I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 222

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Rene led her tired body back to her dorm room.

After lying down on the bed, I remembered the events of the day.

Could it be because Ludger’s warning was valid?

No one came forward to ask about the results of the study.

However, there were still many eyes aimed at this side.

‘Is it because of that? I’m much more tired than usual.’

It felt like my mind was worn out as all kinds of complicated gazes flew by just by passing by.

Some students sent jealous glances because they couldn’t openly approach it, and especially the noble students’ eyes were cold enough to send chills down their spines.

He had a crush on him because of his feud with Dunema Rommli before.

In addition to that, since she, a commoner, received the benefits of research, it was natural for her to be jealous.

‘Aww. I am completely hated.’

Just today, we got into a fight on our way to class in the morning.

Although it was said that it ended in an attempt, it would have been dangerous if Rudger had not helped at that time.

I just felt sorry for myself.

‘Come to think of it, everything was done with the help of Mr. Rudger.’

It was thanks to Ludgar that the amount of mana discharge increased, and it was also Ludgar who helped in the moment of crisis.

Even her annoyance disappeared, thanks to Rudgar warning everyone immediately after the incident.

all with his help.

from one to ten.

Line recalled the figure of Ludger.

‘teacher. It was cool.’

Ludger’s appearance to save himself in a moment of crisis was like a prince riding a white horse that could have come out of a fairy tale.

Even though I didn’t actually ride a white horse, and I wasn’t even a prince.

At least it looked like that in Line’s eyes.

‘At that time, he saved me at the banquet hall.’

Ludger, who hugged her like a princess, vividly came to mind even when she closed her eyes.

Linen’s lips went up involuntarily and he laughed.

Then, all of a sudden, an idea came to my mind.

‘When I look at Mr. Rudger, I feel nostalgic. Why? Could she have met Ludger and I once upon a time?’

Come to think of it, it seemed that Rudger was subtly treating himself well.

He usually seems infinitely cold and cold, but he always answers questions and even kindly teaches things he doesn’t know.

It’s because it’s easy to be misunderstood because of his tone and expression, but rather, it was Ludger who thought of the students the most.

‘Could it be that Mr. Rudger… … ?’

I thought so, but Line immediately shook her head and denied it.

no. It can’t be.

‘Because there’s no way a cool person like Mr. Rudgar would like an insignificant commoner like me.’

It’s probably because I’m just a student who pays attention to lectures.

Or it could be because she was born with a rare constitution called non-attribute magic.

‘Besides, if it’s a teacher, there’s nothing strange about meeting someone much prettier and more amazing than me.’

People had to live within their means.

I had to meet someone who was right for me and only imagine what was right for me.

That’s it.

Let’s forget about this for now.

‘Rather than that, what should I do now?’

After the old problem was solved, a new problem suddenly emerged.

Recently, the proportion of group classes conducted in pairs has increased in lectures.

Originally, at the beginning of the semester, we didn’t have a chance to get to know each other, so we didn’t do much, but now that the second test and festival are over, it’s slowly progressing.

If there’s a problem, Rene hasn’t gotten close to anyone yet.

Everyone was reluctant to get close to her because she was involved in various incidents and accidents from the beginning of the semester.

Erendir and Freuden are the only ones I’m talking to right now.

The rest of them had never even had a conversation.

‘I can’t get help from senior Erendir forever.’

As a freshman, she couldn’t keep hanging out with Erendir. Her sophomore year, her classes overlapped with her in common, so there were very few.

If you made friends, of course they had to be in the same first year.

In addition, making friends in Seorn was quite good for the future.

When I go out into society after graduating from Seorn, the friendships I made at that time will be helpful.

That’s why Rinne felt very well the need to connect with people.

‘But I don’t know where to start.’

If there’s one thing that’s hardest, it’s this part.

She was already disliked by the aristocratic students, and other commoner students were keeping away from her for fear of sparking them.

I felt anxious because I thought that if I continued like this, I would never be able to make a proper friend for the rest of my life.

she knows

What happens to a person who gets along without friends.

Because there was a living witness among the people I was with right now.

