I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 228

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◈ Episode 228 Caroline Monarch (1)

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“What are you here for?”

Seeing Caroline, Elisa’s voice sank coldly.

It was a natural reaction since they had been staring at each other in the Grand Hall of the Arcane Chamber until just a moment ago.

“Keck. Elisa Willow.”

Caroline openly frowned at Elisa standing next to Ludgar.

From there, their personalities became evident.

Elisa Willow manages her expression even when she is annoyed and displeased and is polite.

Caroline Monarch, who is honest about her feelings and expresses that she dislikes what she doesn’t like.

Personality that can never be mixed with each other like water and oil.


“Sour. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Did you come to see Mr. Rudger? Then, of course, I have something to do with it. Anyway, he is our Seorn teacher.”

“What nanny are you? Is it an abuse of power to go so far as the president? Get out of the way and don’t interrupt.”

“If you have something to say, do it here. Mr. Rudgar is busy, and he has no time for a savage like you.”

“barbarity… … You, I told you not to call me that from a long time ago.”

The word savage made Caroline furious.

The bad relationship between Caroline and Elisa Willow was deeper than expected.

Exactly, the relationship between the two had been going on since the past, 10 years ago.

When the two of them were students at Seorn Academy.

Caroline, who always ran amok, and Elisa, who always treated her calmly, were bound to clash frequently.

Moreover, since the talents of the two were so great, people around them had endlessly compared them.

“oh. Are you in a position to be angry?”


“Don’t you think it’s a little off from the fact that you came to see Mr. Rudger in the first place?”

Elisa smiled and said.

Didn’t you press Ludgar Celish a little while ago?

But with what qualifications do you want to talk to Ludger?

Caroline couldn’t bear to refute that, so she bit her lip.

At that time, Ludger, who had been watching quietly, stepped forward and asked.

“President. You can do that.”

“Mr. Rudger?”

“Since you are my guest, I will at least listen to you.”

When Rudger said that, Elisha didn’t step out any further.

“Mr. Caroline Monarch.”

“You can just call me Caroline.”

“What do you want to say to me?”

“that… … .”

Caroline hesitated for a moment, but then bowed her head towards Rudger.


At the words of apology that came out of her mouth, Rudger gave a surprised look.

“At first I just thought you were the bad guy.”

“I know today is the first time I’ve seen your face.”

“That’s it… … It may sound like an excuse, but I naturally hate high-ranking nobles and royalty.”

“What does hating royalty have to do with me?”

“The moment I first saw you, I thought you were royalty somewhere. So I ended up with hostility. It shouldn’t have been, and it really wasn’t, but it’s the fault of my narrow-mindedness.”

“… … .”

I thought you were royalty. So, from the first impression, I saw it wearing colored glasses.

From Caroline’s point of view, high-ranking aristocrats and royalty were people who suppressed everything with their authority.

“There are not a few wizards who work by lying about their family names. As a result, I judge a person not by name or family name, but only by the sense of the moment.”

Do you judge by feeling?

It sounded absurd, but Rudger didn’t give his due rebuttal.

Surprisingly, Caroline got them all right.

‘This is similar to Casey Selmore’s overwork.’

This level of intuition when it comes to wizards.

Instinct and senses are superior to intuition and reason.

I could see why Elisha called her a savage.

“Mr. Caroline also has the last name Monarch.”

“Oh, you mean this Monarch Castle. that’s not my real last name It’s just a leash to strangle the disobedient fools bestowed by the country.”

Caroline was originally a commoner.

The state treated Caroline, who had excellent magical talents, as a semi-nobility and bestowed her last name.

“I didn’t like it at first, but the surname that comes after the first name unexpectedly helped me a lot. It’s only three letters added after the name, but the treatment you receive is different. I accepted it because I thought there was a corner to use.”

“Is that how the mercenaries were created?”

“okay. Mercenary Monarch. It’s my own mercenary unit modeled after this castle.”

A surname given only to those who occupy a high position in society is only used to create a mercenary group.

To other nobles, it was an outrageous disgrace.

Creating an honorable knight corps with a noble’s castle, and creating a sloppy mercenary corps, was an act of tarnishing one’s reputation.

Caroline disgraced what should be considered noble above all else.



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As much as that, Caroline’s hatred for vested forces was deeply rooted.

“But you are different. I didn’t assert my authority like the other guys, and I wasn’t conscious of others’ eyes. Besides, you made such a great discovery public without incident.”

Caroline knows.

Rudger didn’t force himself to give in because he was pushed on his back, but that he made that choice because he wanted to.

It didn’t matter that he was a real nobleman and royalty.

This man’s decision to make a nobler choice than anyone else deserved to be respected regardless of his status.

“I will apologize again. Sorry.”

