I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 230

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◈ Episode 230: Tangled Truth (2)

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There was nothing to write in the letter.

It was enough to just deliver a phrase for warning, so actually writing a letter was an excessive act.

Even so, the reason why he carefully wrote the letter and sent it with a seal was probably because he had the intention of giving it a little trouble.

‘It’s hard to pass this on as it is.’

It would be fine if he properly ordered Hans to run errands.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to go out to the city.’

There are no classes tomorrow, so I’ll go see how the business is going as soon as it’s light.

All the reports coming up were good news, but there must be a difference between reading about it and seeing it with your own eyes.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen the faces of the members.’

I haven’t seen him much lately, so I thought I’d ask how he was doing.

* * *

the next morning.

Rudger was about to get into the carriage and go out of Ceorn, but frowned when he saw the crowd of people at the front gate of Ceorn.

‘There are a lot of reporters.’

The front gate was full of reporters, but they were stopped by security and were unable to enter Seorn, so their feet were stomping.

There was a good reason why reporters who would not normally come to visit were gathered at the entrance like that.

‘Could it be because of me.’

Reporters are quick to tell.

Naturally, some of the more discerning of them knew what was going on in the Arcane Chamber.

He came with the idea of ​​meeting and interviewing Ludgar Celish, who had made a great discovery.

However, blinded by the scoop, he came to Seorn blindly, so he could not cross the front gate and was waiting there.

“What should I do?”

The servant leading the wagon asked Rudger.

The servant noticed that if he continued like this, he would be surrounded by reporters and bothered.

“All right. Let it go.”

“… … Are you okay?”

“Does not matter.”

When Rudger said that, the servant started the golem without thinking further.


The clockwork horse started and the wagon moved slowly.

“uh? Someone out there.”

“Who is it?”

As the front door opened and the wagon came out, reporters naturally focused their attention.

“Who is riding inside?”

When the reporter asked, the servant who drove the wagon hesitated to answer.

The quick-witted reporters did not miss the slight difference.


“Who’s the one in there?”

“Isn’t that right, Ludgar Celish?”

Several reporters approached the carriage.

The guards shouted from afar to get away, but those who were blinded by the scoop didn’t even listen.

“Is that Mr. Rudger?!”

“Show me your face!”

Reporters who fled Marley’s guards clung to the wagon.

The door of the carriage was forcibly opened with a rattling sound.

The reporters’ faces, swollen with anticipation, hardened the moment they looked inside the carriage.

“what. Is there anyone?”

The inside of the wagon was empty.

Disappointed reporters withdrew from their wagons, thinking they had made a mistake.

There was no word of apology to the servant driving the wagon for their rude behavior.

“It must be a carriage going to greet guests outside.”

“no way. Is it bullshit after all?”

Seeing the reporters withdrawing, the servant drove a wagon and left, wanting to be at this time.

The servant who glanced back said.

“No one is following me.”

“Good job.”

As the servant spoke, Ludger’s voice came from the empty carriage.

Eventually, Ludger appeared like a mirage in a place where there was nothing.

“What did you do? Is that magic too?”

“It is magic using the principle of light.”

By slightly distorting the light, he made himself invisible to reporters.

“Awesome. It’s invisible magic.”

“It’s only eaten by ordinary people who can’t read magic. If the opponent was a magician, it’s nothing more than a child’s play.”

Isn’t it great that people eat so well?

The servant thought so, but Rudger really didn’t think it was a big deal, so it was hard to say anything more.

In the first place, light attribute magic itself is a rare attribute as very few people use it.

Wouldn’t that be a bit more proud?



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‘Because I don’t know what geniuses are thinking.’

The servant thought so and drove the carriage.

Arriving at Ledervelk, the carriage stopped on one side of the street.

“Im here.”

“Good work. Let’s just go inside.”

“yes. Good job.”

The carriage left and Rudger headed towards the slums.

The streets, which normally would have had fewer people walking around, were particularly busy.