‘… … sorry. Senior Erendir.’

Though it was hard to suppress the feeling of guilt rising just thinking of her here.

What can I do though?



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Those who live must live.

‘Still, I don’t want to be like you. First of all, let’s check out the club or something in the Akashic Records.’

There are several clubs in Seorn.

And the saying that it is better to join a club to meet people is already spreading among students.

While contemplating whether to find a club inside the Akashic Records, Line discovered something curious.

‘Random matching? What is this?’

The Akashic Record is an integrated magic exchange ground that can only be used inside Ceorn.

Both students and teachers can use it, and since anonymity is guaranteed, there were a lot of exchanges of information.

Of course, there was that much false information, and there were also useless fights.

At least the students at Seorn loved these Akashic Records.

‘I couldn’t come in because I was so busy these days, but I didn’t know something like this existed.’

Random matching is probably about being able to communicate directly with random people.

Linen was curious.

‘In the past, when I was living under Master, I used to write and send letters myself, like a pen pal.’

Of course, I got scolded by Master, but it was a good memory.

Thinking that maybe this might be helpful to him, Line immediately tried random matching.

Soon, matching was presented with a ringing sound.

Line greeted them by writing letters with magical powers.


After a while, the reply came back.


oh it’s amazing

A response is coming right away.

[How did you get here?]

[After taking care of all the busy things, I came to the car out of curiosity. I didn’t know such a thing existed, but it’s amazing.]

[uh? It’s like me. I did too.]

Looking at the answers that came back, it seemed that he was not a particularly strange person.

Besides, from what he was talking about, it seemed that the other side liked to have a conversation with someone, just like her.

[What classes are you taking here? Ah, don’t you mind asking about this?]

[I guess so. It seems like keeping secrets is one of the main purposes of this space.]

[Hmm. So what should I call it? I don’t know the name.]

When I asked such a question, the answer came back after a while.

[Just call me John Smith.]

[Ah, what is it? If you’re going to use a pseudonym, use something more sincere.]

[Then what about that?]

[Oh, me?]

While thinking about it, Line replied with a hihi smile.

[Honestly, it’s my first time doing something like this, so I’m not sure. Could you build one?]



[okay. Judy would be nice.]

Judy. Judy.

Having called the name a few times, Line felt that the tone was quite good.

[It’s good! Judy.]

In that way, Line continued to exchange conversations with the other person, unaware of the passage of time.

[Ah, the time is already like this. I just want to go.]

[Yes. It’s been a long time.]

[Mr. Smith. Can we talk again next time?]

[doesn’t care.]

[Then, at this time like today?]


That’s how Line ended the random matching.

Suddenly, I was curious.

Who are you talking to today?

Judging from what you’re talking about, it seems like you’re an older senior than me. Aren’t you supposed to be a teacher?

Ay no way

* * *

Rudger finished the random matching and placed the Akashic record on the table.

I heard that teachers also use this, so I tried it out of curiosity, but I fell in love without realizing it.

‘what. It wasn’t a particularly bad feeling, though.’

It was like using a messenger when I was living on Earth, so it wasn’t bad because I could feel the nostalgia of that time.

In addition, the person I was talking to was strangely kind, and there was no such thing as a long conversation because I was excited.

It’s natural to have a hard tone, but talking through a messenger in this way helped me to be able to speak softly like in my previous life.

I thought it was not a bad experience in that I could recall myself that I hadn’t forgotten yet.

‘It’s nice to feel refreshed like this sometimes.’

Things that have been messing with my head lately are over.

First of all, in Seorn, it was still informal, but it was recognized by the president and the transaction was successfully completed.

The same goes for the Black Dawn.

Unbeknownst to the other First Orders, the Zero Order agreed to tolerate his existence.

‘It’s still only to the extent of suturing an acute wound, but compared to the first time when I felt a threat to my life just by being caught, it’s literally a world away.’

That’s why I was able to spend time on such trivial entertainment.

But I know.

After all, he still has a lot of work left to do.

‘Academic announcement date is just around the corner.’

The deal with the president is not over yet.

