away.”

“However, you can exert some influence on those who helped.”

“is it so. It is to use knowledge for good.”

On the surface, it seemed like a harmonious relationship, but in reality it was not.

They do not judge people entirely emotionally.

Being swept away by the emotions of the moment, looking only at a bright future and ideals is what fools do.

Both President Elisa and Ludger knew about it.

It’s not heartfelt censure or heart-to-heart talk that makes them believe in each other.

It was all about giving each other a knife to wield.

Rudger provided material.

President Elisha delegated authority to Rudger.

That was the reason.

That was all, and that was enough.

A thorough business relationship without any moodiness.

It’s a very cold and strict discipline.

“Please take good care of me in the future? Mr Rudger Chelsea. No, should I call you Director of Planning?”

Rudger took the president’s outstretched hand and shook it.

“You can call me comfortably. President.”

So it’s sturdy.

So they could trust each other.

* * *

A silent night has arrived.

Rudger was working hard with his pen in his private quarters room, organizing the materials for future research in detail.

Outside the window beyond the scarlet light, the low sound of grasshoppers chirping was heard.

‘Is it this time already?’

The magic thesis was important, but besides that, he had to check the progress of the business in Ledervelk.

After finishing the process, time flew by.

‘It’s not bad though.’

The recent winds of change blowing at Ledervelk have been quite encouraging.

It originated from the slums, and the completely changed slums are now called the names of new streets, not slums.

[Royal Street]

It was good news that many people came to the street to match the name, and thanks to it, sales were skyrocketing every day.

Ludger was satisfied and folded up Hans’ report and set it on fire.

That was the moment.


The ring that had been placed on the desk trembled.

It was the ring that Zero Order had given to Rudger.

“… … Is it finally here?”

Rudger, thinking that this time would come someday, grabbed the ring and put it on his hand.

Rudger turned off all the lights in the room and sat down on the sofa, quietly closing his eyes.

Order meeting of the Black Dawn.

A dream invitation to go there.

Rudger gladly accepted the invitation.

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