Knowing that her judgment was wrong, Caroline sincerely apologized.

Elisa sneered at Caroline’s bowed head.

“It is very convenient. Every time you bite hard, you’re trying to hit me with an apology.”

“… … .”

There was nothing to say at that point, so Caroline stayed still with her head lowered.

Elisa tutted and clicked her tongue at Caroline’s reaction.

Her gaze naturally turned to Rudger.

The president’s golden eyes were asking what to do now.

Are you suddenly passing it on to me?

“Keep your head up. It doesn’t look good.”

“Are you accepting my apology?”

“I didn’t even do anything to deserve an apology in the first place. The same goes for Ms. Caroline. You don’t have to feel guilty about me.”

Caroline raised her head and looked up at Ludgar.

“The Arcane Chamber is a place where wizards test and collide with the knowledge they have honed. It is a battlefield where any amount of disagreement, large or small, can occur.”

“you… … .”

“I took the whole situation into account from the moment I stood at the center of it. What Caroline said, guarding against me, should have come out. Even if Mr. Caroline did not do it, someone else must have argued the same.”

“But in the end, I was the one who did it. And I also have to take responsibility for that. I don’t need you to comfort me.”

“Then I will ask. Is Caroline grateful or annoyed when she sees the sun rise in the east?”

Not like that.

because it is natural

Of course, there is no one who gets annoyed by arguing about the reason for what happens.

“It is the same. Someone giving a rebuttal opinion, and someone else making a reasonable point. It is a very natural thing, something that should happen.”

“… … !”

“So I don’t care. Everything that happened a moment ago was thrown away the moment I left the spot.”

Rather, Rudger was only grateful to Caroline.

It was the magicians, led by Caroline, who exerted strong pressure on him, who was originally going to reveal it.

Even if he didn’t intend it, this side laid the board as he wanted, so looking at the results alone, he became Ludger’s biggest helper.

However, Caroline did not know this.

She was moved by Ludger’s ability to forgive her rudeness so readily.

“Normally in a situation like this, if it were the other guys, they would have tried to rip me off somehow. You were such a great guy!”

“That too is an overestimation.”

“okay. I won’t bother you any more than this. But it’s not to my liking to go through with debt like this.”

Caroline said that and handed Rudger a business card.

“Take it. This is a business card given only to the special VIPs of our Monarch Mercenary Corps. Call me later whenever you need help. I will definitely fulfill any request.”

“Any request?”

“okay. I’m not talking nonsense. I will ‘surely’ accept any ‘any’ request.”

“… … All right.”

Rudger couldn’t resist giving it to him, so he put it into his pocket.

Elisa, who was watching from the side, opened her eyes uncharacteristically.

‘That proud Caroline handed over the Monarch mercenary VIP business card?’

It is a business card that even the emperor of the Exilion Empire has not received.

Since the number of business cards I’ve received so far is so small that I can count them on my hand, I wondered if they even existed.

I witnessed it right in front of my eyes.

“Since the conversation is over, I’ll be gone. Let’s meet again when we have a chance! And Elisa! f*ck you! When I looked at it, I saw wrinkles around my eyes!”

Looking at Caroline’s back as she quickly disappeared leaving only those words, I thought that Ludger must be a very strange person.

I thought I would make friends with this side with an apology, but I really apologized and disappeared.

In the meantime, he did not forget to say a word to President Elisa.

Elisha also pressed her forehead with her fingertips as if she was tired.

“Is that your original personality?”

“ha. yes. Arbitrarily, unpredictably, he has a tiring personality. He is a really annoying person.”

“I think they rate it pretty high for something like that.”

“No matter what anyone says, Caroline is also a 6th tier wizard. She was also my rival in school.”

“You mean your school days?”

“yes. Oh, didn’t you know Mr. Rudgar? me and caroline. Both of them are graduates of Seorn. And the two of us have been bumping into each other ever since we were in school.”

They were rivals in school days.

Even if we fight each other every time we meet, does that mean we acknowledge each other on the inside?

Rudgar suddenly had an idea.

for a moment. You two have been rivals since school days?

‘Caroline Monarch, unlike her appearance as a teenager, was actually over 30 years old.’

That’s why President Elisa also… … .

“Mr. Rudger?”

When Elisha called his name, Ludger was terrified without realizing it.

As usual, she wasn’t Mr. Rudger, and the fact that she put a seed at the end of her name clearly showed that her heart wasn’t good.

“yes. President.”

“No more than that. OK?”

“… … .”

Rudger quietly nodded his head instead of answering.

Elisa had enough of that.

* * *

The pure white Aret Mountains that cross between the Utah Kingdom and the Exilion Empire.

Sheer cliffs and ice caps that do not melt.