The closer we got to the slums, the more people there were.

The slums are no longer called by their former names.

The new name is [Royal Street]

The completely transformed street has become Ledervelk’s most famous innovation street, and there is no quiet day by the crowds.

‘I hoped it would go well, but it’s to the point where I’m dizzy.’

Rudger pauses to look around, when a kid spots him and rushes towards him.

The little boy bowed his head to Rudger and said in a low voice.

“welcome. owner.”

“Do you know me?”

“yes. There is no one in this town who does not know the owner.”

A childishly smart answer.

People in the slums regarded Rudger as their benefactor.

They were thoroughly educated about the existence of the owner, and deeply engraved in their bones that they should treat him with utmost care when he comes.

“Are there many people? I will show you a shortcut.”

“I will.”

All the streets were remodeled, but the maze-like narrow alleyways remained.

And these alleys were not known to the general public, and were only allowed for people from the slums.

Guided by the boy, Ludger was able to reach the hideout faster than expected through a shortcut.

Rudger took a coin out of his pocket and handed it to the boy.

“Good work. Go and buy something delicious to eat.”

“yes! thank you!”

The boy, who did not mind the money he gave, smiled and left.

Ludger superimposed a scene from the past on the back of the boy who was moving away.

The sight he saw in Delica Kingdom, never to be seen again.

Rudger shook his head.

‘I’ve become sentimental too.’

Upon entering the hideout, Alex, who was just idle in the living room, greeted Ludger.

“Oh, is the leader here? long time no see.”

“Long time no see, Alex.”

Ludger greeted Alex, then paused for a moment as he looked at the giant sitting next to him.

“… … Pantos?”

The giant sitting next to Alex. Pantos fixed his gaze on Rudger as he called his name, then gave him a nod.

“What is that like?”

The Pantos that Rudger remembers was a big but all-muscle man.

But what about Pantos Logistics right in front of you?

‘Looks like it’ll roll with just a little push.’

Even if I haven’t seen you for a while, even if I gain weight, I’ve gained a lot.

“What happened?”

“Oh, that’s what you mean… … .”

Alex laughed awkwardly and told me the whole story.

After hearing the whole story, Rudger muttered in disbelief.

“So, you looked bored after being still for so long, so I brought you something to eat, and it ended up like that?”

“Isn’t this guy always as still as a wooden stone? but i can tell Even if you are quiet, inside you are really impatient with wanting to go wild.”

“I guess so.”

“So, well, I told him not to stay still and help people in moderation, so I did.”

Pantoscos helped rebuild slums.

Carrying heavy materials or moving loads was all his responsibility.

Of course, that alone would not have extinguished the dissatisfaction that existed within Pantos Logistics, but the intention was to extinguish the fire even if it was urgent.

Then a problem arose.

“I guess the people who were helped gave me something to eat as a thank you. There was something like chocolate in it.”

Calling himself a warrior, Pantos fought against limitations.

Right before Ludgar called him to Leathervelk, he was out hunting whales in rough seas.

For him, eating is just a means of supplying energy to the body.

It was nothing more and nothing less.

“By the way, this guy has learned the taste. The taste of sweet food he has never tasted before.”

Pantos came to Leatherbelk and encountered chocolate for the first time.

And I was instantly mesmerized by its sweetness.

That was enough.

That was enough for the muscular giant of nearly 2m to turn into a gigantic ball.

“Shouldn’t you have stopped?”

“No, it was dried. To be honest, I eat only those kinds of things for three meals a day, would I have stayed quiet?”

“Didn’t you just watch it because it was fun?”

“What do you see me as… … Of course, it was fun at first, so I laughed and watched it.”


“Ai~. But it was only at first, and as it continued, I realized how serious it was too. So I persuaded him to try something else, but oh well, this stubborn man won’t listen to that.”

In fact, Alex tried to dissuade him several times while watching Pantos gain weight.

However, Pantos’ answer was spectacle.