Because he had to announce the results of his research to increase the amount of mana released this time, and be acknowledged for his contributions to take the position of Director of Planning.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

How will people react tomorrow?

I thought it was fun even though I knew I shouldn’t be like this.

* * *

A huge grand hall where wizards gather to present their research results.

「Arcane Chamber」

Wizards filled the huge space reminiscent of an ancient arena.

Regular thesis presentation held periodically.

All of them were wizards who had gathered to see it.

However, the seats that would normally have been less than half full were exceptionally full today.

All the wizards gathered here had heard some kind of ‘rumor’.

“Is it true that you are announcing a study that can increase the amount of mana released?”

“I don’t know either. But according to rumors, yes. It’s just like seeing a lot of other people actually gathering.”

It was clear that all the people gathered here had heard the rumors.

“Besides, look over there.”

One wizard pointed into the air.

The Grand Hall is basically composed of a dome shape reminiscent of a huge stadium.

All the seats are prepared as if to wrap around this huge space.

But even so, there is a separate space for ‘special’ people.

It was a huge spot floating in the air.

A huge octagonal metal plate made of floating stones made by processing magic stones.

A special seat of honor placed on it.

There was a person sitting in a place that would not normally float.

“Could that person be Auguste, one of the three furnaces of the Old Magic Tower?”

“that’s right. And over there, the representative of the new mage tower is here. They say you are very resourceful at such a young age.”

“You came to the president of Ceorn. He is also the one who arranged the place, so he must be indispensable.”

Wizards who have built a reputation all over the continent.

All of those who sat in the senior seats, which could only be reached by at least 6th rank, were gorgeous.

Then some wizards had no choice but to stir once more.

“Look over there. I am Sir Clinton, the great wizard belonging to the imperial family.”

“oh my god. The 7th tier archmage is here?”

Clinton Rothschild.

One of the few 7th tier “Impera” level wizards in the world.

He was an old man, but his appearance was so correct that he didn’t think so at all.

He swept his white beard down to his chest once and sat down in his seat as if he didn’t care about the people around him.

In addition, the magician who received the title of color was also present at the scene.

‘I am Why did I come here?’

It was the same with Casey Selmore.

She was assigned a seat of honor, but she herself refused and sat in a moderately secluded seat.

Originally, she had no intention of coming, but she came because Seorn directly sent an invitation.

But now she wasn’t feeling too well.

‘I need to read that person’s memory as soon as possible.’

After being kicked out of Ludger’s office that day, he had been looking for opportunities and hadn’t been able to try memory storming yet.

There were also times when things happened one after another and were busy.

As if the position of detective was not false, Ledervelk’s policemen would ask her for help if they made any progress.

I couldn’t afford to help them one by one.

In fact, they were all excuses.

I didn’t work until late in the morning, so there were always opportunities.

Even though I had that opportunity, the reason I postponed it for the past few days was because of the hesitation inside.

The pressure to reveal the truth that no one knows.

Even a slight fear of whether he would be able to see, accept, and handle this truth.

I hesitated and procrastinated so much that I came here.

‘Rather than that, it’s a thesis presentation.’

I didn’t know that the research materials I was looking at in the teacher’s office at that time would really come this far.

Presenting in front of people must mean that the results of the research have been successfully completed.

If that’s really possible, this was really unusual.

‘I don’t know what the hell they mean.’

Casey, who was contemplating with her arms crossed, sighed, Winnie the Pooh.

No matter how much I think about it, the answer doesn’t come out anyway.

For now, you just have to watch.

The moment I thought so, the lights slowly began to dim.

The Arcane Chamber is literally made up of a giant dome.

By reducing the light of the lighting, it was possible to create a dark atmosphere even in broad daylight.

And there was also a place that became brighter as it got darker.

The center of the Arcane Chamber.

A strong light shone on the podium for those who would present their papers to prove their achievements and values.

The wizards, who were chattering among themselves, fell silent.

It was an amazing sight to see the place where thousands of people gathered become so still that not a single breath could be heard.

They all know.

The fact that future announcements, big or small, will bring trouble to the world of magic.

‘It begins.’

The 136th Magic Thesis presentation has begun.

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