The harsh natural environment where you can see the sun for less than a month a year due to the constant blizzard.

The Setadel of the Black Dawn walked alone through the Aret Mountains without any cold protection.

Clothed in a black robe, unaffected by the raging blizzard, he finally stopped.


I looked up and saw that a blizzard was still blowing.

He is standing in a deep gorge between mountains.

It was at the bottom of a sheer cliff.

Setadel reached out and placed it on the snow.

I came to find someone, but there is no trace of anything in the snow.

Even the footprints he made would be erased by the falling snow after 10 minutes.

Even more so, there was no way that the naked eye could find traces that had already passed several months.

Cetadel took a different route instead.

He took out a small golden bell from his bosom and shook it lightly.

with my daughter

The sound of the blizzard quieted down with the clear sound of the bell.

A whitish energy came out from the snow field and flew in one direction.

“There you go.”

Setadel walked in the direction the energy had blown.

Soon he was able to find a cave under the cliff.

Setadel entered the cave without hesitation.

The cave was cold and chilly.

And there were traces of someone alive, albeit weakly.

Inside the cave you stumbled into.

When it reached its end, the Setadel could be found.

The figure of a man lying down as a cold corpse.

All around was burnt wood and ashes.

“John Doe. Did you crawl all the way here without dying immediately after falling off that cliff?”

However, there was no way to ask for help, and John Doe, who was living a life in the cave, eventually died.

It is a harsh environment with no food available.

Even if you look at his body, there are many wounds here and there.

In the end, they couldn’t stand it and died of starvation.

Originally, the real John Doe should have infiltrated Ceorn.

Seeing him dead didn’t surprise Setadel.

He took out the golden bell he had used earlier.

with my daughter

“Open your eyes, sleeping soul. Raise your head and let out your voice.”

with my daughter

When the bell was shaken once more, John Doe’s dead body wriggled once, and then a stream of white air flowed over the top of his head.

It was like smoke, and it wriggled and then took the shape of John Doe.

[here is?]

“John Doe. Do you know who I am?”

[Setadel. Zero Order’s lieutenant.]

“I remember you well.”

[Why am I here? No, more than that, why are you here… … .]

“The boring chatter is over, I’ll start with the main point. John Doe. you are dead.”

[dead? I?]

John Doe’s soul still did not seem to understand the situation.

“Maybe it’s because I just gave the code, or my memory is fuzzy. John Doe. what was your purpose Remember.”

[My purpose. That is, to infiltrate Seorn Academy according to Zero Order-sama’s orders. To do so, he was playing the role of Ludgar Celish. okay. I remember now.]

“What happened after that?”

[Ride the magic engineering train, talk to the passengers who will board together there… … And something happened. terror. It was a train attack. I overpowered one of the assailants, and the moment I tried to ask who it was, he self-destructed… … .]

“indeed. Something like that. You, who were not prepared, were thrown out of the magic engineering train.”

[Somehow, before falling, I spread the cushioning material with wind magic to avoid death, but the shock of the explosion severely injured me. And since the environment was not good, I wandered around looking for a safe place and entered this cave.]

And died.

without anyone’s help.

I lived to the fullest and the result was starving to death.

John Doe was dismayed by the fact, but he suddenly had a question.

[mission. What happened to the mission that Zero Order gave me?]

“You don’t have to worry. There is someone who will perform the mission for you.”

[Who is that?]

“More than that, John Doe. do you know Who is the passenger who was on the train with you?”


“Didn’t you just say that with your mouth? He said he had a conversation with a passenger on the magic engineering train.”

[iced coffee. It was, it was.]

John Doe’s voice became clearer, as if the memory of that time was coming back.

Setadel narrowed her eyes in her robe.

“Something is strange. If it was the usual you, I wouldn’t have had a trivial conversation. You said you only talked to regular passengers?”

[Only ordinary passengers? no. That person was never an ordinary person.]

“Are you not an ordinary person?”

[okay. I could tell He hid his appearance and identity, but I could tell at a glance. who he is.]

“Who is he?”

[A person who wanders the continent wearing a mask. A shadow without a name. But none of those masks have any effect on the world.]

Setadel asked.

“You talked to me even though you knew that such a suspicious person was with you? Why is that?”

John Doe, who hadn’t stopped replying, shut his mouth.

Cetadel showed annoyance.

“John Doe. answer me What are you hiding now?”

[that… … .]

“You cannot refuse my orders. Because your soul has already responded to my call. I am the host of this conversation. So go ahead and answer me. Why did you contact him? What was your purpose?”

John Doe finally couldn’t bear it at the urging of the Setadel and opened his mouth.

[I… … It was because he was a person I respected.]

“… … .”

[…] … I was a fan.]

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