“What did you say? do not dry I am testing my limits as a warrior. Isn’t that what you’re saying?”

“… … Did you really say that?”

When Rudger looked back at Pantos in surprise, he asked back with a look, ‘What is that?’

Apparently, there is no lie in Alex’s words.


Come to think of it, even now, while Rudger and Alex were talking, Pantos was eating chocolate one by one.

His actions were so natural that he was not aware of them.

Pantos said as he munched on the chocolate.

“This is an ordeal.”

“Eat everything and talk.”

“gulp. This is an ordeal.”

“What the hell is an ordeal?”

“The temptation of these black sweets. therefore… … .”


“okay. chocolate.”

Did he not even know the name of the snack he ate?

Rudger and Alex looked at each other with bewildered eyes.

Pantos said with his expression undisturbed.

“Taste like this heavenly nectar. The finest beauty that has never been tasted before. This is the ordeal of fate that befalls me as I walk the path of a great warrior.”

“… … No, but why do you eat that ordeal?”

“What a strange thing. Of course you have to face trials.”

When Pantos asked with an incomprehensible face, Alex was speechless.

“Warriors do not avoid trials. So fight back. That’s it.”

“No, what is this… … It’s not that I’m afraid of sweets, so I’m going to eat them all.”

“I don’t give in to trials. Although my body has lost its phase and become heavier than before.”

“You know you’re fat.”

“Anyone who walks the path of a great warrior can easily overcome such an ordeal.”

Then, he puts a piece of chocolate into his mouth again.

Alex shook his head as if he was fed up with it.

“Did you see the leader? Is it like this?”

“… … Sooner or later, I’ll have to set up a place for Pantos.”

Pantos, who always pushed himself to the limit to overcome the wall, became that shape.

Rudger realized that the responsibility was not small for himself.

Since he might become the first inmate to die from diabetes, it seemed necessary to devise a plan to make Pantos move sooner rather than later.

“So what’s the leader like? Haven’t you been very busy lately?”

“My busy work has been sorted out, and I came because I have a situation I need to convey to you guys. More than that, there were a lot of people gathered outside.”

“Did you see it on the way? I was surprised too. I can’t imagine that the place people shunned would become like this.”

“By the way, where is Hans?”

“That guy is on the second floor. Shall I call you?”

“I go up. There is no need to call anyone else.”


Rudger approached the second floor where Hans was working and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

At Hans’ voice, Rudger opened the door and went inside.

Hans was sitting in a chair wrestling with papers.

“You are suffering.”

“Uh, huh? older brother? what. When did you come?”

“A little while ago.”

“Great. If you’re coming, tell me you’re coming.”

Rudger sat down in an appropriately empty chair.

He peered at the scenery inside Hans’s room, and his eyes lit up when he saw something he hadn’t seen before.

“A crow. Are you raising a new one?”

“ah. You mean that guy?”

Hans looked at the crow sitting quietly by the open window and spoke indifferently.

“My ability has been getting stronger lately. Previously, only mice were able to control it, but one day, suddenly, the crows also listened to me, didn’t they?”

“I understand. Actually, crows are smart beasts.”

The quiet crow had been staring at Rudger ever since he entered the room.

“older brother. Be careful. That guy has a pretty vicious personality, so if you approach him the wrong way, he’ll peck at you with his beak.”

Hearing Hans’ warning, Ludger reached out his hand towards the crow.

The crow that had been standing still spread its wings and rushed toward Ludger.

Hans, who watched the scene, was startled and tried to shout something, but the moment he saw the crow quietly land on the back of Ludger’s hand, he stopped talking.

“… … it’s amazing He doesn’t approach people he sees for the first time.”

“You look calm.”

“Maybe it’s because it’s in front of my older brother.”

Rudger put his finger on it, and the crow rubbed its head.

He had a lot of aegyo for a big guy.


“Yes, brother.”

“If it’s this guy, I’ll be able to look into the imperial palace.”

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 229I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 231
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